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The invention of the mobile phone opened the door for wireless communication, allowing people to stay in touch and build…

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The Best Cell Phone Boosters for RV (Review) in 2023 | Autance © The Best Cell Phone Boosters for RV (Review) in 2023 | Autance
Best Choice weBoost Drive 4G-X RV Cell Phone Booster weBoost Drive 4G-X RV Cell Phone Booster
Premium Pick I.C.E. Interior Enhancement Wireless Cell Booster I.C.E. Interior Enhancement Wireless Cell Booster
Best Value T-Mobile NXT Indoor Cell Spot Signal Booster T-Mobile NXT Indoor Cell Spot Signal Booster

The invention of the mobile phone opened the door for wireless communication, allowing people to stay in touch and build connections that were otherwise impossible. Fast forward a few years, and you have smart phones that allow you to access the internet and stream road trip music while traveling. The possibilities are endless thanks to the rise of wireless technology and cellphone boosters. These incredibly functional devices are used in both stationary homes and moving vehicles, and their job is to amplify a cell phone signal in order to reduce call drops and establish a stable connection to the network. Installing a booster in your RV can make a world of difference to your overall road trip experience. Our buying guide below will help you choose the best RV cell phone booster so you can enjoy faster internet download speeds and crystal-clear phone conversations while on the road.

The Best Cell Phone Booster for RV

Our top pick needs no introduction and is none other than the weBoost 4G-X RV 470410 RV cellphone booster. This premium brand belongs to Wilson Electronics, which is in the business of building reliable and powerful cell phone signal boosters that help you stay connected no matter your location. Its bestselling product amplifies both 3G and 4G LTE signals up to 32 times, allowing you to make phone calls on the go. Staying connected with friends and family is easy thanks to the patented technology that reduces call drops and prevents you from going off the grid in remote areas. The drive 4G-X RV is compatible with all U.S carriers and can be installed on top of your RV in a few easy steps.

Key Features
  • Boosts cell coverage for multiple users
  • Reduces dropouts so you can stream videos and music
  • Boosts and expands 3G-4G and LTE signals
  • Includes omni directional antenna and inside desktop antenna
  • Compatible with all U.S carriers
  • Brand weBoost
  • Model 470410
  • Weight 6.2 pounds

Easy to install

Energy saving

Boosts cell coverage while RV is on the move



The weBoost 4G-X 470510 is also another premium booster from Wilson Electronics. This model comes with a mini magnetic antenna and an interior patch antenna. Both devices are designed to enhance and expand the signal inside your RV so everyone can benefit from the strong cell phone connection. Sticking your head out the window to get a better signal is no longer required once you install this device. The 4G-X 470510 cell phone booster for car is energy efficient and allows you to make twice as many calls without draining the battery. It also works with all carriers in the United States, including Verizon and AT&T. Installing this device in your recreational vehicle will also give your mobile internet speed a boost, allowing you to stream your favorite TV shows and listen to music anytime, anywhere.

Key Features
  • 4G vehicle booster for multiple users
  • Works in moving or stationary vehicles
  • Boosts and expands 3G-4G and LTE signals
  • Offers up to 2 hours of extra talk time
  • Compatible with all U.S carriers
  • Brand weBoost
  • Model Drive 4G-X
  • Weight 1.2 pounds

Easy to install

Enhances cell service for all wireless devices

+50 dB gain extends reach in remote areas  



The next signal booster on our list belongs to weBoost as well and is designed to enhance the signal inside your mobile home. The Home 4G is affordable and can cover an area of around 1,500 square feet. All you need to do is install the booster and antenna in a few easy steps and watch the signal bars on your phone increase. The built-in technology inside this model will automatically regulate gain to provide you with the best cellular coverage money can buy. Having a reliable booster at home means no more walking around from room to room to increase your bars. You will also be able to go online and watch videos without buffering.

Key Features
  • Covers an area of 1,500 square feet
  • Compatible with all U.S carriers
  • Kit includes everything required for installation
  • Certified by the FCC
  • Brand Amazon Renewed
  • Model FBA_470101
  • Weight 5.75 pounds

Easy to install

Extended battery life

Up to 60 decibels gain



The SureCall Fusion2Go 3.0 cell booster for RV is your gateway to a more consistent signal during road trips. You can purchase your peace of mind alongside this booster and remain connected to the cellular network thanks to its high gain antenna. The interior antenna will expand the signal so you can make calls and browse the internet from any area inside the cabin. Camping in national parks or next to your favorite getaway fishing destination while maintaining a connection to your network of choice is possible thanks to this powerful device. The Fusion2Go 3.0 is also compatible with all cellular carriers in North America and can be installed in a few easy steps.

