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Dinner is ready, the candles are lit, and you’re ready to enjoy a romantic night under the stars with your…

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The Best RV Awning Lights (Review) in 2023 | Autance © The Best RV Awning Lights (Review) in 2023 | Autance
Best Choice Brightech RV Awning Lights Brightech RV Awning Lights
Premium Pick Enbrighten Vintage Seasons RV Awning Light Enbrighten Vintage Seasons RV Awning Light
Best Value Lyhope Solar Outdoor String Lights Lyhope Solar Outdoor String Lights

Dinner is ready, the candles are lit, and you’re ready to enjoy a romantic night under the stars with your partner at the campground. Yet due to the darkness, you may struggle to put one foot in front of the other, never mind see your food. Simultaneously, your candles can easily get blown out by the wind. Sounds like a problem, right?

Is the lack of lighting at RV campgrounds regularly ruining your evening plans? Treating yourself to awning lights won’t only transform your RV patio from empty to bursting with character, it will make your RV space feel like a home away from home. We recommend diving into our buying guide to select one of these fantastic awning lights – you won’t be disappointed.

The Best RV Awning Light

With the help of Brightech’s Waterproof LED Outdoor String Lights, summer nights will be spent as they should be – underneath the stars with your loved ones. Able to withstand harsh winds of up to 50 miles an hour, these waterproof lights are highly efficent and backed by a three-year warranty. They’re UL listed and feature a rubberized, flexible cord.

The exposed filaments make Brightech’s lights ideal for both romantic evenings with your other half or an intimate family gathering. What’s more, unlike other substandard awning lights, the high-efficiency two-watt LED standard base bulbs won’t get hot even if they’re on for hours while your family gathering inevitably extends into the early hours of the morning. We have to take our hats off to Brightech and the beautiful ambiance its lights create for nights at the campsite.

Key Features
  • Three foot of bulb spacing with up to forty strands total
  • Heavy-duty design can combat harsh winds up to 50 mph
  • UL listed rubberized flexible cord is stronger than average rope
  • Backed with a full three-year warranty
  • Dimming can be facilitated with LED compatible dimmer
  • Brand Brightech
  • Model PROLED
  • Weight 7.2 pounds

Brighten up your campervan with Enbrighten’s Color Changing Café Lights. The company manages to channel the vintage look effectively with its bright white string, soft amber glow, and classic bulb construction. Whether you want to light up just one section of your RV or a larger surface area of your motorhome, this can easily be achieved by linking different strings up to 750 feet.

These beautiful Edison-style lights possess all the features we come to expect from LED bulbs, including a reduction in energy usage, a superior level of impact resistance, and flexible mounting options. Yet Enbrighten’s features, such as the dimmer option with two- and four-hour timeout options available, take ‘ambiance’ to a whole new level. A premium purchase, indeed.

Key Features
  • Choice of sixteen colors to create 120 unique combinations
  • Twelve durable acrylic Edison-style bulb can withstand adverse weather
  • Different sets can be linked to up to 750 feet
  • Timeout and dimmability options available
  • Commercial grade bulbs can be mounted by hanging or simply placed flat
  • Brand Enbrighten
  • Model 39511
  • Weight 3.35 pounds

Lyhope’s Solar Outdoor String Lights look great and perform exceptionally too. And being that they’re solar, they provide great value both at the onset of the purchase and beyond. These crystal ball pendants can be fully charged within six hours and will illuminate your evening for eight. What’s more, when you want to sit outside the next night, the built-in memory chip will automatically save your last mode out of the eight available because these lights are personalized.  

Yet their most appealing feature has to be the aforementioned solar power. There is no additional cost after purchase thanks to the light sensor controlling the solar crystal ball strings. As for the light sensor itself, the device is incredibly durable. The angle-adjustable design for superior sunlight absorption and the fixing plate are some of its best features.

