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Have a truck and want to protect the back end while also making it look good to boot? The best roll-up tonneau covers are easy-to-use, install, and provide remarkable protection. In this guide, we will go over what some of the benefits of these products are, how to pick a good one, and what are…

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Best Roll Up Tonneau Cover: Review and Buying Guide | Autance © Best Roll Up Tonneau Cover: Review and Buying Guide | Autance

Have a truck and want to protect the back end while also making it look good to boot? The best roll-up tonneau covers are easy-to-use, install, and provide remarkable protection. In this guide, we will go over what some of the benefits of these products are, how to pick a good one, and what are some of the top tonneau covers out there.

Quick research

On this article, you’ll read a lot of information about roll up tonneau cover that you should know before making decision to get the right choice. I suggest you read from the beginning to the end if you’re new to roll up tonneau cover but if you already have some knowledge, just feel free to skip around by using the quick navigation menu below. We also prepare a comparison table to give you the clear and informative comparison between each kind of tonneau cover.

Why you Need a Tonneau Cover?

The first and most obvious reason to get one of these nifty covers is simple: it just plain looks good! Garbage, leaves, and water have a tendency to accumulate in the back of a truck bed. Tonneau covers stop this while also creating a seamlessly smooth surface from truck cabin to tailgate. It isn’t all looks either as there are many practical side-effects of this. A well-fitted cover can actually cut back on wind drag making your truck motor work less for the same acceleration. In short, a good cover can actually save you money as it improves your miles per gallon (MPG).

Finally, a tonneau cover can keep your belongings safe. Anything stored in an open bed will be hit with sun, rain, and wind that does nothing but erode anything it comes in contact with. Prying eyes can dart back there too, which quickly turn into prying hands that whisk away your belongings.

What to Look Out For?

Now that you know the advantages of these covers you now need to know what to look for when picking one.

  • Year and Make of Truck: Not all trucks are made the same and thus not all covers are either. Before you go out and look for a cover that is a good fit for you make sure you know the year and make of your truck so you can get a model that works.
  • Size: Oftentimes manufacturers will make the same cover just in different sizes. The most common of these are 5.5, 6.5, and 8 feet long. Cover that is too small simply won’t fit, while one that is too big won’t be tight enough to be effective.
  • The Difference Between Tonneau Covers: There are many types of covers out there. Make sure when you’re looking out for a roll-up cover you don’t get caught up in other models like snap, hinge, or folding. While each one of these has their respective advantages, roll-ups are the easiest to install, use, and are often the most reasonably priced.
  • Dual Latch System: The latch is the part of the cover that attaches to the tailgate. While all of the covers come with some sort of latch its dual models that are the toughest and most secure.
  • Adjustable Tautness: Keeping that cover tight is important as it helps keep your belongings safe while also increasing MPG. Many variants come with some mechanism to tighten by hand while more premier versions automatically adjust over time.

Comparison Table



Further information

- Brand: Tyger Auto
- Weight: 25 pounds
- Easy no-drilling installation
- Limited Lifetime warranty
- Brand: Truxedo
- Weight: 1.94 pounds
- No drill installation
- Signature low profile design
- Brand: Truxedo
- Weight: 30 pounds
- Keep cargo dry and secure in all weather situations.
- Distinctive good looks
- No drill installation
- Brand: Lund
- Weight: 32 pounds
- Heavy-duty aluminum rails and bows
- Hook and loop fasteners
- Brand: TruXedo
- Weight: 27.1 pounds
- Easy to use
- Automatic tension control
- Brand: Tonno Pro
- Weight: 32 pounds_x000D_
- Dimension: 80 x 9 x 5 inches
- Brand: Smittybilt_x000D_
- Weight: 5.2 pounds_x000D_
- Dimensions: 11 x 6 x 12 inches_x000D_

Best Tonneau Covers

Here is a good cross section of roll-up tonneau covers all of which are easy to use and are made with spectacular craftsmanship.

1. Tyger Auto BC1F9029 T1 Tonneau Cover

This Tyger Auto cover is the perfect balance of craftsmanship and price, making it an all-around solid pick for just about anyone. Three different styles allow for it to fit on trucks from 2004 to 2019 along with three sizes means just about any recently made truck can use this. The top is ultra-durable as is composed of 24 oz marine grade vinyl fitted onto heavy duty aluminum side rails and clamps. For superior support, there is a built-in horizontal crossbar that keeps the cover taught while also allowing for an easy roll-up.

