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If you are looking for a safe motorcycle ride during wet weather conditions, then a set of quality rain tires…

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The Best Rain Tires for Motorcycles (Review) in 2023 | Autance © The Best Rain Tires for Motorcycles (Review) in 2023 | Autance
Best Choice Dunlop Harley-Davidson D402 Motorcycle Tire Dunlop Harley-Davidson D402 Motorcycle Tire
Best Value Shinko Motorcycle Tire Shinko Motorcycle Tire
Premium Pick Pirelli Diablo Rosso III Motorcycle Tires Pirelli Diablo Rosso III Motorcycle Tires

If you are looking for a safe motorcycle ride during wet weather conditions, then a set of quality rain tires is a must-have. A high-performance set of tires for your motorcycle enhances traction in wet conditions, improving the quality of your ride. However, choosing the best rain tires for your motorcycle can be such a hassle due to the number of tire companies available. In this guide, we review some of the best rain tires that you can shop for and get value for your money. We have also highlighted some pros, cons, features, and factors to consider to help you buy the right set of tires for your motorcycle.

The Best Rain Tires for Motorcycles

This is one of the best motorcycle touring tires that is approved by the Harley-Davidson brand for their touring bikes. Its construction features a three-ply polyester casing and two fiberglass belts for enhanced load-carrying capacity while still maintaining the much-needed stability. This tire comes with a computer-optimized tread profile with an offset center groove to enhance safety and improve confidence when riding on wet surfaces. Additionally, its tread design ensures reduced cupping for even wear, increasing the lifespan of the tire.

The tire comes in a variety of styles that you can choose from depending on your style of riding. It is very reliable, durable, and increases performance while still saving on fuel. The tires can ride on any type of ground because they have a firm grip and a slick tread pattern. Also, they are very light, making them ideal for speeding up on highways.

Key Features
  • Load rate: 908 pounds
  • Speed rating: W
  • Wide whitewall
  • Aspect ratio: 90 inches
  • Rim diameter: 16 inches
  • Size: MU85B-16 (77H)
  • Brand Dunlop
  • Model 45006025
  • Weight 21 pounds



Comes in a variety of styles

Suitable for all types of roads

Performs better in rain

All-weather tires


Slackening performance at high speeds

A bit expensive

This is a budget-friendly yet one of the best motorcycle tires you can get for your bike. Apart from its value for the money, it comes with added features that make it stand out from the rest. First of all, the tire can comfortably achieve speeds of up to 168 miles per hour, making it ideal for sportbikes. It features a superior tread compound that makes it ideal for riding in wet or dry conditions. It is DOT-approved and can be used in different states.

The manufacturer of Shinko 009 Raven had durability, quality, and performance in mind when making this tire. It comes with an aramid belt that helps in regulating the heat in the tire, making it durable. Also, the tread is highly resistant to wear, which enhances its lifespan even more. What’s more, the tire tread design ensures comfortable and safe riding.

Key Features
  • Rim diameter: 17 inches
  • Aspect ratio: 70:00
  • Speed rating: W (168 miles per hour)
  • DOT-approved
  • Aramid belted
  • Size: 120/70ZR17
  • Brand Shinko
  • Model 87-4041
  • Weight 6 pounds

Designed to last longer


Do not overheat

Excellent grip on both dry and wet roads

Performs better on gravel


Not suitable for heavy loads

Cannot perform well in off-road conditions

If you are looking to invest in high-mileage sport-touring tires, then the Pirelli Diablo Rosso would be a good option to consider. It may be the most expensive tire you’ll come across, but it’s worth the money given its unique features. Its construction features a dual-compound design with a wide race compound strip for enhanced traction in both dry and wet conditions. Also, the tires have a larger footprint area for enhanced adherence on the road for added performance and comfort.

Apart from the fact that it comes from one of the world’s best tire manufacturers, it features an intelligent design that ensures it lasts longer while giving an enhanced long-distance performance. The rear tire is 60 percent stronger than the front tire, which makes it suitable for carrying heavy loads. They are ideal for instant braking in hard corners, thanks to their larger contact patch and circumference. Both the front and rear tires are made of 100 percent silica for an enhanced lifespan on the road.

Key Features
  • Rim diameter: 17 inches
  • Load index rating: 1.00
  • Speed rating: W
  • Large footprint area
  • Size: 120/70ZR17 front and 190/50ZR17 rear
  • Brand Pirelli
  • Model Diablo Rosso III
  • Weight 2.2 pounds

Strong and durable 


Made of 100 percent silica to last longer

Grips perform better at all angles

Warms up faster even in cold weather

Bump compliance

Suitable for heavy loads



Made of soft rubber that wears out quickly

Apart from being relatively affordable, Continental Motion tires are all-season. You can count on them on dry and wet roads. The tires are made of formulated polymer compounds that enhance their durability. They come with a zero degree steel belt construction for the rear tires, which gives comfort and smoothness.

The tires have a wide radius and circumference that enhances road adherence. Also, they have deep and computer-optimized treads that last longer, even with frequent use. They take the shortest time to warm up when riding in cold weather. This feature makes them suitable for use on wet roads and in cold climates.