Key Features
  • 4G – LTE signal booster for remote locations
  • Compatible with all North American carriers
  • High gain omni-directional antenna
  • Easy to install compact booster
  • Covers entire interior of RV
  • Brand SureCall
  • Model SC-Fusion2Go3-RV
  • Weight 6 pounds

Easy to set up

Can support multiple users

Does not drain cellphone battery


Issues with interior antenna

This product is another great cell booster with a 700 MHz band and a 50-foot RG58 cable. Reducing signal loss is the goal, and this device is designed to enhance 4G LTE data signals so you can have access to online resources all the time. The dual booster reduces call drops and is more than capable of supporting multiple connections. You can mount the indoor antenna on the nearest available surface and watch as it distributes the signal in all directions. The outdoor antenna does not require constant adjustments since it can receive signals from all directions. Both android and smart phone owners can benefit from having the Phonetone signal booster installed in their house no matter its location.

Key Features
  • 700MHz dual booster for 4G LTE
  • Compatible with Verizon and AT&T
  • Enhances signal for all cellular devices  
  • Automatic gain control
  • Brand Phonetone
  • Model 4351532366
  • Weight 3.3 pounds

Compatible with many phone brands

Can support multiple users

Fast download speed for streaming


Antenna is not sturdy enough

The Wilson Electronics 4G signal booster kit is the ideal cell phone signal booster for camping and other fun activities that involve your RV or truck. This DIY kit includes everything you need for a quick and easy installation, including a 4G 5-band amplifier and two functional antennas. You can camp out in any location no matter how far it is from the highway and still have enough bars to make calls and use the internet. The quality of the phone calls you make will not suffer either thanks to the wider coverage and 50 decibel gain provided by this model.  Dead zones and turtle slow internet can ruin your trip, especially if you need to read business emails and make conference calls on the go. The Wilson booster will put an end to this problem so you can use cellular data on both your phone and iPad at the same time.  

Key Features
  • Boosts 2G-3G & 4GLTE audio, internet and messaging
  • Compatible with all U.S carriers (WiMax and iDEN) not included
  • Can be used in trucks, cars and RVs as well as boats
  • All components required for installation are included
  • Brand weBoost
  • Model 460108
  • Weight 2.36 pounds

Easy to install

Up to 50dB gain

Does not drain phone battery


Unit can get overheated at times

The dual band 700 MHz signal booster from Phonetone is also one of the best cell phone boosters for RVs and has many features that were designed to maximize performance and preserve your phone’s battery at the same time. This model enhances 4G LTE, so you can make calls and gain access to the internet day and night. Verizon Band 13 and AT&T as well as T-Mobile 12/17 Band users will be able to stream music and movies on the go in the comfort of their own RV. This device is also convenient since it automatically calibrates itself in order to receive a batter and strong signal. This will save you from having to continuously climb on the roof in order to manually adjust the antenna.

Key Features
  • 700 MHz signal booster for multiple users
  • Compatible with Verizon- T-Mobile & AT&T
  • Adjusts and boosts 4G LTE signal automatically
  • Includes all the components required for installation
  • Brand Phonetone
  • Model PTE-L45VA-S3
  • Weight 1.35 pounds

Inactivity mode reduces power consumption

Great in rural areas



Only boosts 4G LTE

The I.C.E Pro-Cell signal booster supports 3G, 4G and LTE networks and is a great choice for individuals who use wireless devices to run errands and do business while traveling. Better data transmission can be a lifesaver during emergencies, especially if you need to call AAA for much-needed roadside assistance. Having a stable and powerful connection during a cross-country trip allows you to keep in touch with family and friends back home and catch up on your favorite online shows and movies. This device works with all types of phones and comes in a complete kit that includes a 5-decibel magnetic antenna and a patch antenna that can be easily installed inside your vehicle.

Key Features
  • Boosts 3G-4G-LTE signals for multiple users
  • Compatible with all major U.S carriers
  • Fast uploads and downloads for clear audio and video
  • 50dB maximum signal enhancement
  • FCC certified
  • Brand I.C.E. Interior Cellular Enhancement
  • Model 4351536435
  • Weight 2.3 pounds


Reduced cell tower interference

Can be used with any wireless device



Our next pick comes from T-Mobile, and its signal booster is the NXT CEL-FI-D32-24. This booster is ideal for spacious recreational vehicles and offices thanks to its 13,000-square-foot coverage. It does not require an outdoor antenna like the other models on our list. The device was built for 3G, 4G and LTE networks and has a 1700 – 1900 MHz dual band booster. It is also easy to install and automatically detects and adjust the signal to boost performance and keep you connected 24/7.

