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Best Off-Road Electric Scooters: Take Charge of the Trails | Autance © Best Off-Road Electric Scooters: Take Charge of the Trails | Autance
Best Overall Uberscoot 1600W 48V Electric Scooter Uberscoot 1600W 48V Electric Scooter

This off-road electric scooter is designed to perform extremely well on practically every level without being too expensive. Its 1600-watt motor and class-leading knobby tires make it at home off-road.

  • Front and rear wavy disc brakes
  • 30 mph top speed thanks to a 1600-watt motor
  • Class-leading 11-inch knobby tires
  • SLA battery gives a low 12-mile range
  • Heavy when compared to other models
Best Value Razor RX200 Electric Off-Road Scooter Razor RX200 Electric Off-Road Scooter

This model is the perfect entry point for teens into the world of off-road electric scooters and is exceptional value for money. However, it’s not suitable for tough off-road trails due to its lack of suspension and single-brake setup.

  • Exceptional value for money
  • Pneumatic off-road tires
  • Perfect for children and teenagers
  • Low 12 mph top speed
  • Battery only lasts for up to 40 minutes
  • Maximum load capacity of 154 pounds
Honorable Mention Hiboy Titan Pro Electric Scooter Hiboy Titan Pro Electric Scooter

This is the perfect scooter for anyone who has a long commute or likes to spend the whole day riding trails, thanks to its 40-mile range. It conquers steep inclines with ease thanks to its dual 1200-watt motors and has a 32 mph top speed.

  • 40-mile range
  • 32 mph top speed
  • Can climb 35-degree inclines thanks to two 1200-watt motors
  • One of the most expensive models on the market
  • Large 17.5 amp hour battery can take up to nine hours to charge

Car Autance is reader-supported. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Learn more

Electric scooters have given rise to a new, eco-friendly, and fun means of transport. Off-road electric scooters take this revolution to the next level as these models have more powerful electric motors made to deal with off-road trails, chunkier tires, and beefier frames. All this ensures you won’t get stuck among the trees. They usually have powerful disc brakes and dual suspension setups, too, making them just as capable on the road as they are off it. And while these models are fantastic fun for anyone who likes getting muddy on the weekend, they also offer the benefit of being rugged enough for those with a rougher than normal daily commute. But given the breadth of what’s available, it can be difficult to select the right one for you. To help you out, we’ve done the research for you. So let’s get into our picks.

Best Off-Road Electric Scooters Recommendations

The Uberscoot 1600W 48V Electric Scooter is (almost) the perfect all-rounder, performing extremely well in most aspects. Its tires are a cut above the rest and larger than any other model’s on the list, measuring 11 inches. The grooves in the rubber are much deeper than competitor’s tires too, making this model well-capable on loose terrain. Sending this scooter to its 30 mph top speed is a 1600-watt brushless motor, though there’s a speed limit wire which, according to customers, lowers the top speed to around 20 mph.

The only real downside to this model is its sealed lead-acid (SLA) battery, which gives it a range of just 12-miles. There’s an economy-mode button that reduces power to extend the scooter’s range somewhat, although the exact extension depends on road conditions and riding style. Fully recharging this battery from empty takes 6-8 hours. All stopping power comes courtesy of front and rear wavy disc brakes, which makes the scooter look more aggressive. Even still, it’s still relatively practical and it comes with a quick-release seat and has a foldable locking frame, making it easily portable.

  • Brand UberScoot
  • Model Evo-1600
  • Weight 117 pounds

Plenty of power from the 1600-watt motor

11-inch tires with deep knobby groves

Front and rear wavy disc brakes


Outdated SLA battery gives a 12-mile range

Relatively heavy

If you’re on the lookout for an off-road scooter for your child or teen, it’s hard to go wrong with the Razor RX200 Electric Off-Road Scooter. Propelling the scooter is a 200-watt motor that delivers its power via chain, though this motor benefits from an updated gear ratio, which gives it more torque than its on-road sibling. While this new gear means the scooter has a relatively low top speed of 12 mph, owners report that it’s no slouch when it comes to getting off the mark. Since this model has a 154-pound weight capacity, it’s only suited to children, teenagers, young adults, and those adults with slim waists.

