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The last few years have seen the resurgence of scooters, and there has also been a steady rise in the…

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The Best Scooter Helmets (Review) in 2023 | Autance © The Best Scooter Helmets (Review) in 2023 | Autance
Best Choice Bell Unisex Adult Solid Scooter Helmet Bell Unisex Adult Solid Scooter Helmet
Premium Pick Vega Helmets Unisex-Adult Half Scooter Helmet Vega Helmets Unisex-Adult Half Scooter Helmet
Best Value Fuel Helmets Open Face Scooter Helmet Fuel Helmets Open Face Scooter Helmet

The last few years have seen the resurgence of scooters, and there has also been a steady rise in the recorded number of crashes. More fatalities are caused by the lack of helmets or subpar helmets. There is no beating around the bush when it comes to safety on the roads, and you can easily get yourself a top-notch scooter helmet. The challenge you will face is finding the best scooter helmet available. Luckily, we have taken the time to separate the top-tier options from the riff-raff and come up with only those that will offer the best in terms of protection, while also being comfortable and durable.

The Best Scooter Helmet

The Bell Unisex Adult Solid Matte Black Qualifier Full Face Helmet is a great option for the avid scooter owner. It features a good build, strong design, clear visor, and other features. This DOT-approved scooter helmet has been constructed with a polycarbonate shell in various sizes for the perfect fit, and it has a ClickRelease feature. it’s durable and at the same time not too heavy on your head.

It also comes with a UV-protected shield as well as fog and scratch resistant properties that contribute to its durability. And although not advised, if you enjoy listening to your favorite songs while on the road, the speaker pockets can comfortably accommodate your phone or any other small device.

Key Features
  • Made of polycarbonate shell
  • 3.5 pounds
  • DOT Certified
  • Clear full-face shield
  • Brand Bell
  • Model 7049223
  • Weight 3.5 pounds

If you want a half helmet, the Vega Rebel Warrior Motorcycle Half Helmet is among the top in terms of a high-quality and durable design. It has a design that, although pleasing to the eyes, doesn’t try too hard. Extra points are scored when it comes to the architecture of the helmet that places an emphasis on comfort and safety without sacrificing style.

This Rebel Warrior helmet also offers a range of sizes for a custom fit and offers flexibility with its adjustment dial system. The dial system works great for those with smaller heads who have difficulty finding helmets that fit properly. In terms of protection and safety, this DOT-approved piece is designed to meet world class safety requirements by incorporating a well-designed, expandable polystyrene (EPS) material with safety at the forefront of the design followed by comfort and durability.

Key Features
  • Expanded polystyrene lining
  • 2.2 pounds
  • DOT FMVSS.218 approved
  • Half face visor (drop-down shield)
  • Brand Vega Helmets
  • Model Warrior 7823-054
  • Weight 2.2 pounds

The Pro-Tec Classic Helmet is another top-notch product for both skating and scooter riding. This product has durability on its side with a high-impact ABS shell and EPS-installed foam for added protection. EPS (expanded polystyrene) is a popular material used in helmets for impact resistance. The Pro-Tec Classic Certified Skate Helmet offers a pretty straightforward design, which is perfect for fans of minimalism. And just like those listed earlier, it’s available in several sizes.

For a half helmet, it’s a pretty neat product in terms of features. It offers a good strap system for a secure fit without discomfort. What’s more, there are eight air vents that keep your head cool in hot weather. More than simply letting in air, the vents also serve to generate body heat.

Key Features
  • ABS Shell
  • EPS foam
  • CPSC, CE, ASTM, and AS/NZS certified
  • Half helmet
  • Brand PRO
  • Model Classic Certified

If you are in the business of riding your scooter in style (and safety), this Raider Deluxe Open Face Helmet is a good option. Its water-resistant thermoplastic outer shell is lightweight and at the same time, durable. With elegance on its side, the helmet serves well for long-distance rides and is durable; it comes from a company known for its sturdy helmets and innovative technology.

The Deluxe Open Face Helmet also comes with a Snap-On visor that is not only easy to use but also provides clearer vision and protecting the eyes and upper face area. Having problems finding a scooter helmet with a good fit? Versatility is also on the side of this Raider helmet in terms of its various sizes. Beyond that, this helmet is also comfortable on the head and even in high temperatures, and its dual forehead vents will serve you well.

Key Features
  • Thermoplastic shell
  • 2.95 pounds
  • DOT FMVSS N.218 certified
  • Half face shield (Snap off visor)
  • Brand Raider
  • Model 26-617-14
  • Weight 2.95 pounds

The 1Storm Motorcycle Open Face Helmet is well built to keep your head protected in the case of collision. It boasts of beauty and class while offering an aerodynamic design for easier riding, even against the wind. Although you will appreciate it at first sight, this open face helmet is pretty heavy, so it might not be everyone’s cup of tea. However, don’t be put off by this revelation as its heaviness is for good reason; thanks to its thermoplastic alloy shell, it ensures maximum durability for the long run. And its scratch-resistant coating is a force that can’t be reckoned with; it’s a protective feature that also extends to the interior of the helmet. Also on offer is its ultraviolet light protectant coating that serves to keep harmful sun rays from making it through. We also can’t help but rave about the bi-layered visors that offer enough face protection with an option of either using the clear visor or the tented lens.

