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If you’re lucky enough to own an RV then you will be fully aware of how important it is to…

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The Best RV Water Hoses (Review) in 2023 | Autance © The Best RV Water Hoses (Review) in 2023 | Autance
Best Choice Camco RV Drinking Water Hose Camco RV Drinking Water Hose
Premium Pick Camco TASTEPure Heated Drinking Water Hose Camco TASTEPure Heated Drinking Water Hose
Best Value Camco TastePURE Drinking Water Hose Camco TastePURE Drinking Water Hose

If you’re lucky enough to own an RV then you will be fully aware of how important it is to have the right type of accessories for your motorhome. Water hoses are an essential part of RV ownership and there are many different types available which include: RV drinking hose, RV potable water hose, RV heated water hose, RV hose with freeze protection and no twist/no kink water hoses. It’s vital you know which type of water hose to purchase for your vehicle as they all function very differently. A hose for flushing out your tanks is very different from a drinking water hose and vice versa. Don’t ever think that a garden hose can work as a drinking hose as these are made from materials that can release toxins into the water that can make you quite ill. Each water hose has a specific purpose and in this review we have looked at several different types that come highly recommended. We’ll answer all your commonly asked questions and explain what we feel you should look out for when buying a water hose. 

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The Best RV Water Hoses

What we liked about the Camco drinking water hose was that it came up 20% thicker than standard drinking water hoses. It comes available in a range of sizes with the 50ft option being the most popular choice for RV owners. You’re guaranteed totally safe drinking water with this rv water hose which is lead-free, BPA-free and phthalate-free and you won’t get that awful plastic taste in your drinking water that can occur with certain bottles and hoses. This is a durable hose with strong machined fittings and strain-relief ends and it’s also been UV stabilized for a longer life. 

Key Features
  • 50ft Hose
  • 20% Thicker Than Standard Hoses
  • Safe Drinking Water
  • Lead-Free
  • BPA-Free
  • Phthalate-Free
  • CSA Low Lead Content Certified
  • Brand Camco
  • Model 22853
  • Weight 5.95 Lbs

This RV water hose has been designed by Teknor Apex who were the first US manufacturers to launch a kink-proof hose with a patented technology called Non-Torsion System (NTS). The mesh technology in this product uses a mesh network of reinforcement so you’ll never get kinks, twists or tangles in your hose – which is one of the biggest complaints from RV users when they use a drinking water hose. This water hose is also super flexible and easy to handle and manoeuvre. It’s easy to attach to the faucet and it’s also lead-free, complying with the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act. Safe drinking water is guaranteed from this easy-to-use hose. 

Another feature that we liked about this particular hose, was that it contained a MicroShield antimicrobial protective coating which guards the hose against mildew and mold. 

Key Features
  • 50ft Hose
  • Patented Non-Kinking Technology
  • Leak Proof Coupling For Easy Attachment
  • Drinking Water Safe
  • Compliant With Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act
  • Brand Teknor Apex
  • Model 1096124
  • Weight 7.35 Lbs

The Valterra drinking water hose provides amazing value for the money. This makes the perfect choice for your RV as it has been specially designed for high-pressure RV hookups with Hi-Flow fittings and will work with 160 PSI working pressure. This is a small but useful rv fresh water hose as it’s only 4ft – but this is ideal for RV owners who are looking for a small but functional hose that does its job well. Not only is this water hose super easy to install with a hose gripper, but it’s also durable and built to last. The water hose will work with all Hi-Flow fittings found in campers, trailers and RVs. Guaranteed safe drinking water, this product is manufactured using NSF listed materials which conform with federal and state laws for drinking water fixtures.

Key Features
  • 4ft Hose
  • Easy To Install
  • Works With Hi-Flow Fittings
  • Super Durable
  • Manufactured With NSF Listed Materials
  • Brand Valterra
  • Model W01-5048
  • Weight 6.4 Ounces

Another great product which provides amazing value for money, the Camco TastePURE 25ft drinking water hose is absolutely perfect for a variety of different purposes including: camping trips, watering livestock and gardening. Water from this camper water hose is absolutely safe to drink as the hose is made from PVC and is BPA and phthalate-free. This means that you won’t get that horrible plastic garden hose taste too.  One of the most annoying and damaging things that can happen to a water hose is when it kinks and twists, which eventually wears down the material and shortens the life of your hose. This rv water hose is different because it’s been reinforced for the ultimate kink resistance. It’s also been UV stabilized so will last longer too. The hose features ends which are compatible with most standard garden hose connections and there is an Easy Grip connector on one end for ease-of-use. The hose complies with all Federal and State level Low Lead Laws. 

