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One of the things that can ruin a motorcycle ride is an uncomfortable seat. A bad seat can cause numbness,…

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The Best Motorcycle Seat Pads (Review) in 2023 | Autance © The Best Motorcycle Seat Pads (Review) in 2023 | Autance
Best Choice Airhawk R-REVB Cruiser Large Motorcycle Seat Pad Airhawk R-REVB Cruiser Large Motorcycle Seat Pad
Premium Pick ButtyBuddy OS2018 Motorcycle Seat Cushion ButtyBuddy OS2018 Motorcycle Seat Cushion
Best Value HANSWD Pillion Passenger Motorcycle Seat Foam HANSWD Pillion Passenger Motorcycle Seat Foam

One of the things that can ruin a motorcycle ride is an uncomfortable seat. A bad seat can cause numbness, sweating, reduced circulation, and severe pain in your buttocks, tailbone, back and legs. These things can prevent you from taking long bike rides or even riding altogether. Aftermarket and custom seats are expensive, often costing hundreds of dollars, and aren’t an option for everyone. So, what can you do to easily and affordably improve your comfort level as you ride?

The answer: a motorcycle seat cushion. Motorcycle seat cushions or pads fit on top of your existing seat and are usually held in place with straps. They feature an inflatable, gel, or foam pad to relieve pressure, absorb vibrations and increase your comfort level and are much less expensive than a new seat. Sound good? Then read on for our list of the best motorcycle seat pads on the market to find one that’s the perfect fit for your butt. You’ll be cruising around comfortably in no time!

The Best Motorcycle Seat Pad

First on our list of the best motorcycle seat pads is this Airhawk R-REVB Cruiser Large Motorcycle Seat Cushion. This luxury seat cushion features an inflatable polyurethane air pad with a breathable and washable mesh cover. The user inflates the pad by blowing into the valve, and then releases air out until the cushion is at the perfect inflation (it should just fill the gaps between the seat and your body).

This Airhawk seat cushion has a number of features designed to improve your comfort level. The air cell technology supports your pressure points, including your tailbone. The breathable mesh allows air to flow and keep you cool, and the ergonomic design encourages better circulation. In addition, many users say this seat cushion has dramatically improved their comfortable riding time.

Key Features
  • Removable, inflatable polyurethane air pad
  • Patented air cell technology
  • Ergonomic design
  • Size: L 14 x W 14.5 inches
  • Fits cruiser bikes
  • Brand Airhawk
  • Weight 1.2 pounds

‘Double your sit time’ guarantee

Supports your pressure points

Encourages better circulation

Mesh cover allows air to flow and keeps you cool

Non-slip bottom


Elastic straps may tear with use

This Air Pressure Relief Motorcycle Seat Cushion by Air Seat innovations is another inflatable cushion, this time made from durable neoprene rubber. The user inflates the air pockets until optimum firmness is achieved, and the air pockets provide pressure relief and shock absorption, for a more comfortable riding experience. The pad is large enough to fit cruisers and is one of the best Harley Davidson seats for touring.

There are numerous examples in the reviews of how this motorcycle seat pad has greatly extended users’ riding time, and succeeded where other seats or gel pads failed. There are a couple of reports of the pad losing the ability to hold air over time – although if this did happen within the first year, the manufacturer’s warranty should have you covered.

Key Features
  • Seat pad made from neoprene
  • Air pocket patented technology
  • Size: 15 x 13.5 x 2 inches
  • Fits cruisers, standards, sports touring and Harley Davidsons
  • 1-year warranty
  • Brand Air Seat Innovations
  • Weight 1.72 pounds

Relieves pressure points

Absorbs shock and engine vibrations

Variable seat firmness

Fits to your shape

Breathable to reduce perspiration


Reports of it losing the ability to hold air after long-term use

As far as affordable motorcycle seat pads go, it’s hard to beat this MadDog Gear Comfort Ride Seat Protector by Coleman. The padded foam construction doubles as a cushion and seat protector, as securing this over a seat with rips or tears will cover them and prevent them from getting worse. The cover is easy to attach and remove using the 3 buckles.

Many users say this seat protector has doubled their riding time – although be aware that the manufacturer appears to have altered the design recently, and more recent reviews mention a thinner foam, which is apparently not as comfortable. Even so, considering the pretty unbeatable price tag, we don’t think you can go too far wrong with this!