Key Features
  • Compatible with T-Mobile network 3G, 4G and LTE
  • Wide area coverage of up to 13,000 sq. ft.
  • 1700-1900 MHz dual band booster
  • Automatic signal adjustment
  • No cable needed
  • Brand T Mobile
  • Model NXT CEL-FI-D32-24
  • Weight 3.3 pounds

Easy setup

Supports multiple devices

Covers a large surface area


Can only be used with T-Mobile network

The Verizon cell phone signal booster for camping is a reasonably priced choice for fans of the open road. This device caters to Verizon 4G and LTE users who need a reliable and solid booster for streaming both video and audio. Online streaming applications require a fast speed and stable internet, and this can be easily achieved using this booster. You will also be able to make phone calls in remote areas that are famous for their terrible reception. The device covers an area of around 1500 to 2000 square feet and is incredibly easy to install. Each kit includes an outdoor Yagi antenna and an indoor amplifier that is powered by a regular wall outlet.

Key Features
  • 700 MHz signal booster for Verizon 4G and LTE
  • Can be used by multiple wireless devices
  • Boosts voice and data signals in all North America
  • FCC certified with a 1500-2000 sq. Ft coverage range
  • Kit includes all components necessary for installation
  • Brand Phonelex
  • Weight 3.1 pounds


Easy to install

Supports multiple users


Only works on Band 13 Verizon

Signal strength not always consistent

Best Cell Phone Booster for RV Buying Guide

Our guide below was created for the sole purpose of helping you choose the type of booster that will complement and serve your travel needs. There are so many factors you need to consider before making your purchase and we will also be discussing them in this section. Plus, you will learn how to install your very own cellular booster for RV in order to make the most out of your new purchase.

Things to Consider When Buying RV Cell Phone Booster

  • Mobile Carrier

You need to narrow down your search depending on your mobile carrier of choice. Some boosters were designed to support only a handful of carriers while others work with only one main U.S carrier. This compatibility issue plays a major role in the effectiveness of the booster itself. For example, both Verizon and T-Mobile sell their very own exclusive boosters. These boosters work incredibly well with phones and other wireless devices with the same company sim card. However, not all boosters support the same network. If you need a comprehensive device that is compatible with 4G, 3G as well as 2G, then it is always recommended to splurge on a more expensive and durable booster to help you and your house guests remain connected 24/7 no matter their network. Network and carrier compatibility will usually be mentioned on the package, so make sure that you double check this detail before adding the booster to your online shopping cart.

  • Antenna

There are two main types of exterior antennas that come with each signal booster kit. Yagi antennas are typically used when the entire household uses the same carrier or when you only want to boost the service on your phone while traveling. This directional antenna was designed to send and receive a signal from one main direction. If boosting the signal of more than one carrier is your goal, then an omni-directional antenna is the way to go. This type of antenna was designed to receive a signal from all directions and is not limited to one carrier. Many carriers in Canada and the U.S use similar frequencies for their 2G and 3G networks, so you need to factor this in before making your purchase as well.

  • Living Space

The size of your RV or home will also dictate the type of signal booster you need. Some boosters can cover an area of around 1000 square feet while others have limited reach. Some boost the signal in a four-bedroom household while others cater to recreational vehicles. If your phone suffers from constant call drops in placed like the garage or basement, then you might as well invest in a signal booster with high area coverage so you can make phone calls and use mobile data service in every square inch of your house. Always remember to read the different features offered by each brand and choose a booster that complements the size of your living space.

The layout of your house can also dictate the type antenna you need to install in order to make the most out of your kit. Multi-story homes require a panel antenna in order to properly expand the signal and evenly distribute it throughout your home. Apartments with open spaces and minimal walls typically have better coverage and are an ideal fit for dome antennas.

  • Location

Location also matters a great deal when it comes to choosing a signal booster. If you enjoy traveling to remote locations where call drops and poor service are inevitable, then you definitely need a powerful booster with a longer reach. These boosters can connect to the nearest available cell tower so you can make calls and access the internet from the comfort of your own RV. Streaming all kinds of video and audio while traveling also requires fast download and upload speeds. This can also be achieved by installing a signal booster kit on board your RV.

  • FCC Certified

Cellular frequencies in the Unite States are managed by a governmental agency called the FCC. The Federal Communications Commission gave users the green light to use cell phone boosters back in 2014. New boosters must undergo several tests before earning their FCC certification. These tests ensure that the best and most durable signal boosters become available to the public. Boosters that are compatible with more than one carrier over the 700 MHz band should have a gain of maximum 64 Db. You will also find that FCC approved boosters must be registered with your carrier before use.

