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Protecting your eyes is important in any situation, and your workshop or garage is no exception. According to a 2008…

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The Best Safety Glasses (Review & Buying Guide) in 2023 | Autance © The Best Safety Glasses (Review & Buying Guide) in 2023 | Autance
Best Choice DEWALT Anti-Fog Dual Mold Safety Goggles DEWALT Anti-Fog Dual Mold Safety Goggles
Premium Pick Jackson Safety V30 Nemesis Safety Glasses Jackson Safety V30 Nemesis Safety Glasses
Best Value Gateway Safety 6980 Cover2 Safety Glasses Gateway Safety 6980 Cover2 Safety Glasses

Protecting your eyes is important in any situation, and your workshop or garage is no exception. According to a 2008 study by Prevent Blindness America, 80,000 eye injuries happen every single year in the USA. The study also found that a staggering 90 percent of these injuries were preventable.

Clearly, protective eye wear is vital if these statistics are to change. Fortunately, thanks to inexpensive production costs and the dawn of internet shopping, eye protection has become more accessible than ever before. Whether you’re a professional or hobbyist, there’s no excuse for not investing in your ocular health. With so many options on the market, however, the all-important decision of which pair to pick can seem overwhelming. That’s why we’ve put together this handy guide, listing the best safety glasses available, whatever your budget or required level of protection. Every pair on this list is ANSI approved.

The Best Safety Glasses

DEWALT’s Anti-Fog safety goggles offer excellent protection against whatever your work can throw at you. The lenses are hard coated to keep scratches at bay, while an anti-fog coating ensures you can always see exactly what you’re doing. Ventilation channels help with this too and simultaneously prevent the build up of stale air.

As well as providing your eyes with excellent protection, these goggles are incredibly comfortable to wear thanks to their soft rubber surround, which molds itself smoothly to the wearer’s face. The fully adjustable elasticated head strap also keeps the goggles safely in place during use, so you can get on with your work worry-free. Finally, an easy-to-use clip system means that the lenses of these goggles are easy to remove and attach. This facilitates cleaning and means you can simply replace the lenses rather than having to purchase a whole new pair of goggles when they begin to wear.

Overall, these goggles are a sound investment that will comfortably keep your eyes safe from all angles.

Key Features
  • Wrap-around, hard-coated lenses keep your eyes safe from flying debris at all angles
  • Lenses are fog and scratch resistant, ensuring your vision stays clear
  • Ventilation channels prevent the goggles fogging up and keep things cool
  • Extremely comfortable to wear thanks to their soft rubber surround
  • Adjustable elastic head band keeps goggles firmly in place during use
  • Available in both clear and ‘smoke’ lens
  • Brand DEWALT
  • Model DPG82-11C
  • Weight 1 lb

NoCry’s lightweight safety glasses offer simple but effective eye protection for any DIY or garage-related task. Their wraparound design protects your eyes without affecting your peripheral vision, so you can focus entirely on the task at hand. The glasses are also resistant to UV rays, making them ideal for prolonged outdoor use.

Their unique lens design features an anti-fog and an anti-scratch layer, keeping them perfectly clear use after use. They’re comfortable, too – users report wearing these glasses for hours at a time and barely noticing them. This makes them perfect for activities that can take some time, including mountain biking. This level of comfort is achieved through the adjustable nose and side pieces, keeping them secure and comfortable no matter the shape of your head and face. The parts which make contact with your skin are also coated in soft rubber, so you can essentially forget you’re wearing them without compromising on protection.

Key Features
  • Wrap-around lenses protect eyes from all angles without compromising peripheral vision
  • Unique lens design holds up against both fog and scratches
  • Comfortable and secure to wear, thanks to their adjustable nose and side pieces
  • Offer UV protection
  • Soft rubber coating on nose and side pieces makes wearing them for long stretches of time easy
  • NoCry guarantee promises a replacement or refund if you are not satisfied with your glasses
  • Brand NoCry
  • Model 506UG
  • Weight 0.96 oz

If you’re looking for quantity without sacrificing quality, Jorestech’s 12-piece set of safety glasses could be the perfect solution. These diverse protective glasses lend themselves to all manner of household tasks, from cleaning to arts and crafts and DIY. Their high transparency lenses are constructed from sturdy polycarbonate and can stand up to the impact of debris. They also have a scratch-proof coating, helping to keep your vision clear during use.

Jorestech also promises total comfort to their customers, with their light-weight design and ergonomic, wraparound arms. Customers report that these safety glasses are great value at their price point, and protect just as effectively as many more expensive brands on the market.