Key Features
  • 25ft Hose
  • Easy To Install
  • BPA & Phthalate Free
  • Special Reinforced Design For Maximum Kink-Resistance
  • Easy Grip Connector
  • No Plastic Taste
  • Brand Camco
  • Model 22783
  • Weight 1 Lb

Said to be one of the best brands on the market, Teknor Apex produces high quality drinking water hoses that guarantee safe drinking water. This particular hose is lead-free and complies with the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act. It uses a special mesh technology that guarantees no kinking; this reinforcement prevents kinks, twists and tangles in the hose which can damage the hose easily. Easy to handle, the drinking hose also has a Grip-Tite coupling which means that it’s simple to attach. This is a 75ft hose so it gives you plenty of length to run from your RV to the water source.

Key Features
  • 75ft Hose
  • Easy To Attach
  • Lead-Free
  • Special Mesh Design For Maximum Kink-Resistance
  • Guaranteed Safe Drinking Water
  • Manufactured With FDA Sanctioned Materials
  • Brand Teknor Apex
  • Model 8602-75
  • Weight 3.67 Lbs

We wanted to include this product on our list as we felt that it was different from many of the others we found on the market. The special hybrid design of this drinking water hose means that it’s 40% lighter than standard heavy-duty vinyl hoses. This hose has been specially designed for a better all-round performance and features a Tru-Flex Inner Core which prevents annoying kinks and twists. It also has a special G-Force High Density Jacket which ensures durability and a new coupling design for reliable connections. It’s lead-free and produces completely safe drinking water. Not the cheapest product on our list, we did feel that the extra cost was worth it however as it’s one of the best rv water hose products on our list. 

Key Features
  • Abrasion, Puncture & Leak Resistant
  • 40% Lighter Than Heavy Duty Vinyl Hoses
  • Safe Drinking Water
  • Flexible
  • Easy To Store
  • Kink-Resistant
  • Brand Teknor Apex
  • Model 4006-50
  • Weight 4 Lbs

Most RV owners should know not to mix up their water hoses but just in case this Camco design is bright orange so you don’t mix it with your drinking water hose by accident. This is not a drinking water hose, but a hose to flush out your black and gray water tanks or for cleaning out a tote tank. This water hose has been manufactured from durable PVC with ends that are completely compatible with standard garden hose threads. Keep your contaminants separate from your drinking water with this bright orange design. 

Key Features
  • Bright Orange To Prevent Hose Mix-Ups
  • Durable PVC
  • Made For Flushing Out Gray Water, Black Water Or Tote Tanks
  • Compatible With Garden Hose Threads
  • Brand Camco
  • Model 22990
  • Weight 2.96 Lbs

We really like this design. Unlike many other water hoses on the market which require careful storage, this product practically puts itself away. It has a unique coiled design which simply springs back once you have finished using it. This is a super flexible and lightweight drinking water hose, which is 50ft in length. The coiled design minimizes the need for a hose reel and the special lighter design ensures the user does not suffer from fatigue. Perfect for RV use or marine use, this hose has been equipped with anti-salt water corrosive fittings, so it’s guaranteed a longer life than most standard hoses. The product has been manufactured from virgin-grade polyurethane material which is safe for drinking water and prevents overstretching and kinks. This type of material is also well-known to be resistant to UV rays from the sun and is super tough and durable. 

Key Features
  • 50ft Hose
  • Lightweight Design
  • Recoils Back Into Itself So No Need For Hose Reel
  • UV Resistant
  • Strong & Durable
  • Drinking Water Safe
  • Brand Plastair
  • Model PUW650B9-M-3-AMZ
  • Weight 2.55 Lbs

Those looking for a heated water hose might like this product which is highly recommended by RV owners. This hose is drinking water safe with the material manufactured to be lead-free and phthalate-free. It promises not to leach harmful chemicals into your water and will absolutely not leave a plastic taste in your water. This heated rv water hose features an energy saving thermostat which only heats up as needed, which is fantastic for saving you money on your electricity bills. All of the fittings are heavy duty and have a special coating that is resistant to corrosion. The outer jacket of the hose protects your water hose and electrical components from exposure and damage. The hose is fully compliant with Federal and State level Low Lead Laws.