Key Features
  • Speed rating: ZR
  • Load index rating: 120
  • Zero degree steel belt construction
  • Made of formulated polymers
  • Force-oriented tread patterns
  • Size: 120/70zr17 front and 180/55zr17 rear
  • Brand Continental
  • Model 23 x 23 x 12 inches
  • Weight 26.5 pounds

Great grip on the corners

Excellent traction

Great mileage


Wide circumference and radius for enhanced adherence


A bit heavy

Poor balancing at high speed

This is another fantastic motorcycle rain tire that comes with a phenomenal cornering grip. It is made of a 20 percent softer synthetic rubber mix on the edges for enhanced grip. The manufacturer has adopted the Moto GP tire technology in their construction, which makes them suitable for high-speed riding.

The tires are made of formulated polymers that last longer and ensure maximum stability while still reducing wear. They come with a slick tread pattern that makes them suitable for riding on wet and dry ground. Also, the tires are lightweight, making them more convenient for use in high-speed racing.

Key Features
  • Lean angle: 51.2 degrees
  • Made of 20 percent softer rubber
  • Speed rating: W
  • Rim width: 180 mm
  • Bias construction
  • Rim diameter: 17 inches
  • Size: 180/55-17 73W
  • Brand Michelin
  • Model Pilot Power 2
  • Weight 2 pounds

Lasts longer


Performs better in rain

Suitable for use in all weather

Soft compound makes it easy to make corners


Does not perform well at high speeds

Expensive if on a fixed budget

This is another excellent tire that you can opt for when looking for some value for your money. The tire comes with a radial construction that makes it suitable for high-speed racing. It is rated W for speed. This tire is made of synthetic formulated polymers that enhance their durability and cornering ability.

These may be the best tires for those looking for tires that guarantee speed and acceleration. Again, they have a larger width and rim radius that makes them ideal for negotiating sharp corners at high speeds without tipping. They are made of high-quality rubber that makes them sticky on dry and wet roads, thus enhancing traction. Despite the many unique features, they are affordable for those on a tight budget.

Key Features
  • Radial construction
  • Load index rating: 89.00
  • Speed rating: W (168 mph)
  • Size: 120/70ZR17 front and 200/50ZR17 rear
  • Brand Full Bore Tires
  • Model M1
  • Weight Not specified

Warm up faster

Suitable for both dry and wet roads

Excellent traction and handling


Larger surface area for negotiating sharp corners

Made of high-quality rubber

Solid grip for all roads


Shakes at higher speeds

May feel sticky and soft

Best Rain Tires for Motorcycles Buying Guide

We all want to get the best when buying accessories for our bikes. The secret to getting the best rain tires for motorcycles is having the tips and hacks to spot the top-quality brands on the shelves. If you are shopping for the first time, then this part of the review is meant for you.

Here, we answer some of the common questions you may have when purchasing a quality rain tire for a motorcycle. We also provide some proven tips for buying a rain tire for your bike and mention some factors that you must consider before investing your money in any tire.

Benefits of Rain Tires for Motorcycles

Without high-quality rain tires for your motorcycle, it may be difficult negotiating sharp corners on a wet or slippery road. Most rain tires have a soft and deep-treaded surface that makes them suitable for riding on wet roads. They have a larger radius and circumference that provide a better grip on the road. If you are going to be riding on a rainy day, then top-quality rain tires are what you need on your bike.

You will need quality rain tires to stay safe on the road. Riding on a defective or worn-out tire can be very dangerous. You can easily lose control of the bike when riding at a high speed. Cracked and defective tires can increase the risk of an accident on a slippery or wet road. To enhance your safety when riding in the rain, you must ensure that you install a rain tire on both the front and rear wheels.

Most people resort to rain tires for motorcycles because of their unmatched performance on wet roads. Whenever you buy a new bike, it is unlikely that it is fitted with tires that match your riding style. Therefore, you need to fit a quality rain tire that will take you where you want. Rain tires come with steel belts and formulated compounds that make them last longer with frequent use.

  • Keeps you and your passenger safe when riding on wet roads
  • Makes it easier to negotiate sharp corners
  • Boosted performance on all roads

Types of Rain Tires for Motorcycles

There are different varieties of rain tires for motorcycles that you can opt for when shopping. The difference may be in the unique features exhibited by each brand of rain tire. Depending on your style of riding and the road you intend to navigate, you can always find a suitable rain tire for the journey. Here are some common types of tires for motorcycles that you can invest your money in.

  • ADV Rain Tires for Motorcycles

These are the best tires for those who love to go on an adventure. The tires are designed with a large circumference and deep treads that ensure they remain stable on the road. They are versatile and ensure a smooth and comfortable ride on wet and dry roads.

When choosing an ADV tire for your motorcycle, look for one that can support heavy loads. Check on the belting and speed rating. Most ADV tires are speed-rated W, which means you can ride on them up to 168 miles per hour for the best handling and performance.

