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Skating is an exhilarating sport that can be invigorating when done well. There are so many skills and tricks to…

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The Best Skateboard Ramps (Review) in 2023 | Autance © The Best Skateboard Ramps (Review) in 2023 | Autance
Best Choice Landwave Skateboard Ramp Landwave Skateboard Ramp
Premium Pick Ramptech 3' Tall Wide Outdoor Halfpipe Ramptech 3' Tall Wide Outdoor Halfpipe
Best Value Scooter Launch Ramp Skateboard Skate Ramps Scooter Launch Ramp Skateboard Skate Ramps

Skating is an exhilarating sport that can be invigorating when done well. There are so many skills and tricks to learn that skaters are continually improving on their knowledge. To be able to do this with ease, without the constant travel to a skatepark, you will need to have a skateboard ramp within your garage or backyard. These are units designed to help you skate whenever and however you please in your yard or garden. There are many models of cheap skateboard ramps in the market today, and we have identified nine of the very best. Our review consists of a straightforward buying guide and candid opinions on each slope.

The Best Skateboard Ramp

The Landwave Skateboard Ramp is the first ramp model under review in this article. Out of all products to be reviewed, this unit is said to be the most efficient, based on the countless reviews we have encountered. This skateboard ramp is a two-pack unit that can be used on its own or together with other Landwave ramps. The combination allows you to create your ramp system, which you have probably always dreamt about. The Landwave ramp comes with many design features that make it worth every penny.

This mini halfpipe skateboard ramp is designed for easy assembly and installation. It features parts that are easy to put together; thus, you will not need any extra tools for your setup. Patented and manufactured in the USA, this ramp from Landwave can be used with your BMX bikes, skateboards, RC cars, and even inline skates with ease. If you’re a beginner in the skating world, looking for the best ramp to use as a training unit, the Landwave slope is a perfect option. 

Key Features
  • Easy to assemble
  • No tools required
  • Use with BMX bikes, and RC cars
  • Patented in the USA
  • Brand Landwave
  • Model LWR2
  • Weight 28 pounds

No assembly required

Weather resistant

Beginner friendly


Sometimes difficult to detach after being connected

Gets slippery when wet

Next on our list is a sturdy skateboard ramp from the OC company. OC is known globally for reliability and affordability. It is for this reason that many of their products are being adjudged bestsellers across the globe. This company is made up of the best professionals who seek to provide quality at a reduced rate. They do this by researching real alternatives and also finding less expensive construction modes that help you save some extra coins. Their latest creation I the OC Halfpipe ramp, an 8ft wide ramp created to help you enjoy real skating at all times.

This is a special skateboard ramp, designed for your comfort and enjoyment. It comes as a kit, filled with everything you require to set up your ramp for use. For a simple installation process, this skate ramp kit comes with pre-cut and pre-drilled boards, which go a long way to cut your installation time by more than half. The package also includes an instruction manual, filled with vivid pictures meant to make your setup very easy. Other elements found within the kit are the pre-counted rust proof screws, galvanized metal parts, and plywood made from the highest class of exterior lumber.

Key Features
  • Simple installation
  • Instructions booklet with pictures
  • Highest class exterior lumber
  • Galvanized metal parts
  • Brand OC Ramps
  • Model 8fthp
  • Weight 750 pounds


Combo set

1 Year warranty


May be small for advanced skaters

May slide around when skated

Ten Eighty is a brand known globally to be a leading manufacturer of high-quality models. They produce everything related to the art of skating and transportation. Their brand was set up with the sole aim of helping skating enthusiasts do the one thing they love the most; to skate. To ensure this, they create some of the world’s most delicate equipment, which allows skateboard users to have the most wonderful time, while staying safe and fully balanced. One of such products is their Ten Eighty Launch Ramp.

Out of their trick scooter ramps collection, this unit tops the charts. It is a skateboard ramp designed carefully and accurately such that at every point in time, you can undertake your favorite tricks and stunts without a care in the world. This ramp features two different units, connected via a tabletop unit. It also has a very smooth radius and a textured finish that keeps you safe while you have fun. The finish is slip-resistant to enhance your stability and also helps you stay put no matter the weather condition.

Key Features
  • Smooth radius
  • Easily assembles in minutes
  • The ramp provides safe fun for scooter, bike, and inline skating riders
  • Weight capacity of 125 lbs.
  • Brand Ten Eighty
  • Model 140237
  • Weight 9.8 pounds

Very affordable

Perfect for beginner skaters

Tons of possible creative setups


It may slide around when skated

Box cannot be skated alone

Ramp becomes very slippery when wet

One leading manufacturer of skating tools and equipment is Ramptech. Out of all brands in existence, both the old and new, this is a company that has held its own, concerning their level of quality and durability. They have their products being used all over the world, with countless reviews coming in regularly, speaking about how efficient their products are. In this article, we don’t look at one but two of their excellent products. The first is their Ramptech Quarterpipe Skateboard Ramp.