Key Features
  • 25ft Hose
  • Heated Drinking Water Hose
  • Lead-Free
  • Phthalate-Free
  • Energy Saving Thermostat
  • Corrosion-Resistant
  • Brand Camco
  • Model 22911
  • Weight 7 Lbs

This is the perfect drinking water hose for your RV or boat. It boasts a super powerful burst strength of 300 PSI and has crush-proof and stainless steel couplings. This is a durable water hose which has been specially designed with a patented hose armor that prevents kinking at the spigot. This means that it’s easy to use too. You will have guaranteed drinking water with this rv water hose as it meets the lead-free standard under the Federal Safe Drinking Water Act.

Key Features
  • 50ft Hose
  • Powerful Burst Strength Of 300 PSI
  • Crush-Proof, Stainless Steel Couplings
  • Super Durable
  • Easy To Use
  • Safe Drinking Water
  • Brand Swan Products
  • Model ELMRV12050
  • Weight 4 Lbs

Best RV Water Hose Buying Guide & FAQ

If you’re uncertain which type of rv water hose you should buy then our buying guide will help. Below we have compiled a guide, highlighting all the top features that you should take into consideration before purchasing an rv water hose. Read on to discover why water hoses are essential and find out the difference between the different types of hoses. We have also answered your most commonly asked questions and reveal details of our absolute favorite from the list. 

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What to Consider When Buying an RV Water Hose

  • Type

There are lots of different rv water hoses on the market and the style that you choose should really depend on your needs. If you find regular water hoses quite fiddly to store away then look out for the coil style hoses that recoil after use and store themselves away neatly. These are simple to use and often lightweight too. What do you need the water hose for? If it’s for flushing out your gray or black water then you will need a specific type of hose for this. Drinking water hoses are different and you should only ever drink from a hose which is certified safe for this purpose. If you are looking to heat up the water then you should look out for a heated water hose, which actually contains a strip that heats up the water within. 

  • Length

RV water hoses tend to vary between 4ft and 50ft and 50ft is generally thought to be the most popular size as it gives you lots of flexibility in terms of where you can park. Visualize being at a campground – if you only have a 6ft water hose then you are going to have to drive very close to the water source, whereas if you have a 50ft RV water hose then you might be able to reach the water source from your parking spot which will save a lot of time and energy. We always recommend going for something slightly longer than what you think you actually need, it’s better to have a hose too long than too short.

  • Safety

If you are looking for an RV water hose that is safe for drinking water then you will have to make sure that the hose has been specifically designed for this purpose. Do not ever think of using a standard garden hose for drinking water. Not only will the water taste foul but it can also be dangerous. Standard hoses often contain chemicals inside the plastic that can leach into your water and make you sick. A special drinking water hose is made from special materials that comply with government standards which mean that it is safe to use with drinking water. Make sure that your hose is lead-free and phthalate-free and complies with the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act.

  • Compatibility

Might seem obvious but make sure that the fixtures and fittings on the water hose are compatible for your RV and its planned use. Most hoses have standard fittings that fit most faucets etc. 

  • Budget

RV water hoses vary in price and this is largely dependent on the brand, quality and length. Always buy the best that you can afford and opt for a longer length which will give you more flexibility when it comes to fetching water.

Why You Should Use an RV Water Hose

There have been many articles written in recent times which discuss whether RV water hoses are just a fad and not entirely necessary. Lots of people claim that drinking water from a regular hose pipe is absolutely fine. We are here to tell you that it’s not a good idea to drink water from a regular hose. Because standard hoses have been made from unregulated materials which are often recycled they often contain high levels of lead, bromine and phthalates and other materials which are banned in children’s toys. So not only will it be safer to use a specialized RV water hose, but your water will taste a whole lot better too. Other RV water hoses serve different functions and you can buy specific hoses that flush out your tanks. These are also essential and are available in different colors so you do not cross contaminate them with your drinking water hoses. 

