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It’s a typical weekend, and you’re trying – but spectacularly failing – to clean your vehicle parts in the sink…

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The Best Parts Washers (Review and Buying Guide) in 2023 | Autance © The Best Parts Washers (Review and Buying Guide) in 2023 | Autance
Best Choice OEMTOOLS 20 Gallon Mobile Parts Washer OEMTOOLS 20 Gallon Mobile Parts Washer
Best Value Oriflo with Hose Flow-Thru Parts Washer Oriflo with Hose Flow-Thru Parts Washer
Premium Pick Goplus 20 Gallon Mobile Parts Washer Goplus 20 Gallon Mobile Parts Washer

It’s a typical weekend, and you’re trying – but spectacularly failing – to clean your vehicle parts in the sink while your other half shouts at you for stinking up the house. Cleaning vehicle parts is critical to maintain the safety of your ride, but it’s a complicated process when you don’t have the right tools or space for the job.

Thankfully, we have a solution to keep your family relaxed. After much deliberation, we’ve compiled the best parts washers on the market. Whether you’re a serious handyman who needs a heavy-duty parts washer for larger parts or a biker who simply wants to clean your ride’s fork legs or swingarms, we’ve got the variety you need.

The Best Parts Washers

First in our selection of hand-picked products is OEMTOOLS’ 20 Gallon Mobile Parts Washer. This bright-green beauty will stand out in any cluttered garage or workplace and won’t lose its color anytime soon due to its durable powder-coated steel construction. The washboard is four and a half inches deep, and after purchasing this product you’ll never have to mop up spillages again.

Manufacturers have thought of everything, including a fusible link to reduce fire hazards and a removable drain pan to ensure the transportation of liquid is simple and results in fewer spillages. And although DIYers and workers alike may believe that such a bulky product would be impossible to transport anywhere, the four-inch indestructible casters will see to that. If you’re want to give your car the makeover it deserves, OEMTOOLS’ Parts Washer paves the pathway to success.

Key Features
  • Manufactured from durable, coated steel
  • Tank can hold up to 11 liters (2.9 gallons) of capacity
  • Product easy to relocate due to four-inch casters
  • Sturdy lid has a fusible link for fire safety
  • Product is both leak and rust resistant
  • Brand OEMTOOLS
  • Model 24805
  • Weight 80.1 pounds

Oriflo’s Flow-Thru Parts Washer Brush is a product other manufacturers fear because it’s so darn good. The company claims that its brush was the original flow-thru parts cleaning brush on the automotive market — brought out in the 1980s by the Parts Brush Division of Paint Brush Corporation. This means that the last 40 years have been spent perfecting its already impeccable design.

One way in which Oriflo improved its model is by designing its brushes with Trialoy — a superior filament that withstands corrosion after using petroleum and water-based cleaning solvents. Even the tube is incredibly sturdy due to the nitrile rubber’s resistance to petroleum solvents. And with the extra perk of a bullet-shaped tip on the hose, it’s hard not to give in to temptation and splash the cash.

Key Features
  • Manufactured in the USA
  • New models are created with superior Trialoy filament that resists corroding caused by water-based cleaning solvents
  • Brush design is flo-thru with a bullet-shaped tip to maximize cleaning
  • Hassle-free lifetime warranty included
  • Rust-resistant tube is made from nitrile rubber that resists petroleum solvents
  • Brand Parts Brush Division
  • Model OR101H
  • Weight 8.8 ounces

Although the three separate levels may look intimidating, Goplus’ product promises that it won’t bite. Manufactured from high-strength carbon steel with a red powder-coat finish, you can count on the long-lasting durability of this model. Its 20-gallon water capacity implies that this model is designed to wash medium to larger sized parts. And with a high flow pump rate of 5.28 gallons per minute, the grime will run right off.

What’s more, Goplus designed its product with safety at its heart. As well as the lid closing automatically in the case of a fire thanks to the fusible link, a considered switch water shield also shows that this model has been made with safety in mind. And to protect against injured backs, the four swivel casters allow the parts washer to be wheeled to wherever you need it.