Key Features
  • Molded foam seat pad
  • Doubles as a cushion and seat protector
  • 3 buckles to secure in place
  • 1-year limited warranty
  • Brand Coleman
  • Model SS-SMS-4003593
  • Weight 12 ounces

Highly affordable

Provides extra cushioning

Covers rips in your seat and prevents them from growing

Easy to attach


New model has thinner foam

More of a cover than a pad

This is the Medium size version of the Airhawk Motorcycle Seat Cushion featured at number one on our list. It has all the same great benefits, including patented air cell technology to supports pressure points, and breathable mesh panels to keep you cool. This one has a tapered shape and will fit a multitude of bikes, including the Honda Hornet, Triumph Tiger and Suzuki SV.

Comments regarding the level of comfort this Airhawk seat pad provides are almost entirely positive, and it certainly seems as though Airhawk are achieving their ‘double your sit time’ goal. However, there are a few reports of a fault with the valve, which is sharp and can apparently cause a puncture over time.

Key Features
  • Inflatable polyurethane pad with fabric cover
  • Patented air cell technology
  • Tapered design
  • Size: 14 x 14 inches
  • Medium size, fits a multitude of bikes
  • Brand Airhawk
  • Model FA-AH2MED
  • Weight 1 pounds

Distributes weight evenly

Helps prevent pressure injuries

Mesh panels keep you cool

Very little increase to ride height


Prone to leaking air from the valve

Elastic straps vulnerable to tearing

This Air Pressure Relief Pad for Pillion is the passenger version of the motorcycle seat cushion from Air Seat Innovations. Made from neoprene with a breathable cover, it features the same inflatable, air pocket technology which absorbs shock, relieves pressure points, and makes for a super-comfortable riding experience – because why should the main rider be the only one with a pain-free butt, right?

Many riders say that you need to have ‘just enough’ inflation – only just floating above the seat seems to be about right – but when you do, you’ll notice the improvement straight away. The pad is also stands up to bumpy highways and to helps to keep the seat cool from the heat of the engine.

Key Features
  • Pillion seat cover for passenger use
  • Made from neoprene
  • Air pocket patented technology
  • Size: 12.6 x 9.6 inches
  • Brand Air Seat Innovations
  • Weight 1.1 pounds

Increases comfort whilst riding

Relieves pressure points

Absorbs shock

Variable firmness and height


May come unhooked with heavy use

Another model from leaders-in-their-field Airhawk is this Dual Sport Air Motorcycle Cushion Pad. This one again features all the benefits of their inflatable pad, breathable mesh cover and non-slip bottom, but its slim shape is designed specifically for dual sports bikes with narrowed seats.

Some users mention it takes a while to get the air level right. As seems the norm with these inflatable seats, less is more. You want just enough to take you off the seat, so the air can distribute itself under you where it’s needed. It may be too small for a dual sport bike, so, as always, make sure to check the measurements prior to ordering.

Key Features
  • Air pad made from polyurethane
  • Fits most dual sport bikes
  • Includes cruiser straps
  • Size: 11 x 11 inches
  • Brand Airhawk
  • Weight 7 ounces

Breathable mesh cover

Tapered to minimize unwanted leg pressure

Relieves pressure points

Reduces aches and pains


Not big enough for some dual sport bikes

Takes some adjusting to get the air level right

This aptly-named ButtyBuddy Mounting Seat uses close cell cushions to make riding as a passenger on a motorcycle a more comfortable experience. The over-the-seat cover has a 3-piece snap-together design that fits pillion seats up to 11 inches wide. It’s quick and easy to attach and detach in seconds, and can be stored in the included tote bag when not in use. The ergonomic shape and cushioning provide comfort, whilst the ventilated cover keeps you cool.

Many riders say it greatly increases their comfortable riding time. Criticisms are few and far between but include the fact that the pad raises the height of the seat by 2-3 inches and that alterations are required for it to properly fit some motorcycles.

Key Features
  • Fits passenger seats up to 11” wide
  • Close cell cushions
  • Ergonomic shape
  • 3-piece snap together design
  • Brand ButtyBuddy
  • Model OS2018
  • Weight 1.8 pounds

Provides all day comfort

Ventilated cover keeps you cool

Attach and detach in seconds

Lifetime warranty


Raises seat height by 2-3 inches

May need adjusting to fit your bike

This Cruiser Pillion Cushion is Airhawk’s attempt at increasing passenger comfort, extending their ‘double-your-sit-time’ guarantee to all riders. It measures 11 x 9 inches and fits most passenger seats of sport, sport touring, dual sport, standard and non-touring bikes. As with the other models from Airhawk, it’s inflated by blowing into the internal air pad, and then releasing air until the ideal firmness is achieved.

