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Do you love riding your motorcycle for long periods at a time? If so, you’ve likely experienced a dead battery…

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The Best Motorcycle USB Chargers (Review) in 2023 | Autance © The Best Motorcycle USB Chargers (Review) in 2023 | Autance
Best Choice Suuwer Motorcycle USB Charger Suuwer Motorcycle USB Charger
Best Value MOTOPOWER 4.2Amp Motorcycle Dual Charger RINTOWA Motorcycle Charger
Premium Pick ShinePick 5V 3A Dual USB Charger iMESTOU Motorcycle USB Phone Charger

Do you love riding your motorcycle for long periods at a time? If so, you’ve likely experienced a dead battery on your cell phone when you’ve arrived at your destination.

Never run out of power again with a motorcycle USB charger. We’ve searched for the top best-quality devices available to help you stay connected without needing a large, bulky charging device.

The Best Motorcycle USB Charger

This Suuwer USB charger is compatible with a wide range of devices, including Android and Apple phones, Kindles, and even a Nintendo Switch. To check the progress of your charging, use the voltmeter. This product is designed for motorcycle use, thanks to its compact and sleek design that’s convenient and lightweight to transport.

This device sends you prompts when the battery is running low, which is a great feature to ensure it’s always ready to use. Plus, it’s easy to use and almost everyone can operate it within minutes.

Key Features
  • Wide compatibility with most smartphones
  • Two-year warranty from the purchase date
  • 12 to 24-voltage input
  • LED display
  • Brand Suuwer
  • Model Charger 5V
  • Weight 4.8 ounces

Sleek design that doesn’t get in the way while riding

Sends prompts when the battery’s status is low

Easy to use


Can be noisy when charging

Not durable in the rain

Some customers said it suddenly stopped working

This dual USB port charger by Motopower features multiple safety features to protect you and the device when in use. It’s water-resistant, so it’ll always work in an array of weather conditions. Plus, the LED display allows you to see all the necessary information as you charge your smartphone.

Unlike other devices, this one features a long-fused harness cable so you can comfortably reach your device without it stretching. However, you should consider that the device is a quick solution if you want to recharge your phone quickly. It’s designed to increase the percentage on your phone rather than boost a drained battery.

Key Features
  • LED display for the voltage battery
  • Smart-charging technology
  • Comes with safety features
  • Uses a lower-power consumption in standby mode
  • Brand Motopower
  • Model MP0620A
  • Weight 4 ounces

Long-fused harness cable

Easy installation and quick release

Large text on the display


Low amps means it takes longer to charge

Plastic components

No safety features

ShinePick designed this charger so it’s suitable for use in the rain, thanks to the protective materials. It’s made with ABS Environmental Protection Material, which is fire-retardant and resistant to high and low temperatures. The USB adapter wires are also corrosion-resistant and charge your device quickly, so there’s no concern with time or safety while you use this device.

It also comes with fixed screws, a mirror bracket, and handlebar bracket, so you can adjust the fit to suit your needs. The charging cable is 4.75 feet long.

Key Features
  • Digital voltage display
  • Waterproof and dustproof cover
  • 3A power outlet for quick charging
  • Features cigarette lighter
  • Brand ShinePick
  • Model 5V/3A Dual USB Charger
  • Weight 8.25 ounces

Made with environmentally friendly materials

Comes with tools for installation

Lengthy cable


Bulkier design that most

Inaccurate digital voltmeter

Digital readout isn’t reliable

This dual charger comes with numerous safety features to keep you and your devices safe while in use. It’s weather-resistant, so you don’t need to worry about using it in the rain. Plus, the rubber cover adds a high level of protection to the ports when not in use.

The great thing is that you can charge two devices at the same time. The charger is compatible with a variety of devices, including smartphones, iPads, GPS, cameras, and Bluetooth devices.

Key Features
  • 3.1 amp output
  • 360-degree rotatable design
  • 12-24 voltage and 5 voltage
  • Flexible and steady mount
  • Model 3.1A Dual Port
  • Weight 3.68 ounces

Resistant to corrosion and high temperatures

Can charge devices with a high voltage

Rubber cover for protection


No LED display for information

No idle mode

Short cord

Yonhan designed this waterproof charger with a powerful outlet to conveniently charge large devices from a smartphone to a GPS tracker, camera, and tablet. It also comes with dual USB plugs—both with a 5-voltage input—so you can charge two devices at the same time.

Thanks to the 2.4 amp output, you can charge your devices quicker than ever. Although most motorcycle chargers are waterproof, this device has a rubber coating to protect the internal circuit while enhancing its lifespan.

Key Features
  • Dual USB plugs
  • 2.4 amp output
  • Rubber USB cord for extra protection
  • Overcharge protection
  • Brand Yonhan
  • Model 4.8A
  • Weight 3.2 ounces

Charges devices quickly

Small and lightweight

Includes a voltmeter


Some customer reported receiving a broken product

Doesn’t come with instructions

Doesn’t include cord

iMESTOU designed this lightweight device to simultaneously charge two devices. It’s suitable to operate in the rain but can also continue charging in high-temperature weather. Plus, with an included mounting bracket, you can easily attach it to your motorcycle in minutes.

It’s safe and durable to use, and even includes a waterproof cap to protect the unit from rain and dust. While you charge your device, you can monitor the battery’s progress via the LED power indicator.