Key Features
  • Unit is made from incredibly durable carbon steel with welded integrated tank-type construction
  • Ideal for cleaning medium sized parts thanks to 20-gallon water capacity
  • Internal fire-proof safety device due to heat resistant lid with fusible link
  • Four swivel casters facilitate easy transportation
  • Parts cleaner able to accommodate larger items due to removable shelf
  • Brand Goplus
  • Model 11AA

We must admit, Torin’s Big Red Steel Cabinet Parts Washer’s bright-red paint job reminds us of the cheap knock-off parts washers we’ve unfortunately encountered in our time. Yet, all the incredible features this model brings to the table teach us to always look past first impressions. This compact-steel cabinet is ideal for cleaning the delicate car parts we always end up neglecting for the frame itself.

Able to hold a respectable 3.5 gallons of liquid, Torin’s product is deep-seated as well as portable. Yet what buyers love the most is the pump: exuding a generous 110 volts, this feature recycles at 1/2 gallon per minute. Likewise, you can vouch that Torin’s model will be kicking around your garage for years to come since it’s UL and CSA approved. All in all, the Torin way of life is affordable and adaptable.

Key Features
  • Parts cleaner ideal for cleaning smaller rather than bigger parts
  • Compact design has a 3.5-gallon fluid capacity
  • Manufactured from durable steel
  • Bright Red Parts Washer has a 110-volt pump
  • Brand Torin
  • Model T10035
  • Weight 17 pounds

ARES Portable Parts Washer allows its user to wash their vehicle parts wherever they please – whether they’re at home or away. This bucket is only able to hold 5 gallons, rendering it perfect for scouring small, integral parts. With the unit comes a hard bristle brush that will come in handy if a part is in need of some serious scrubbing.

This parts washer can be used with whatever non-corrosive or water-based solution you see fit. It’s also backed up by ARES’ performance assurance, so if you have any issues with this parts washer then the company’s customer service will help you out in a heartbeat. Quite simply, it’s a good washer available at a modest price.

Key Features
  • Lightweight design allows user to pack up and move item at any point
  • Hard bristle brush fitted to eliminate any ingrained stains
  • Able to accommodate any water-based cleaning solution
  • Can hold up to 5 gallons of liquid
  • Small parts washer able to save much-needed space in the garage
  • Brand ARES
  • Model 5864306748
  • Weight 3.85 pounds

BikeMaster’s Parts Washer is the portable product that many bikers have been searching for. This company try its best to understand the needs of its customer and ensures that its tools are available to one and all at a reasonable price. Being lightweight and insulated, you can even bring this parts washer in the back of your truck.

Many users point to its durability when coming into contact with solvents and water-based solutions. We reckon you could dose the kit in corrosive properties and it still wouldn’t deteriorate (don’t try this at home folks). So, if your family is nagging you for smelling out the whole house when cleaning your bike parts in the sink, it’s a perfect and affordable solution to your problems.

Key Features
  • Affordable model is lightweight and insulated
  • Powerful pump operates with minimal noise
  • Unit constructed with a drain plug so open fluid can be sealed to prevent evaporation
  • Able to hold up to five gallons of cleaner
  • Product is both insulated and corrosion-proof
  • Brand BikeMaster
  • Model LEPAZA25131
  • Weight 1 pound

The JEGS bright yellow parts washer makes you happy just by looking at it. We’re not sure if this has got something to do with its bright powder-coated yellow construction or the fact that it’s as durable as a product gets. This is thanks to its welded steel construction and resistance to water-based degreasers, which keep JEGS’s model looking fresh.

What’s more, this product has the capacity to hold 20 gallons of liquid and 12 gallons of solvent, so it can successfully wash larger products without any hassle. And it can do so very well with a max pump output of 2.64 to 3.17 gallons per minute. If you want to give your car a makeover then buying this parts washer is the way to go.    

Key Features
  • Massive parts washer can hold a whopping twelve-gallons of solvent and twenty gallons of liquid
  • Aesthetically pleasing powder coated yellow design is sturdy and practical
  • Max Pump Output from 2.64 to 3.17 gallons per minute
  • Welded steel construction designed to resist rusting
  • Removable interior shelf design included to facilitate easy cleaning
  • Brand JEGS
  • Model 81525
  • Weight 57.5 pounds

Little Giant’s Submersible Parts Washer Pump is an innovative product created to facilitate cleanliness. It does so by releasing a strong output to flush away harmful solvent properties. With a whopping 1/40 of horsepower while releasing 300 gallons per hour, it will completely shatter all expectations while putting all old submersible washer pumps to shame. Likewise, its user’s safety expectations are met through the six-inch plug-less power cord that’s extremely practical and reliable to use.