Key Features
  • Set of 12 pairs of safety glasses represents excellent value for money
  • Sturdy polycarbonate lenses can stand up to the impact of flying debris
  • Scratch-resistant coating helps to keep vision clear
  • Wraparound design protects the eye from all angles without compromising visibility
  • Ergonomic design offers a comfortable fit
  • Model CB-COMBO-78A
  • Weight 11.2 oz

If you’re looking for cool safety glasses, you can’t go wrong with Jackson’s offering. Its Nemesis Safety Glasses protect your eyes from all angles without having to compromise on style. Their tinted mirror lenses come in several attractive colors, which not only protect the eye from splashes and debris, but also offer 99.9-percent protection from potentially harmful UVA, UVB, and UVC radiation. This makes these safety glasses ideal for outdoor use, as does their tinted finish which helps to prevent eye strain and fatigue while working in bright sunlight.

As well as being tough and stylish, these glasses are comfortable too. Their patented nose piece is very flexible, allowing it to sit comfortably no matter how your nose is shaped. The glasses are also carefully designed to channel any sweat away from your eyes, improving your vision and overall safety as well as your comfort. Some users report using them as everyday sunglasses, too, consolidating their status as a great all-around option.

Key Features
  • Stylish mirrored lenses come in a variety of tinted colors
  • 99.9% protection against UVA, UVB, and UVC radiation – ideal for outdoor use
  • Ergonomic wraparound design offers comfort and all-round protection
  • Tough and scratch-resistant lenses protect your eyes effectively
  • Patented flexible nose piece sits comfortably on any face shape
  • Brand Jackson Safety
  • Model 14481
  • Weight 2.4 ounces

If you plan mostly using your eye protection outdoors, investing in a pair of safety sunglasses is a good idea. Edge Eyewear offer one attractive solution, in the form of their polarized safety glasses.

The polarized lenses act as a highly effective UV filter, as well as being strong enough to protect your eyes against flying detritus or splashes. Their polycarbonate lenses also hold up well against every-day wear and tear, including scratches, so they are guaranteed to last. Customers report that the tough polarized lenses are perfect for biking and shooting, but recommend something without a gap between the bottom of the lenses and the face for more intense work.

Key Features
  • Polarized lenses offer total UV protection, making these glasses ideal for outdoor use
  • Wrap-around design protects eyes from all angles
  • Strong polycarbonate lenses protect against splashes, flying debris, and scratches
  • Attractive and versatile enough to be used as regular sunglasses as well as for protection
  • Brand Edge Eyewear
  • Model TSKAP218
  • Weight 4.3 oz

And our second 12-pack on the list is BISON LIFE’s set of one-size-fits-all clear safety glasses. Like most of the safety glasses on this list, the lenses are made from sturdy polycarbonate, affording protection against projectiles and eye irritants.

Their anti-scratch coating allows them to stand up to daily use, and they’ll protect your eyes from the sun’s UV rays. Thanks to the wrap-around style of these safety glasses, you can rest assured that your eyes are protected from all angles – this style also allows them to sit comfortably on most people. With each pair weighing just one ounce, these are a cost-effective eye protection solution that won’t weigh you down!

Key Features
  • Pack of 12 pairs of safety goggles
  • Tough and scratch-proof polycarbonate lenses
  • Lenses offer protection against UV radiation
  • Wrap-around design sits comfortably and protects against projectiles from all angles
  • Light-weight one ounce design won’t weigh you down
  • Brand BISON LIFE
  • Model BIS-SG-02
  • Weight 14.1 oz

Next on our list comes G&F’s pack of 12 tinted eye protection glasses. These handy glasses filter out 99% of any UVA, UVB, and UVC rays thrown at them, and offer 100% protection against glare too. Perfect for outdoor use, these safety glasses are easy to wear for the long stretches of time you might need them whilst hunting, fishing, biking, or hiking. Their light-weight frame weighs in at less than an ounce and is ergonomically designed to wrap around your head.

Customers report that these glasses offer eye protection which is just as effective as their pricier competitors, and their sleek design makes them easy to wear when you’re out and about.

Key Features
  • Pack of 12 pairs of tinted eye protection glasses
  • Tinted lenses filter out 99% of UVA, UVB, and UVC radiation from the sun
  • Block 100% of glare
  • Light-weight, ergonomic design is comfortable to wear for extended periods of time
  • Perfect for outdoor use
  • Sleek, stylish design
  • Excellent value for money at roughly $1 per pair
  • Brand G & F Products
  • Model 13017
  • Weight 11.2 oz

For lovers of bright colors, TRUST OPTICS’ set of 12 ballistic resistant safety glasses are the ideal choice. The clear lenses of each pair are complemented by arms in a variety of bright colors, including green, blue, orange, pink, and red.