Key Features
  • Solar energy powered bulbs disregard requirement to replace battery
  • Eight different modes of lights keep partygoers impressed
  • Personalised touch due to built-in memory chip automatically saves last mode setting
  • IP65 Waterproof function lights can be hung indoors or outdoors
  • Full battery obtained within six hours as well as lasting for eight hours in total
  • Brand Lyhope
  • Model JJMAHBLV32
  • Weight 2.4 ounces

If you’re a family of resolute RVers who doesn’t let bad weather bring you down, hanging Svater’s Globe LED String Lights from your deck is a respectable act of resistance against rain, sleet, or snow. These bulbs are completely waterproof. This weather-proof state is maintained by the end-to-end waterproof connector and the ETL-certified spare fuse in the event that technology – as it often does – goes haywire.

Compared to incandescent bulbs, the long-lasting LED lights design can save up to 90-percent of energy, reducing the amount of temperamental flickering. Yet, just because they’re energy-efficient doesn’t mean that they’re dull; the romantic ambiance that these two sets of 2700K warm white lights give out is unparalleled.

Key Features
  • Bulbs are both sun and waterproof
  • Can save up to 90% energy over incandescent bulbs
  • 2700K Warm White lights give off romantic glow
  • Long-lasting and waterproof composition
  • Built-in one spare fuse exceeds ETL certification tests
  • Brand Svater
  • Model 8542000526
  • Weight 1.4 pounds

Vacationing in a motorhome, at times, is full of unpredictable twists and turns. That’s why being able to operate Govee’s Waterproof and LED Outdoor String Lights from a phone app is important: they give you the control you’ve lacked throughout your trip. Operational through Bluetooth, there’s several modes to choose from that you can customize and switch up at your disposal.  

Able to withstand extreme weather due to their IP65 waterproof level, Govee’s 12 bright lights beautifully illuminate your space. Yet among all these fantastic features, our favorite is the option to sync the lights to the beat of your music. Whether you want to smoothly sync your lights for a romantic evening slow dancing under the sky awash with stars or blast some upbeat tunes for dancing with the kids, Govee creates the ideal environment for you to do so.

Key Features
  • Lights can be synced to music using mic mode with 'dynamic' and 'mild' music rhythm modes
  • After-sale service support provided by Govee
  • Govee home app allows customization of lights
  • Several different light modes
  • Brand Govee
  • Weight 2.6 pounds

If you’ve always dreamed of owning a spaceship, RecPro’s bright blue Awning Party Light brings you one step closer. Attaching securely to your RV with industrial-strength, pre-applied tape, the bright-blue lights can be installed in as little as 10 minutes, as the strip simply snaps into the track – no precarious sliding required. Otherwise, if you don’t want to use the tape, the light can be inserted easily with the included brackets.

One piece of advice: do not overlook the instructions and fit the lights anywhere you want. They should be up high beside the awning lights so their LED brightness can be used to guide you, not blind you! Yet as much as these light’s brightness could light up an entire campsite, they won’t be too dazzling so that they’ll get in the way. If you enjoy receiving compliments from your neighbors at the campsite, these lights will deliver them.

Key Features
  • Clear and rubbery plastic can be attached with industrial-strength pre-applied tape
  • Track comes in four-foot sections
  • Can be installed in less than ten minutes
  • Brackets that come with lights facilitate insertion
  • Brand RecPro
  • Model AWN-16BB
  • Weight 3 pounds

Did you own anything fragile before becoming a parent? With young kids running around amok, we guarantee that all your valuables have either been broken or are safely stored away. That’s why Brightown ensures its LED Patio Outdoor String Lights are shatterproof to avoid playtime disasters in the campervan. Plus, you can hang them inside or outside due to their water-resistant construction – the choice is yours.

Kept inside each aesthetic Edison globe bulb are five micro LED lights that save 90 percent of energy in comparison to average lightbulbs. With this energy decrease, these glow lightbulbs are cool to the touch. What’s more, if you’re still nervous about burning yourself on the bulbs, then the 6.4V 400mA low voltage transformer facilitates the transportation of the string light without uncertainty. Better start checking out these string lights fast before we buy the lot!