Users speak about how the filtered fluid passing through the oil filter always comes out the flexible nozzle squeaky clean.  That’s why we’re not at all surprised that Little Giant’s sought-after design is warranted against defective materials and workmanship for a whole year after purchase — the company is well aware of just how desirable its product is.

Key Features
  • Product is designed for submerged use in parts washers with aqueous solutions or UL-listed solvents
  • Motor shaft manufactured from stainless steel
  • Six-inch power cord grants user with easy on/off control
  • Little Giant pump is extremely powerful yet barely makes a sound
  • Ensures that filtered fluid passing through oil filter comes out clear
  • Brand Little Giant
  • Model PE-2YSA
  • Weight 4.3 pounds

If the compelling blue and red paint job doesn’t catch your eye, then the glowing feedback concerning Astro’s Electric Parts Washer certainly will. This self-draining model features a 110-volt solvent pump, a 20-gallon capacity, and a 12-gallon solvent capacity that has buyers going weak at the knees. Additionally, its removable work shelf never fails to impress users by allowing them to wash larger vehicle parts without any hassle. Plus, it ensures that cleaning the part cleaner itself couldn’t be easier.

The unit is completely UL approved, which is not a surprise given the implemented fusible link that greatly reduces fire hazards. Yet what we find most compelling about this model is the magnetic pump that can be attached wherever its user sees fit. Available at a great price, it’s yours for the taking.

Key Features
  • Blue and red parts washer contains 110-volt solvent pump
  • Chances of fire spreading significantly reduced due to included fusible link
  • Ideal for washing smaller parts
  • Self-draining feature reduces the amount of work the user has to do themselves
  • Able to accommodate 20 gallons of liquid and 12 gallons of solvent 
  • Brand Astro Pneumatic Tool
  • Model 4543
  • Weight APT-4543

We’ve decided to go out with a bang and save Black Bull’s Parts Washer for last. This product has been created specifically for DIYers who are on the move and need a parts washer that will fit into their busy lifestyle. Although this five-gallon parts washer only has room for a 3.5-gallon solvent capacity, it features a sprightly pump that is able to output up to a whopping 210 gallons per hour with a 22 gallons per hour flow rate.

Not completely blown away by this model? The advantageous removable tray with drainage holes will surely change your mind – allowing for fast drying and the ability to check up on parts with ease. Plus, it’s extremely affordable when taking its durability and quality into account. If you’re fed up with comically flimsy washers, then this one is for you.

Key Features
  • Removable tray contains chrome-plated nozzle adjusts and drainage holes to reduce user’s workload
  • Superior pump can output around 210 gallons an hour and recirculate three gallons of solvent an hour
  • Link arm with steel lid reduces risk of fire
  • Washer holds up to five gallons of liquid and is thereby able to relocate
  • Ideal for small items when cleaning car parts 
  • Brand Black Bull
  • Model PWASH35
  • Weight 4.95 pounds

Best Parts Washer Buying Guide & FAQ

What to Look for in a Parts Washer

You’ve finally accepted that washing your car parts in the sink is no longer feasible and have started shopping around for an alternative. Yet before you know it, you’re knee deep in countless reviews with no concrete decision in sight. Here are the questions we recommend asking yourself before you commit to the washer right for you:

What is the GPM of the pump?

More often than not, buyers are automatically drawn straight to relatable reviews and skim over the complicated numbers that matter the most. The GPM (gallons per minute) of the pump is more important than even the horsepower of an aqueous washer due to its dependence on volume rather than pressure.

Can your desired parts washer be dismantled easily?

Although removable units may seem like more hassle than they’re worth, this versatility actually encourages the user to clean their parts washers more regularly. In the long-term, this regular cleaning will vastly prolong the life of your product

How much heat does the washer produce?

Look for a machine that operates between 170 to 175 degrees. A lower temperature than this will have you waiting around for yours for your washer to heat up!

