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There are ample adventures that await both you and your family whenever you travel with an RV. Campers provide exciting…

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The Best RV Bike Racks (Review) in 2023 | Autance © The Best RV Bike Racks (Review) in 2023 | Autance
Best Choice The Best RV Bike Racks (Review) in 2022 Stromberg Carlson LA-102 1-Inch Bike Rack for Universal Ladder
Premium Pick Swagman RV Approved Dispatch Hitch Bike Rack Swagman RV Approved Dispatch Hitch Bike Rack
Best Value Quick Products RV Bumper-Mounted 2-Bike Rack Quick Products RV Bumper-Mounted 2-Bike Rack

There are ample adventures that await both you and your family whenever you travel with an RV. Campers provide exciting journeys and endless opportunities to visit unknown places. If you love visiting beautiful beaches or hiking along unfrequented mountain paths, you may also want to take your bicycle, which may necessitate an RV bike rack. These units must be chosen carefully to ensure that they fit perfectly. Just as your bike needs to be compatible with the bike rack, your bike rack must be compatible with your RV. Check out the best ones in our guide below. Our list of recommendations includes some well-known brands and upcoming names in the RV accessory industry.

The Best RV Bike Racks

If you have a ladder on your RV, you may want to consider the Stromberg Carlson LA-102 1-Inch Bike Rack. The benefit of this type of bike rack is that it frees up the receiver on the back of your camper to pull a cargo carrier instead of holding a bike rack. You simply secure this rack to the ladder, and the manufacturer assures that you won’t hear any distracting rattling noises. 

The rack has a weight capacity of 50 pounds and can carry one or two bikes. If you want access to the ladder, simply remove the pins. The bike rack is aluminum, which matches the construction of most RV ladders, and it’s rust resistant The rack is versatile in that you can hang your bikes either vertically or horizontally depending on the location of the ladder. Overall it’s sturdy, easy to install, and folds out of the way when not in use. One downside is two of the straps are hard rubber/plastic with very little stretching capability, so it can be difficult to clamp down your bike.

Key Features
  • Attaches to an RV ladder
  • 50-pound weight capacity
  • Holds up to two bikes
  • Aluminum construction
  • Brand Stromberg Carlson
  • Model LA-102
  • Weight 5 pounds

Sturdy and easy to install

Easy to fold up and store

Doesn’t rattle

Simple to remove for ladder access


Some straps aren’t very flexible

May require additional straps for security

Bikes may rub up against each other

The Camco RV Ladder Mount Bike Rack is another fantastic unit created to fit most recreational vehicles. This bike rack is among one of the most durable and economical on the market, thanks to its exciting features. Once your bike is attached, you’re assured that it will be cradled securely until it reaches its destination. This RV rack is very straightforward to install. It is user-friendly and comes in a standard size to fit all RV ladders. This bike rack is not fixed in nature. This means that it can be made compact for secure storage whenever it is not in use. When it’s time to use your bikes, you only need to fold your rack and tuck it into your trunk or under the car seat.

The Camco RV camper bike rack can hold up to two bikes, making it suitable for couples on a trip. It comes from an RV specialist brand that understands all the mechanisms of RV camping and hiking. The Camco company loves it when all customers are satisfied; thus, they build each product as a new and more innovative entity than the last. Stop wasting time struggling with your bike rack and get this simple, user-friendly unit from Camco.

Key Features
  • Form fit
  • Bonus straps for security
  • Folds for storage
  • Brand Camco
  • Model 51492
  • Weight 8.2 pounds

Easy to install

Expert installation add-on

Folds for storage


Handles up to 60 pounds

Durability issues

This Stromberg Carlson Platform-Style 2-Bike Rack can accommodate up to two bicycles and a maximum weight of 80 pounds. It’s specifically designed for use on fifth wheels, motorhomes, and travel trailers. It works with two-inch square receivers, or you can use the included hitch adapter for four-inch and 4.5-inch square RV bumpers. It’s adjustable to accommodate any size frame, and it tilts down to permit access to the RV.

Overall, the rack is very sturdy, well built, and simple to install. It’s easy to load and unload your bikes on this rack, and it also features an anti-sway bolt, which makes driving a lot more comfortable. However, there have been some complaints that the rack may be shipped with a missing part, which can make assembly impossible. It may also get in the way of a spare tire, so you may need to purchase an extender.

