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It may not be the most glamorous piece of equipment, but a good RV toilet can make your camping trip…

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The Best RV Toilets (Review) in 2023 | Autance © The Best RV Toilets (Review) in 2023 | Autance
Best Choice Porta Potti Thetford RV Toilet Porta Potti White Thetford Corp RV Toilet
Premium Pick Nature's Head RV Toilet Nature's Head Self Contained Composting RV Toilet
Best Value Camco Portable RV Toilet Camco 41541 Portable RV Toilet

It may not be the most glamorous piece of equipment, but a good RV toilet can make your camping trip considerably more comfortable – not to mention more hygienic. These specially designed camper toilets work in a variety of ways, but all are designed to provide RV inhabitants with a convenient place to relieve themselves during trips. This is usually achieved with minimal water usage, unlike a conventional toilet.

When it comes to choosing an RV toilet, you’ll be met with an abundance of options. With so many to choose from, finding the perfect toilet for your RV or camper can be surprisingly challenging. Fortunately, we’re here to help – we’ve scoured the internet to bring you the top RV toilets available right now. To help you make an informed decision, and properly care for your new equipment, we’ve also compiled a handy buying guide below. Whether you’re installing a toilet from scratch, or updating a current system, we’re confident our list has you covered.

The Best RV Toilet

Making a splash (pun intended) at the top of our list is this compact RV Porta Potty. The portable toilet is perfect for RVs, boats, trucks, vans, camping trips and more. Its sleek design fits in wherever required, and resembles a conventional toilet enough to make campers feel at home. Fitted with a four gallon water tank, there’s no need to sacrifice that powerful flush just because you’re away from home. Powered by battery, and built to a comfortable height, this modern portable toilet is the perfect away-from-home bathroom.

Underneath, the toilet can hold 5.5 gallons of waste-water. This significant capacity reduces the number of times you’ll need to empty it during a trip. When it is time to empty the tank, a rotating pour-out spout ensures you won’t encounter any unhygienic splashback. The toilet is cleverly designed for safety, hygiene, and convenience. The waste-water tank is totally leak-proof, and prevents any odors from escaping thanks to a sealed valve. A convenient carry handle on the side of the toilet makes it easy to move from place to place, while a built-in paper holder enhances convenience.

Key Features
  • Comfortable seat height resembles a regular toilet
  • Compact, sleek, and easy to transport
  • Fitted with a 4 gallon fresh-water tank and 5.5 gallon waste-water tank
  • Battery powered
  • Leak-proof and odor free
  • No splash-back emptying mechanism
  • Integrated toilet paper dispenser
  • Brand Porta Potti
  • Model 92360
  • Weight 10 pounds

The next portable toilet to earn a spot on our list is by Dometic. Their compact low-profile toilet is an excellent space saver for any RV. It’s easy to install, thanks to a simple two-bolt system, and easy access water connections. Designed like a conventional toilet, it’s comfortable to use and helps RV residents to feel at home.

Dometic’s RV toilet is also very hygienic. Its power flush ensures that waste water is fully disposed of every time, keeping the bowl clean and preventing any unwanted odors from permeating into your living space. An innovative drop-away ball and valve system also helps to keep waste water and odors stowed in the waste tank where they belong. For ease of use and improved hygiene, the toilet flushes by a hands-free foot pedal. It also features an adjustable water level, and is easy to service thanks to interchangeable modular components.

Key Features
  • Excellent space saver
  • Easy to install, thanks to a 2-bolt system and easy access water connections
  • Power flush ensures a clean bowl
  • Comfortable to use
  • Traps odors and waste water inside the waste tank
  • Easy to service thanks to modular parts
  • Brand Dometic
  • Model 302310071
  • Weight 23.5 pounds

Camco have also earned themselves a spot on our list, with their simple and convenient portable toilet. Available with either a 2.6 or 5.3 gallon waste tank, the toilet is sure to meet the needs of every camper. It’s fully portable, making it suitable for use in RVs, campers, tents, and more. Thanks to its 2.5 gallon fresh water tank, there’s no need to sacrifice a conventional flush just because you’re on the road. This surprisingly powerful flush operates via a bellows-type pump, so there’s no need for electricity or batteries.

The toilet is made from lightweight but durable polyethylene, making it easy to transport wherever you go. This portability is further improved by integrated carry handles. Thanks to its sealed gate valve, all waste water is securely stored in the tank below the bowl. This tight seal protects against leaks, and seals odors inside for a hygienic and comfortable experience. The toilet is also designed for easy emptying.