What makes the scooter particularly well-suited to off-road trails are its 60 psi on/off-road tires, which wrap heavy-duty alloy wheels and there’s a hand-operated rear disc brake. Apart from the pneumatic tires, the beefy all-steel frame is the only form of shock absorption since there’s no dampening to speak of. The biggest downside to this model is its low 40-minute runtime, which is one of the lowest in this niche.

  • Brand Razor USA
  • Model 13112433
  • Weight 38.67 pounds

Low price point

Heavy-duty frame

Lightweight and easy to ride


40-minute run time

Low 154-pound maximum weight limit

12 mph top speed

If you like spending all day out on the trails then the Hiboy Titan Pro Electric Scooter could be for you. Powering this model is a 17.5 amp hour battery that gives it a class-leading range of 40 miles (depending on riding style and conditions). The motors driving this scooter are equally as impressive as the battery powering it, with two 1200-watt brushless motors — one in each wheel hub. The 2400 watts on tap give this scooter a 32-mph top speed and enable it to climb 35-degree hills. All the instant torque available and hill-climbing ability make this one of the most capable models when it comes to serious off-road riding.

There’s plenty of grip both on and off the road, thanks to the wide 10-inch tires. Front and rear shock absorption units are more than capable of keeping everything smooth on off-road trails, according to owner reviews. One thing to be aware of is that owners say the tires can be overinflated when the scooter arrives, so be sure to check you’re running the correct psi before hitting the road. This model uses singular disc brakes at the front and rear, which do an adequate stop of bringing you to a halt.

  • Brand Hiboy
  • Model Titan Pro
  • Weight 61.7 pounds

Class-leading 40-mile range

2400watts on tap

Excellent hill climbing ability


One of the most expensive scooters on the market

Charge time of up to nine hours

Best Top Speed

If outright speed is your number one priority, then check out the Yume D4. This model uses dual 1000-watt motors, giving it a total output of 2000 watts. All this power results in an impressive maximum speed of 40 mph, although this will vary depending on driving conditions. The 23.4 amp hour battery powering this scooter is the biggest on this list and results in a 35-mile range. The large power output combined with a sturdy frame give this scooter a maximum load capacity of 330 pounds, which is class-leading. When it’s time to come to a stop, front and rear disc brakes do the job well.

The 10-inch pneumatic tires this model rides on are described as “off-road” — however, it would be nice to see deeper grooves in them. Although the tires could be better, the scooter does have a heavy-duty suspension setup. Four shock-absorbing springs take care of dampening at the front, while two more do the job at the rear. If you’re going to use a scooter for commuting on pavement, then this model’s removable seat could make life a touch easier.

  • Brand Yume
  • Model D4
  • Weight N/A

2000-watt power output

Class-leading top speed of 40 mph

Seat included


On the high end of the price spectrum

Tire groves could be deeper

Best Sub 900-Watt

Some states have a 900-watt limit on electric scooters that can be ridden on the sidewalk. If you’re in one of these states, the Hiboy Titan Electric Scooter is for you. Propelling this model is an 800-watt brushless motor which, according to the manufacturer, gives it a top speed of 25 mph. However, some owners have reported a top speed of between 26-28 mph. You’ll also be able to tackle inclines of up to 25 degrees on this scooter, which should make things easier on off-road trails. According to customers, the wide 10-inch off-road pneumatic tires provide substantial grip both on and off the road. Helping to keep things smooth when the terrain gets rough are front and rear shock absorption units.

Bringing things to a halt on the trails are front and rear disc brakes. There’s also regenerative braking, which is perfect for when you need to slow down on the road. The 12.5 amp hour battery built into the deck gives the scooter a 28-mile range (depending on driving conditions and style). It takes around eight hours to fully recharge, and the manufacturer recommends you always charge it to its full capacity. A large LED display enables you to check driving modes, speed, battery life, and distance at a glance.

