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The main issue with living in an RV is space; it almost seems impossible to make proper use of the…

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The Best RV Recliners (Review) in 2023 | Autance © The Best RV Recliners (Review) in 2023 | Autance
Best Choice RecPro RV Double Recliner RecPro RV Double Recliner
Premium Pick The Best RV Recliners (Review) in 2022 RecPro Triple Recliner RV Sofa
Best Value Flash Furniture Multi Position RV Recliner Flash Furniture Multi Position RV Recliner

The main issue with living in an RV is space; it almost seems impossible to make proper use of the little space available. Despite this common issue, having a highly comfortable RV interior is quite doable. There are pieces of furniture available that make it easier to maximize space. One of the most sought-after pieces of furniture comes in the form of a recliner, and there is some good news on that front. There are a handful of RV recliners that conserve space and look great. So, to help campers and roadies find the best option out there, here is a list of the best RV recliners available.

The Best RV Recliner

This piece of furniture is a beauty. Besides its charming and homey aesthetics, the 67” Double Recliner RV Sofa & Console from the RecPro Charles Collection is as functional as they come. Thanks to its make up of polyurethane faux leather, it is durable. Also, the material is incredibly easy to clean, and it’s easy to install even though it looks like grade-A engineering on the outside. What makes it even better is its slim profile, and this among other things makes it extremely suitable for small spaces. This overstuffed sofa offers up all the comfort users need and deserve on a daily basis.

Key Features
  • It is made of durable and easy to clean Faux leather
  • Fully reclines when it is 3 inches away from the wall
  • Users have the option of choosing from different color swatches
  • The center console is fitted with two cup holders as well as an easy flip-up storage area
  • Brand RecPro
  • Model MOD-67CM

It offers up incredibly comfortable seating

The modular configuration makes it easy to fit it in the doorway

The slide is easy to reach since it is located on the inside rather than the outside


There are no manuals included

The faux leather does not hold up against the sands of time

The recliner is not stuffed enough

The RecPro Charles Collection 30” Swivel Glider RV Recliner offers up that perfect balance of style and functionality. The wonderful thing about these chairs is that they are versatile. They have the ability to work and fit seamlessly into any living situation. Whether users want them for an RV or in a regular house, they work just the same. These well-designed chairs are incredibly easy to install and they fit into small spaces. Another standout feature is their handles, which happen to be at the core of operations. The handles come in the form of low-profile recessed paddles that are located on the side of the chair. Once the paddles are pulled, the chair reclines and maximum comfort is unleashed.

Key Features
  • Comes in a one of a kind modular design for easy installation
  • Contains two recliners that are incredibly easy to assemble
  • The headrest, back, and seat cushion are padded
  • It is made of durable and easy to clean Putty Faux leather
  • Brand RecPro
  • Model SGR-30CP-2

It is comfortable and easy to assemble

It comes in a nice and compact design

Fits easily through RV and mobile home doors


The manual recliner is noisy

The controls don’t hold the chair in a reclined position

Reclining mechanism is stiff

As far as wall hugger loveseat recliners for RVs go, this is one of the greats. All of its nifty features coupled with its price make this a great option. All in all, purchasing the Divano Roma Furniture Classic And Traditional Bonded Leather Recliner is a good decision. It comes in the form of a classic brown faux leather recliner that is suitable for two people. The wall hugger loveseat recliner is made of soft bonded leather upholstery. It is further equipped with a mat finish that prevents your skin from sticking to the chair due to sweat. For that extra touch of comfort, it comes in an overstuffed design. Taking it a bit further is the reclining mechanism, which makes sleeping or just laying around a lot comfier.

Key Features
  • It is overstuffed for extra comfort
  • Made with soft bonded leather upholstery equipped with a mat finish
  • The seat conveniently accommodates two people
  • There is very little assembly required
  • Model REC
  • Weight 125 pounds

Great value for money

It is easy to assemble

Made of a sturdy material


It is not as comfortable as it looks

Not suited for big or tall people

Durability is a serious concern

The number one challenge that RV owners face is that of a lack of space. With this wonderful piece of engineering, space is being economized to the maximum. In fact, one of the most sought out features of the RecPro Charles 28″ RV Euro Chair Recliner is it’s sleek European design. Thanks to it, this is one of those camper recliners that can fit into any given space, be it in an RV or at home. This product offers up a compact and slimmed down piece of furniture which does not look at all watered down. Thanks to its size, it can fit in small spaces easily and assembly and installation are even easier to achieve. Its size is not its only notable feature, this reclining chair also happens to be as sturdy as they come. It can undoubtedly hold up against the rigorous demands of life on the road.