Key Features
  • Optimal low voltage allows string light to be transferred easier
  • One-year quality guarantee provided
  • Five micro LED light bulbs inside each Edison globe bulb save 90% energy in comparison to other lightbulbs
  • Warm white bulbs with hanging clips
  • Durable bulbs are shatterproof and water-resistant
  • Brand Brightown
  • Model BT0HTR-001
  • Weight 1.01 pounds

Do you want the option to illuminate your RV from halfway across the campsite? The wireless remote function remote option for OPT7’s Aura LED Trailer RV Underbody allows you to manage the colors and patterns at up to 80 feet away from your RV. Plus, OPT7 includes an extra remote if you’re prone to losing your belongings. Even if you leave one of the controls at home, you can still connect your LED strips to music and dance the night away in the comfort of your RV.

The four incandescent light bars can be fitted inside or outside your RV. If you choose the latter option, the rust-proof aluminum body and dense, IP67-rated silicone polymer successfully protect your lights from dirt and debris to keep the lighting kit on track to meet its over 50,000-hour estimated lifespan. There are two installation options to choose from. From the light setting to the installation, you’ve got complete control.  

Key Features
  • LED strips allow lights to flash alongside music
  • Long lifespan of around 50,000 hours
  • Made of rust-proof IP67 aluminum body and opaque silicon to resist debris
  • Backed by one-year warranty
  • Comes with installation instructions and mounting hardware
  • Brand OPT7
  • Model UBSTP5050KIT-RGB-RV
  • Weight 4 pounds

From small to large items, Camco is renowned for its quality products. Its Hanging Festive Party Glow Lights are of the same caliber. They’re UL approved for hanging indoors and outdoors and are equipped with two spare bulbs and a spare fuse in case you run into difficulties. Using the term ‘installation’ is generous when putting up these lights – just hammering in a pushpin around the wires will work wonders.

The eight-inch strand is bursting with 10 diverse styles of cute campervan lights, so your trailer will stand out from the masses. There’s even the option to connect different strands together. One thing’s for certain, these white LEDs are ideal for family camping and keeping your kids entertained round the fire.

Key Features
  • Included two spare bulbs and spare fuse maintains long-lasting composition
  • UL approved 8-inch strand contains ten different styles of campervan light
  • Lightweight design is incredibly easy to install
  • White LED lights create a calm and sociable atmosphere for family camping
  • Lights can be fitted indoors or outdoors
  • Brand Camco
  • Model 42655
  • Weight 14.9 ounces

Although minimalist designs may be the front runner on the market these days, we believe that every room is better with a splash of color. Providing 20 shades and 22 miscellaneous modes to choose from, Richsing’s LED Strip Lights are practical as well stylish. The backs of both strip lights are aligned with viscous blue imported tape, ensuring adhesive capabilities beyond your wildest dreams.

Once they are fully secured onto the wall, you can start to play around with the vast array of features, most notably the power of the white key. By pressing it down you’ll unleash the fierce RGB combination color that will turn any humdrum room into a temporary nightclub. Contrarily, if you want to relax with your other half, find a color combination between red, blue, and green to settle down for the night. Inexpensive and cheerful, these lights successfully create the ambience you desire.

Key Features
  • Remote control can be controlled from up to 30m
  • Combines twenty static colors, six fixed colors, and seven different speeds to create colorful display
  • Safe 12v working voltage power adapter is safe to plug in around children
  • RGB combination color activated by simply pressing white key
  • Super sticky adhesive tape is heavily viscous
  • Brand Richsing
  • Model 0403smd28352
  • Weight 1.2 pounds

Best RV Awning Lights Buying Guide & FAQ

What to Consider When Buying a Camper Awning Lights

Can your lights be hung both inside and outside? – The best awning lights can light up your night on the porch as well as create a comfortable reading environment inside your RV.

What’s the voltage level? – Think you’ve found the perfect lights? Don’t end up disappointed if they’re not compatible with your campervan and instead, check their voltage. You can’t go wrong with opting for 12W or solar powered lights.

Benefits of Using RV Awning Lights

  • Create a bar-like atmosphere at your RV’s doorstep

Instead of heading down to your local beer garden at night to pay extortionate amounts for a cold beer and a seat, why not create that very same scenario a few steps outside your RV door? You’ll save money and tolerate less drunken idiots (well, you’ll get to choose the drunken idiots your associate with). We guarantee that you could even buy the exact same awning lights online used down at your local!