  • Brand Hiboy
  • Model Titan
  • Weight 50.7

25 mph top speed

28-mile range

Legal to use on the sidewalk in some states


Could lack power for serious off-roaders

No seat included

How We Selected The Products

We looked over dozens of off-road electric scooters, as well as models intended for both on and off-road use. We then read through dozens of owner testimonials on each product, carefully assessing their opinions. After this, we weighed the owner reports against our own experience, which includes more 20 years of riding, buying, selling, and fixing motorcycles and scooters. Well-known brands with a proven track record, which were backed up by positive feedback, were prioritized. The main factors that were taken into consideration were the quality of materials used, motor size, battery life, brakes, suspension, and price. Scooters that were found to have major electronic faults, which could be dangerous, were immediately disqualified from consideration.

Our product selections, rankings, and awards for this story are based on research. While we haven’t conducted real-world testing yet on all of these products yet, we’ve looked at consumer testimonials and data, tutorials, and general discussions on social media and in forums. We also consider price and specification in the context of the segment. And, of course, we rely on our institutional knowledge of the automotive landscape to weed out weak products.

Best Off-Road Electric Scooter Buying Guide And FAQs

Whether you’re looking for an adrenaline rush at the weekends or a fun way to get from A to B, you can’t go wrong with an off-road electric scooter. Having a great time on these green machines doesn’t come at the expense of the environment, making them perfect for anyone who’s eco-conscious. Don’t be fooled into thinking these scooters are toys just because they’re electric – they pack a punch. With that in mind, you should always wear the appropriate riding gear and drive responsibly. 

This guide will explain the benefits of off-road electric scooters, price ranges, and what to consider before purchasing.

Benefits of Off-Road Electric Scooters

Bang for buck, it’s hard to beat off-road electric scooters in terms of their thrill factor. Some of these models can travel at speeds in excess of 50 mph and even handle small off-road jumps. The best part is, you can drive them home after you’re finished playing in the dirt. This makes them a much cheaper alternative to a dirt bike, for which you’d also need a car and trailer or truck.

Between the price of a vehicle, gas, parking, and upkeep, it just doesn’t always make financial sense to own a car. Electric scooters offer people a cheaper alternative to owning a personal vehicle and a fun way to commute. But, if you live in a rural area or the road surface on your commute isn’t in good condition, then a regular electric scooter won’t cut it. Off-road electric scooters are up to anything your daily commute will throw your way.

One group of people who have found electric off-road scooters to be particularly beneficial are hunting enthusiasts. The scooters can navigate the tricky terrain that hunters encounter without alerting any prey. Likewise, if you enjoy exploring the outdoors apart from hunting, off-road electric scooters can bring you deep into nature without breaking a sweat.

Whether you need a financially-friendly commuter or something to get your heart racing, off-road electric scooters offer an eco-friendly way to do it. These scooters produce no direct emissions, so they’re as clean as the source of power that charges them.

  • Cheap thrills
  • An inexpensive personal vehicle
  • Perfect for outdoor enthusiasts and hunters
  • An eco-friendly alternative

Price Ranges

Like most off-road vehicles, the price you can expect to pay for an electric scooter depends on how extreme you want to get. The main things that drive up the price are motors, batteries, quality of materials used, and suspension components. Here’s what you can expect to receive for your money.

  • Under $300: At this price range, you can expect a scooter that’s capable of handling loose gravel, but that’s about it. The motors in these models tend to be around 200 watts, giving them a top speed of somewhere between 12 and 15 mph. There’s usually no suspension to speak of, and braking is often only handled by one rear brake. The main things that set these scooters apart from regular electric scooters are chunky off-road tires and a beefed-up frame.
  • $300 to $1100: At the upper end of this price range, you can get a scooter that’ll put a smile on your face on an off-road trail. The motors on these models are usually between 800-1600 watts, giving the scooters a top speed of around 25-30 mph. These models have mid-size batteries that give a range of around 28 miles. You can expect a dual-suspension setup along with front and rear disc brakes. The tires are pneumatic, at least 10 inches, and will have relatively deep grooves.
  • $1100 to $2000: The biggest difference with scooters at price range is power and range. These models will have dual motors that have a combined power of between 2000-2500 watts. Top speeds vary greatly and some models can go over 50 mph but, generally, you can expect 35-40 mph. Much larger batteries mean these scooters can travel 35-40 miles before running out of juice. Models in this price range will have the beefiest frames, dual suspension setups, and disc brakes.

