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Looking for the ps4 steering wheel on the market? Read our detailed guide and review to find the ps4 steering wheel for you.

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The Best PS4 Steering Wheels (Review and Buying Guide) of 2023 | Autance © The Best PS4 Steering Wheels (Review and Buying Guide) of 2023 | Autance
Best Choice Logitech G29 Gaming Racing Wheel Logitech G29 Gaming Racing Wheel
Best Price Subsonic SA5426 Racing Wheel Subsonic SA5426 Racing Wheel
Premium Pick Thrustmaster T300 Ferrari Alcantara Edition Thrustmaster T300 Ferrari Alcantara Edition

The world of sim racing on the PS4 is fast, immersive, and exhilarating. If you’re ready to take your experience to the next level, then this list of the best PS4 steering wheels is for you. A good steering wheel will improve your performance around the track. Although the average player might not see a huge improvement right away. The real benefit of a PS4 steering wheel, however, is how life-like it can make your gaming experience: in the end, this is what sim racing is about.

Steering wheels for the PS4 come with a vast array of technology designed to bring your sim racing experience to life. At a glance, all this technology can seem like another language but don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. 

The Best PS4 Steering Wheels

The Logitech G29 gaming racing wheel is the undisputed king of sim racing wheels for the PS4 right now. This model’s dual-motor force feedback feature gives the player a more realistic driving simulation, allowing them to feel the different grip levels and types of terrain beneath them. The package includes a responsive throttle, pressure-sensitive brake, and clutch setup. For even more control, you can reposition the pedal faces, which can make heel-toe maneuvers a tad easier. This floor unit won’t budge thanks to its rubber feet and retractable carpet grip system.

On the face of the wheel are a d-pad and full controller, while stainless steel shifter paddles sit behind the wheel. A hand-stitched leather cover wraps this racing wheel, which has an impressive 900-degrees of rotation. You’ll be able to use all 900-degrees with confidence and vigor thanks to the high-strength mounting clamps at the base of the wheel.

Key Features
  • Dual-motor force feedback
  • 900-degree wheel rotation
  • D-pad and full control setup
  • Stainless steel shifters
  • Adjustable pedal faces
  • Rubber and carpet grip systems
  • Optional shifter
  • Brand Logitech
  • Model 941-000110
  • Weight 4.96 lbs

Premium feel throughout

Incredible dual-motor system that simulates real driving beautifully

Pedal setup makes it easy to do tricky maneuvers like heel-toe downshifting


Some users complained you can’t plug and play on the PC without downloading software

If you want to test the waters of sim racing, then you can’t go too far wrong with the Subsonic SA5426 wheel: it’s compatible with all racing games on the PS4 and outrageously good value for money. This is a wired wheel, so plugs directly into your console, and is capable of rotating up to 180-degrees. Keeping it secure while in use are five suction cups. This set comes with acceleration and brake pedals. All shifting is done via the two shifting paddles located behind the wheel. On the front of the wheel are 12 programmable keys.

This racing wheel has three different sensitivity modes: arcade, pro, and expert. So you can set it up in a way that suits your driving style.

Key Features
  • 180-degree rotation
  • Acceleration and brake pedals
  • Shift paddles
  • Programmable keys
  • Sensitivity adjustment
  • Brand: Subsonic
  • Model SA5426
  • Weight 3.75 pounds

Unbeatable value for money

Can personalize the button layout and sensitivity for a more immersive experience


Extremely lightweight

Unrealistic feedback force

Materials feel low-end L

ow-degree of rotation

The Thrustmaster T300 Ferrari Alcantara Edition is a racing wheel for die-hard Ferrari fans who only want the best sim racing wheel. The user gets an immersive experience thanks to the next-gen force feedback technologies and high-quality materials used in the construction of this wheel.

