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The regular use of a car engine means you cannot escape the inevitable problems, and a major problem that is…

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The Best Oil Stop Leak Additives (Review) in 2023 | Autance © The Best Oil Stop Leak Additives (Review) in 2023 | Autance
Best Choice Lucas Oil Engine Oil Lucas Oil Engine Oil
Premium Pick BlueDevil Oil Stop Leak BlueDevil Oil Stop Leak
Best Value Bar's Leaks Oil Stop Leak Additive Bar's Leaks Oil Stop Leak Additive

The regular use of a car engine means you cannot escape the inevitable problems, and a major problem that is usually associated with car engines is leakages. Oil leaks are widespread occurrences, and they cause a lot of difficulty and mishaps for many drivers. No doubt, the best way to deal with such an issue is to prevent it from happening in the first place; however, one of the best ways to prevent an engine from leaking is to employ the use of oil additives. These are substances formulated to get rid of leaks. If you are in the market for the best oil stop leak additives, there are several brands and products out there and we have compiled the best of the best for your perusal.

The Best Oil Stop Leak Additive

The Lucas Oil Engine Oil carries all the characteristics of a typical Lucas product such as its versatility in use and the ability to prevent corrosion. The Lucas engine oil works well with vehicles of all kinds and can be used together with synthetic, semi-synthetic and petroleum motor oils. A single purchase provides you with 32 ounces worth of product for all your needs and demands. This oil additive is known to renew all seals, without the occurrence of corrosion or damage.

The Lucas engine oil additive raises your oil pressure while reducing oil consumption and engine noise. This results in an extensively quiet operation that many customers love. With this oil additive, you’re guaranteed to get the most out of the unit. This means that your oil additive won’t just prevent oil leakages, but it will also offer you with excellent performance. Users of this oil recommend it for all vehicle owners who want to renew their worn-out seals without investing too much money.

Key Features
  • Compatible with all motor oils
  • Very durable
  • Little to no corrosion to damage
  • Reduces oil consumption and noise
  • Brand Lucas Oil
  • Model 10278
  • Weight 2.03 pounds

Prevents corrosion

Helps reduce engine noise

Easy to use


does not completely stop leaks

There is another fantastic oil additive. Meet the ATP AT Re-seal Stops Leaks product. With such a name, there is no doubt as to why this is a highly recommended product. We know you will love this product because it fulfills its purpose to the letter. It is an oil additive formulated by scientists to prevent leakages, rust, and corrosion. All leakages stop quickly whenever this product is used, and opened seals are resealed effortlessly. Many engines come with rubber gaskets and seals, which the ATP stop leaks unit can rejuvenate. Some other aspects of your engine that are rejuvenated include the transmission, power steering, and hydraulic systems.

The ATO stops leaks unit is available in a 6-quart capacity, and it is usable with synthetic and conventional oils, power steering fluids and gear oil. The ATP oil additive doesn’t over-swell or break down seals because it features no petroleum distillates like other additive brands.

Key Features
  • Professional strength
  • Rejuvenates all rubber seals & gaskets in engines
  • Compatible with conventional and synthetic oils
  • Will treat a 6-quart capacity
  • Brand ATP Automotive
  • Model AT-205
  • Weight 10.4 ounces

Rejuvenates rubber seals with ease

Compatible with most engine oil types

Friendly to the engine


Can produce blue smoke in some cases

The Bar’s Leaks Oil Leak Additive is a very innovative and efficient product that deals with all difficult to repair seals. It doesn’t demand a lot of expertise to use, and it relieves you of all your worries about how an engine leak can be solved. The Bars Stop Leak Oil deals efficiently with all stubborn leaks in a short period. It helps you to seal not only the rear main seal but also different leakage types.

This engine oil stop leak from Bars Leaks needs to be added to your engine oil to see how well it works whenever you’re on the road. All its products are affordable and practical; thus, its name is always in the top five of best oil stop leaks lists. It works with all oil types, from conventional to synthetic to high mileage oils, and the brand has gone out of its way to create a versatile additive to cater to all your engine needs.

Key Features
  • Seals timing cover, rear main
  • Add to engine oil
  • Concentrated
  • Seals many other types of leaks
  • Brand Bar's Leaks
  • Model 1040
  • Weight 0.16 ounces

Helps seal the difficult to replace seals

Rejuvenates the dry seals

Results are experienced in a short time


Does not work well in older engines

The BlueDevil Oil Stop Leak is another excellent formula. Over the years, this brand has provided safety and comfort to users via its production of oil stop leaks additives. We love that this formula from BlueDevil permanently seals dripping oil leaks. It is very safe to use and is easy to apply the right way. Throughout any fluid system, the BlueDevil oil additive repairs and conditions all rubber seals for better performance. It is excellent to note that this oil additive can work well with both diesel and gasoline engines. Such versatility ensures that all cars are catered to when it comes to their engine health and vehicle safety.

The BlueDevil oil stop leak has been in this industry for decades. This company has different oil stop leaks in its arsenal. Every formula is often more effective than the last. Using this oil stop additive will not harm your engine; neither will you experience any form of clogging. This highly effective formula is also very budget-friendly; thus, everyone can afford to make a purchase.  