This one is just as effective at increasing comfort for the passenger as Airhawk’s other models are for the main rider. It receives praise for being easy to attach, cheaper than a new seat, and more comfortable than gel pads. Some users report that they slide around when braking or accelerating, although are fine when cruising.

Key Features
  • Designed for pillion seats
  • Patented air cell technology
  • Non-slip bottom
  • Cruiser straps included
  • Size: L 11 x W 9 inches
  • Brand Airhawk
  • Model FA-AH2PLN
  • Weight 1 pounds

Offers long term comfort for passengers

Prevents pressure point injuries

Absorbs shock and vibrations

Mesh side panels provide ventilation


Possible sliding when braking and accelerating

‘One size fits all’ may not work for every motorcycle

This Skwoosh Classic Saddle Seat is the first motorcycle gel seat pad on our list. If features gel cushioning to provide comfort and relieve pressure points, and breathable mesh fabric to encourage airflow and keep you cool. Perhaps the best thing about this motorcycle gel seat is that it is designed not to increase the height of your seat, so it shouldn’t affect your riding position, or reach to pegs and controls too much.

This pad may work where air cushions don’t, as air pads can push too much air under the tailbone when you lean forward. A couple of people have complained that the straps not long enough or don’t hold the seat in the right place.

Key Features
  • Gel seat pad
  • Breathable AirFlo mesh fabric cover
  • Cutaway tailbone relief
  • Non-slip bottom
  • Size: L 11.75 x W 6.5-14.25 inches
  • Brand Skwoosh
  • Model RCH0617
  • Weight 9 ounces

Relieves pressure points

Maintains height and ergonomics of existing seat

Easy to attach using straps

Folds for storage


Straps need to be longer

This Small Airmax version of the Conformax Ultra-Flex Topper Excel Motorcycle Gel Cushion is designed for touring bikes and cruisers, and includes 2 types of straps for attachment. The cushion consists of 1/2-inch gel on top of 1/2-inch foam, giving you the benefits of both materials. The durable Airmax-3D Cool Ride cover provides ventilation to help keep you cool as you ride.

Users praise this comfy motorcycle seat foam and gel pad for its shock-absorbing capabilities, and the fact that it doesn’t add too much height to the seat. Also highlighted is the the affordable price, compared to similar products.

Key Features
  • Conformax gel-on-foam construction
  • For touring bikes and cruisers
  • Size: L 15 x W 6-12 inches
  • Includes 2 adjustable straps
  • Weight 2.9 pounds

Only 1 1/4-inch thick

Contours to your body

Cover promotes ventilation for cooling

Non-slip bottom


Might push you forward in your seat

Gets hot in the sun

Passengers are sure to appreciate the additional comfort offered by this Sturgis Motorcycle Gel Pad Seat Cushion. The pad features a 3-layer construction of 1-inch memory foam, 1/2-inch gel, and 1 1/2-inch high-density foam, designed to absorb vibrations and prevent numbness. This is covered with a quilted, breathable fabric cover to help keep you cool. It measures 11 x 9 inches and is designed for pillion seats.

Many users report that it is very easy to attach this pad to the seat, and it provides significant additional comfort for the passenger. Some users report problems with the clips, including one that was sewn on incorrectly. Another complains that the pad had a strong smell upon arrival, and had to be left outside for it to dissipate.

Key Features
  • Layered memory foam, gel and foam construction
  • Includes detachable quick-connect straps
  • Non-slip rubber bottom
  • Size: 11 x 9 inches
  • Brand Sturgis
  • Model LFOIEBG
  • Weight 1.55 pounds

Reduces vibrations and numbness

Breathable cover to keep cool

Easy to attach


Reports of problems with the clips

Strong smell

Next up is something a bit different – this HANSWD Pillion Passenger Seat Pad for Custom Chopper isn’t designed to go on top of an existing seat, but rather to add a motorcycle passenger seat to your custom chopper or cruiser. The firm pad is covered is faux leather and attaches to your bike with 6 suction cups, making it easy to mount and remove.