Key Features
  • Available with a waste tank capacity of 2.6 or 5.3
  • Fully portable; lightweight with integrated carry handles
  • 2.5 gallon fresh water tank for flushing
  • Bellows-pump flush operation requires no batteries or electricity
  • Waste tank is leak proof and traps odors inside
  • Brand Camco
  • Model 41541
  • Weight 10.8 pounds

The next option to earn a spot on our list is this Thetford RV toilet. With its high profile and classic design, it’s just like a regular toilet you’d find at home. Its universal design is suitable for all RVs, and offers a hygienic flush that covers 100% of the bowl, for improved hygiene. Its textured lid sheds water and resits scuffs, improving cleanliness and lending the system a fresh and shiny appearance.

The lightweight design is made using durable high density plastic. This ensures the toilet is easy to install and service, and won’t weigh you down on the go. Its flush function is activated by a convenient pedal, which allows hands-free operation for improved hygiene. To help you save water, the toilet can be fitted with an optional hand-sprayer. This nifty device allows you to spot rinse the bowl, removing the need for a second full flush if waste sticks around.

Key Features
  • Lightweight and durable toilet for all RVs
  • Flush provides 100% bowl coverage for excellent hygiene
  • High profile, just like a conventional toilet
  • Hands-free flush via pedal mechanism
  • Optional hand sprayer can be fitted to improve water efficiency
  • Protects against odors in the living space
  • Brand Thetford
  • Model Aqua-Magic V RV Toilet
  • Weight 9.5 pounds

Earning the brand a second spot on our list is this Dometic RV toilet. Designed to mirror the shape and appearance of a regular toilet, it’s made with ceramic and wood, for that home away from home feel. Equipped with a pressurized full-rim flush, the toilet delivers a clean, hygienic bowl each time. This flush is activated with an ergonomic foot pedal, for ease of use and improved cleanliness.

Despite appearances, it’s much more efficient than a conventional toilet, using a fraction of the water normally required for a domestic toilet flush. The toilet can also be fitted with an optional hand sprayer, improving its efficiency by spot-cleaning, removing the need for a second flush.

Key Features
  • Ceramic, standard-height toilet for RVs
  • Comfortable and durable, made with ceramic and wood
  • Equipped with a pressurized rim-flush for full bowl coverage
  • Ergonomic foot pedal to fill the bowl and flush
  • Highly efficient, pressurized flush
  • Optional hand sprayer for improved efficiency
  • Easy to install
  • Brand Dometic
  • Model 302320081
  • Weight 37 pounds

Making their third entry onto our list is Thetford, with this high profile hand flush toilet. If you or your family struggle with a foot pedal flush, this classic-style RV toilet could be the perfect solution. Thanks to its height, the toilet is comfortable to use, and feels just like a conventional plumbed-in toilet. Unlike a conventional toilet, though, it’s highly efficient, helping you save water wherever you roam.

Its powerful flushing system provides 100% bowl coverage, for hygienic use, while its textured lid is designed to shed water and resist wear and tear. These features add up to a clean and convenient toilet that’s easy to use. At under 10 pounds, you can rest assured it won’t weigh down your RV either, so there’s no need to worry about wasted fuel. While the toilet’s hand flush mechanism is easy to use, it can also be fitted with a hand sprayer, for an even more efficient bowl rinse.

Key Features
  • High profile RV toilet with hand flush mechanism
  • Comfortable to use; feels like a conventional toilet
  • Highly efficient, pressurized flush
  • 100% bowl coverage
  • Easy to install in any RV
  • Textures lid sheds water and resists scuffs, for improved cleanliness
  • Lightweight for greater fuel efficiency
  • Optional hand-sprayer
  • Brand Thetford
  • Model 273175-1
  • Weight 7.4 pounds

Leopard Outdoor Products have also earned themselves a spot on our list, with their compact and cost effective portable toilet. Made from lightweight plastic and fitted with ergonomic handles, the toilet is easy to take with you wherever you roam. It features a 5.3 gallon waste tank, reducing the need for frequent emptying. Waste water is kept safely in check, thanks to its 100% leak-proof and odor free design.

When it’s time to empty the waste water, a handy rotating spout makes for convenient, splash resistant pouring. Meanwhile, a three gallon fresh water tank provides all the water necessary for a simple, hygienic flush. This unique three-way flush ensures 100% bowl coverage, so there’s no need to sacrifice good hygiene on your camping adventure. The flush is activated through a bellows-stye pump, meaning the toilet requires no batteries or electricity to perform its proper function.