Key Features
  • It has a completely streamlined profile
  • Comes in a variety of swatches and shades
  • It is specially built for RV’s
  • Has a deep recline when in a stationary position
  • Brand RecPro
  • Model ECR-28C
  • Weight 60 pounds

Has a sturdy base while swiveling quite well

It is very lightweight and easy to move around

There is no need for tie-downs, they remain stationary while traveling


The chair is not very durable

The quality is not synonymous with the price

It sits low and does not adjust when it comes to height

When sturdiness and functionality come into play, this is one of the few camp recliners that really delivers. The manufacturers of this recliner claim that it is second to none on the front of durability and this has actually been deemed by its users as true. An ergonomic design is what the RecPro Charles Collection | 58″ Double Recliner RV Sofa has to offer, but it is not the only thing. Thanks to it’s durable, machine grade frame offers to users a promise of long use as well as usability like no other. Even better is the fact that it is equipped with bottom brackets which can be used to attach it to the floor. This makes it even more suited for RVs and mobile homes than most of its contemporaries.

Key Features
  • It is made of durable and easy to clean Faux leather
  • Has a modular structure for easy installation
  • The recline is incredibly smooth
  • It can be easily attached to the floor using bottom brackets
  • Brand RecPro
  • Model MOD-58CT

It is easy to mount and assemble once inside the RV

Comes in a range of beautiful swatches

It is lightweight and comfortable


Not suited for large or tall people

The design has been described as primitive

There is not enough padding available

Comfort practically resonates from this well-designed RV recliner loveseat. It is that article of furniture that truly offers up a way to destress after a long day. Anyone looking for a little piece of heaven can find it in the Homelegance Resonance 60″ Bonded Leather Double Reclining Loveseat. This work of art happens to be made of bonded leather which completely adds to the overall suave vibe the chair gives off. It makes use of a release mechanism which easily takes users to their happy place. With the addition of features like it’s overstuffed arms, seats and back this is a one-stop train to comfort like no other. Also. it is equipped with a corner wedge which changes this RV recliner loveseat into a luxurious sectional. What makes it even better is the fact that it has a variety of swatches for users to pick from.

Key Features
  • It is made of bonded leather
  • The arms, seats, and backs are overstuffed
  • It happens to be upholstered with high-density foam
  • It is fitted with a lever-action reclining mechanism for streamlined operation
  • Brand Homelegance
  • Model 9700BLK-2AZ
  • Weight 125 pounds

The material feels great and it is incredibly comfortable

It is a good value for money

The reclining mechanism is as robust as they come


The material is thin and as such is not great for households with pets

It is not well-suited for tall users

The stuffing is not prominent enough

Anyone looking for a great RV recliner can easily find it in this stellar piece of furniture. First, the Flash Furniture Contemporary Multi-Position Recliner is accompanied by a lovely ottoman. It offers luxury, comfort, and functionality from its base to its headrest. Speaking of its base, it is made out of wood and features state-of-the-art ball-bearing construction. This goes a long way to ensure that there is a smooth and effortless swivel movement in the mix. It is also equipped with a comfortable padded seat and back as well as a headrest and upholstered arms. For more reclining action, there is a level placed underneath the right arm that can be manipulated for a full recline. Finally, it is quite easy to clean thanks to the durable leather upholstery.