Key Features
  • Dual ports
  • High-temperature resistant
  • Includes mounting bracket
  • Brand iMESTOU
  • Model ck02
  • Weight 3.52 ounces

Easy to hook up to motorcycles

LED power indicator lets you monitor the charge

Lightweight and slim design


No on/off switch

Not long-lasting

Best Motorcycle USB Charger Buying Guide & FAQs

With so many motorcycle USB chargers on the market, it can be difficult selecting the perfect one for your needs and budget. However, if you have certain criteria in mind and know what features you’re looking for, your search doesn’t become so difficult. In this section, we aim to help you narrow down your options by looking at the various motorcycle USB chargers available and the benefits of owning a device.

Benefits of a Motorcycle USB Charger

USB chargers are a great motorcycle accessory that allows you to charge your smartphone or other devices while you ride. If you plan on traveling a lengthy journey, your phone’s battery could die along the way.

Fortunately, these devices feature a sleek, small, and lightweight design to not get in the way when you ride your motorcycle. This also prevents any unnecessary weight to your motorcycle. Finally, unlike most USB chargers, these are suitable and safe for outdoor use, so you can stay connected even in the rain or wind.

  • Enables you to charge your smartphone on the go
  • Small and sleek design
  • Suitable for outdoor use

Types of Motorcycle USB Chargers

Not all motorcycle USB chargers are the same, which is why you’ll find numerous types throughout your search. The below options are the most common products on the market.

  • Dual Ports

Many devices are equipped with dual ports so that you can charge two devices at one time. This is a great purchase if you own two iPhones. However, you should always check the voltage requirements so you don’t blow a fuse.

Most USB chargers feature the same voltage and amps. But, some high-end products feature a port that offers a fast-charge technology, so you can boost your phone’s battery quickly and efficiently.

  • High Amp

You’ll come across USB devices with several amp requirements. A common choice for frequent phone uses is an amp measuring 2.0A. This charges your device twice as fast as a USB charger measuring 1.0A.

Some devices even range up to 3.0A for three times the speed of a 1.0A. Bear in mind that the item should also come with safety features to prevent overheating or sending too many electrical currents during the charge.

  • Cigarette Lighter Socket

We’re seeing an increase in USB chargers equipped with a cigarette lighter socket. Although this isn’t a necessary feature for charging your device, it’s a great addition to smoke and ride at the same time.

What to Consider When Buying Motorcycle USB Chargers

It might not be an easy task to decipher the best device for your motorcycle and smartphone, which is why we’ve collated the top three most important features to keep in mind.

  • Number of Ports

When purchasing a motorcycle charger, consider the number of devices you plan to charge simultaneously. Fortunately, these products can be equipped to charge two smartphones at one time, allowing you and your friend to stay connected.

Bear in mind that this feature can increase the size of the device, so you’ll need to determine if this will inconvenience your ride. Another factor to consider is the type of USB port you’re looking for, as your chosen devices might require different connectors.

  • Charging Speed and Safety

Ideally, the USB charger will get your phone up and running quickly. If so, you’ll need to look out for fast-charging technology and the output rate. In particular, a device with two amps will charge your phone faster than one with just one amp.

If a quick charge is an essential requirement for you, the device should come with ample safety features to protect it and you when in use. Look for overcurrent and overheating protection, as well as auto-shutoff and weather-resistant materials.

  • Size and Design

The USB charger’s design is important to your usability. Many of the products featured above have an LED display that enables you to see the amount of charge remaining, as well as current voltage used. You may also want included features such as an on-off switch or a cigarette lighter.

The charger should remain compact and lightweight to not impact your riding experience and become a distraction. Opt for a purchase with included tools that allow you to easily mount it to your handlebars.

Tips for Buying and Using Motorcycle USB Chargers

It’s necessary you know what features to look for during your research, but you should also have a comfortable idea of how to use the device and remain safe during your travels.

As such, consider high-quality materials that are safe to use and enhance the charger’s durability. You should always keep your eyes on the road when you’re on your motorcycle, so don’t purchase a device that constantly needs adjusting to remain still.

  • Consider the mounting options so you can conveniently place the charger onto your motorcycle.
  • Choose high-quality, durable cables that offer a quick charge and prevent your device from overcharging or overheating during use.
  • Always refrain from touching the device or your phone while riding your motorcycle. A safety mount that stays firmly connected to your handlebars will prevent you from wanting to adjust the device.

Best Motorcycle USB Chargers FAQs

Although we’ve covered most of the essential features and things to consider during your purchase, you may still have some questions. To help clarify any concerns you may have, you can find some common questions below and their answers.

Q: How do you connect the charger to your motorcycle?

Safety is the priority. Choose where you’ll mount the device to your motorcycle in a safe and convenient place. Most fit your handlebars, though some can sit on your dash if they’re small and sleek enough.

Q: What amp size should you look for?

The amperage makes a difference to how fast the device charges your smartphone. For a quick charge, opt for 2.0 amps. Anything lower than this will take longer to charge.

Q: Does the voltage make a difference?

The voltage determines which devices are compatible with the charger. If you wish to charge only smartphones, five volts will suffice. But to boost your tablet’s charger, you’ll need something with a higher voltage.

Our Top Pick

From our selections above, we rate the Suuwer Motorcycle USB Charger as the best motorcycle USB charger. This five-volt product is suitable for charging a range of devices, and also features a 2.4A charging port to charge your chosen device as quickly and safely as possible.

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