The quarter pipe ramp features a classic and straightforward ramp design, but the intricacies attached to its setup and use make it stand out from all its competitors. This is a new ramp designed with the best materials. It is made with help from ABS plastics. All parts have been pre-cut into precise and accurate measurements to make it very easy to assemble. Installation and setting up this ramp doesn’t take a lot of time because of its pre-cut sizes. Also, manufacturers have included a pictorial step by step instruction manual for easy understanding and implementation.

Key Features
  • Quick and straightforward to assemble
  • Custom ABS plastic
  • Very durable, exterior material
  • Made in the USA!
  • Brand Ramptech
  • Weight 94 pounds

Pre-cut to exact dimensions

Uses high-quality ply

Easy to move


Cannot make alternate arrangements


Say a massive goodbye to skateboard ramps that fall apart after only a few months of installation. All around, there are low-quality products, threatening the integrity of existing high-quality products. Their numbers are so huge that one has to be extra careful when making a final purchasing choice. This stays true in the skateboard ramp market. As an editorial team, we have discovered countless models of low quality, each one promising to be the best. It wasn’t until we came across the Discount Ramps collection that we were fully convinced that they have the best skateboard ramps.

Their Discount Ramps Medium Skateboard ramp is a unique model available for sale in today’s market. This model has a 2220 lbs weight capacity, and has been put together with durable plastic and galvanized steel reinforcements. The medium sizes board ramp comes with all the tools and parts required for easy setup; thus, no extra hands or skills are required. For the highest degree of safety and performance, users are advised to secure their ramp firmly in place whenever it is going to be used.

Key Features
  • 250 lb. weight capacity
  • Textured surface for maximum traction
  • Secure firmly in place
  • Mounting screws included
  • Brand Discount Ramps
  • Model SK-78800
  • Weight 7 pounds

Great price

Excellent brand reputation

No assembly required


Slides around easily

Ramp can get slippery when wet

The OC company has come our way once more with another marvelous skateboard ramp for our beloved skating enthusiasts. Are you an expert skateboard rider, or you’re now about to learn the requisite skills?  This allows you to try and perfect as many skills as you possibly can, without feeling rushed or judged. The OC Wide Quarterpipe ramp is here to help bring out the expert in you.

This is a ramp that comes with an entire kit for installation. Found in the package are pre-drilled and pre-cut boards, which have been prepped to make installation a breeze for everyone. In addition to the pre-cut parts, there is an instruction manual filled with vivid pictures that are easy to understand and follow. Parts included in the kit are some pre-counted rust proof screws for joints and connections. Every piece of the OC stunt scooter ramps are made from the highest grade of hardwood and lumber, to enhance the durability of the unit. All metal parts are also galvanized for the same reason.

Key Features
  • Pre-cut and Pre-drilled boards
  • Instructions booklet with pictures
  • Highest class exterior plywoods
  • Galvanized metal parts prevent rusting
  • Brand OC Ramps
  • Model 4ftqp
  • Weight 170 pounds

High-quality wood construction

Very stable and smooth

Better grinds and slides


Assembly required

High shipping cost

As mentioned earlier, there is another fantastic ramp model from the Rampetch company in this article. It is the Ramptech Wide Quarterpipe Ramp. The ability of this skateboard ramp to stand out from many competing brands makes it worth your investment. This ramp comes with a fully equipped skate ramp kit. The kit is put together by manufacturers; thus, it contains everything you will need to assemble your ramp in the shortest time. 

The Ramptech skate ramp has all its required elements cut and shaped into CNC requirements, which helps make the installation process quicker. The manual included in this ramps’ setup kit features several pictures, which allow visual connection and a better understanding of what you’re required to do. Some materials used to create the Rampetc ramp parts include ABS plastic, galvanized steel, and HDO. It is a durable ramp model, which is also very portable and easy to store. When it is not in use, you can move your Ramptech quarter pipe unit about to a safer spot, making room in your garage for other activities.

Key Features
  • Galvanized steel coping, exterior screws.
  • Very durable, exterior material.
  • Portable, casters included
  • Modular, side by side connection.
  • Brand Ramptech
  • Weight 152 pounds

Great height for beginners

Perfect for airs and grabs



Surface gets very hot in the sun

High Price

Ten Eighty has introduced the Mini Launch Ramp, an outstanding model with a considerable performance designed into a cute and classic enclosure. This Scooter Launch ramp is one of their most beautiful creations yet, and it has brought in a lot of experienced skaters for a purchase. This ramp can be used by both experts and beginners in the field because of its durable build. This skateboard ramp system is made with a high impact construction, which enhances its durability. It utilizes a textured finish, which is also slip-resistant to keep you safe while you skate.