Types Of RV Water Hoses

Here are just a few of the different types of water hose available to purchase:

  • RV Drinking Water Hose

These hoses have been specially designed for drinking water and comply with government regulations so that they provide completely safe drinking water which is lead-free. They are usually manufactured from special vinyl and are pretty hard-wearing but there are other types of the market too which are lightweight and easier to use. Some RV water hoses require you to store them away manually on a hose reel whereas other recoiling styles coil themselves together for quick and easy storage.

  • RV Potable Water Hose

These perform the same job as the drinking water hoses and provide a safe material to transport drinking water to your RV. They also comply with special regulations to ensure that the water is 100% safe for you to drink. 

  • RV No-Kink Water Hose

Anyone who has ever used any type of hose will know that they are prone to twisting, kinking and tangling. Not only is this extremely annoying but it can also damage the hose too and shorten the life of the product. A special no-kink water hose is always the recommended choice as they tend to last a lot longer and they’re easier to store because they don’t tangle. 

  • RV Heated Water Hose

A heated water hose is more expensive than a standard drinking water hose because it serves an additional purpose and can actually heat up the water as it passes through the pipe. This can prevent the water from freezing inside the hose which can be a particular problem if you are travelling across a cold country. 

  • RV Water Hose With Freeze Protection

Similar to above. A water hose with freeze protection will contain a thermostat or heat strip that will ensure the water does not freeze inside the hose. 

  • RV Water Hose For Tank Flushing

Different from drinking water hoses and never to be mixed up. A tank flushing hose has been specifically designed to flush out your tanks and must always be kept separately from drinking water hoses to avoid cross-contamination.

Best RV Water Hose FAQ:

Q: What is an RV water hose?

An RV water hose is a type of hose pipe which has been specially designed to either flush out your pipes and clean your tanks or to transport drinking water from the water source to your RV. An RV water hose for drinking water has been specially designed with government compliant materials that are food-grade safe. This means that the water is completely safe to drink and you will never get that nasty plastic taste in your water. You can buy special water hoses that heat up which prevents the liquid freezing inside the hose as well as specific designs that are anti-kink and anti-tangle. RV water hoses range in size from around 4ft to 75ft, 50ft is the most popular length as it gives most RV users enough length to get water from the source to their RV or camper without having to move their vehicle whilst parked in campsites. 

Q: Is the water hose lead or BPA-free?

If you are buying a specific drinking water hose then you must always look out for products that are lead-free and BPA-free. Standard garden hoses and other hoses are often made from recycled materials that are simply unregulated which means that they often contain very high levels of lead and other toxic materials that can leach into the water. Always look for water hoses which meet government regulations for the safest, cleanest water that tastes pure. Not only is this safer but you won’t get a plastic taste in your water too. 

Q: Can you use a drinking water hose with hot water?

If you are looking to buy a water hose that can be used with hot water then you should buy a specific heated drinking water hose. These hoses gently heat the water as it passes through the hose and are multifunctional; not only can you use them to transport safe drinking water to your RV but you can use them for bathing water too. Using a standard hose for hot water is inadvisable as the material might not be able to cope with the heat.

Q: How to keep RV water hoses from freezing?

If you have searched this on the internet you will already be aware that there are lots of complicated methods of keeping your rv water hose from freezing. Some people say that using electrical tape wrapped around the hose followed by insulation foam is the best method, whereas others prefer using a heat cable in the same power supply as the hose. All of these methods will work but the easiest option if your RV is exposed to the cold, is to buy a heated water hose which will fix this problem for you in a matter of minutes. This might be a more expensive option but it’s much quicker and easier, giving you more time to enjoy your trip.

Our Top Pick

After looking at a good range of drinking water hoses, we came to the conclusion that the Camco 50ft Premium Drinking Water Hose – Lead-Free, Anti-Kink Design was the best on our list. We really liked that it was 20% larger than most other models on the market and that it complies with government standards and is lead-free, BPA-free and phthalate-free. You won’t get that horrible plastic taste with this hose and your water will be 100% safe. This hose has been built to last and we thought it would make a good investment for RV and camper van owners who are looking for a decent quality water hose.


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