Key Features
  • 80-pound weight capacity
  • Accommodates two bikes
  • Works with two-inch hitch receivers
  • Brand Stromberg Carlson
  • Model BC-202BA
  • Weight 46 pounds

Includes a hitch adapter

Sturdy and well built

Easy to install

Anti-sway bolt included


May be missing a part

May interfere with spare tire and require an extender

Another bike rack we can get enough of is the Quick Products Bike Rack. This is a 2-bike rack, designed for bumper mounting. It is manufactured by a leading manufacturer in the RV accessory industry and as such, is guaranteed to make traveling and exploration more convenient. We love this bike rack because it allows bicycles of all length to be carried, thanks to its adjustable mounting. This RV rack for bikes is made from pure steel; thus its construction is durable and rugged. For extra protection, longevity, and resistance to corrosion, the unit is coated with powder.

The Quick Products motorhome bike rack adds some fun to your trips, and it gives you complete customizable control over how well your bike will fit every time. It accommodates weights up to 30 lbs but doesn’t allow for the mounting of 29″ wheel and fat-tire bicycles. For the best RVing experience, users are advised to adhere to instructions and mount only the permitted models. Installation of this bike rack is to be done on a continuous weld steel bumper as this is more stable and durable. We love this unit and recommend it because it offers a perfect fit and is more convenient than many models in the market. 

Key Features
  • Fits nearly any length bicycle
  • All-steel construction
  • Powder-coated for corrosion resistance
  • 30 lb. Weight capacity
  • Brand Quick Products
  • Model QPRBM2R
  • Weight 21.2 pounds


Easy to install

Great customer service


Shipping issues

Only carries up to 60 pounds

Surco is an American company known for the design of high-quality products for different uses. The company is made up of professional engineers and designers who understand the relevance of travel, and the many benefits it presents. They have come up with a fascinating and exciting design to deliver convenience to you while on your holiday with family and friends. Meet the Surco Ladder Bike Rack. This mounted ladder unit is the best two-bike Rv accessory, and the most economical choice you will ever make. It features heavy-duty aluminum construction, and it is rust and corrosion free thanks to the powder coating. 

For secure handling, the Surco rv ladder bike rack is designed to be extremely lightweight. Also, this bike rack unit comes with pivoting arms, which allow users to use and gain access to the ladder for installation. You can mount your rack easily without the help of straps and also without removing the ladder. It doesn’t matter if you’re mechanically challenged, you can easily use this bike rack from Surco for your next adventure without asking for external help. This bike rack will make for the perfect gift for any adventurous soul with an RV, and those who love to explore with their bikes while camping.

Key Features
  • Pivoting arms
  • Carries two bikes
  • Rack mounts without the need of ladder removal
  • Made in the USA
  • Brand Surco
  • Model 501BR
  • Weight 3 pounds

Affordable price

Easy to install

Heavy-duty aluminum design


Can only carry up to 60 pounds

Swagman is no ordinary brand. This is a company that cares for all customers the same. They accept that every customer is different and as such, not all products will work for everybody. To keep the masses happy, they design every product as an improvement of the last, tweaking and moving elements around until they have a wide range of sellable items. Their products are economical and highly functional, not forgetting durable. In this article, we list several models of bike racks from their family, and the latest addition is the Swagman RV Approved Bumper Rack. 

It is similar to other two-bike racks from the Swagman company, with the significant difference seen in the list of features it possesses. This bike rack is made with heavy-duty steel construction. It accommodates two bikes and is highly resistant to corrosion thanks to its powder coating. This RV ladder bike rack is elementary to install and simple to use since it supports a wide range of bicycle frames, sizes, and wheels. Attach this rack to your bumper via the included steel U-bolts. There is also an upright bar that adds more support to the bikes while on the move. Make your camping trips more convenient with the Swagman bike rack and focus more on your exploration.

Key Features
  • Designed for 4.5" square RV bumpers
  • Heavy-duty steel construction
  • Black paint  and powder-coated to resist corrosion
  • Supports various bike sizes, frames, and wheels
  • Brand Swagman
  • Model 80605
  • Weight 21.3 Pounds

Fits numerous bikes configurations

Easy to install

Affordable price


Reported issues with mountain bikes

Can only handle up to 60 pounds

The Let’s Go Aero Carrier system is a dual cycle; jack-it bike rack made to fit your RV to perfection. There’s no other model in the market quite like this one, and no other brand that creates such unforgettable units like Aero. The Jack-It carrier system features a construction that fits all bike frames. It also accommodates most cargo trailers and A-frame travel trailers without any issues. To help protect your bikes against impact, the Jack-IT system comes with a PowerTower frame, which isn’t common in competing models. Free up your cargo and rear hitch area with this carrier system and enjoy your adventurous trip in a different light.