Key Features
  • Safe and easy to use
  • Compatible in gasoline or diesel engines
  • Non-clogging
  • Permanently seal seeping
  • Brand BlueDevil Products
  • Model 49499
  • Weight 4.8 ounces

Safe to use

Does not harm the engine

Results are permanent


Does not seal leaking gaskets well

Our final best oil stop leak additive is from No Leak. The No Leak Engine Stop Oil is manufactured for all types of engines and vehicles. It appeals to the masses via its innovative and enticing design and is very effective. This engine stops oil product does a great job of swelling, conditioning, and softening all rubber seals in your engine. The formula is extra safe and highly versatile. The versatility is identified in the ability to use this additive product with all engine oils without any damage. This product features different elements that allow you to enjoy the many benefits of having an engine stop oil product.

The excellent No Leak brand is under Gold Eagle, a company known for manufacturing high-quality and exceptionally premium products, designed and manufactured by some of the best scientists. Its oil additive is available in a clear bottle, which is very easy to pour. The Gold Eagle company has 75 years of expertise.

Key Features
  • Prevents engine oil leaks
  • For rear main seal repair
  • Repairs rear main seals
  • Compatible with all engine oil
  • Brand NO LEAK
  • Model 20401
  • Weight 1.1 pounds

Helps stop smoking in engines

Reconditions hardened seals

Compatible with most engine oils


Does not work with the leaky head gasket

Best Engine Oil Stop Leak Buying Guide & FAQ

What to Consider When Buying an Oil Stop Leak Additive

The following points are to help you as a potential customer, choose the perfect oil stop leak additive for your vehicles. They range from activation to Petroleum distillates.

  • Efficiency

Your stop oil leaks need to be highly effective as that’s the only way to offer customers value for their investment. The effectiveness of this product will be primarily determined by the amount of additive you require as well as how long you expect it to last.

  • Activation

An essential rule to fixing your leaks is to allow the engine oil stop leak to activate itself fully. This usually takes some hours since it has to maximize its full potential after being run through the system for 100 miles.

  • Compatibility

This might be the most vital factor to consider. The compatibility of your vehicle with your preferred oil stop leak is crucial. Some models work with all types of engines, while others are more specific. Every product in this article and those that don’t come with a brief breakdown of the different drivers and their compatible fuel systems.

  • Plasticizers

The rejuvenation of your seal is very critical. Usually, leaks occur after gaps develop between various seals. The plasticizer is a chemical which brings back all cracked rubber pieces back to their original form and sizes.

  • Petroleum Distillates

Petroleum distillate Is a popular chemical which is used for the revitalization of gaskets. These units can be costly, and they can wear out parts of your engine system. When searching for an oil stop leak additive, search for formulas that don’t have any adverse long-term effects on your engine.

Benefits of Oil Stop Leak

  • Oil stop leaks help every car owner save money for other essential tasks. These additives prevent you from investing in costly engine garage visits. They save you the horror of paying both labor and time costs; thus, you have your state of mind.
  • Another benefit of these stop leak products is that they help protect your seal. Most often engine leaks are caused by the hardening or drying of seals. Help your rear mini seal and head gaskets go back to their original state of beauty and flexibility. The revitalization of this oil stop leak reduces the amount of oil that can seep through.
  • Our final benefit for oil stop leaks is how the formula helps you to save fuel. Fuel is expensive, and when used in vehicles can be harmful. Saving oil means you also save more money, and keep the environment in good shape.

Different Types of Engine Oil Stop Leak

  • Absorbent Formulas

These are additive products that absolve into your engine seals to stop leaking. The formulas for these products are of premium and high quality. The absorbent formulas are the most common type of stop oil in the market. They are liked because they are highly reliable and competent.

  • Particle-clogging formulas

The older version of motor oil leak sealers was formulated by scientists with the sole aim of clogging the oil escape hole. This has changed, as the innovations guarding such a design have evolved. In recent times, every company plugs or absorbs particles in a wide range of ways.

  • Combination

This must be perhaps everyone’s favorite formula. This is the combination of both types stated earlier. The combination formulas feature highly absorbent elements that don’t cause any form of clogging.

Best Engine Oil Stop Leak FAQ:

Q: What is the engine oil stop leak, and how does it work?

Engine oil stop leaks are liquid formulas we mix with our engine oil to prevent it from leaking. These substances don’t only avoid leaking; they also help fix more than your fuel system. Some other tasks undertaken by these substances include revitalizing your rubber seals and reducing noise during operations.

Q: How do I use oil leak stop fluid?

These formulas are mixed and applied to the engine oil for better performance. The vital part of this task is to know the perfect ration before mixing to avoid damages to your engine in the long run. The mixing procedure is usually found on the packaging, from the manufacturer.

Q: What should I do if the leaking continues?

The last resort for an engine that won’t stop leaking is to invest in a new one. This is because the constant fixing of your engine will demand a lot of your money. With economics and time in mind, one should consider replacing their engine or gasket with a new one.

Our Top Pick

The best choice product of this article is Lucas Engine Oil. This was selected from the bunch because it is extensively reliable and it also helps prevent corrosion within your engine. The Lucas oil Is very versatile in application and can be used with all oil types. We encourage you to invest in quality and affordability when searching for their additive.

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