Another great feature about this helmet is its easy-clean ability. To prevent moisture buildup, the interior can quickly be removed and washed. That said, it still offers some good cooling features for warmer temperatures that altogether halt moisture buildup.

Key Features
  • Thermoplastic alloy shell
  • 4 pounds
  • DOT certified
  • Half face visor
  • Brand 1Storm
  • Model HJOP01
  • Weight Hjop01abs

It is not by accident that this next product ended up on our list of the best motor scooter helmets. Legally safe for the road, this DOT-certified helmet is perfect for rides on all types of motorcycles and scooters. Carbon fiber is the main material used in its creation, making it lightweight, durable, and impact resistant. Whether you love riding in the fast lane or you are after a more joyful ride through the wind, its aerodynamic modern design assures a smooth ride.

For added comfort, its well-cushioned interior is lightweight and offers a removable interior fabric for easier washing. Better yet is the impressive cooling system that prevents moisture buildup altogether.

Key Features
  • Carbon fibre
  • 3.05 pounds
  • DOT approved
  • Half face visor
  • Brand MMG
  • Model 203_BK_RB
  • Weight 3.05 pounds

The Fuel Helmets SH-WS0017 is an affordable option for those seeking an open-face helmet with a nice design and functionality. Like others on the list, it has been constructed from a high-quality and durable thermoplastic shell that offers excellent protection and longevity. To add to that, the outer part of the shell features a protective ultraviolet coating that keeps harmful sun rays away from your head. DOT approved, its removable face shield can easily be taken off and on for cleaning; the shield works to keep moisture, debris, and dirt from entering your eyes as you ride.

Even with the lack of size variations, the Fuel Helmet fits well and is comfortable. Useful features like the D-ring closure come in handy when adjusting the strap for a good fit.

Key Features
  • Thermoplastic Shell
  • 4.25 pounds
  • DOT FMVSS N.218
  • Full face visor
  • Brand Fuel Helmets
  • Model SH-WS0017
  • Weight 4.25 pounds

Triple Eight has been in the business of keeping heads safe for close to twenty years. This stellar brand has managed to keep its name among the top when it comes to helmets that have met both simple and critical needs. One of its top-tier helmets is the Sweatsaver Liner Skateboarding Helmet, which also serves perfectly as a casual scooter helmet. It is a well-created piece that comes with a multi-impact design. The ABS outer shell adds to the strength of the helmet, keeping to the promise of holding up even after serious impact. It also offers some adjustable straps to keep it well fitted to your head.

On the interior, this scooter helmet offers a special sweat-resistant cloth lining that is completely unique; not only is it moisture resistant for maintaining a cool head, it also offers an inbuilt antibacterial treatment to deter mold and mildew caused by sweat buildup. So, no need to worry about the itchiness and stink that comes with prolonged use. And for breathability, you will also find up to seven vents at the top of the helmet for heat to escape and fresh air to enter.

Key Features
  • ABS exterior shell
  • 0.9 pounds
  • Water resistant
  • Multi-impact design
  • Brand Triple Eight
  • Model 1078
  • Weight 14.4 ounces

The MMG 51 Motorcycle Helmet has a futuristic design. It’s one of the best motor scooter helmets with an affordable price. It comes with a thermoplastic outer shell that is impact resistant, durable, and lightweight. With its aerodynamic design, you won’t be afraid to turn up the speed.

Coming in five different sizes from small to extra-extra large, the D-ring with a chin strap holder additional bumps up the comfort and fit.

Key Features
  • Thermoplastic Shell
  • 3.15 pounds
  • DOT FMVSS N.218
  • Full face visor
  • Brand MMG
  • Model MGAH51_RD
  • Weight 3.35 pounds

The Pro-Tec Classic Certified Skate Helmet is another scooter helmet that is simple yet intelligently built. It’s another design that best suits the minimalists amongs us, yet it still offers the standard ABS outer shell like most others. Even if minimalism is not your thing, don’t be put off by its basic design as it still offers the durability, lightweight, and above all, superior head protection required. Its impact-resistant qualities are such that no matter what you come against, you will come up strong with little to no damage to your head.

The 11 installed vents all work very well for added ventilation. More so, there is great comfort that comes with the helmet as a result of the compression molded liner pads featured. At the end of the day, this helmet is only a testament of the almost  five decade’s experience of Pro-Tec in the protective gear business.

Key Features
  • ABS Shell
  • Lightweight
  • DOT FMVSS N.218
  • Durable
  • Brand ILM
  • Model 205V-MB-L
  • Weight 2.7 pounds

Best Scooter Helmet Buying Guide & FAQ

What to Consider When Buying a Scooter Helmet

A scooter is mobile and fun. Nevertheless, its small size does not only have advantages; because whilst on the road, you are likely to be overlooked. Therefore, a good scooter helmet is an important gear in road traffic to protect your head and avoid pain and injuries.

