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Penny boards are a cool means of transportation. Although penny boards are often confused for a skateboard or longboard, they…

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The Best Penny Boards And Mini Cruisers (Review) in 2023 | Autance © The Best Penny Boards And Mini Cruisers (Review) in 2023 | Autance
Best Choice Skatro Mini Cruiser Skateboard Skatro Mini Cruiser Skateboard
Premium Pick Penny Cruiser Complete Skateboard Penny Cruiser Complete Skateboard
Best Value Retrospec Quip Skateboard Retrospec Quip Skateboard

Penny boards are a cool means of transportation. Although penny boards are often confused for a skateboard or longboard, they are entirely different, and the varying types of skateboards are determined by their style, size, and the board itself. Mini cruisers and penny boards are two examples, and they feature very similar design elements. What’s more, you can make use of these boards to do more than just skate. These boards boards and mini cruisers allow you to try out tricks and stunts like flips and ollies. If you are convinced you need such a product in your life, we have a well researched list of the best penny boards and mini cruisers available as well as a comprehensive buying guide with further information on features to look out for.

The Best Penny Boards And Mini Cruisers

You won’t be disappointed with the Skatro Mini Cruiser Skateboard. This mini-cruiser is made using a patented Skatro Flexy Technology that ensures that with every board created, there is an optimal level of flex for more comfortable use. 

The Skatro mini cruisers feature trucks designed from durable and lightweight aluminum. The 3-inch trucks work together with robust and advanced ABEC Skatro bearings, which enhance the performance of this skateboard. What’s more, the wheels on this mini cruiser are a 59mm urethane set, designed with unique patented tire designs from the Skatro brand. The value of this mini cruiser is incredible. It’s high quality yet very affordable.

Key Features
  • 22x6inch
  • Retro style
  • Plastic board
  • Skatro flexy technology
  • Brand Skatro
  • Model White-Panda
  • Weight 5 pounds

Classic style

Weighs just 3.9lbs

22inch board


This penny board is quite expensive

More suitable for a light person

Let’s take a closer look at another fantastic mini cruiser skateboard. Even though it doesn’t come with as much support as the Skatro board, we believe that you should consider the Cal 7 Complete Mini Cruiser Plastic Skateboard. We love that this is a mini-cruiser because it can comfortably accommodate smaller individuals as well as those with smaller feet. This cruiser is made from the sturdiest plastic to ensure its longevity and reliability. 

The Cal 7 pastel penny board comes as a pre-assembled entity; thus, it is ready for use out of the box. This board allows you to hit streets within your neighborhood without any issues and difficulties. It doesn’t matter your age; you can invest in the Cal 7 Mini Cruiser and still have the time of your life. That is because it has been designed for all skaters, both kids, and adults. Its versatility is one for the books, which is why it comes highly recommended.

Key Features
  • 3.125-inch aluminum alloy trucks
  • Plastic deck
  • Premium hardware is super durable
  • Bold design
  • Brand Cal 7
  • Weight 3.7 pounds


Great price

ABEC7 bearings


The bearings are relatively weak

The board is too small in size

Ride across town or within your neighborhood, and have fun while doing it by getting your hands on the Penny Cruiser Complete Skateboard. We are in love with this unit because it is exciting, both with its external design and inner workings. This is a classic penny board and the official penny board for the brand. Being a flagship unit, it comes with a lot of amazing features that make using it a breeze.

The Penny Cruiser skateboard features a non-slip deck with a classic waffle top. It is also the perfect model for cruising because of its smooth 54mm wheels and stainless steel bearings. The bearings are designed from high-quality color-coded ABEC steel, which is very tough to come by because of its intense strength and durability.

Key Features
  • Classic waffle top
  • Non-slip deck
  • Smooth 90A wheels
  • Stainless steel bearings
  • Brand Penny Australia
  • Model V2 Series
  • Weight 5.6 pounds

22-inch length

Lots of color schemes



delivery problem

The price is relatively high

Some peole cannot afford top of the line skateboard models. Making those dreams come true is one of Rimable’s top aims; thus, they it has  designed the Rimable Complete Skateboard to be very efficient but also very affordable.

