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Whether you’re on the road full-time, likely to be in the RV park on the 4th of July, or just…

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The Best RV Flag Poles (Review) in 2023 | Autance © The Best RV Flag Poles (Review) in 2023 | Autance
Best Choice White ‘Made in the USA’ PVC Flagpole 00 White ‘Made in the USA’ PVC Flagpole
Best Value Premium Garden Flag Pole Premium Garden Flag Pole
Premium Pick Flagpole Buddy RV Flag Pole Kit Flagpole Buddy RV Flag Pole Kit

Whether you’re on the road full-time, likely to be in the RV park on the 4th of July, or just like people to know how patriotic you are, there are some days when you simply need to have an RV flag pole. With the national flag being such an important part of American life, lots of companies have come up with ways to make sure you can have the American flag flying no matter where you are. Have a look at our top six RV flag poles below and see which one suits you best.

The Best RV Flag Pole

Every element of this flagpole and included 3 x 5 foot flag has been manufactured in the United States and comes officially certified by the Flag Manufacturing Association.

This flagpole is crafted from furniture-grade white PVC—as opposed to plumbing grade PVC—to ensure UV resistance and greater protection from the outdoor elements. The exposed ends are fully plugged to prevent water ingress, and the pole is a full inch in diameter, too, so you can be sure it’ll stay standing tall in high winds.

Key Features
  • Includes 3 x 5 feet flag
  • 1-inch diameter, furniture-grade PVC
  • All components certified “Made in the USA”
  • Brand Martin’s Flag Co.
  • Model N/A
  • Weight 3.9 pounds

Lightweight and easy to carry in RV

Durable, UV-resistant PVC

Easy to set up and take down


Suitable for ground-mounting only

Cannot be collapsed for transportation

This garden-style flag pole is professionally designed in black, powder-coated and weatherproof paint for maximum durability in all weather. It’s a versatile choice, because it will hold any flag up to 13 inches wide and, as it collapses into three separate shorter flag holders, it can be easily stored and transported, even with minimal spare camper space.

It’s super simple to hang your flag, with an easy-to-access eyelet and clamps, while the included spring stoppers enable compatibility with different-sized flags. The tiger clip keeps everything securely in place.

Key Features
  • Powder-coated, weatherproof finish
  • Easy access eyelet and clamps
  • Tiger clips prevent flag blowing away
  • Holds any flag up to 13 inches wide
  • Brand HXF
  • Model HXFUS-GFS001
  • Weight 5.5 ounces

Can be adjusted to hold smaller flags


Collapses into three shorter poles

Stylish design


Not very heavy-duty

Flag not included

The kit from FlagPole buddy is specifically designed for RV owners with a ladder on their rear door. The package includes a fiberglass telescoping pole, chrome plastic ball topper, and all of the relevant flag hanging hardware and pins.

The pole is made out of fiberglass for extra durability without extra weight, and this is seen in the modest 6.7 pounds of package weight, which can easily be transported in an RV. In addition, the pole telescopes to 22 feet, but it collapses down to a height of around 4 feet. This is much shorter than a lot of the other telescoping poles on this list.

Key Features
  • Fiberglass telescoping pole
  • Extends up to a max height of 22 feet
  • Includes mount, chrome-plastic ball topper, and all flag hardware
  • Brand Flagpole Buddy
  • Model MPO-FPB-22poly-KIT
  • Weight 6.7 pounds

Capable of flying two flags together

Super lightweight and portable

Compatible with round or square ladders


Does not include flag

Setting up ladder mount is tricky

This telescoping flag pole from Camco includes the tire mount, a storage bag, and a United States flag. There’s also hardware included which will allow you to fly two flags simultaneously, or one at half-mast.