At the base of this unit is Thrustmaster’s T300 servo base, which incorporates a brushless industrial servomotor and friction-free dual belt mechanism. The angle of the wheel’s rotation can be adjusted between 270-degrees and 1,080-degrees. Adding to the immersive experience is the T3PA 3-pedal set that has a 100% metal internal structure and is fully adjustable.

At the heart of this setup is an 8:10 scale replica of the wheel from a 599XX EVO that’s officially licensed by Ferrari. It’s hand-stitched with the same Alcantara material that’s used on genuine Ferrari wheels. It’s detachable too, thanks to Thrustmaster’s Quick Release system.

Key Features
  • Ferrari 599XX EVO 8:10 scale replica
  • T300 servo base
  • Brushless industrial servomotor
  • Adjustable angle of rotation between 270-degrees and 1,080-degrees
  • Three pedals with 100% metal internal structure
  • Hand-stitched with Alcantara material
  • Brand Thrustmaste
  • Model 4169082
  • Weight 19.93 pounds

One of the most premium-feeling products available

Completely immersive driving experience

Incredibly life-like driving experience thanks to the brushless servomotor


Very expensive when compared to other T300 variants

This Thrustmaster F1 racing wheel is one for any collectors out there. The detachable wheel is based on Ferrari’s 150th Italia racing wheel and can be fitted to a Thrustmaster T300RS and T500RS.

The realistic racing wheel is a full-size replica of the F1 Ferrari 2011 racing wheel and is sold under official license from Ferrari. Since it’s made from reinforced scratched-brushed metal, it’s heavier than most steering wheels making it more stable and offering better inertia.

The professional-quality rotary knobs, switches, and action buttons enable the user to make precise inputs while driving. Rubber textured grips wrap the handles, offering a realistic and comfortable grip.

Key Features
  • Full-size replica of F1 Ferrari racing wheel
  • Reinforced scratched-brushed metal face
  • Rubber-textured wheel
  • High-quality rotary knobs, switches, and action buttons
  • Brand Thrustmaster
  • Model 4160571
  • Weight 12.14 pounds

Heavier than most steering wheels, leading to more stability Wonderful user experience thanks to high-quality parts and materials Collector’s item

Wonderful user experience thanks to high-quality parts and materials

Collector’s item


No base or pedals are included in the sale

A bit expensive for a stand-alone wheel

The Hori PlayStation 4 wireless racing wheel apex offers a lot for a reasonable price. It operates wirelessly via Bluetooth, freeing you from a room with messy cables. Powering this racing wheel is an internal rechargeable battery, which lasts for up to 15 hours of gameplay on a single charge.

This racing wheel is completely adjustable: you can change from a 270-degree to 180-degree turn ratio while playing. There are tons of other customizable settings like a dead zone, pedal sensitivity, and vibration feedback. In short, you can expertly tune this racing wheel to your driving style.

A sturdy two-pedal unit is included in the sale as well as a clamp mount and USB charging cable.

Key Features
  • Wireless functionality
  • Fully customizable sensitivity settings
  • Customizable turn ratio from 180-degrees to 270-degrees
  • Brand Hori
  • Model PS4-142U
  • Weight 7 pounds

Premium feel thanks to high-quality construction materials

Wonderful user experience, as there are so many customizable settings


Not as advanced as other racing wheels

Plastic pedal setup doesn’t look as premium as other options

The Thrustmaster T300RS is easily one of the best racing wheels on the market, although its price point is arguably too high to be considered as the best racing wheel overall. This model’s base features an industrial-class brushless motor, with frictionless action, that enables precise and realistic feedback throughout its 1,080-degree range of motion.

The realistic 11-inch diameter racing wheel has brushed metal central spokes, making it heavier and thus more stable and premium-feeling than its plastic rivals. Since this is an officially licensed PS4 racing wheel, the PS4 buttons are included on the wheel and work as normal

The premium feel continues at the back of this wheel where you’ll find two large 100 percent metal paddle shifters. These shifters have a super high-end tact switch and a lifespan of more than 10 million activations.