  • Cruiser Tires for Motorcycles

If you have a large or small cruiser, then this is the best type of rain tire you can buy. For the best performance and handling at high speed, most small and more significant cruisers need a high-profile tire. They can be a bit expensive, but their unique features such as deep treads and formulated compounds make them worth the price. They warm up faster and rarely get slick on the road.

When choosing this type of tire for your motorcycle, you want to make sure it fits your bike because they come in different widths and circumferences. Check with your bike manufacturer if the tire will work on your bike.

  • All-Season Rain Tires for Motorcycles

These are some of the most multi-functional motorcycle tires that you can buy for your bike. They are all-season because you can use them to navigate all types of roads in different seasons. These tires perform well in wet, muddy, slippery, and dry roads. They will also do well in both cold and hot temperatures because they do not overheat.

All-season tires exhibit all the key features found in other types of rain tires, which makes them a must-have for every biker. If you live in a region with seasonal weather, then these are the best rain tires you can get for your bike.

What to Consider When Buying Rain Tires for Motorcycles

Every brand of motorcycle rain tire comes with its unique features that you must check out to ensure it meets your taste and preference. There are many factors that you must consider when purchasing your rain tire to ensure it offers the best handling and performance on the road. In this section, we highlight some of the key features that you must look out for when buying a motorcycle tire.

  • Treading

This is the most important factor that you must consider before you choose a tire. Treading and pattern on the tire will determine its durability and ability to grip the road. Since you will be riding on a wet road, the tire must have deep treads that will boost road adherence. The pattern on the rain tire should also be able to direct the water away from the tire so that it maintains its grip. Ensure the patterns on the tires are made of channels and grooves that cut into the treading to boost the grip and direct water away.

  • Circumference and Size

The tire circumference and size are key to ensuring the stability of the tire on wet roads. Depending on your style of riding, you can always choose a different tire size that fits your bike. Larger tires are suitable for a better grip on the road.

Sometimes a larger tire can compromise the speed, safety, and acceleration of your bike. Therefore, when choosing the size, you want to ensure it fits well on your motorcycle and that the manufacturer recommends the tire for your brand and model of bike. You can always go for tires that have the same OEM size because they assure you optimum performance on wet roads.

  • Radial or Bias-Ply

You must find out if the rain tire you are buying has a radial or bias construction. If you like carrying luggage or a passenger when riding, this feature is important. All bias-ply tires are the best for carrying heavy loads. They come with nylon belts and a 30-40 degree angle to the centerline. They have a longer lifespan compared to radial tires.

Radial tires have steel belts and a 90-degree angle to the centerline. They are the best tires to buy if you want better traction. Although they don’t last as long as other rain tires, they are more affordable and worth your money.

Tips for Buying and Using Rain Tires for Motorcycles

Are you shopping for a rain tire for the first time? Well, you will need some tips to grab the best one for your bike. When buying a rain tire for motorcycles, you must first check the specifications and key features of the tire to ensure it meets your taste and preference. Find out the size of the wheel and if it fits on your bike. The tires come in different sizes for the front and rear wheels, and you must check that the size is recommended for your motorcycle.

Also, you want to make sure that the rain tire you are buying has not been sitting in the warehouse. The longer a tire remains idle, the less effective it will be. Always check the date the tire was manufactured to ensure you are buying a quality product.

If you want to achieve better traction on the road, you should increase the air pressure in your tires up by 10 percent. This way, you can ride smoothly on a wet road. Also, before getting on the road, make sure the wheels on your bike are well-aligned. Improper wheel alignment can be dangerous because it is more challenging to handle the bike.

  • Check if the tire has been sitting in the warehouse before buying
  • Find out if the tire size fits your bike
  • Ensure your motorcycle wheels are aligned properly before taking your bike for a ride
  • Increase the tire pressure to achieve better traction when riding

Best Rain Tires for Motorcycles FAQs

When buying a quality rain tire for a motorcycle, you must always ask questions to ensure you get the best product that fits your bike. We checked most of the customer reviews and came up with answers to some of the common questions asked before buying rain tires for motorcycles. As a first-time buyer, these FAQs will help you prepare.

Q: When is the right time to replace my rain tires?

Motorcycle tires come with wear bars that you can check to determine if you should replace them. You can also check if the tire has cuts, cracks, or ruptures that may affect its performance. You must replace your tires when they are worn out to ensure you are safe on the road.

Q: What is the lifespan of a motorcycle tire?

The lifespan of a standard motorcycle tire depends on the brand and the frequency of use. A typical motorcycle tire will last for 20,000 miles.

Q: How do I read the motorcycle size abbreviations?

The first number on the size is the width and the second number indicates the aspect ratio. The B and R symbols indicate whether the tire has a bias or radial construction. The third number shows the rim diameter, and the speed rating is indicated by the last letter.

Our Top Pick

Our top pick for the best rain tire for motorcycles is the Dunlop Harley-Davidson D402 Motorcycle Tire. This motorcycle rain tire comes with all the unique features that you need in a rain tire. It is suitable for wet and dry roads. Also, it lasts longer and gives you value for your money.

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