The pole itself is machine-engineered from rust-proof anodized aluminum and, although this means it’s relatively weighty at over 20 pounds, it does offer greater durability than many of the alternatives. The push button and lock system makes it easy to extend, adjust, and take down, while the tire mount is essentially fool-proof—as long as you don’t drive away, that is. Camco also provides a one-year limited warranty and 30-day warranty on labor in the off-chance that things do go wrong.

Key Features
  • Rust-proof anodized aluminum pole
  • Extends to 20 feet at maximum height
  • Push lock button for easy telescoping
  • Mount and storage bag included
  • Brand Camco
  • Model 51600
  • Weight 20.5 pounds

Can fly two flags at a time

Includes manufacturer’s warranty

Foolproof setup


Heavy to transport

Collapsed height is still over 5 feet

Only usable when RV is parked

This kit from WeValor includes a telescoping pole, a 3 by 5 foot polyester United States flag, a stylish gold ball topper, and all the relevant clips to keep everything secure. There are no ropes or pulleys involved in setup, and the top shaft rotates to ensure the flag never gets twisted. WeValor offers a two-year quality assurance guarantee and provides a dedicated customer service team to make absolutely sure that you are satisfied with your purchase.

The silver, rust-proof aluminum pole has extra-thick 1.2mm walls for better performance in high winds. It will telescope to a maximum of 20 feet, but it’s made up of five separate sections. The  whole package comes in at 7.55 pounds, so it’s compact and lightweight enough to be considered portable.

Key Features
  • Includes pole, flag, and ball topper
  • Silver, rust-proof aluminum pole
  • Holds standard (3 x 5 feet) size flag
  • Pole has extra thick 1.2mm walls
  • Brand WeValor
  • Model N/A
  • Weight 7.55 pounds

Top shaft rotates to prevent twisting

Easy setup with no ropes or pulleys

Lightweight for easy transportation


Difficult to sufficiently tighten sections by hand

Sections slip in wet or cold weather

May not hold up under a heavier flag

This flag pole from Valley Forge includes a wheel mount and ground sleeve, ball topper, swivel flag hooks, and a nylon carry case so you’ve got everything you need to fly the stars and stripes from your RV. It is designed to hold a standard-sized (3 by 5 foot) grommeted flag and, although this isn’t included, everything else in the kit is certified as being “Made in the USA.”

The pole is made from fiberglass, which makes it sturdy yet lightweight, and it telescopes to a maximum height of 16 feet. It’s easy to set up, with plastic pins included in the package to secure each section, and not having to fully extend every section means the pole is completely adjustable when it comes to height.

Key Features
  • Fiberglass 16-feet telescoping pole
  • Includes mount, ball topper and case
  • Certified “Made in the USA”
  • Brand Valley Forge Flag Company
  • Model 16TLP-1
  • Weight 10 pounds

Lightweight for easy transportation

Fiberglass construction

Straightforward, easy setup


Base doesn’t fit in carry case

Does not include flag

Not compatible with different sizes of flags

Best RV Flag Poles Buying Guide & FAQs

Now that you’ve seen our picks of the best RV flag poles around, have a look at our buying guide. We’ve outlined the key features to consider when choosing the right flag pole for your RV and answered some of the most frequently asked questions. Whatever you need to know before making your decision, we’ve got you covered.

The Advantages of Owning an RV Flag Pole

You probably have a permanent flagpole outside the house or standing proud on the porch, and you like that you can share your love of your country with the world. But what about when you’re off seeing the beautiful country in your motorhome?

Having a portable flag pole that you can keep in the RV and put up with ease wherever you are means you’ll always be prepared on national holidays. And it might even help you spot where you’ve parked!

  • Show your patriotism by flying the stars and stripes no matter where the road takes you.
  • A unique flag flying from your very own RV flag pole can help you identify your RV in large, crowded campsites.
  • RV flag poles are lightweight and often collapsible, which makes them much easier to transport than a regular, more permanent, flag pole.

Popular Types of RV Flag Poles

So what type of flag pole is best for your individual needs? Do you want it to be super tall and visible from miles around, or just big enough to stick in the ground by the barbecue? There are two main types of pole for these different requirements, as we explain below.