Key Features
  • Detachable wheel
  • Brushless motor
  • 1,080-degree turn rate
  • Frictionless action
  • Brand Thrustmaster
  • Model 4169072
  • Weight 19.95 pounds

Ultra-realistic feedback means you can make more precise inputs when playing

A joy to use thanks to the high-quality materials used in its production


Pedals aren’t included with this model

Quite expensive when compared to other high-end racing wheels

The PXN V900 Racing Wheel is compatible with the majority of gaming consoles available at the moment, including the PS4. It’s fair to say this model is amazing value for money and packs in some high-end features, like double vibration motors and adjustable sensitivity settings.

Another high-end feature, usually seen on more expensive wheels, is an adjustable turn rate between 270 degrees and 900 degrees. Included with the steering wheel is a two-pedal unit, on which the pedals are two different sizes.

The 11-inch diameter is wrapped in a rubber texture coating to help stop the user’s hands from slipping. This model can be mounted to a desk via two clamps and suction cups to increase stability while playing.

Key Features
  • 270-degree and 900-degree turn options
  • Dual-motor vibration feedback
  • Rubber texture coating
  • Pedals included
  • Brand PXN
  • Model PXN-V900
  • Weight 10.58 pounds

Great value for money

Adjustable turn options make this wheel great for a range of simulator games


Lacks premium feel

A bit light

Although we didn’t choose it, the Thrustmaster T150 warrants consideration as the best overall racing wheel for 2021. It’s stuffed with features and has a reasonable price point. A mixed belt-pulley and gears system with a metal ball-bearing axle ensures this model can provide extremely realistic feedback, all while offering a 900-degree turn rate.

Included in the package is Thrustmaster’s T3PA three-pedal set. Both the pedals and internal structure is made from 100% metal, meaning they feel great and provide realistic feedback. The pedal set is adjustable, so you can make the perfect setup for your driving style.

The steering wheel has an 11-inch diameter and holds two large 100 percent metal sequential paddle shifters at the back.

Key Features
  • 900-degree turn range
  • Mixed belt-pulley and gears provide feedback
  • Comes with a T3PA three-pedal set
  • Brand Thrustmaster
  • Model 4169084
  • Weight 16.31 pounds

Incredibly realistic feedback force for a model at this price point

A high turn rate means you can use this wheel with car and truck simulator games


Price point puts it in direct competition with our best overall wheel

PXN has packed a lot into this racing wheel, while still selling it for such a low price. A realistic driving experience comes to the user courtesy of a dual-motor feedback driving system. There’s also an auto-adjust vibration system that heightens the levels of driving-realism this wheel provides.

The wheel only has 180 degrees of turn rotation, making it one of the lowest on this list. The rubber grip that wraps the wheel provides nice feedback and reduces hand slippage while driving. This is a wired setup, meaning you’ll need to plug it into your PS4.

Keeping everything steady while gaming are seven strong suction cups and a fixed support bracket. These stability aids will come in useful as there’s a manual shifter located on the side, accompanying the two paddle shifters. Included in the kit is a collapsible two-pedal unit.

Key Features
  • 180-degree rotation range
  • Dual-motor feedback driving force
  • Comes with a collapsible 2-pedal set
  • Auto-adjust vibration system
  • Brand PXN
  • Model 4169084
  • Weight 6.89 pounds

Great value for money

Sensitivity systems produce quite realistic feedback


Low degree of turn rotation

Slightly low-quality finish

Very lightweight

The Subsonic SA5156 Pro Sport Racing Wheel is perfect for someone who wants a good entry-level wheel, while still not spending too much. The wheel rotates 270 degrees, which is more than most other racing wheels at this price point. Keeping the feedback realistic are two vibration motors.

All the buttons are programmable and the user can choose from one of three sensitivity settings, giving this racing wheel a personalized feel. This model has a sequential gear shift lever and paddle shifters, so you can use what you prefer.