No-drilling is required for installation with all the needed hardware provided inside this tonneau cover kit. Along the edges of this device are a set of velcro stripes and a latch lock system on the tailgate that keeps your truck secure even during bad weather.

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2. TruXedo 563801 Lo Pro Tonneau Cover

TruXedo is a brand that is well known for their remarkable covers and there is a reason they are so prominent in this list. This is probably one of the best and most versatile of the brand as its slick appearance is aerodynamic enough to help improve your miles per gallon by upwards of 10%, saving you potentially hundreds every year. You can be sure that the cover is kept tight fitting to your truck bed too with the patented spring tensioner system that automatically adjusts to changing temperatures.

Installation with this device is remarkably simple and requires just a few minutes. You don’t have to mess with any drilling or cutting, all you have to do is to quickly attach the header and you are good to go.[amz_oriwave asin=”B000ND2ZKW” local=”US” show_hover_image=false]

3. TruXedo 272201 TruXport Tonneau Cover

This particular soft roll-up truck cover is extra large and made for 8′ beds in particular. Improve the aerodynamics of your truck and reduce the amount of gas wasted with this TruXedo product regardless of the temperature via the tension control system. This adjustable system allows you to keep your cover as tight as you need it. For increased security this cover comes with a dual latching system, that is specifically shown to be tougher than other latches on the market today.

The installation uses a clamp-on setup that is finished in 20 minutes or less. Sitting at 15″ above the truck bed provides an extremely attractive looking surface. This cover is easy to use as well because the dual paddle latches can be accessed from either side of the truck.

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4. Lund 96872 Genesis Elite Tonneau Cover

Always in a hurry and just want something that can be put away or used on the fly? Than this Genesis Elite tonneau cover is a great pick. What’s really nifty about this device is the patented quick release latching system which rolls up the cover in just seconds. Manipulate the tension super swift too with the hook and loop fasteners which are reinforced with an internal control mechanism. This control system improves security by keeping the cover tight regardless of what the weather is doing.

Composed of a low-profile HAARTZ material, this twill weave substance has a textured black finish that is practically maintenance free. Installation for this device can be done in minutes as it doesn’t require the use of drills or other tools.[amz_oriwave asin=”B00BX8SHGM” local=”US” show_hover_image=false]

5. TruXedo 298301 Roll-Up Tonneau Cover

Another great TruXedo device for those that want a truck bed cover that is easy to use. This is on account of the dual latch system along with the tailgate. Just a single person can unhook this cover and activate the quick release in mere seconds. For extra convenience, there is an automatic tension control which does exactly what it implies: with no adjustment on behalf of the consumer this system keep the tonneau cover in prime tautness. What this means for you is that rain or shine you are increasing the MPG of your truck.

Sitting at 15″ above the truck bed gives this device an excellent look while not compromising usability. Dual paddle latches are usable on both sides of the truck allowing for easy, yet secure fastening.

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6. Tonno Pro LR-2020 Lo-Roll Tonneau Cover

Specifically designed with Dodges in mind, this cover is the perfect gift for someone who owns a Dodge Ram. This tight fitting tonneau cover is made to easily fit the contours of your truck bed while sitting several inches above the bottom. This, when coupled with its lightly-textured black shiny design, creates an attractive look. This cover isn’t just for style though as it has been proven to reduce wasted gas by cutting back on wind drag on the highway.

Installation is quick, fast, and requires no tools as it comes with all the hardware necessary. Each of these cover kits come with a detachable LED bed light, pro-cleaner, tailgate seal, and a pair of pro-gloves.

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7. Smittybilt 761035 Black Diamond Tonneau Cover

This high quality yet soft cover is for those that have a bed but no truck – that’s right Jeep owners we haven’t forgotten you! Keep everything in the back safe from nature and loose fingers with this tight-fitting cover. The extra-tight fit eliminates any of that annoying flapping, reducing drag and helping improve your mileage. It is simple to use too as each boot seals around the roll bar with a piece of velcro. This product is available in the typical denim black, denim spice, and khaki diamond.

Great for outdoor enthusiasts on account of its highly durable fabric, this tonneau cover requires no tools and is easily installed out of the packaging in just mere minutes.

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Final Thoughts

Tonneau covers are an investment that practically pays for itself as they have been shown to increase miles per gallon, protect your truck bed, and look really stylish to boot. When picking one make sure you know your vehicle’s make, model, and bed size. The best covers have dual-latches, tightness adjustments, and are simple to install.

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