  • Telescoping Pole

A telescoping flag pole is one that can be extended when in use and collapsed when being transported. They are adjustable and very portable, and are often up to 22 feet in length. Due to the nature of the mechanism, these poles are quite wide in diameter at the base, and much narrower in diameter as you move towards the top end of the pole.

  • Fixed-Height Pole

Fixed-height poles can be inserted into the ground via a stake and don’t need a specific mount to stand tall. They’re super lightweight and easy enough to transport because they usually break down into individual pieces, but you’ll often find this type of pole is much shorter than the telescoping kind. Fixed-height poles are great if you don’t need to see the flag above your RV, and they’re usually much more affordable, too.

What to Consider When Buying an RV Flag Pole

There are some things that you’ll definitely want to take into account before you buy an RV flag pole. But aside from your own personal height preferences, what else do you need to know?

  • Height

RV flag poles vary drastically in height, and how tall you decide to go will depend on personal preference and the intended location. You can get telescoping RV flag poles with adjustable heights to suit different conditions and different campsites, or fixed length flag poles in a height of your choice.

  • Flexibility

The material your RV flag pole is made out of will determine how flexible and durable it is in high winds. If a flag pole is too flexible, it will bend and droop under the weight of the flag. But if a flag pole is too rigid, it is liable to snap in the wind instead of giving way and bending a little.

  • Mount Type

If you’re fixing the RV flag pole to the motorhome itself, you can do this with a hitch mount or, if you have a ladder, a ladder mount. If you simply want to fly your flag while you’re pitched up, a tire mount can be used. This includes a flat panel, which goes underneath the RV wheel and holds the flag pole upright.

Tips for Buying and Using RV Flag Poles

Once you’ve bought your flag pole, you want to make sure you get the best out of it. You’ll probably want something that guards against the flag getting wrapped up, such as anti-wrap rings or a rotating top shaft. While you need some wind to successfully fly a flag, always check with the manufacturer’s advice for what maximum windspeed the pole will be able to withstand. Always follow basic camping safety when erecting your flag pole.

  • Choosing a pole with anti-wrap rings will make sure your flag flies full and straight, no matter how much the wind fluctuates.
  • It’s recommended that full-size flags are only flown in wind speeds up to around 35 miles per hour.
  • Always check for overhead cables and other potential hazards before raising your flag.

Best RV Flag Poles FAQs

We’ve covered most of the things you need to know before jumping in and buying your new RV flag pole. But before you go, check out our FAQs for anything you might be wondering.

Q: What type of material is best for RV flag poles?

RV flag poles are commonly available in aluminum, steel, plastic, and fiberglass. Steel is heavy but very durable, while aluminum and plastic poles are lightweight and often collapsible. Fiberglass gives you the best of both worlds, being both strong and flexible but very lightweight.

Q: Does having an RV flag pole mean you can fly your flag while driving?

If your flag is hitch-mounted, it’s attached low enough that it won’t be swinging around in the wind, so there should be no problem driving your RV without removing the flag. However, it’s not recommended with any other type of mount.

Q: What is the recommended thickness for an RV flag pole?

The thicker the walls of a flag pole, the stronger it will be and the better it will withstand damage from bending in high winds. Thicknesses vary, and heavy-duty poles will have walls around 7mm thick, while lighter-weight options might be as low as 2mm or 3mm.

Our Top Pick

Our overall top pick is Martin’s Flag Co. ‘Made in the USA’ PVC Flagpole. It’s not collapsible and you can’t fix it onto your RV, but it’s lightweight and portable in any motorhome. It can be set up in seconds and comes with everything you need to do so, including a top-quality flag certified by the Flag Manufacturing Association. The furniture-grade PVC won’t discolor in the sun. It measures an inch in diameter and will hold up when the weather isn’t so favorable.

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