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No matter where a home is located, chances are that it needs a refrigerator. These handy devices are a must…

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The Best RV Refrigerators (Review) in 2023 | Autance © The Best RV Refrigerators (Review) in 2023 | Autance
Best Choice Midea Double Door Mini RV Refrigerator Midea Double Door Mini RV Refrigerator
Premium Pick NORCOLD INC 2 Way RV Refrigerator NORCOLD INC 2 Way RV Refrigerator
Best Value hOmeLabs RV Mini Fridge hOmeLabs RV Mini Fridge

No matter where a home is located, chances are that it needs a refrigerator. These handy devices are a must have in every household. So, it’s only natural that they would be an important component in an RV. Seeing as they are incredibly handy, there are a variety of different models available. So, which one should you choose? Here is a compilation of some of the best RV refrigerators to help you make the right buying decision.

The Best RV Refrigerator

It is no surprise that the Midea WHD-113FB1 Double Door Mini Fridge is at the top of this list. From its adjustable temperature ranges to its numerous compartments, this is the RV refrigerator to contend with. It is compact and has a whole “The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe” vibe working for it. In terms of design, it is well thought out. It comes with adjustable legs and a reversible door that can open from left or right.

Key Features
  • Comes with a functional interior light
  • It is fitted with reversible doors
  • Perfect size; larger than a mini-fridge yet smaller than a standard-sized fridge
  • Fitted with glass shelves as well as some built-in beverage holders
  • Brand MIDEA
  • Model 52.2 pounds
  • Weight WHD-113FB1

It is not too noisy

Comes in their perfect size for places with limited space

Overall very aesthetically pleasing


Has the tendency to develop extra frost and ice in the back

Some of the shelves come in an awkward size and/or position

Overall very inconsistent temperature control

This under-the-counter option is bound to save users a whole lot of space while being a high-quality piece of engineering at the same time. With its large interior capacity, it is quite a surprise that the hOmeLabs Mini Fridge takes up as little space as it does. Thanks to its all-around efficiency, this device is not limited to being used in an RV. It can also function quite well in dormitories, bedrooms, and even offices. It makes use of fridge liners for an organized and well-thought-out space. What makes it even better is that it is incredibly easy to clean. The shelves slide right off, providing ample access to areas that are usually unreachable. It also has excellent temperature control, and users can truly enjoy the benefits of a good fridge through and through.

Key Features
  • It is perfectly sized for minimal space conditions
  • Has a straightforward and easy process for temperature control
  • The presence of a reversible door increases the space within
  • It comes with a total of three removable glass shelves
  • Brand hOmeLabs
  • Model HME030210N
  • Weight 43.6 pounds

It has ample space within

Great value for money

It has an overall great design and it works well


It makes a whole lot of noise

Too big to fit under a counter in order to preserve space

The door can be a bit hard to open

As far as two-door refrigerators go, this compact unit is one of the best available. It is also suited for RV use thanks to its size. All in all, the Kuppet Compact Refrigerator is a sleek and well-designed specimen that will add that oomph to any space it graces. They say it is not all about the looks, but if it was this is a great option. But it is not just a ‘pretty face’, it is also a testament to cutting-edge refrigeration technology. Apart from its outward design, the interior of this fridge is amazing. It features a functional set of compartments as well as a mini-freezer for items that  need to remain frozen, such as ice cream. In a nutshell, this is the option to go for when it comes to balance between aesthetics and functionality.

Key Features
  • It is energy-efficient and makes use of LED lights within
  • Fitted with adjustable tempered glass shelves
  • It offers up to users precision when it comes to temperature control
  • Has a two-door design
  • Brand Kuppet
  • Model 1022003000#kuus
  • Weight 52.9 pounds

Comes with a nice, compact freezer

It is not noisy at all

Overall it features a well thought out design


The size specifications are a bit off for most standard spaces

There are a number of defective products in circulation

The freezer is not frost-free

The Avanti two-door apartment-sized refrigerator has adjustable and removable glass shelves and door bins. One door rack holds two-liter bottles. The door is reversible, so it can swing open either left or right based on your needs. The refrigerator has a see-through crisper and an interior light. Users have complete temperature control and can install the unit efficiently using the leveling legs. The fridge is CFC free and ADA compliant. Overall, it’s a solid unit, and it doesn’t draw too much power. It’s also quiet and cools and freezes items quickly.