We love the Jack-It RV bumper bike rack because it’s new and innovative, with many different features that guarantee quality and durability. This bike rack unit holds two bikes securely as long as needed, with adjustable wheel cradles and SwayStop straps to ensure that they stay in place until they’re needed. Users of this rack love that its frame design is distinct, and they also appreciate its ability to help save space. You can get the Jack-It carrier system for all friends and family who love to explore with their bikes or purchase it for your RV, in anticipation of your next adventure. 

Key Features
  • Lockable No Motion pins
  • Fits most A-Frame travel and cargo trailers
  • PowerTower frame
  • Frees up travel trailers rear hitch/cargo area
  • Brand Let's Go Aero
  • Model 429756
  • Weight 18 pounds

Durable construction

Fits all bike frames

Rear/hitch cargo space



The benefits of purchasing any Swagman product are numerous; thus, we encourage all families, explorers, and RV owners to invest now. Over the years, this brand has sought to be the leading manufacturer of RV accessories. They design and develop modern, innovative units meant to make travel life easier and more enjoyable. One of their best products is the Swagman RV Approved Dispatch Hitch Bike Rack. Out of all their bike rack models, users highly recommend this unit for its reliability and strength. This unit is one of a kind and we love everything about it.

The Dispatch Hitch RV bumper bike rack features a certified RV approval certificate and a maximum load capacity of 45lbs. It carries two bikes with ease and adjustable hooks that help secure your frame to the rack. Included in the package are locking cables and a hitch pin, which helps in making this a more convenient unit for your bikes and RV. The Dispatch Hitch rack for bikes holds your bike securely in place, and it accommodates all lengths of bikes. We are confident that this unit will protect your bike until you reach your final destination.

Key Features
  • Max Load capacity 45lbs per bike
  • Fits 2" receiver
  • RV Approved
  • Locking hitch pin and cable included
  • Brand Swagman
  • Model 64684
  • Weight 52.9 Pounds

Sliding wheel trays

Vertical mast folds down

Easy to install


Wildly expensive

Stromberg has been in the manufacturing industry for decades. They boast of different RV accessory models, and they guarantee quality in every item they launch. Our editorial team recommends the Stromberg Carlson Products Bike Bunk. As an excellent option for storing your bikes. This unit is fantastic, from its construction to function and durability. It is considered one of the first cargo carrying systems of the trailer tongue models in the market, and it promises to function as it’s been designed. We love that it is highly adjustable, and can fit most trailers on the road today.

The Stromberg bicycle rack for RV accommodates weights up to 100 pounds and features a raised receive that is perfect for the mounting of bikes. The unit can withstand all pressures and also offers your bikes the softest riding area on your trailer. You will love this unit from the moment it’s out of its packaging, we can assure you.

Key Features
  • Sturdy built
  • Made in the USA.
  • Adjustable to fit most
  • A-frame
  • Brand Stromberg Carlson
  • Model CC-275
  • Weight 15 pounds

Sturdy build

Easy to see the bikes

great for travel trailer owners


Some bolts didn't work correctly.

Trial and error on the installation

Demands extra work

Our final product is from our favorite brand, Swagman. The company loves to satisfy all customers; thus, they design a wide range of models that fit into different lifestyles and fulfill different needs. Their Swagman Around the Spare Deluxe bike rack is such a product, and it is explicitly designed to aid RV owners to move their bikes around without an issue. It features a rugged, heavy-duty construction which ensures its durability and increases its strength. This unit can be mounted around your spare tire, to help you maximize space and when you wish.

The Around the Spare bike rack holds two bikes with ease. It features a rust and corrosion-free design, and it comes with anti-sway cradles that prevent contact between the bikes. Installing this unit involves a hassle-free procedure that doesn’t demand a lot of time or any special skills. We are confident in this brand, and we believe that every bicycle rack for RVs they deliver is of top quality and offers the highest level of convenience to customers. All Swagman products can fit onto most RV models, and they are incredibly affordable. We recommend them for all camping enthusiast who has bikes and other adventurous people.

