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Who knew a scooter could be cool? And when we say cool, we mean ‘shredding up the skate park’ cool…

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The Best Pro Scooters (Review) in 2023 | Autance © The Best Pro Scooters (Review) in 2023 | Autance
Best Choice Fuzion X-3 Pro Scooter Fuzion X-3 Pro Scooter
Premium Pick Lucky TFOX Sig Pro Complete Freestyle Scooter Lucky TFOX Sig Pro Complete Freestyle Scooter
Best Value Pulse Performance Products KR2 Pro Scooter Pulse Performance Products KR2 Pro Scooter

Who knew a scooter could be cool? And when we say cool, we mean ‘shredding up the skate park’ cool with the latest pro, trick and freestyle scooters capable of performing some serious aerial, stunt or speed displays.

Yes, they are still foot-propelled but all comparisons with the pedestrian push-board of our childhood stop there. Today’s scooters are slick pieces of engineering that offer a whole load of two-wheeled fun. And the best bit is…it’s ok for us adults to have a play!

So, whether you’re a scooter pro looking to up your game or a trick scooter newbie wanting to recapture the thrills and spills of youth, or even if you’re just looking for an alternative and quite frankly awesome way to eat up those commuter journeys, we have a pro scooter for you. We’ve looked at some of the best pro scooter models currently on the market to help you pick your new two-wheeled guilty pleasure.

The Best Pro Scooter

Our top pick is an ideal pro scooter for the beginner rider that can step it up as your skill level increases. Made by scooter pros, Fuzion, the Pro X-3 is a smart-looking professional scooter that has the sleek lines and trickability to turn heads.

Lightweight and durable, the Pro X-3 is good to go from the box and with the quality spec as standard, is a blast to ride. The V-shaped handlebars are made from high tensile steel, while the deck is aircraft grade aluminum that’s concave shaped to give the Pro X-3 speed and durability. Add in noise-free brakes, 100mm PU wheels and a threadless headset and you pretty much have it all for a starter ride. The quality of the components is also impressive and will step it up into the trick zone when you are. At less than $75 you get a lot of pro scooter fun for your money.

Key Features
  • Steel V-bar and cast PU wheels
  • Composite hand grips for handling
  • Aircraft grade aluminum deck
  • IHC compression system with sealed bearings
  • Brand Fuzion
  • Model 897266000673
  • Weight 7 pounds

Tighten three screws and it’s ready out of the box

Ideal pro scooter for the beginner that ups its game when you do


The plastic wheels can wear down with heavy use

Designed for the beginner or intermediate rider looking to up their stunt and trick skills, this is a slick machine that more than fits the bill. Made from aircraft grade aluminum, it’s as lightweight as it is durable and can take all the ride practice you want to throw at it.

The narrower and shorter deck makes for tight turns and speedy tricks and in the right hands can give as much fun as a larger and more expensive two-wheeled scooting machine. What we also like about the Pro Crew is how smooth the ride is, thanks to the 100mm wheels, aluminum bearings and precision brakes. The Lucky Pro Crew is at the top end price range of our Best Pro Scooters review, but you get a lot of performance for your dollar.

Key Features
  • Made from aircraft grade aluminum
  • Lightweight and durable design
  • 100mm wheels with aluminum bearings
  • Includes 6-month warranty
  • Brand Lucky Scooter
  • Model 500075
  • Weight 9.9 pounds

Professional spec designed for beginners to take that next trick step


At the top end of our Best Pro Scooters review budget

For the child in your life, or even your inner child, the Beast is a wild little animal that is bags of fun. While perhaps not designed for full-on pro competition, this scooting critter is a fun starter ride which has all the core spec you need to be able to pull off more than a few stunts.

With its aircraft grade aluminum frame and deck, 98 eurethane wheels and fixed riser handlebars, there’s a lot to like about the Beast. The ride is also quiet and smooth thanks to its rear fender brake and the whole set up gives you a solid confidence as you go into a trick or build up the speed. It is on the smaller side compared to some other freestyle scooters in this review but don’t let that fool you, the Beast can take a rider up to 220 pounds so a perfect son/daughter/father share!

Key Features
  • Aircraft-grade aluminum frame
  • Fixed riser handlebars/soft rubber grips
  • Steel rear fender brake
  • Can take a rider up to 220lbs
  • Brand Razor
  • Model 13017940
  • Weight 7.6 pounds

The high-end feel to the components makes the Beast great value for money

For its size, there’s a lot of scooter tricks under the hood


Handlebar height is not adjustable

If you’re looking for an entry-level pro scooter, then check out the quality S2 Tricks from scooting stalwarts, VOKUL.