Suction cups keep everything stable and a curved base keeps the user’s knees out of the way. A two-pedal unit is included in the set.

Key Features
  • 270-degree rotation range
  • Double vibration motors
  • Comes with a two-pedal unit
  • Sensitivity adjustment
  • Brand Subsonic
  • Model SA5156
  • Weight 7.83 pounds

Great entry-level setup

Good degree of motion for a steering wheel at this price point


Finish isn’t great

A bit too light for serious sim racers

Best PS4 Steering Wheels Buying Guide

If you’re thinking about buying a steering wheel for your PS4, you’re more than likely involved in the world of sim racing. With certainty, whatever steering wheel you choose will help your lap times but, depending on how seriously you take online gaming, some features might not be worth the added expense for you.

There are pretty clear tiers in the world of PS4 steering wheels marked out by certain features. Although, some steering wheel setups will sacrifice having a premium-feel to pack some extra features in at a lower price. Read through our guide below to find out the features you need to keep an eye out for.

Benefits of a PS4 Steering Wheel

Once you try sim racing from behind a PS4 steering wheel, its benefits are instantly noticeable. Firstly, you’ll feel how much feedback comes through the steering wheel as opposed to a controller. This helps when racing over loose surfaces, like on a wet or gravely track for example. You’ll also get a much better sense of where the car’s limit of grip is and of control when the car begins to understeer or oversteer.

Some steering wheel setups will sacrifice having a premium-feel to pack some extra features in at a lower price

A steering wheel allows you to be more precise with your steering inputs, which is a completely different feeling from the all-or-nothing sensation with an analog stick. You’ll also be far more precise with your braking and acceleration inputs thanks to the pedal units that come with most wheels. These pedal units also allow you to perform heel-toe downshifting maneuvers with relative ease.

Finally, and most importantly, using a PS4 steering wheel for sim racing is a much more immersive experience than using a controller. You play sim racing to experience what it’s like to race: so a steering wheel setup brings you so much closer to this than a controller ever could.

  • More driver feedback
  • More precise driver steering inputs
  • Better braking and acceleration control
  • Can perform complicated maneuvers more easily
  • Much more immersive overall experience

Types of PS4 Steering Wheels

While the many features that sim racing wheels have made it hard to know what one is best for you, there are relatively few types of sim racing wheels. Mainly, what you need to decide is whether you want a wireless or wired steering wheel and then look into the features you need.

Wireless Steering Wheels

Many of the mid-range PS4 steering wheels are wireless. These sim racing wheels connect to your game console via Bluetooth. The benefit of wireless steering wheels is pretty evident: there are no messy wires for you to deal with. These steering wheels are also easier to transport.

One thing you should pay attention to if you’re interested in a wireless sim steering wheel is whether or not it’s battery operated. This could be an issue for some people who are worried about running out of juice while playing.

Wired Steering Wheels

Much as their name suggests, wired steering wheels are connected to your games console via a wire, usually a USB. Some of the more complicated systems have multiple wires and can be a little tricky to keep tidy when setting up: some people duct tape or cable tie the wires into place.

Many of the more premium sim steering wheels are wired. Some users have reported slight delays or total lapses in connectivity from certain wireless consoles. So if you’re worried about a loss of connection while playing, a wired steering wheel should put your mind at ease. If you use a wired steering wheel, you’ll also never need to worry about it running out of battery,

Features to Look for in PS4 Steering Wheels

There’s quite a clear spectrum of features that separate the tiers of sim racing wheels. The further you go up the spectrum, the more costs you’ll incur. Mainly what you need to consider is what type of sim games you play and how realistic you want the feedback force to be. And, as with anything, how much money you’re willing to part with.


How much a sim racing wheel rotates is one of the most important factors to take into consideration before buying. The degree of rotation can range between 180 to 1,080. Serious sim racers who prefer car racing games will want a wheel with at least 270-degrees of rotation. If you like to play truck simulation games then you’ll want a steering wheel that can rotate up to 1,080 degrees. Or, If you want to experience what it’s like driving a real car then you’ll need a steering wheel that can rotate 900 degrees.