The Rimable Mini Cruiser is a 22-inch plastic unit, designed as a fully assembled entity. It is made from authentic and fresh plastic material in a manner that keeps it durable and reliable at all times. This cruiser holds a maximum weight of up to 198 pounds, which means a wide range of individuals can use it without any issue. For better performance, the skateboard comes with a super smooth and high-speed bearing system, paired with aluminum trucks that have a very high-quality background.

Key Features
  • 100% fresh material
  • Thick aluminium trucks
  • Super smooth PU wheel
  • Max Load Weight 198 LB (90KGS)
  • Brand RIMABLE
  • Weight 4.1 pounds

Strong enough for adults

27″ in length

Perfect for beginners


The board is quite expensive

The suspension is not excellent

There are several brands known for producing top-quality skateboards, and Retrospec is one. It believes that quality and beauty can work together in every product; thus, it makes use of both whenever it creates new skateboards. The Retrospec Quip Skateboard is making waves for its functionality and style.

This is a mini cruiser skateboard. It is made from sturdy plastic, and it comes as a complete skateboard. What’s more, it features a classic, retro design that is loved by many. Furthermore, the Quip board is very lightweight and therefore easily portable and can be stored in your backpack with no worries of damage. 

Key Features
  • Classic retro
  • Plastic cruiser
  • Complete skateboard
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Brand Retrospec
  • Model 3168
  • Weight 3.8 pounds

Retro looks

5-inch trucks

Affordable price


The board dips

A little bit too short

Meet the Boss Board, a complete skateboard made for you if the vintage look is your thing. It’s such a refreshing style that will fetch you a lot of compliments and acts as a great conversation starter.

The Boss Board is a compact penny skateboard that helps you to combine exercise and fun. The unit is small and compact enough for natural movement, storage, and use by kids. No matter your skating skill level, you will find a Boss Board model that works well for you. Some other features include a high-density plastic deck, a topline construction, AVEC bearings, super smooth wheels, and aluminum trucks. 

Key Features
  • Ready-to-go out of the box
  • Ideal for all skill levels
  • Awesome vintage color combinations
  • Topline construction
  • Brand Boss Board
  • Model 5025
  • Weight 4 pounds

Portable size

Only weighs 4lbs

Retro looks


Some say the board is too slow

All of the wheels do not spin at the same rate

Here is another great penny board – the Penny Cruiser Skateboard! This is a 22-inch board made for use by skaters of all skill levels. It features plastic as its primary material and has a smooth, classically designed non-slip deck that ensures stability and control every time you skate.

The penny nickel board features stainless steel bearings, which are high quality and color coded for easy identification. The board also features aluminum trucks with a 3-inch radius, color-coded high tensile deck bolts, and powder-coated finishes to ensure longevity.

Key Features
  • Plastic cruiser
  • Classic waffle top
  • Quality stainless steel bearings
  • 3-inch aluminum trucks
  • Brand Penny Australia
  • Weight 4.3 pounds

All sorts of stylish designs

220-pound weight capacity

Compact and lightweight


Wheels and bearings are not well-made

Children got injured using the board

Meet the Landwalker, a complete skateboard and the final product in our list. You may have heard about this company over the years, due to its production of top-quality goods and services for its customers. Landwalker aims to please by providing user-friendly tools and equipment that make life fun and enjoyable. Its latest creation, the Landwalker complete Skateboard, is a mini cruiser with a difference.

This skateboard is known as the Banana Cruiser Galaxy. It is ideal for both boys and girls and is made from fresh plastic. The thickness of the plastic is such that longevity and reliability are assured at all times. It doesn’t matter whether you love to ride in the morning or at night, the Galaxy mini cruiser will always be available. The wheels of this board are made from high-quality PU material for ultimate control and balance.

Key Features
  • Tech deck with 100% fresh material
  • Thick plastic construction with high quality PU
  • Durable and user-friendly
  • Max weight limited: 200 lbs
  • Brand Landwalker
  • Weight 4.8 pounds

Lots of color schemes


Great price


The board is too tiny

Some customers found the board not too durable

Best Penny Boards Buying Guide & FAQ

What to Look for Out When Buying a Penny Board

If you’re a parent or loved one who doesn’t know too much about penny boards or mini cruisers, the pointers below will help you have a fair idea of the kind of model your child will need. Some of the factors mentioned include size, budget, the age of your child as well as design.