Key Features
  • It comes in the form of a recliner and Ottoman set
  • Fitted with an integrated headrest
  • The chair itself is made of vintage leather
  • It has a wooden base which makes for stellar swivel movement
  • Brand Flash Furniture
  • Model BT-7821-VIN-GG
  • Weight 54 pounds

It is easy to assemble with very few parts made to be assembled

It is comfortable to sit in

The predrilled holes are aligned correctly


It is advertised as leather but is actually vinyl

It sits very low to the ground

In general, the quality is not too good

This miracle of engineering is a great example of the perfect RV recliner. With a combination of its suave exterior and its incredible functionality, the Thomas Payne 3477221 Alternate Latte Euro Chair is a beauty. Whatever it has on the front of aesthetic appeal, it doubles on the front of usability. Thanks to it’s coveted lean design, it can easily be configured within any RV without taking away from its comfort and all-around aesthetic appeal. In addition to this, it is fitted with an array of useful parts that make it one of the best out there. For instance, it has a reclining backrest accompanied by a pop-out footrest as well as a padded headrest and armrests. These among other components make for a well-rounded reclining chair. Anyone looking for something classy and highly unlikely to end up as a placeholder is barking up the right tree with this product.

Key Features
  • It is lightweight and versatile
  • It is made of a durable and low maintenance PolyHyde material
  • Comes in a sleek European design
  • It has a sturdy wood base equipped with a 360 swivel
  • Brand Thomas Payne
  • Model 3477221
  • Weight 62 pounds

It is attractive and of a high quality

It is comfortable and more compact than its predecessor

Great value for money


It does not come with any manuals or operation documents

Quality control is an issue

The craftsmanship is sub-par

Size does not always matter and this is one of those small recliners for RVs that proves that point perfectly. Even when the economy of space is the main aim, the RecPro Charles Collection 80” Triple Recliner offers unlimited comfort. This 80-inch RV recliner is designed in such a way that users only need three inches of wall clearance to achieve a good recline. The fact that it has a total of three full recliners makes it an even sweeter deal. What’s better is the fact that three of them extend out when users need to crank the comfort up a notch. The couch is made of sturdy polyurethane faux leather. It is equipped with a drop-down middle console that has a total of two beverage holders. All in all, the overall design promises to deliver on the front of comfort and durability.

Key Features
  • It is made of polyurethane faux leather
  • The sofa is made of a total of three recliners
  • It makes use of modular RecPro which makes for easy installation
  • Fitted with a metal interlocking base
  • Brand RecPro
  • Model MOD-80CT

It can be placed right up to the wall to conserve space

The construction is stellar

It is incredibly easy to install and set-up


The fabric begins to breakdown too soon

The three couches do not lie back completely flat

Quality control is an issue

When it comes to wall hugger recliners for RVs, this option is the belle of the ball. All its unique features work hand in hand to ensure that the recliner offers up a wholly satisfying experience. The ProLounger Wall Hugger Recliner Chair is aptly equipped with a durable, stain-resistant, khaki microfiber. This goes a long way to make it the durable and comfortable RV recliner sofa that it is. Thanks to its sought-out wall hugger design, it only requires about 4-inches of clearance from the wall when reclining or lifting. In turn, this ensures that there is very little floor space utilized when it comes to this product.

It also offers up ultra-padded armrests as well as an entire chaise pad which is fitted in between the chair and leg rest. The cushions themselves are stuffed with high-density foam, making this one of the most comfortable options on the market.

Key Features
  • The chair is covered in a stain-resistant 100-Percent polyester khaki microfiber
  • It comes in a space-saving wall hugger design
  • It is fitted with ultra-padded armrests as well as a full chaise pad
  • Made around a laminated hardwood frame
  • Brand Handy Living
  • Model RCL5-AAA82
  • Weight 66.1 pounds

It is easy to set up

Can comfortably be used by tall and bigger people

The reclining mechanism works perfectly


The back is not high enough

It wears and tears very easily

It is hard to get the latch closed

Best RV Recliners Buying Guide & FAQ

When it comes to finding the perfect RV recliner a lot of factors come into play. These factors are even more crucial because RV chairs end up in very small spaces. A potential buyer has to be sensitive to quite a lot in order to land a perfect chair. Based on that, here are some much-needed pointers for securing the best RV recliners out there.

Things to Consider When Buying an RV Recliner

  • Material

The material used to make a recliner goes a long way to determine where it will and how it will be used. For instance, anyone situated in an area with hot weather should generally stay away from leather since it is not breathable. Additionally, the material needs to be sturdy and durable to ensure that users get enough value for their money.