Key Features
  • Fully portable camping toilet
  • Made with lightweight plastic
  • Integrated carry handles ensure convenient transportation
  • 5.3 gallon waste tank reduces the need for regular emptying
  • Leak-proof tank contains odors and all waste water
  • Easy to empty, thanks to a rotating waste spout
  • 3 gallon fresh water tank
  • 3-way flush for 100% bowl coverage
  • Pump-powered; no battery required
  • Brand Leopard Outdoor Products
  • Model 301266
  • Weight 13.45 pounds

If you’re looking for a more eco-friendly toilet option, look no further than this composting toilet for RVs by Nature’s Head. Designed by two long time sailors, the toilet is specially designed for life at sea – but it’s equally at home on the land, and on the road. Unlike other composting toilets on the market, it’s clever design makes for a totally odor-free experience.

Where water is scarce, this dry, urine-diverting toilet is a great alternative. It works by drying out waste, which helps to prevent pathogens from flourishing. During the drying process, waste is stored inside a ‘vault’, where it’s gently ventilated to facilitate the drying process. Thanks to the impressive capacity of the Nature’s Head, toilet, it can accommodate two people, full time, for three whole weeks between cleanouts.

Key Features
  • Waterless, composting toilet for boats, RVs, and off-the-grid living
  • Designed for odor-free use
  • Easy to empty
  • Helps waste to dry out for responsible composting
  • Large capacity requires infrequent emptying
  • Can accommodate 2 people, full time, for 3 weeks without emptying
  • Requires compositing material to function
  • Brand Nature's Head
  • Model NH-SPH
  • Weight 28 pounds

Thetford have earned their fourth and final spot on our list with this compact and modern portable toilet. Thanks to its sleek appearance, it isn’t an eye sore, and acts as a great waste disposal solution during camping trips, RV excursions, and more. It features a waste water tank with a capacity of 3.2 gallons – more than enough to avoid constant emptying. When it is time to empty the toilet, the task is made simple with a rotating pour-out spout, designed to resist splash back for improved hygiene.

Meanwhile, the toilet’s fresh water tank can hold up to four gallons – more than enough for numerous flushes on the go. Thanks to its ergonomic carry handle, and lightweight materials, the handy toilet is easy to carry wherever you go. Its leak proof design ensures that you won’t have to deal with unwanted odors, while a bellows pump flush provides impressive bowl coverage.

Key Features
  • Compact and fully portable toilet
  • Lightweight materials and ergonomic carry handle make for easy transportation
  • Waste tank capacity of 3.2 gallons
  • Fresh water tank capacity of 4 gallons
  • Rotating pour-out spout for easy emptying
  • Leak proof design traps odors in the waste tank
  • Bellows-pump flush offers good bowl coverage
  • Brand Thetford
  • Model 92814
  • Weight 10.15 pounds

Last, but not least, comes this portable toilet by Dometic. Made from rugged ABS plastic, the device is tailored to stand up to the toughest conditions, making it the perfect option for you more adventurous campers. This durable surface is easy to clean, too, for improved hygiene on the go. Dometic’s compact and convenient toilet features a five gallon waste water tank, reducing the number of times it needs to be emptied during a trip.

Thanks to a fresh water tank, the toilet can deliver a powerful flush, using less than a pint of water each time. This flush is powered by pump, with minimal pup action – hence minimal effort – required to clean the bowl each time. When it’s time to empty the toilet, an extra long, pivoting discharge spout leads to less mess, and greater convenience.

Key Features
  • Compact, portable toilet, perfect for camping adventures and more
  • Made from rugged and durable ABS plastic
  • Easy to empty, thanks to an extra long discharge spout
  • 5 gallon waste water capacity
  • Easy to clean
  • Comfortable to use
  • Brand Dometic
  • Model 301097506
  • Weight 12.65 pounds

Best RV Toilet Buying Guide & FAQ

These 10 RV toilets are the best of the bunch – whether you’re looking for a fully portable solution, or an integrated upgrade for your RV, we’re confident there’s something on the list to meet your needs. To help you select your ideal option, and maintain your new toilet properly, we’ve compiled this handy guide. Below, we run through what to bear in mind when choosing an RV toilet, how they work, and how you can best maintain one.

Things to Consider When Buying an RV Toilet

When it’s time to choose a toilet for your RV, there are a few key factors to bear in mind:

  • Portability

If you don’t plan to plumb your new toilet directly into the RV system, then portability is an important attribute to look out for. Pay attention to how heavy and bulky the device is, and watch out for a compact design and integrated carry handles. Even if the toilet will be permanently plumbed into your RV, its weight is worth considering, since a lighter vehicle makes for better fuel economy.

  • Capacity

When selecting a fully portable toilet, capacity is an important factor to consider. Some portable toilets have larger waste tanks than others, and the size of tank you require will depend upon how many people will be using the toilet, and for how long. Larger tanks may be heavier, but they don’t need to be emptied as frequently.