  • Size & Age

In the market, there are many penny boards and mini cruisers. For beginner kids, getting a mini-cruiser is perfect because it is a skateboard that offers superior safety and control. If you do decide to get them a cruiser, we will recommend that you consider the 22-inch skateboards as they’re bound to offer a smooth ride to all kids.

  • Complete board or not

When a skateboard is said to be complete, it means that it has been pre-assembled and doesn’t need any form of installation upon purchase. Usually, these complete boards come with replaceable spare parts, which are superfine for kids. They are also economical options because they prevent you from buying incompatible components.

  • Performance

Performance goes hand in hand with durability in this article. For skateboards, you need to consider a lot of components and make sure that they function as they should. Some examples of these parts include trucks, wheels, and bearings. Read all specifications to ensure that they’re decent enough for your little one’s safety. Another very vital part you need to inspect will be the deck.

  • Design

Skateboards are fun tools, but they can also be beautiful. Having a well-designed skateboard with exciting patterns and styles also helps your little one feel extra good as they skate around. Aesthetics help your child show off to the world and also stand out from all his or her friends.

  • Budget & price

You need to know how much you’re willing to spend on a penny skate before you go searching. If you have to work with a controlled budget, you will more than likely have to compromise on elements such as durability.

Benefits of Penny Boards

Some individuals may not appreciate the difference between penny boards and mini cruisers from regular longboards; thus, their benefits can be lost on them. These two types of skateboards come with a different design and construction, meant to help both adults in children in diverse ways. In the following points, we discuss their countless benefits for everyone, with some design examples for a better context.

  • Penny boards are smaller than regular boards; thus, they’re more suitable for children and teen skaters. Their size offers your child a smoother, more controlled ride, which will also allow him or her undertake all their basic tricks.
  • Another benefit of the penny board is that its most a complete set; thus, you don’t have to go searching for parts. Also, the pre-assembling eliminates your need to install the skateboard.
  • Penny boards and mini cruisers are compact by design; thus, they can be moved about with ease. Their small nature makes them the perfect travel companion for many.

Penny boards vs. Longboards

Longboards or regular skateboards are similar to penny boards concerning their general design. However, the penny boards come in smaller sizes, to allow younger skaters and those now learning the art to have better control as they move. There are two major sizes for penny boards, while longboards have a wide array of sizes. The designs for penny boards are often more exciting than the longboard, and also, the price of the penny board is lower than that of the longboard.

Penny Board Price and Brands

Penny boards are available in two to three major sizes, but they have different styles, patterns, and designs depending on the manufacturer. In recent times we have discovered countless brands manufacturing penny boards across the globe. Some of them are luxurious brands; thus, their prices are relatively high. Others have an equally high level of quality for a lower price. The most affordable penny board is the Eightbit and Sun penny boards. These models can be purchased for under $100.

Best Penny Boards FAQ:

Q: What is a penny board?

Penny board is a skateboard type that is made from maple or plastic. This board is available in two significant sizes and has its first unit being made in Australia. The penny board has a wide variety of colors and styles and its lightweight for secure storage and movement. Kids, teenagers, and young adults would love to use the penny boards because of their user-friendliness and style options.

Q: Is there any difference between penny boards and mini cruisers?

We now know about mini cruisers and penny boards, but many of you may still be wondering which option is a better investment. The answer is both. The penny board and mini cruiser are as high as they’ve been designed, and they undertake their uses excellently. They all allow you to perform your favorite tricks, thanks to their top optimization design. Penny boards come in three main sizes, while the mini cruisers vary in size and have small wheels.

Q: How much weight can a penny board hold?

Different manufacturers make Penny boards; thus, they all come with varying capabilities of weight. Generally, by design, a penny board should be able to accommodate not led than 198 lbs. This is because they should be usable by teenagers, kids, and young adults as comfortably as possible.

Our Top Pick

Skatro introduced their Skatro Mini Cruiser Skateboard, and we love it so much. It is for this reason that we have adjudged it as our favorite product for this article. The Skatro Skateboard uses a patented flexibility technology that allows it to move freely during your rides. The flexibility doesn’t affect your balance or control, however, and this keeps you safe at all times. We love this mini cruiser also because it is super affordable for the masses. With Skatro, you can now have a glimpse of what top quality looks and feels like.

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