It’s pretty clear that this is not the most comfortable seat pad around (one reviewer compares it to sitting on a block of wood!) – but then, it doesn’t claim to be. If you need a temporary passenger seat for a very reasonable price, this might just do the job.

Key Features
  • Synthetic leather cover
  • Designed for custom choppers and cruisers
  • Attaches with 6 suction cups
  • Size: L 10 1/2 x W 6 1/4 inches
  • Brand HANSWD
  • Model HANSWD077
  • Weight 12 ounces

Very affordable

Rectangular shape prevents scratching of fender

Easy to mount


Not comfortable

Some reports of weak suction cups

This Alaska Leather Medium Sheepskin Seat Pad is made from 100% real sheepskin, and attaches easily to most seats using the single adjustable elastic strap, which passes under the seat. The pad is designed to provide natural temperature control, keeping you cool in summer and warm in winter.

General consensus from users is that it achieves this aim, and increases overall riding comfort – providing you already have a good seat. The lack of gel or any padding means it won’t compensate for an uncomfortable seat, or provide relief on pressure points as other pads do, but if you’re purely looking for something to keep you cool and reduce sweating and heat rash, this is perfect.

Key Features
  • 100% real sheepskin
  • Adjustable elastic strap
  • Made in Alaska
  • Size: L 16 x W 15 inches
  • Brand Alaska Leather
  • Weight 9.6 ounces

Increases comfort on short rides, or on already comfortable seats

Cool in summer

Warm in winter


No gel or padding

Does not compensate for uncomfortable seats

Next on the list is the Extra Large Airmax version of the Conformax Ultra-Flex Topper Excel Motorcycle Seat Cushion. This comfortable motorcycle seat cushion has the same great construction as the Small size; a 1/2 inch of gel sits on top of a 1/2 inch of high performance foam, creating a pad which contours to your body and reduces stress on your pressure points.

This pad is designed for larger bikes and measures L 18 x W 6-14 inches. Once attached, it fits securely and doesn’t slide around – although some users mention that the 1 1/4-inch thickness is noticeable, which might be good or bad depending on whether you want extra height.

Key Features
  • Gel-on-foam construction
  • For touring bikes and cruisers
  • Size: L 18 x W 6-14 inches
  • Includes 2 adjustable straps
  • Model AMXLG-C

Reduces pressure on your lower back and buttocks

Ventilated cover keeps you cool

Non-slip bottom


Might take a while to break in

Noticeable height increase

The last entrant on our list of the best motorcycle seat pads is this SaddleGel Seat Pad by Saddlemen. This cushion offers the comfort of gel padding, with the coziness of a synthetic sheepskin cover. The pad can be heated or cooled for added comfort, depending on your climate.

Reation to this motorcycle gel seat pad are mixed. Many report that the gel is comfortable, and the sheepskin-style cover durable. A few users highlight the negatives, which are that the pad gets hot in the sun, that it makes it more difficult to get on and off your bike, and that the gel layer is quite thin.

Key Features
  • Gel pad insert
  • Synthetic sheepskin cover
  • Size: L 10 x W 7 1/2 – 13 1/2 inches
  • Brand Saddlemen
  • Model 101FJ
  • Weight 3 pounds

Makes riding more comfortable

Pads can be heated or cooled

Quick disconnect harness system


Gets hot in the sun

Thin pad

Best Motorcycle Seat Pad Buying Guide & FAQ

Still not sure which of these comfy motorcycle seat cushions is the best choice for your butt? Allow our buying guide and FAQ to ass-ist you with this decision.

What to Consider When Buying a Motorcycle Seat Pad

  • Material

Motorcycle seat pads are most commonly made from an inflatable neoprene bladder, gel, foam or sheepskin, all of which have different benefits and drawbacks that you should be aware of before purchasing. See our ‘Different Types of Motorcycle Seat Cushions’ section below for more information.

  • Size and shape

Make sure that your chosen pad is the correct size and shape to fit your motorcycle seat. You can find the dimensions, as well as recommended motorcycles for each design, in the product specification.

  • Height

Consider how thick the pad is, and how much height it will add to your seat. Some riders might be happy with extra height, whilst others will want to make as little difference to their riding position as possible.