Designed for 7-14 year olds but with the ability to take up to 140 pounds, there is scope for a lightweight adult to also have some serious scooting play on this smart looking ride. It has a good price tag too – coming in at under $70 – and you get all the spec you need to get started in scooting freestyle. Made from lightweight aluminum with a Y-shaped carbon steel handlebar for extra stability, the S2 is a comfortable pro scooter to get on and ride. The balance is also good, giving you confidence to work in the basic tricks, while the whole scooter feels sturdy on the straight when building up some steam.  Good to use straight out of the box, this is a good buy if you want to give basic pro scooting a go.

Key Features
  • Designed for 7-14 age group/up to 140lbs
  • Made from 6061 aluminum
  • Carbon steel Y-shaped handlebar
  • High rebound PU wheels
  • Brand VOKUL
  • Weight 9.2 pounds

Ideal starter pro scooter for tricks and freestyle riding


Maximum weight capacity is 140 pounds so not for all adults

For a fun pro scooter on a budget, then the KR2 from Pulse Performance is the winner of our best value title. OK, it’s mainly for kids but can take a lightweight adult of up to 140 pounds. Or if you already have your own pro scooter and your mini-me wants to join you on your rides, then the KR2 is a good place for junior to start.

For its small size, the KR2 is reassuringly solid and stable, while its nice-sized solid core urethane wheels with ABEC-5 ratings give a smooth enough ride. Made from a high-tensile steel with a sturdy aluminum deck that’s great for smaller feet, we also like the over-sized handlebars to give junior confidence in their control as they get started. And, while designed for beginners, there are some nice touches which means the KR2 can throw some mean pro scooter tricks and shapes, while the rear foot brake can safely bring everything to a neat stop. For less than $35, you’ll be surprised by how much fun you can have with the KR2 Freestyle.

Key Features
  • Built for ages 5 and up
  • Steel frame and aluminum deck
  • Oversized handlebars for easy control
  • Spring-steel rear foot brake
  • Brand Pulse Performance
  • Model 163140
  • Weight 9.25 pounds

Fantastic value for a well-built starter pro scooter

Cleverly designed to build confidence and control


The ride on rough or hard surfaces can be on the noisy side

The Fusion Z250 Pro is one tough cookie, designed to withstand regular, hardcore trick scooter use. Intended to be an entry level scooter, no-one has actually told the Z250 that’s it’s a beginner ride and the quality design gives it the competitive edge. Solid 110mm alloy core wheels, one-piece fork and aluminum deck, all the beginner spec is there but then Fuzion takes it all one glide further. The Z250 boasts the highest ABEC wheel bearing rating (9) you can get, giving a smooth and quiet ride that feels a delight underfoot.

Then there’s the extra wrap Hex grips and drift riser handlebars for control and comfort and super-responsive nylon brakes when you need that quick, sharp stop. And don’t think the kids are going to have all the fun, although designed for youngsters beginning to get to grips with trick scooting, the Z250 can take a rider up to 200 pounds so the adults don’t miss out. A tad pricey, at over $120 but you get a lot of spec, as well as some serious trick-tastic fun for your money.

Key Features
  • Aluminum deck and one-piece fork
  • 100mm alloy core ABEC-9 rating wheels
  • Quiet and responsive Nylon brakes
  • Ready to go, straight out of the box
  • Brand FUZION
  • Model Z250
  • Weight 8 pounds

Super-tough pro scooter that can take some serious trick play

Smooth glide thanks to its ABEC-9 wheel rating


A tad on the expensive side for a starter pro scooter

The Madd Gear Kaos is a smart-looking pro scooter that’s great for progressing your skills without spending a fortune. The Kaos is born to be tricky and there’s a lot of fun to be had as you build your confidence and skill.

For riders from the age of 8, the Kaos stunt scooter provides a nice combination of durability, ride quality and overall performance. This is a lightweight freestyle scooter that has some heavyweight credentials, with the experience of pro scooters in the Madd development team. The design brings together TPR grips, integrated headset, threadless alloy forks, large 120mm wheels and a composite brake, to make a solid scooter that can smash it out in the skatepark or your own back yard.

Key Features
  • Progression scooter to intermediate
  • Threadless alloy forks
  • 12omm alloy core wheels
  • TPR grips and composite brake
  • Brand Madd Gear
  • Model 209-122
  • Weight 10.2 pounds

A great scooter for building trick skills and riding confidence


The ride deck is a little on the heavy side

From the experienced design team at VOKUL, you get a lot of quality trick scooter for your money with the Complete Pro. And, although it’s aimed at riders with some skills, it is easy enough to trick ride for the absolute beginner. This is one of the most substantial scooters in our best pro scooter review yet feels light in the hand and easy to control. It can also take a larger adult of up to 260 pounds, so the kids don’t get to have all the fun.