Benefits of an RV Cell Phone Booster

  • Better Audio and Video

Having an unstable connection while traveling can become a terrible inconvenience, especially during long road trips. Fast internet speeds are needed for browsing the internet and for making calls via Skype and Face Time. So many people prefer streaming music and watching videos online rather than depend on traditional radio and television for entertainment. Installing a reliable signal booster in your RV can make a world of difference to your cellular service. Your calls will also become clearer with minimal noise or distortion on your end.

  • Portable

When it comes to size, signal booster kits are on the small end of the spectrum and are extremely travel friendly. You can pack them in your suitcase and install them in your vehicle of choice once you hit the road. The antennas can be easily mounted on the roof and the interior antenna can also be placed on any flat surface inside the cabin.

  • Low Maintenance

Modern signal booster technology relies on automatic rather than manual recalibration. Many premium brands design boosters that can sense the strength of the signal and make the necessary adjustments in order to maximize their performance. Both the antenna and the amplifier work together to improve the signal without your help or interference.

  •  Extended Battery Life

 Phone batteries also suffer due to a weak signal because they are forced to work overtime in order   to locate the nearest cell tower. Once you install a signal booster inside your RV, you will start noticing a change in battery life.  A powerful booster allows your phone to send and receive data without overworking the battery. This means less time spent on charging your phone and more time spent on making calls and reading the morning news online.

Types of Cell Phone Boosters for RV

  • Cradle Booster

The first type is an ideal booster for solo travelers or small groups who don’t mind sharing the same device. You can easily mount the booster on the dashboard and place the phone inside the cradle in order to amplify the signal. This single user cradle is easy to use and comes with an antenna with a magnet that is mounted on the roof of your RV.  Cradle boosters are compact and less expensive than multi-use devices.

  • 4G and LTE Booster

The sophisticated 4G and LTE boosters were designed to keep up with the ever-evolving nature of cellular networks. The new generation of 4G and LTE offer users faster uploads and downloads and therefore, need an equally efficient device to keep up with this rise in speed. The 4G booster was built to last and was designed for permanent use onboard your RV.  Some brands sell modern boosters that are also compatible with 2G and 3G networks. These boosters can also accommodate more than one user and are ideal for large groups of people.

How to Install a Cell Phone Booster in an RV

Make sure that you have everything you need within reach. This includes all the separate components and tools needed to install the booster kit inside and outside your RV.

  • Mount the outside antenna to a pole or a ladder. Higher is always better especially if your road trip involves driving through forests and mountains that can easily block the signal. Use the mounting bracket to attach it securely to the RV and slide the U-bolt around the pole and through the bracket. The antenna must be mounted vertically.
  • Use any existing entry points or vents to run the booster cable into the RV. You can do a trial run first by simply running the cable through a window or a door before connecting all the components together.
  • If your trial run was successful, you can then drill a hole in the exterior of your RV to permanently run the cable. Remember to stay clear of any water lines or gas vents when drilling.
  • Connect the cable to the outside antenna and route it through the rubber ring of the entry cable cover and then into the newly drilled hole.
  • Secure the signal booster in place by removing the mounting bracket from the back of the booster and drilling it to the wall. You can then snap the device back into the bracket.
  • Fasten the end of the outside antenna cable to the outside antenna port on the booster.
  • Pull the outside antenna cable through the rubber gasket and then put the cap of the entry cable cover in place. Use screws to secure it in place and make sure that the cable is exiting the bottom.
  • Use the cable mounts and ties to secure this cable to the RV.
  • Connect the second, shorter cable to the inside antenna port on the booster. Route the cable where you want to receive the boosted signal before connecting the inside antenna.

Best Cell Phone Booster for RV FAQ:

Q: What is an RV cell phone booster and how does it work?

An RV cellphone booster is an FCC approved device that enhances 2G, 3G and 4G LTE cellular signals. The device can be either installed in moving vehicles or in homes. Boosters receive and enhance existing signals in rural areas and other locations where making calls and having access to mobile data is limited.

Q: How many phones can the cell phone booster support at one time?

Multi-user signal boosters are available on the market and those are powerful devices with high gain that are more than capable of supporting many cellphone devices simultaneously. There is no phone limit especially if the outside cellphone signal was also strong.

Q: Can it be used to boost WiFi for tablets and laptops use?

No. Signal boosters will not influence WiFi signals in any way. They only work with cellular signals.

Our Top Pick

This extremely functional device has earned its title as the best cell phone booster for RV in our book for several reasons. The weBoost brand is known for its quality boosters and this model is no exception. The 4G-X RV was designed for 3G and 4G LTE with a high gain antenna and easy to install components. The booster works in both moving and stationary vehicles and is compatible with all U.S carriers. It also supports multiple users so everyone can browse the internet and make clear phone calls simultaneously while on the road.


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