Key Features
  • It is reliable and happens to be energy star related
  • Fitted with reversible doors
  • Offers up the full range temperature control
  • It has adjustable/removable glass shelves and bins
  • Brand Avanti
  • Model RA7316PST
  • Weight 92 pounds

Has a good seal on the door

It gets cold very quickly

Has ample room inside


The shelving is somewhat awkward

Quite a high number of factory damaged specimens

Quality control is an issue

There is no doubt that this is a sturdy refrigerator, and it is all there in the aesthetics. Not only is it a great option for any RV, but it is also well-suited for anyone in trucking. The ICECO VL60 Portable Refrigerator is a long-term camp fridge. It is packed with features that have ranked it as one of the top RV fridges available. Thanks to its shockproof design, this RV fridge can hold its own against all that the road has to offer. When it comes to durability, this device has got you covered. In addition, it is  quite versatile. Not only does it make use of an AC adaptor, but a DC option can also be used to power it.

Key Features
  • It is quiet and perfect for low noise environments
  • Its temperature adjustment unit is LED displayed and digitized
  • Comes fitted with 2 removal wire baskets
  • Comes in a unique and efficient design
  • Brand ICECO
  • Model 60L
  • Weight 1.76 ounces

It is sturdy and made with military-grade materials

It works and runs well

The overall design is great for small spaces


It does not hold temperature well like a traditional fridge or cooler

Does not work once the vehicle's engine is switched off

It has quality control issues

Anyone on the lookout for space, organization and all-around efficiency in a compact form is in luck. As a Dometic fridge, this device represents the brand to the core on all fronts. The Dometic Double Door RV Refrigerator offers up all the comforts of a large fridge in a nice comfy package. It is loaded with features that make it the best option for mobile homes of all types. First, it has a seven-cubic-foot capacity, which is one cubic foot more than rival brands with the same exterior dimensions. In addition, it has four interior food shelves and self-locking door handles. What makes it even better is its eye-level automatic LED controls that make it incredibly easy to use and operate. The list goes on and on, making this one of the best domestic refrigerators available.

Key Features
  • It has four shelves and self-locking door handles
  • It features a flush-mounted interior light
  • It is sturdily constructed
  • All the electronic controls are conveniently placed at eye level
  • Brand Dometic
  • Model RM3762RB
  • Weight 128 pounds

It is straightforward and easy to install

It cools and freezes as it should

The seal on the doors is secure


You need to install a door panel if it's a new installation

It does not operate on 12-volt DC

To open the door right to left you need to order a conversion kit

Its all-around look and design is already a testament to what a beast this fridge is. Coming in a range of shapes, sizes, and designs, the Whynter 65-Quart Portable Refrigerator/Freezer is exactly what the doctor ordered for your RV. This particular model comes in the form of a benchtop fridge that has the ability to keep your food and drinks cool. It can conveniently cool its contents between -6-degrees Fahrenheit to 50-degrees Fahrenheit, which makes it a true fridge/freezer in its own right. One of its major standout features is the fact that it is a two-in-one appliance. Not only does it act as a fridge, but it also doubles as a freezer.