What To Consider Before Purchasing

There are a few key aspects to consider when determining what off-road electric scooter is right for you. Getting them right will keep you happy each time you hit the road and ensure your scooter can handle what you have in store for it. 


Above all else, power is the number one thing to consider for most people. If you’re planning on tackling extreme trails then you need to make sure your scooter is powerful enough. What ‘power’ refers to here is the size of the scooter’s motor or motors. Underpowered scooters particularly suffer on steep inclines and if the rider is on the higher end of the maximum weight capacity. Many manufacturers will advertise the maximum incline that their scooter can handle and its maximum load capacity, so check these figures out before buying. You should also check the maximum power limit a scooter can have to ride on the sidewalk in your state before purchasing.


For some people, a scooter’s range will be the most important factor. This will be particularly important for people that want to commute on their scooter. Don’t confuse battery size with range, as large motors can drain batteries more quickly. The range is determined by how the battery and motor work together.


Off-road electric scooters will be fitted with one of two tire choices: airless tires or pneumatic tires. Pneumatic tires are the clear winner for off-road scooters. They act as a means of shock absorption and offer much more traction thanks to their softer rubber compound. However, pneumatic tires require more maintenance and can suffer punctures. The only reason to choose airless tires over pneumatic tires would be if you regularly ride over things like broken glass or nails. Off-road tires should always be at least 10-inches, as they need to ride over holes and not get stuck in them.


The suspension setup that’s right for you will depend on the types of terrain you regularly encounter. The most minimal form of suspension will be pneumatic tires, which offer some shock absorption. The more heavy-duty setups will offer front and rear springs that work with hydraulic or air pistons, which is referred to as coil-over-hydraulic or coil-over-air. In reality, coil-over suspension will be needed to tackle even relatively light trails.


The three main forms of braking you’ll find on electric scooters are disc, drum, and electric. In terms of performance, front and rear disc brakes are the ideal setup. However, many scooters will have a combination of mechanical brakes and an electric braking system, such as regenerative braking. While regenerative braking isn’t effective in an emergency braking situation, it offers a smooth way to gradually slow down.

Off-Road Electric Scooters FAQs

Q: Can you ride off-road electric scooters on the road?

Electric scooters are generally classified as PLEC (Personal Light Electric Vehicle) and are not permitted to be driven on the roads of most states. However, this can vary depending on the state and local jurisdiction you’re in.

Q: Can you ride off-road electric scooters on sidewalks?

In most states, you can ride an electric scooter on the sidewalk. Each state has different laws regarding what scooters can be driven on sidewalks, so be sure to check before riding.

Q: Are off-road electric scooters waterproof?

Most electric scooters aren’t fully waterproof, so it’s not recommended that you ride in the rain. By and large, manufacturers list their scooter’s IP rating, which indicates how water-resistant the product is.

Q: How long do off-road electric scooters take to charge?

Charge times vary a lot but, since off-road scooters have relatively large batteries, charge times are around 6-9 hours.

Final Thoughts

We’ve chosen the Uberscoot 1600W 48V Electric Scooter as the best overall off-road electric scooter. With a top speed of between 30 mph and a powerful 1600-watt motor, this model is more than capable of putting a smile on your face. It’s loaded with the features you want to navigate an off-road trail, like dual wavy disc brakes and beefy suspension. When you take into consideration this model’s reasonable price point, it’s easy to see why it takes the best overall award. 

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