Whilst on the search for the best scooter helmet, there are a good number of features to consider to determine how functional the helmet will be and if it will meet your needs. Here are some of them:

  • Material used

Above all other things, it’s paramount to consider the material used to construct the helmet. Among these include Polycarbonate, EPS, ABS, as well as Thermoplastic alloy. Both ABS and Polycarbonate are plastic materials that have come to be popular for helmets as well as other products like suitcases. Polycarbonate shell is the one most popular as it offers better protection and can even survive harsh conditions including fire. So, if you are the risky rider, you may want to consider this.

Expanded Polystyrene Liner which is popularly known as EPS, is another material commonly used in the construction of scooter helmets. It is lightweight and offers good cushioning that protects the head in the event of a collision.

Yet another material is thermoplastic alloy which is a good option for long distance riders as it is lightweight. More so, this material tends to be a more affordable option than the other two mentioned; this doesn’t make it any less in terms of safety. Most, if not all materials, offer great protection for your head.

  • Road Safety Rating

When choosing a helmet, look out for those that have a good road safety rating from the US Department of Transport (DOT) or a similar body. The certification and rating often emphasize that helmets should follow the laid down governmental protocols for all companies. If a helmet doesn’t have a certification or was previously reported failing a DOT certification, it’s best to avoid it, most especially, if your scooter on a daily basis.

Nonetheless, if you require a helmet for casual use around the neighborhood, you need not worry so much about ratings as even without it, there are still many top-notch helmets that offer great protection.

  • Weight of the helmet

Your scooter helmet is supposed to serve as a protection and not a load on your head. This is something to consider most especially if you are in for long rides. In the market, you will find both lightweight helmets and heavy ones. The heavy ones are most often more durable, since they are stronger. However, if you ride for long, you may experience some strain on your neck with those that are heavier. While thermoplastic shells are mostly those that fall in the lighter category, ABS and polycarbonate are on the heavier side. Therefore, you need to put the weight of the helmet into consideration as you buy.

  • Face Shield

Some may take the face shield of a scooter helmet for granted but it is still very important.  You will need to decide whether you need a helmet that has or doesn’t have a face shield entirely. If you are going for one with a face shield, you will then have to decide whether to opt for a full-face visor, which is best for very active riders or half visors that do not completely cover the face. It’s best to remember that the shield serves to protect your face from wind, moisture, dirt, and other debris.

  • Visibility

For riding, good visibility is as important as getting enough gasoline. Bad vision can have bad consequences on the road, hence the importance of getting a quality scooter helmet with good visors. The quality of the visor plays a role in the purchase of a helmet as well as the size and weight. A scratch-resistant visor is important, but at the same time, the visor should not mist. A clear view is a prerequisite if you get on a scooter or motorcycle. So if upon purchasing a helmet, you find that the visor gets dirty quickly, or scratches easily, it is best to remove dirt with a visor cleaner or with a microfibre cloth.

  • Fit

If the helmet does not fit perfectly, it may cause pain, or discomfort over time. This not only distracts you when on the road, it also makes you tired, which can be fatal. It is always a good idea to not settle for less and actually take more time to choose the right helmet to ensure that the helmet fits properly and is comfortable. A scooter helmet that does not fit is worth almost as much as no scooter helmet.

  • Closures

In many road accidents involving motorcyclists, it has been reported that closures are often a big issue for first-aiders and emergency staff. If a closure were to be standardized and all closures of a helmet were the same, then it would be easier for first-aiders to do their job. Ratchet and double-D closures have proven their worth, it might be best sticking to those.

Full Face or Open Face Helmets?

Broadly, helmets either come as full face or open face. Depending on your needs, both of them can serve appropriately with neither taking home all the points against the other.

Full Face Helmets

The full face helmet covers your face completely and comes designed with a windshield. This type of helmet is mostly used by more serious riders who enjoy speedy and risky rides and therefore, are after maximum safety. The helmet comes with many benefits whilst keeping your entire face and eyes protected without needing any special glasses.

In addition, the helmet prevents wind and other noise pollution, along with an ability to keep moisture and debris away from your face as you ride.

Open Face Helmets

The open face helmet, on the other hand, only covers your head and some parts of your face. It mostly uses a strap to keep for fitting and is usually preferred by younger riders. It’s most advantageous for those who prefer more visibility as they ride. It’s also very easy to take off in the unfortunate event of an accident. Open face moped helmets do tend to be cheaper and lighter on the head than the full face.

Best Scooter Helmet FAQ:

Q: How should a scooter helmet fit?

Your helmet should be comfortable to wear whilst keeping you safe. It the fit does not assure of either of these, it may be no good. The helmet should also fit snuggly with a strap and should not be too tight to cause pain.

Q: How do I measure scooter helmet size?

You will need a tape to measure your head. Use the tape to measure slightly above your eyebrow and around the head.


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