  • Ease of Installation

Many RVs are built to accommodate an integrated toilet, but not all RV toilets are easy to install. To save yourself some time and effort, look out for a simple installation system, usually indicated by easy access water connections, interchangeable components, and a two bolt mounting system.

Benefits Of Installing An RV Toilet

Installing a toilet in your RV, whether portable or permanent, brings a whole host of benefits:

  • Having an RV toilet allows you to camp off the beaten track without worrying about bathroom practicalities
  • RV toilets are available in a wide range of types to meet every need
  • RV toilets are designed to use minimal water
  • Using an RV toilet is more hygienic than relieving yourself in the wilderness
  • Many RV toilets are easy to install and maintain
  • Having a toilet on your RV ensures you won’t have to use potentially dirty truck stop toilets on long journeys

Types of RV Toilets

RV toilets come in all shapes and sizes, which fall into a few key categories:

  • Composting Toilets

Unlike the toilets we usually encounter today, composting toilets allow waste to break down naturally, rather than treating it with chemicals. To ensure this process occurs quickly, they don’t use water. This feature makes them a great option in areas where water is scarce. When used properly, compost from these dry toilets makes an excellent natural fertilizer. Despite these benefits, maintaining a composting toilet may take some practice, and you’ll need to add a composting material, such as sawdust, to the device now and again.

  • Portable Flush Toilets

Fully portable toilets aren’t plumbed in anywhere – they have their own fresh water tank, waste water tank, and flushing mechanism, all integrated into a single piece of kit. Because they’re relatively easy to move around, portable toilets are ideal for camping off the beaten track. However, once the waste tank is full, you’ll need to find a plumbed in toilet or sewage disposal tank to empty it.

  • Plumbed-in RV Toilets

Other toilets can be plumbed directly into your RV, gaining access to its large fresh water tank, and disposing of waste using its waste tank. This type of toilet doesn’t need to be emptied often, and is the most convenient option for regular RV trips. They closely resemble conventional toilets, making for comfortable use. However, they can be more expensive than their fully portable counterparts, and you may require some assistance plumbing them in.

Best RV Toilet FAQ:

Q: What is an RV toilet and how does it work?

RV toilets are a type of portable toilet suitable for your RV. As we mentioned above, they come in a few different types, each of which has its own advantages and drawbacks. Every option works by hygienically storing waste until it can be properly disposed of, helping campers to meet their bathroom needs on the road.

Q: How to use RV toilet?

How an RV toilet is used depends upon what type it is. You can usually expect to lift the lid first, and you may need to fill the bowl with water using a pedal at this stage. Next, use the toilet as you normally would, and trigger a flush using the button or pedal provided.

Q: How to clean RV toilet?

You should clean your RV toilet every few days, or every day if your RV is regularly occupied by more than a few people. To properly clean your RV toilet, follow these steps:
– Pour a non-abrasive cleaner, or one designed specifically for RVs, into the toilet bowl
– Use a toilet brush to scrub away any stains in the bowl
– Flush this water away into the waste tank
– Soak a sponge in the cleaning solution, wring it out, and use it to disinfect the seat, lid, and sides of the toilet
– Be sure to wear rubber gloves for protection, and avoid using bleach and ammonia-based cleaners, as these can damage the plastic that constitutes many RV waste tanks and toilets.

Q: How do you fix a clogged RV toilet?

You can reduce the likelihood of clogging by using minimal toilet paper. If a clog does happen, try these tips to get things moving again:
– A clog in your RV toilet is not like one in your home, so avoid products you might usually use such as Drano – these can damage your RV’s pipes and hoses
– Try using a plumber’s snake to loosen the clog, by working it up and down in the sewer tank
– Try dissolving the blockage by pouring a few pots of boiling water down the toilet itself
– Don’t hesitate to seek professional help if the clog won’t budge
– Help prevent clogs in the future with specially designed RV toilet paper, regular tank emptying, and cleaning

Our Top Pick

For us, the best RV toilet available right now has to be this award-winning design by porta-potty. With its comfortable seat height and battery powered flush, the handy toilet makes your RV, camper, or boat feel like a home away from home. Its compact, hygienic design features a 5.5 gallon waste-water tank that’s 100% leak-proof, and traps odors inside. Meanwhile, a four gallon fresh water tank ensures plenty of flushes between top ups.

For ease of use and transportation, the toilet features a handy carry handle, along with an integrated paper dispenser. It’s simple and hygienic to empty, too, thanks to a rotating pour-out spout designed to prevent any back splashes. Porta Potti are a well-known name in the world of portable toilets, and they’ve channeled all their expertise into making this rugged option, that’s easy to use and clean.


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