Key Features
  • It can double as both a fridge and freezer
  • Has a sturdy and high-quality outer casing
  • Comes in the form of a highly functional compressor cooling system
  • Has a handy fast freeze mode feature
  • Brand Whynter
  • Model FM-65G
  • Weight 62 pounds

It is easy to set up and make use of

Makes use of very little power to stay up and running

It is the perfect size to be used in a limited amount of space


It is bulky and not easy to move around

It acts as either a fridge or a freezer and cannot do both at once

Hard to fix and repair once it is damaged

The best products are often quite simple in design and usage. On that front, the SMETA Electric 110V Mini Fridge is definitely a winner. It comes in a nice and compact design and can fit seamlessly into any mobile home. What makes it even better is the fact that users do not have to deal with the noise usually associated with refrigerators. This option does not contain a compressor or fan and is incredibly quiet. The fact that this RV fridge was originally developed for commercial use goes a long way to prove how sturdy it is.

Key Features
  • It has a reversible single door which is conveniently fitted with a lock
  • Comes with an automatic defrost function
  • It consumes minimal energy and is environmentally friendly
  • Suitable for small spaces thanks to its compact size
  • Brand SMETA
  • Model SDW-40
  • Weight 40 pounds

It cools and freezes adequately

The lock is a great feature for mobile homes

The seal on the door is excellent


It does not make use of power adequately in DC mode

Quality control is an issue

There are quite a few defective products in circulation

For RVs, boats, trucks and basically any four-wheeled vehicle, this is a handy carry along that does not take up much space. Regardless of environmental factors, this is a camper fridge that does what it sets out to do. The ARB Portable Fridge Freezer is a viable option for keeping food frozen or just plain cold. This is not your typical 12-volt freezer, it happens to function as an actual fridge or freezer. So rather than leaving your food susceptible to rapid defrosting or simply going bad, employ the use of this highly functional device. This 63-quart unit has Bluetooth connectivity for more control. The control panel buttons are backlit, and the customizable display can be dimmed. There are so many upsides to owning this compact unit.

Key Features
  • Bluetooth allows control and monitoring via Android or Apple devices
  • The app displays temperature, power input voltage, fridge compressor status, etc.
  • Includes a a dimmable, backlit touchpad for nighttime operation
  • Removable lid and reversible basket
  • Brand ARB
  • Model Classic Series II
  • Weight 49.9 pounds

It is energy-efficient and draws a very little amount of power

Interior LED light

Three-year warranty



Not large enough for bigger RVs

Many of the same features of the Series I Fridge Freezers 

Being the largest in its class may be its main selling point, but there is so much more to this state-of-the-art RV refrigerator. This top-notch device offers functionality and durability like no other. With the NORCOLD INC 2 Way Refrigerator, users can be sure to enjoy a seamless experience. This new and improved product offers up a range of additional features that really make it stand out from the pack. Users have the option of bringing their home with them on the road. It comes with DUAL MAGNA strips that can hold magnets for good grades, to-do lists and so much more. Users even have the option of reusing panels from their old refrigerators. All in all, its newly designed exterior is just what the doctor ordered for a seamless and superior experience.

Key Features
  • It is the largest in its class with  a total of 6.3 cubic feet of storage
  • Offers up both AC and DC operation
  • It is fitted with divided doors
  • Has a handy LCD control panel
  • Model DE0061R
  • Weight 114 pounds

Its overall design is efficient

Fitted with one of the best cooling technologies on the market

It is incredibly easy to install


The layout is imbalanced with too much freezer space in relation to the fridge space

Quality control is an issue

It is too short for a run of the mill RV cutout

Best RV Refrigerator Buying Guide & FAQ

In this day and age, a refrigerator is considered a basic necessity. Even for those on the move in all sorts of vehicles, having a fridge could make all the difference. So many factors need to be considered when looking for a good camper refrigerator. To make the search a whole less tedious, here are a few.

Features to Consider When Buying an RV Refrigerator

  • Size

Chances are that before anyone sets out to buy an RV fridge they have an idea of the amount of space they have available. In order to get the most suitable size users should consult conversion and size charts religiously. That way, no one ends up with a camper fridge that is too big or little for the allotted space.

  • Installation Process

Even in this DIY age, there are some things which are harder than others. While some people can tinker and get it done, others may not be so gifted. If you fall into the latter category, it is advisable to opt for it to be installed by the dealer.