Don’t be fooled by their quirky appearance, however – the lenses of each pair is impact-resistant and scratch-proof, offering all-round protection from projectiles, splashes, debris, and more. Although they aren’t tinted, they offer 100% protection against glare, making them the perfect option for outdoor use on overcast days.

The slightly flexible arms on these safety glasses, coupled with their light-weight construction, render them easy and comfortable to wear, even for longer periods of time. Each pair also comes with a 90-day money back guarantee.

Key Features
  • Set of 12 pairs of safety glasses
  • Brightly colored arms make a fun addition
  • Tough lenses are impact-resistant and hold up against scratches
  • Wrap-around design protects eyes from all angles without compromising visibility
  • Light-weight design and flexible arms make them very comfortable to wear
  • Model TO SF12P-205-RBW
  • Weight 14.4 oz

Available with six different lens colors, these safety glasses are the most customizable on our list so far. These different tints ensure you’ll have the perfect equipment no matter the light level, keeping visibility as clear as possible for work or play.

Each lens is treated with a platinum coating, which offers the dual benefit of protecting against glare, whilst also resisting scratches. The fact that these lenses are fog-proof is yet another feature sure to keep your vision as clear as possible whilst you go about the task at hand. Customers love their unique, sporty appearance, which is also designed to make them as comfortable as possible to wear. Soft rubber coats both the arms and the nose piece, ensuring the glasses will sit comfortably – and stay put.

Key Features
  • Available in six different lens colors, so there’s something for every light condition
  • Lenses are treated with a platinum coating, preventing glare and the formation of scratches
  • Fog-proof lenses help to keep your vision crystal-clear at all times
  • Attractive sporty appearance
  • Impact-resistant
  • Comfortable to wear for long stretches thanks to rubber-coated arms and nose piece
  • Brand Bolle
  • Model 40245
  • Weight 1.44 oz

These safety goggles are a must-have for anyone who regularly uses prescription glasses. They offer all the protection of the other goggles and glasses on this list but will fit much more comfortably over your existing glasses.

Their one-piece polycarbonate lens is available in clear and smoke with an IR filter for light welding, brazing, and cutting applications. No matter the work, Gateway Safety has you covered. The lenses are also impact-resistant and scratch-proof, so you can rest assured that your eyes are adequately protected.

These safety glasses are also much more comfortable for glasses wearers than many other options on the market. Their flexible arm tips prevent pinching, while the lightweight design stops them from feeling unwieldy. With Gateway Safety’s Cover2 glasses, you don’t need to compromise between clear vision and eye safety.

Key Features
  • Designed to comfortably fit over prescription glasses
  • Tough polycarbonate lens is scratch-proof and resistant to impact
  • Available in three different lens types, suitable for any light level
  • Light-weight design and flexible temple tips ensure they don’t feel unwieldy when worn with prescription glasses
  • Brand Gateway Safety
  • Model 6980
  • Weight 1.6 oz

Best Safety Glasses Buying Guide & FAQ

Clearly, you have many options to choose from when selecting a pair of safety glasses, and many different factors to consider. Below we’ve addressed some common questions and concerns about these essential safety items, to help you chose the pair that’s right for you.

Things to Consider When Buying Safety Glasses

When choosing a pair of safety glasses, the decision you ultimately come to will very much depend on your own personal preferences. However, there are some common factors to bear in mind, which we discuss below.

  • The Level of Protection you require

Somebody welding in a garage will likely need more protection than someone practicing arts and crafts indoors, and this distinction will have a real influence on the type of goggles you choose. For use in a garage or workshop, where flying pieces of wood and metal can do real damage, we recommend choosing a pair such as DEWALT’s (number one on the list), which don’t leave a gap between the lenses and the face at the bottom. All of the glasses on this list feature a wraparound design, protecting your eyes from the side, and precluding the need for safety glasses side shields.

  • Indoors or Outdoors

If you only plan on using your safety glasses indoors, chances are you want clear rather than tinted lenses. The only exceptions here are welding, brazing, and cutting. All of these activities can be done indoors, but because of the dazzling light they produce, you will need specially tinted eye protection.

On the other hand, choosing a pair of tinted glasses is generally the best option for outdoor use. They will act as sunglasses as well as safety glasses and help protect your eyes against bright sunlight.

  • Price

The safety glasses on this list range in price from $1 a piece to just shy of $20. Although all are approved by the ANSI, a more expensive pair will typically last longer. For lighter use – particularly indoors – we suggest saving some money here. For frequent use, though, we suggest investing a little more. No matter your budget, though, remember that price is not a guarantor of quality. If in any doubt about the product, try checking its reviews.