For those who like to play a variety of sim racing games and often jump between regular cars, racing cars, and trucks, a steering wheel with variable control settings will be perfect. Some steering wheels enable the driver to switch between rotation degrees on the fly while playing. If you want to add some new games to your collection, check out our list of the best racing games.

Force Feedback

The technology sim steering wheels use for force feedback is arguably the most important feature to look out for. This is what creates the feeling of real-world resistance and, thus what gives the player a better sense of grip for the car they’re driving.

Force feedback systems are important for all racing games but especially ones where your car often loses traction, like in rally games for example. These systems give the user a better sense of where the grip is and how much your vehicle is understeering or oversteering.

On cheaper models, the force feedback system is operated via two simple motors. But spend more and you’ll get a brushless motor working with a mixed belt-pulley and gears system with a metal ball-bearing axle. The better force feedback a steering wheel has, the more immersive the whole driving experience tends to be.


One of the first things users notice when using a steering wheel is whether it feels like a high-quality piece of kit or cheap and nasty. You should be mindful of the material used to wrap the steering wheel: it should feel nice to touch and be slip-resistant.

The material that forms the majority of the wheel itself is extremely important. If the wheel is made from a cheap plastic material then it’ll feel light. Pricier steering wheels tend to be made of a relatively thick piece of metal and measure around 11-inches in diameter. The heavy metal helps give better inertia and stabilize the wheel when turning rapidly.

What the pedal set is made from is also important. Light plastic pedals won’t provide great feedback to the driver. On the other hand, some pedals are made from 100% metal, as are their internals.

Care and Maintenance for a PS4 Steering Wheel

Many sim racers report getting at least three years out of their steering wheels. If you want yours to last that long then you need to wipe away dust particles at first sight. You should be especially mindful of keeping dust out of your pedal unit and buttons located on the wheel.

Another issue that sim racers have is the mounting clips breaking, leaving the steering unit essentially unusable. So, to combat this, it’s recommended that you don’t move your steering wheel after setting it up. Fixing your steering wheel to a racing simulator cockpit is a good solution: check out our list of the best racing simulator cockpits.

Finally, this is somewhat common sense but take it easy on the steering wheel: don’t be too aggressive while driving.

  • Clean dust away at first sight
  • Don’t move the steering wheel after you’ve set it up
  • Don’t be too aggressive when driving
A steering wheel allows you to be more precise with your steering inputs, which is a completely different feeling from the all-or-nothing sensation with an analog stick

Best PS4 Steering Wheel FAQ:

The guide above should have answered the majority of questions you have about PS4 steering wheels. But, in case it didn’t, please find some of the most common questions people ask before buying a PS4 steering wheel below.

Q: Is Logitech G29 better than G27?

The technology in the Logitech G29 is more advanced and provides better feedback. Also, the Logitech G27 isn’t compatible with the PS4.

Q: Are PS4 steering wheels worth it?

This all depends on how seriously you take sim racing: for serious players who want an extra edge, they’re worth it.

Q: Will PS4 steering wheels work on PS5?

Some will and others won’t. You’ll need to check the manufacturer’s guide before buying to see what consoles the steering wheel is compatible with.

Our Top Pick

We’ve chosen the Logitech G29 racing wheel as the best overall PS4 steering wheel for 2021. This racing wheel is a beautiful blend of high-quality materials and top-end technology, which gets overwhelmingly positive feedback from users. This premium package comes at a perfectly reasonable price, which helps it pip its close rivals and take our overall best pick.

Final Thoughts

In short, if you’re looking for a premium steering wheel at a good price, you won’t be disappointed with the Logitech G29. But if you’re on a tight budget and want to get a feel for what it’s like using a steering wheel with your PS4 then you can’t go too far wrong with the Subsonic SA5426 Racing Wheel.


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