  • Price

This is definitely one of those products that are a lot better as the price tag goes higher. So, potential users should be aware that it presents a tangible expense. At least, some models go for $900 dollars but that price can soar as well. On the high side, users should be prepared to spend about $2900.

  • Capacity

Based on the needs of the user, this is a very important area to look into. Though most of these devices may come in a similar outward size, their capacity differs. So, it is wholly up to prospective buyers to gauge their needs and read between the lines when it comes to internal capacity.

Benefits of an RV Fridge

  • Economy of Space

This is at the core of all the reasons why an RV refrigerator is a good investment. Residential fridges may be more affordable, but these offer up a compact exterior with ample space within. When in an RV, making the most use of the space allotted is paramount. Based on that alone, an RV fridge is a better choice.

  • Power Sources

RV refrigerators do not only run on electricity, unlike their residential counterparts. It is all about choices and preferences with these devices. They have the ability to run on either electricity or propane. The great part of all this is that both of these power sources happen to be easily accessible.

  • Sturdy Build

In order to hold their own against the various terrains of the road, these devices are built to last. A few dings and dents here and there are not enough to keep an RV fridge from running. They are built to be able to endure the stress and rugged conditions as a whole.

Types of Camper Refrigerator

  • Thermoelectric Coolbox

For those with a small budget and even less space, this is the way to go. These may not necessarily freeze the contents within but they have the ability to keep them cool. The downside to these is that they do not maintain temperature too well. An extremely sunny day could wreak a lot of havoc to the contents within.

  • Gas Fridge

These options are generally powered by propane and they are quite efficient and quiet as a whole. When it comes to this option, DIY installation is really not an option. It is incredibly complicated and must be overseen and signed off by a GasSafe registered engineer.

  • Compressor Fridge

These options run on technology that everyone is pretty much familiar with. Nevertheless, when it comes to their general design, it is quite fluid. They can come in the form of a fridge, a coolbox, and even a drawer. Some models even come with freezer compartments for extra convenience.

How to Install Your New RV Fridge

Overall, the process first involves uninstalling the previous model if there was one. Most times, this is already hardwired and connected to the electrical or gas system of the RV. So, users may need to rearrange the electrical internal network then handle the gas installation. This can prove to be quite tedious for someone who does not know the ropes. As such, it is advisable to opt for installation to be carried out by the user.

Best RV Refrigerator FAQ:

Q: What is an RV fridge and how does it work?

It is simply a compact fridge that can be used in an RV or an area of limited space. Though they use the same general mechanics as a residential fridge, they can make do without a compressor or any moving parts. All in all, they are either powered by propane or electricity which are used to heat a given refrigerant. The cooling and heating of the said refrigerant are what keeps the fridge nice and cool.

Q: How do I maintain my camper refrigerator?

First and foremost, users should endeavor to install a muffin fan inside your refrigerator. This will help to circulate the cold air throughout the fridge and freezer. Not only does this do wonders for the food within, but it also makes the fridge function more optimally. Additionally, be sure to look out for closed valves or clogged tubes. Outside this, do not hesitate to seek help from a technician.

Q: How long will my RV refrigerator last?

Ideally, these devices last as long as a motor home itself. So, some specimens out there have the ability to last up to a whopping 10-15 years. Though this is a strong possibility, some options do not last that long at all thanks to failing parts.

Q: Can I put a regular fridge in an RV?

It is not advisable solely on the premise of durability. Regular fridges just do not have the sturdy build to survive the ups and downs of mobile life. They are manufactured using soft metals that will instantly give way if used in a mobile home.

Our Top Pick

Being in a mobile home does not mean that the quality of life has to be reduced at all. This RV fridge is a clear indicator of this. Not only is it perfectly sized for small spaces, but it has ample room inside to fit everything from groceries to drinks. What is even better is that you will never know it’s there. With its Whisper Quiet technology, this fridge is incredibly quiet and in turn quite efficient. To crown it all up, it is an energy-efficient option for the modern-day individual.

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