  • Fewer accidents at night

As convenient as RV campgrounds are, they may seem like the least dimly lit places on the planet – especially if you’ve driven straight from the big city. Hanging your awning lights outside will avoid preventable falls and keep the whole family safer.

Types of Awning Lights

  • LED Strip Lights

These lights are perfect for lighting the interior of your RV up like a Tardis and for differentiating which RV is yours from all the identical motorhomes when heading home. Warning: these lights must be installed high up or directly on your awning – if not, you’ll be blinded every time you come in the door.   

  • Solar-Powered Lights

Every seasoned RVer feels guilt-ridden from time to time over how much fuel you’re using up getting to and from your vacation. Solar powered lights, although they’re the more expensive option, will allow you to feel less culpable – one fairy light at a time. Although they’re the more expensive option, opting for solar-powered lights will certainly ease your conscience.

  • Rope Lights

It couldn’t be easier installing these classy, remote controlled lights to your awning – there’s no rummaging about trying to install a switch as the majority are remote controlled and only require a power source. Once they’re hanging proudly from your RV awning, you can start to muck around with the variety of settings on offer. Plus, they’re cheap as chips!

Best RV Awning Lights FAQ:

Q: What are Awning Lights?

Trusting in awning lights allows you to leave the flashlights at home to create a much more comfortable setting for your family to relax while on the road. Designed to be hung from your awning, these lights will create a more intimate place for your friends and family to relax whilst allowing you to spend more time in the great outdoors – which, for many amongst us, is the reason we purchased our RVs altogether.

Q: How to Install LED Strip Lights on an RV Awning?

In recent years, manufacturers have been made aware of the unreliability of the average ‘sticky tape’ and since, began adding viscous tape with super adhesive ability. Consequently, LED strip lights have gone from impossible to effortless to install. Follow these instructions below and you won’t go wrong.
Measure your awning rail
You’d hate yourself if you stuck super sticky adhesive tape directly onto your awning, only for it to be squinty or too large. Take your time in measuring exactly the size of your awning so you’re not caught out.
Stick the strip lights carefully down
Don’t let a shaky hand let you down!
Connect the strip lights
All reputable brands will contain detailed instructions concerning what cable to put where. Just remain level-headed and take your time connecting the lights separately to avoid short circuiting. Afterwards, all that’s left to do is grab the remote and watch your LED strips work their magic.

Q: Why Do Lights Flicker?

Don’t panic and stress-purchase new lights if your LEDs start to flicker. There’s usually an easy fix to this problem.
Check your current – More often than not, it’s voltage that’s your enemy. If you’ve got too much plugged in, the voltage levels will be in constant fluctuation due to the current flow in the wiring and the resistance of each wire taking up the voltage.
High Surge Wattage – Have you ever noticed that your LEDs tend to flicker at the beginning of the night rather than the end? This flickering can be defined as surge wattage: an intense power drain that occurs with a large drop in voltage. If you transfer the items that need intense voltage power to their own circuits, you’ll have the proper load to deal with this power drain – and protect against short circuiting while you’re at it.

Q: How to Hang String Lights on an Awning?

Any Tom, Dick, or Harry could hang string lights from an awning without any problems. All you need to do is mount both ends to rubber hooks – if you don’t trust the included hooks, then combine them with the power of sticky clamps. We promise you’ll be done in ten minutes flat!

Our Top Pick

From retro to vintage, we’ve presented to you the top RV Awning Lights on the market. So, if we were decorating our own campervan, what set of lights would we display proudly on our awning? Brightech’s Waterproof LED Outdoor String Lights outshine the lot. As well as creating an ambience found in our wildest romantic dreams, you can go even further by adding a dimmer – the more romantic the date night, the dimmer the lights can become. Plus, it’s comforting to know that you’ll be using less energy than one single 100-watt bulb thanks to the orange-glow LED bulbs that only shine at two watts per bulb. Finally, if you don’t want to move an inch from the side of your other half, it’s even possible to connect a dimmer that allows you to alter the settings with an app. Connectable and dimmable, Brightech’s product will never let you down.


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