The steel fork and handlebar are enhanced by the aluminum kick board for all round stability without losing any quick-turn maneuverability. The wide Y-shaped handlebar has also been heat forged for extra strength while still being comfortable to handle. And the bottom of the deck has smoothed to get you trick grinding and there’s the top rated ABEC 9 wheels. If solid, secure, sleek and durable with a fun, tricky side is on your wish-list for a pro scooter, then we think the VOKUL Complete Pro could be the one.

Key Features
  • Designed for developing your tricks
  • Aluminum deck and steel handlebar
  • ABEC-9 wheel bearing rating
  • For riders up to 260 pounds
  • Brand VOKUL
  • Model SCO-BZIT-K1-BLK
  • Weight 11.2 pounds

Solid but versatile stunt scooter that can take up to 260 pounds

A good choice to take your skills to the next level


Could be a little heavy for younger riders to get the best out of their tricks

Our premium pick brings the pro riders’ spec into a quality leisure scooter that can step it up when the heat is on. At just shy of $160 it’s not cheap, but you are buying the engineering and spec that many of the top riders trust.

The quality of the whole scooter build is obvious from first look, and reinforced when you get on for your first ride. Designed to deal with the gnarliest of tricks, the TFOX Sig Pro freestyle scooter is also smooth thanks to the quality hollow core wheels and the stable but flexible aluminum deck. And its lightweight design means it’s also a speed demon, that can turn tricks on a dime. Buy it for the kids to impress their friends and then watch as their skills and enjoyment levels come on a pace. Or buy it for yourself and release your inner kid as you take it to the park for a blast. Great build and great fun, this is one pro scooter that’s worth its price tag.

Key Features
  • Lightweight and durable design
  • Made from aircraft grade aluminum
  • 110mm hollow core wheels
  • Comes with 180-day warranty
  • Brand Lucky Scooter
  • Model 2060
  • Weight 8.16 pounds

Superior quality and build with pro rider credentials


At the top of the CarAutance Best Pro Scooter review budget

Bright, fun and versatile, this stunt/freestyle scooter from the brilliantly named Swagatron is an absolute gem. Although coming in at around $50, this pro scooter looks and acts as if it’s more expensive and has been built to last. It’s a large scooter that can take riders up to 260 pounds so not just for the kids. And it is one of the best freestyle scooters on which to learn the ropes.

Super grippy hand grips and a wide bar boosts your control and handling while heavy duty 100mm PU wheels are braced and ready to take any impact. The wheels also come with an ABEC-7 rating for a smoother glide. Throw in a durable and lightweight frame, aluminum brakes and solid Naga clamp and you’ll soon be bunny hopping, smashing the 360 and tailwhipping like the best of them.

Key Features
  • Durable and lightweight frame
  • Aluminum deck and brakes
  • PU wheels with ABEC-7 rating
  • For riders up to 260lbs
  • Brand Swagtron
  • Weight 7.4 pounds

A great price for a versatile and trick-ready stunt scooter


The hand grips could be a little more robust

Best Pro Scooter Buying Guide

What to Consider When Buying a Pro Scooter

  • Weight

Size matters so make sure you choose a pro scooter that is right for your weight and height. Adult professional scooters are built with a wider deck for larger feet and have tougher reinforcements to take the extra weight, with most models able to support from 100 – 220 pounds. When choosing your pro or freestyle scooter, also consider its weight, as you don’t want to have a heavy dude if you’re going for aerial tricks.

  • Your skill level

Most mainstream freestyle scooters are suitable for beginners but if you already have the pro moves, then opt for a higher spec model that can cope with the more elaborate tricks and can stand up to some serious use. If in doubt, chat to the store guy about the spec so you can decide what you will and will not use.

  • Handlebars

The best pro scooters will have a fixed one-piece handle bar (either a V-bar, T-bar or Y-bar) as they are more durable under pressure. T-bars are the easiest to handle, Y-bars are equally robust but tend to be on the longer side. The height of the handlebar is important too, so you have the right level of handling when you ride. As a guide, opt for a handlebar height that is at mid-torso level for a general pro scooter, but check for adjustability as stunt scooter riders tend to run with the bars a little lower.

  • Grips

To get to grips with your new pro scooter you will need to check out the grips! An essential part of your scooter, for both performance and safety, you need effective grips on your handlebars to keep a firm contact on your scooter, especially during tricks and jumps. Opt for quality rubber that’s non-slip.