  • Riding conditions

The conditions and length of time you’ll be riding for can make a massive difference to which motorcycle seat pad is best for you. If you’ll be riding in hot weather, a sheepskin pad that can regulate your temperature may be ideal. If you’re going to be riding for hours or days at a time, it’ll be more important to have a pad which offers maximum support, such as an air or gel/memory foam design.

  • Price

Finally, as when making any purchasing decision, consider the value for money offered. If you’re an occasional rider who goes mainly on short rides, one of the more affordable options will likely be sufficient for your needs. If you’ll be using it regularly, it might be worth investing a little more for a higher-quality product.

Why You Should Use a Motorcycle Seat Cushion

  • Reduces pain

Motorcycle cushions are designed to make riding more comfortable. One of the ways they do this is by providing a supportive layer of air or gel between your seat and your body’s pressure points, including the tailbone and pelvis. This reduces bone aches and pains, and can make a huge difference to how much you enjoy riding.

  • Increases circulation

Another benefit of using a motorcycle cushion is that they can help increase your circulation. Blocked circulation can cause numbness or a hot sensation in your butt – a motorcycle seat pad made from sheepskin or with a ventilated mesh cover can help relieve this.

  • Keeps you cool

Following on from the above, a temperature-regulating seat pad, or a gel one that can be pre-cooled prior to riding, can help to keep you cool in hot weather. This reduces perspiration, and the risk of heat rash and skin irritation.

  • Enables you to ride for longer

One of the positive effects of you being more comfortable whilst riding is that you’ll be able and willing to ride for longer. This is particularly advantageous if you have a long trip coming up, or are thinking of planning one.

Different Types of Motorcycle Seat Cushion

  • Air

Inflatable air cushions are one of the best types of motorcycle seat pads for reducing butt ache, pain and inflammation. They do this by placing a protective layer of air between the seat and your pressure points, which provides support. Air pads are blown up and then deflated until the perfect firmness is reached – usually just off the seat – meaning they add very little height to your seat.

  • Gel

Gel pads consist of a layer of gel, either alone or in combination with foam, which provides a protective buffer between your seat and bones. They are popular due to their squishy yet supportive feel, as they mold to your body. Gel pads can also be heated or cooled prior to riding, helping to control your temperature.

  • Foam

Motorcycle seat foam pads are more like traditional cushions. Although they can and do increase riding comfort, they are generally considered less successful at this than gel or air pads. They are also usually thicker than other types of pads, which may be good or bad depending on whether you want the extra height. A more comfortable type of foam is memory foam, which conforms to your body.

  • Sheepskin

The huge benefit of sheepskin pads is that they naturally regulate temperature. Sheepskin is one of the most effective materials at keeping you cool in hot weather, and warm in cold weather. If overheating, sweating and rashes are your problem, a sheepskin seat cover is likely to be your best solution. They don’t usually contain much padding, so are not the best choice if you’re trying to relieve pain.

Best Motorcycle Seat Pad FAQ:

Q: How do I choose the right seat pad size?

Most motorcycle seat pads specify what types of motorcycles they are designed to fit, as well as giving you the exact measurements of the pad, so you can check these directly against your motorcycle seat. If you’re still not sure, have a look at the reviews to see if previous owners have fitted the pad successfully to your model of bike.

Q: Will a motorcycle seat pad make me sit higher in the seat?

A motorcycle seat pad will make you sit slightly higher in your seat – but only slightly, as most pads are designed to add as little height as possible. Exactly how much extra height you get will depend on what type of pad you buy. Generally speaking, foam pads add more height than air or gel designs. As an example, the Airhawk pad at number one on our list should increase your height by a maximum of 1/2 inch, when at ideal inflation.

Q: Are motorcycle seat cushions waterproof?

Not all motorcycle seat cushions are waterproof – it depends on which design you choose. Check the manufacturer’s specification to be sure. The Airhawk seat cushion we’ve featured at number one has a waterproof inner cushion, with a water-resistant, washable cover. If your pad is not waterproof, or you just want to give it a boost, try treating the cover with a waterproofing spray prior to use.

Our Top Pick

There are some great motorcycle seat pads on this list, but our pick of the best has to be the Airhawk R-REVB Cruiser Large Motorcycle Seat Cushion. The inflatable polyurethane air pad forms a barrier between the seat and your bones, providing support just where you need it. It relieves pressure points, encourage circulation, and the mesh cover keeps you cool. Users agree that this Airhawk seat pad is the best way to make sure you can ride in comfort all day!


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