  • Style

Although this is a smaller consideration, it is worth bearing in mind. If you find your safety glasses attractive, you are far more likely to wear them on a regular basis, and subsequently protect yourself from injury. Individual tastes vary, and luckily there are plenty of options on the market to cater to most tastes!

Benefits of Using Safety Goggles

Safety glasses come with a whole host of protective benefits – below are some of the most important to bear in mind:

  • Safety glasses prevent foreign objects or particles from entering your eyes
  • Safety glasses protect your eyes against the impact of flying objects, such as wood chips or metal shards
  • A good quality pair of safety glasses protect your eyes against UV radiation
  • Wearing safety goggles isn’t just for manual work – they can help protect your eyes against computer vision syndrome (CVS)
  • Safety goggles can protect your eyes against the glare, whether in natural light or from the bright light emitted during tasks such as welding
  • Safety goggles are available in a wide variety of designs, so there is almost definitely a pair out there that’s right for you
  • Safety goggles have become more comfortable over the years, and most good quality pairs can now be worn for hours at a time without discomfort
  • According to the health and safety organization, Prevent Blindness America, 90% of eye injuries are preventable – safety glasses are a simple and effective method of prevention

Best Safety Glasses FAQ:

Q:  Are any of these glasses mirrored?

Yes, Jackson Safety V30 Nemesis Safety Glasses (number four on our list) have mirrored lenses. Many people prefer a mirrored lens for its aesthetic value, but they also have other benefits. Because they reflect rather than absorb light, mirrored lenses offer a brighter view than other tinted lenses, making it ideal for prolonged outdoor use. Mirror coating is also one of the toughest lens coatings you can come by, offering users a really durable product.

Q:  Will any of these fit my prescription glasses?

Yes, Gateway Safety 6980 Cover2 Safety Glasses (number 10 on our list) are specifically designed to fit comfortably over prescription glasses. Their soft-tipped arms are designed to fit comfortably alongside the arms of your prescription glasses, and their lenses come out slightly further, so as not to bump into your existing glasses. Most safety glasses can be worn with prescription glasses, but it’s best to purchase a specifically designed pair if possible. This will ensure you have the best possible protection.

Q:  How comfortable are these glasses?

  This will depend on which pair you purchase, as well as the shape of your face and head. However, a good quality pair of safety glasses will be designed with comfort in mind – look out for pairs which feature:

A light-weight design, which won’t feel heavy on your face, ergonomic design, Nose pieces and arms coated in rubber or another soft, flexible material, Adjustable arms or straps.

If you find a particular pair uncomfortable, most reputable suppliers will be happy to refund you so you can try a different type.

Q:  Do any of these safety goggles come with a case?

No, none of the safety glasses on this list have their own case – since they’re all designed to be durable and scratch-proof, a case isn’t really necessary. If you would prefer to keep your safety glasses in a case, you can purchase one for under $10 online. Be sure to check the measurements of your glasses and the case before purchase, though, as they can vary in size.

Q:  What material are the frames made of?

The frames of safety glasses, including those on this list, are typically made from a durable kind of plastic. Plastic is light-weight, tough, and versatile, which makes it great for holding lenses securely in place. The plastic used for most safety glasses frames is called acetate. Acetate has high impact strength, is hypoallergenic, and is unreactive enough to protect against a wide range of chemicals. All of these properties make it a great option for safety glasses frames.

Q: Do any of these safety goggles protect from glare?

Yes, many of the safety glasses on our list protect the wearer from glare:

Number seven: G & F EyePro
Number eight: TRUST OPTICS Impact and Ballistic Resistant Safety Protective Glasses
Number nine: Bolle Safety Rush+ Safety Glasses

All of the safety glasses on the list do offer UV protection, however, so any option will help to protect your eyes from the sun’s radiation.
Additional protection from glare is a good idea for people who are prone to eye strain – a particular issue when focussing under artificial light for long stretches of time or moving from light to dark conditions repeatedly. For example, if you are a frequent driver, anti-glare protection is a good option for you.

Our Top Pick

DEWALT’s anti-fog safety goggle gets our vote for the best eye protection on the market right now. It’s one of the few eye protection solutions to combine total protection – from the top, bottom, and side – with an anti-fog mechanism that really works.

This, coupled with the goggle’s impact-proof, scratch-resistant lens, has completely won us over. The fact that it’s not only tough but also comfortable – not to mention affordable – makes DEWALT’s offering our top pick.


  1. 800,000 Eye Injuries Occur Annually, 90% are Preventable, EHS Today
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