Key Features
  • Carries up to 2 bikes
  • Mounts around most spare tires
  • Anti-sway cradles
  • Attaches to the welded steel bumper
  • Brand Swagman
  • Model 80501
  • Weight 22 Pounds

Easy to install

Can be installed around a spare tire

Anti-sway cradles


Can only handle up to 60 pounds

Durability concerns surrounding the straps

Best RV Bike Racks Buying Guide & FAQ

What to Look for When Buying an RV Bike Rack

Many factors shape your decision when looking for an RV bike rack. Some vital considerations must be made to ensure that you make the best selection from the many competing models. Wind down toward a manageable number and select the perfect RV unit for your recreational vehicle.


The quality of your bike rack is an essential factor to be considered when searching for the perfect model. To find out the quality potential of your unit, you must read customer reviews on various online platforms. These reviews offer an in-depth description of the model concerning their performance and the experience of other customers.

Bike size

The sizes of bikes are another essential factor for consideration. There are models of bike racks that don’t have adjustable settings; thus, they cannot accommodate longer or wider bikes. Your best bet will be to choose a stand that can be adjusted, as this will enable you to change your bikes with ease.

Number of Bikes

If you’re more than one, you should opt for a bike rack that can accommodate more than one bike. There are different bike loading capacities for the various bike rack models. The most common model is one that holds two bikes. Choose a bike rack than can handle the number of bikes you have, and not any less.


The budget of every individual is very critical when selecting a bike rack model. The selection of a model must be in connection with how much you can spend, to ensure that you don’t overspend. The budget streamlines your choices and ensures that you select an economic model with all the required elements and qualities.

Benefits of an RV Bike Rack

The benefits of RV bike racks are numerous, depending on the chosen model. From their ability to offer storage space to changing the outlook of your RV, the benefits offered by these products are endless. The various reasons why we recommend bike racks for your RV are listed in the points below.

  • The RV bike rack is a very functional tool that helps you to keep your bikes at a particular place while you explore new territories.
  • They also act as storage spaces for your bikes when they’re not in use.
  • Finally, the RV bike rack doesn’t restrict you when getting to your tow vehicle. the ability to move easily encourages more customers to purchase this unit for their RVs.

Types of RV Bike Racks

Ladder-Mounted Racks

This is the first type of bike rack in our arsenal. Its design is such that it is fixed to the back ladder of your RV. The bad part about this unit is that you will have to dismount your bike every time you need to use your ladder. Their loading capacity Is less than that of the regular models, and as such, they’re ideal as a last resort for people without a bumper or hitch receiver.

Bumper-Mounted Racks

This bike rack is appealing to many individuals because of its build. The bumper-mounted rack carries up to two bikes with ease, and it is designed entirely with steel for better durability. When you’re driving with the bumper-mounted frame, the chances of your bike causing visibility issues are eliminated. These racks encompass the entire bumper to support the weight of your bike.

High-Mounted Racks

The high mounted rack is the final type of bike rack discussed in this article. This rack is the most common RV rack in the market today. It is effortless to install and can accommodate up to four different bikes. The high mounted racks are incredibly versatile and are available in two styles, the platform, and hanging racks.

Best RV Bike Racks FAQ:

Q: What is a bike rack for RV?

An RV bike rack is a unit that helps keep your bikes out of the way while you ride. They are built from high-quality materials and have a heavy-duty construction which enhances its functionality and durability. They come in different sizes for easy installation onto any RV of your choice.

Q: How do I install an RV bike rack?

Installation of your RV bike rack depends on the type of model you purchase. Every model has a set of instructions which enables users to install their bike racks. The installation process is straightforward and doesn’t demand a lot of time or effort. The installation process includes screwing the adapter to the bumper and putting in the screws and nuts for security.

Q: How to use the bike rack on RV?

The bike rack you purchase determines how you will use it. Every model is different; thus, you need to view the included manufacturers manual. All bike racks are to be attached to your trailers hitch to keep your bike out of eyesight and also allow you to keep the focus on the road. Ladder mounted racks require less work in operations, while the bumper-mounted shelves demand a bit more action.

Our Top Pick

The Stromberg Carlson LA-102 1-Inch Bike Rack is our top pick. This bike rack is designed with features to make it easy to mount your bikes. The unit accommodates one or two bikes and is made from heavy-duty aluminum metal for higher durability and strength. The rack is recommended for RV owners searching for storage space for their bikes and all other adventurous campers. It’s sturdy, easy to install, and has a maximum load of 50 pounds.

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