  • Fork and headset

These are the business end of your new professional or freestyle scooter, so the build quality of the fork needs to be high. Forks come in two types – threaded and threadless. Threadless tend to be the better option when it comes to performance because of the strength they offer. The fork’s headset – the section that allows the fork to rotate within the head tube – is also an important consideration, especially if you are hell-bent on performing difficult stunts and tricks. Many top-end models offer a sealed and integrated headset for a super smooth operator.

  • Deck

The deck is your footplate and also adds essential rigidity to the scooter. Aluminum or magnesium decks are the strongest. Decks come in different styles and lengths depending on what the pro trick scooter will be used for, so make sure you pick a model that matches your pro scooting ambitions. Also make sure the width and length of the deck is right for your own foot size, so you can comfortably get both feet onboard.

  • Cost

Know your budget before you blow it! The higher the spec on a pro or freestyle scooter, the higher the price-tag is likely to be but not everyone needs to go top of the range. Decide on what you want to get out of a scooter and what your maximum budget is and stick to it. Even at entry level, there are some top quality, high performing models that won’t break the bank.

Best Pro Scooter Brands

The pro scooter market is a relatively small world and there are inevitably some brands that have emerged as the leaders in the pack. Fuzion, Lucky and VOKUL are certainly blazing a trail for their trick and freestyle scooters but innovation is coming in across the pro scooter board. And, as with everything in cool sports, punters will often get their heads turned by the little known but innovative brands. With our Best Pro Scooter review we have tried to include the known and not so well-known brands that all, in our opinion, offer impressive performance, styling and spec for a range of budgets and scooting experience.

What to Wear When Riding Pro Scooters?

While you want to look cool, you need to consider safety when flipping those pro scooter tricks so there are some essential considerations when it comes to what you wear as you ride:

  • Shoes

Opt for shoes with a good grip, that are also durable and comfortable. Sandals or lightweight sport shoes won’t cut it, so if you don’t have skater shoes, choose sturdy trainers, although not high tops as these can restrict your ankles when riding.Safety gear – you may feel a bit of a geek, but core safety gear is essential for safe and happy scooter riding. Helmet, shin and elbow pads are the route to go at all times and try to buy the best you can afford.

  • Shorts or jeans

You need to have freedom of movement so go for comfort fit jeans or shorts. Opt for a durable fabric that will also offer some level of protection should you fall, so denim or technical fabrics on scooter or skater-specific trouser-wear are a good choice.

  • Layering

On your top, go for T-shirts in the warmer weather or when your trick scooter heat is on, with an outer to keep your body heat in when the temperature drops. A hoody is the ideal cover up and fits in with the skatepark cool vibe. When it comes to layers, think loose and baggy to give you the freedom to move and offers some level of protection.

Pro Scooter Maintenance Tips

Look after your pro or freestyle scooter and it will look after you. We’ve some simple maintenance tips to keep your new scooting machine in tip-top condition and trick ready:

  • Clean up

Built-up dirt and debris will eventually be your pro scooter’s downfall so nip it in the bud by cleaning your ride after every scooting session. Simply use a cloth to wipe down all the areas that are prone to dirt, focusing on the areas that can lead to damage to the scooter’s functioning parts. Wipe down the wheels, headset, pads and brake handles, as well as the deck, fork and handlebars before storing your scooter away.

  • Keep oiled

As a pro scooter, you also need to be a smooth mover, or at least your scooter does! If you use your scooter regularly, then aim to oil it once a week, using a light machine oil spray. Focus on the wheel bearing and any folding mechanisms to keep everything rolling slick.

  • Tighten up

With all those jumps, tricks and twists it needs to contend with, your pro scooter will be absorbing the jolts and bumps of the skatepark which can loosen parts over time. As part of your maintenance routine, regularly check all the scooter’s wheels, bolts, clamps and bars to ensure they are snug and tighten any that are coming lose.

Ride with maintenance in mind! Knowing your professional or freestyle scooter and riding within its limits will certainly help to lengthen its ride life as will riding with maintenance in mind. We’re not asking you to underplay your ride but avoid actions that could well do long-term damage. For example, not jerking on your brakes or pressing too hard will help to protect your pads and wheels. And stick to the surfaces your scooter has been built for will also help to avoid any unnecessary damage or expensive breakdown.

Our Top Pick

As a great introduction to trick scooters and freestyle riding the Fuzion X-3 Pro has all you need – and then some. At a good value price, it is solid and well made but has a riding personality to love. And the quality spec means it can step up its Pro game when you are. An easy choice for our best pro scooters review top pick.


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