  • Aesthetics

Aesthetic appeal is just as important as any other factor out there. For a more seamless and blended look altogether, users should look for swatches and designs that fit their interiors. This does not put down other aspects of the RV chairs and recliners, rather it highlights them. Altogether, it will make users a lot happier with their purchase.

  • Comfort

Since this is the premise that RV recliners are made on, it is no use to get one that does not represent on this front. In the case that a user cannot go down to the store and try out the chair for themselves, reviews are the next way to police this. All in all, some research has to be conducted in order to be totally sure about this.

  • Price

All in all, RV recliners do not come cheap, nevertheless, there are grades when it comes to these products. Based on this, each user is saddled with the responsibility of finding the most cost-effective option out there. Once a realistic price range has been determined, users can then enjoy a more streamlined purchase experience. All in all, this will trim the fat and help them focus on what is attainable.

Benefits of a Recliner for RV

  • It Can Be Used By Anyone

This is not one of those products that are tailored to a certain group of people. RV recliners and their numerous benefits can be enjoyed by anyone who wants one. The comfort they offer is great for the older generation, but best believe that the kids can get in on it as well. So, if comfort is the endgame, these chairs are the route to take.

  • It Helps With Blood Circulation

Does it sound a little out there? Well, it is as true as the sky is blue. This can be attributed to the fact that RV recliners balance the upper and lower body. As such, there is an even amount of blood in all parts of the at the same time. Further, this eliminates fatigue and helps users to be more relaxed. Taking it a notch up, some models of these chairs are fitted with a zero-gravity function. This ensures that the heart works hard without high levels of activity. So, once again, it results in improved circulation.

  • It Deals With Body Pain

It goes without saying, especially since these chairs are built for comfort, that they tackle body pains head-on. Any stress on the shoulder, neck, and back are continuously alleviated when in an RV recliner. The added plus is that they do not only deal with pain, they also prevent it thanks to the way they position the body. Most especially for people who have to sit for long periods of time, these chairs come in handy.

Types of RV Recliners

  • Standalone RV Recliners

Think of it the same way you would a single-seater couch. Altogether, it can only be used by one person at a go. Based on this, they better serve lone travelers or individuals who already have other seats present in their mobile home. They are a lot easier to place in the RV since it is just one seat. Additionally, they are a lot cheaper than bigger models which may come in the form of double recliners.

  • Double Recliners

Do not let the word ‘double’ mislead you, the term covers any recliner that can accommodate more than one person at a go. So whether it is a two or three-seater, it falls comfortably into this category. They offer up more than just one seat without taking up much space at all. They may not be as adaptable or affordable as their standalone counterparts but they have their perks. For anyone traveling in a group, this could be a viable way of providing additional seating areas.

  • RV Sofa

What sets this apart from the crowd? Not only does it recline, but RV sofas fully convert into a bed. With a contraption like this, users can really save a whole lot of space. It can serve as either extra sleeping space or the main sleeping space if the need arises. It also acts as a stylish couch when the need arises, which is practically every day.

Best RV Recliners FAQ

Q: What is an RV recliner?

This is a special space-saving chair that is most suited for use in RVs, mobile homes or places with limited space. These chairs also happen to recline at an angle for extra comfort.

Q: How does it work?

If it uses a cable system, then a lever simply lifts or releases the footrest manually using a cable, then the chair tilts back. Some other models make use of an arm located on the side of the chair. What the arm does is to turn a crank which in turn raises the footrest and reclines the chair.

Q: How do I clean my RV recliner?

There is no clear cut way to do this, it depends on the product and the material used to make it. So, the best way to go about this is by consulting the literature that comes with the recliner. This will give proper insight into the best methods and substances for cleaning.

Q: Can I put regular furniture in my RV?

Since it is a mobile home, this is not advisable. Most regular furniture options do not make provision for users to tie or nail them down. Also, when considering the space-saving aspect, RV furniture takes the crown.

Our Top Pick

This product aptly has quality at its core; the recliner itself is made out of a durable and easy to clean faux leather material. More specifically, the material used to make it is Polyurethane and this accounts for its all-around sturdiness. With top-notch features like it’s modular structure and its double reclining abilities, it is incredibly suited for RVs and small spaces as a whole. The fact that it only needs a 3-inch clearance to recline is the cherry on the top. All in all, when it comes to RV recliners, this is the product to contend with.


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