Parts Washer

Benefits of a Parts Washer

Purchasing a parts washer is an investment not only for your vehicle but for your lifestyle. Here’s how a parts washer will benefit your car, bank balance, and even the environment.

They Fight the Grime

A high-quality parts washers don’t just make your car parts look nice on the eyes; it will completely obliterate grime to the point of no return.

They’re Environmentally Sustainable

The best washers out there will be able to clean the grimy parts of your ride whilst converting carbon-based containments into non-toxic liquids. With less carbon-dioxide floating about the air, we’re washing our way to a healthier planet.

A Parts Washer is a Smart, Long-Term Investment

Choose a parts washer that’s made from durable materials such as coated steel or Trialoy that will resist rust and corroding for years to come. This way, you’ll save money and time!

Safety Tips for Cleaning Car Parts and Tools

For any mechanic that knows their worth, safety is the number-one most important thing to consider. Make sure you protect yourself when cleaning your vehicle by following the advice below:

  • Know your way around your parts washer before you clean: Accidents happen. Yet making sure that you’re familiar with all the operations and ways to turn your parts washer on and off will decrease their likelihood!
  • Clean your products in a place with plenty of ventilation – Don’t endanger yourself by inhaling toxic liquids. Before you begin, make sure that your workplace/garage isn’t closed off by opening some windows or doors to let air in.
  • Make sure the lid will close automatically: Working with flammable solvents always has a risk factor attached. The smartest designs out there have been equipped with a safety-approved automatic lid closure (otherwise known as a fusible link) so, in the event of a fire, the lid will snap shut all by itself – so the fire doesn’t spread and you don’t burn yourself trying to stop it. Likewise, if you go to grab a snack or a drink, then close the lid when you’re absent.

Best Parts Washer FAQ:

Q: What is a parts washer and how does it work?

A parts washer is a fantastic piece of equipment used to eradicate all kinds of dirt and grime off of car parts. The two main kinds of parts washers are solvent-based and aqueous-based, which operate in two different ways.
Solvent-Based Part Washers – This style of washer is filled with gallons of solvent — the amount depending entirely on the size of the machine – stored right at the bottom of the washer. Submerged in this solvent exists a liquid pump that is designed to pump clear solvent at low pressure through a nozzle above the liquid where the metal parts lie. At the same time, the dirt and grease fall towards the bottom of the tank.
Aqueous-Based Part Washers – Aqueous Part Washers combine the four extremes of water, detergent, heat, and energy to harness a cleaning power like never before. Most systems jet spray the part or blast the parts with heating solutions as a turntable rotates. Most use an electric motor to drive a centrifugal pump: entirely why it’s so important to have a high-quality pump and nozzles for this process!

Q: How do I use a parts washer?

The process is simple: just fling your dirty part into the machine, switch it on, and let it do all the work for you! The best parts washers will even have nozzles lining the walls to make life that bit easier.

Q: What solvent is used in a parts washer?

Petroleum solvents are the go-to cleaning product used in parts washers. Stored in a settling pan at the bottom of the washer, an electric liquid is absorbed into the solvent to produce clean solvent from around the top of the tank. The latter is then pumped at a low pressure – through a flexible nozzle – to clean the parts. However, petroleum solvents are highly flammable and impossible to dispose of! That’s why many DIYers opt for aqueous cleaner instead of petroleum solvent. These alkaline water-based solutions break down dirt and grime rather than immediately dissolving them like solvent cleaners. However, their real advantage is that they’re non-hazardous and non-flammable, thereby leading to a lower management cost as a result. To sum up, if you clean extremely grimy parts on the daily, then opting for petroleum solvents is the way to go. If not, aqueous-based cleaners produce fewer solvent vapors to protect the worker’s health.. The choice is yours!

Our Top Pick

So, out of all the diverse selection of parts washers, we’ve compiled for you today, which design would we pick to make our own car parts glean? It has to be OEMTOOLS’ 20 Gallon Mobile Parts Washer. This durable design will have buyers gaping in awe at its daring neon-green paint job; yet mostly due to the wide array of features on offer. These include the firefighting fusible link and the heavy-duty pump with substantial pressure and an optimal flow rate. If you’re looking for a first-rate pump that will see you through your car’s grit and grime, we’ve found the one for you.


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