The Launch mini ramp for skateboards stays in place during its usage, thanks to its non-slip rubber feet system. This skateboard ramps is great for skating enthusiasts above the age of eight. It supports the weight of up to 125 lbs and an ideal model for outdoor use. Explore all those new skills and tricks you’ve always wanted to try in the comfort of your garage via the Launch mini skateboard ramp.

Key Features
  • High-impact polymer construction
  • Textured slip-resistant finish
  • Non-slip rubber feet
  • Tapered leading edge
  • Brand scooter

Easy construction

Very smooth surface

Professional quality


Some assembly is required

Difficult to move

There’s no better way to bring our list to an end than by reviewing another Ramptech unit. This is their Outdoor Halfpipe ramp model, designed like many of their other models. It is a ramp with all its parts pre-cut for easy and swift installation. This is done to help every user save time. The Outdoor Halfpipe ramp has a straightforward installation process, which comes with step by step instructions for a better understanding and quick implementation.

The best skateboard ramps features the use of galvanized steel, treated lumber and exterior materials for enhanced durability and reliability. Developed and designed in the USA, we love that it offers all customers an 8 to 10-year warranty. Make this the best building block for all young skaters in your home. Inspire them to learn all about the beautiful sport in a safe environment.

Key Features
  • Quick and straightforward to assemble.
  • Galvanized steel coping, exterior screws.
  • 8-10 year lifetime
  • Made in the USA!
  • Brand Ramptech
  • Weight 1,700 pounds

Weather resistant

Can be combined to build a long quarter pipe



Some assembly required

Best Skateboard Ramps Buying Guide & FAQ

What to Look for Out When Buying a Skateboard Ramp

Having a little knowledge about skateboard ramps is not enough if you want to purchase top quality models. You need to know all the design requirements and the necessary elements that make a unit more durable and efficient than other models. In this buying guide, we expose you to all these considerations, and why they’re vital to your selection.

  • Ramp size

The size of the ramp you choose is dependent on many things. The first thing to consider is how much space you have available to use a ramp. Another factor is the type of skating activities you want to perform. For tricks and stunts, you will need a more comprehensive or more significant ramp. Some ramps are wide enough for your feats but also modular; thus, they can be folded and packed when they’re not in use.

  • Portability

There are a permanent ramp and those that are portable. If you decide to go for a compact model, you should consider its weight and how easy it is to transport from one location to the other. The lightweight ramps are usually those small in size, and they’re effortless to manage.

  • Material choice

The material used to construct your skateboard ramp must be of high quality. Some of the best materials are ABS plastic, galvanized steel, and many more. If you opt for wooden units, be sure that the lumber used is of a top quality else, it’ll breakdown within the shortest time.

Benefits of Portable Ramps

  • Skateboard ramps come with a structure that enables you to undertake all your skating needs. This helps you to stay active even in the comfort of your own home.
  • Another benefit of the skateboard ramp is that investing in one enhances the safety of your skating activities. Using a ramp gives you a profound peace of mind since your risk of an accident and injury is minimized.
  • Having a slope that has been purposefully designed for your skateboard activities reduces the risk of material or property damage, as opposed to if you’re skating around your yard with no form of control.
  • Skateboard ramps for beginners, especially kids, give them a safe environment to learn how to skate. With this unit, you’re always aware of the location of your children and how they’re faring. This helps reduce the risk of road accidents.

Types of Skateboard Ramps

  • Launch Ramp

This first ramp type is straightforward in its design. It is prevalent on the market and amongst skaters across the globe. The launch skateboard ramp is a very affordable unit that comes with a deck. They are placed such that there is a gap between the two ramps. The practice is done by taking off on one slope and landing on the second one.

  • Box Jumps

The box jump ramp is another kind of ramp for skateboards. This unit is similar in design to the launch ramp, with the difference being that the box jump ramp features two launch ramps that must face each other, with a deck or box staying between them. There are box jump models that come already fixed like this, but those models cannot be disassembled.

  • Quarter Pipe

As seen in our reviews above, the quarter pipe ramp is also very common in recent times. This is a ramp that can be found in many skateparks. They are full and big enough to accommodate all skating tricks and stunts. They have a versatile design that allows them to be used for skills in the air, grinds, grabs, and many more.

  • Halfpipe

The last type of skateboard is the halfpipe unit. This is a ramp well-known in the skating industry. It is seen mostly in skateparks and not in garages or backyards. The halfpipe unit has an incline on both sides. It is the ultimate choice for doing different skating tricks and is a fun option to consider for your backyard skating setup.

Best Skateboard Ramps FAQ:

Q: What is a mini ramp?

A mini ramp is a ramp that is designed to be under six feet in height. It usually doesn’t go vertically in a sloped transition; thus, they can be used by all levels of skaters at all ages. All ramps that lack vertical quarterpipe, spine, ramp, halfpipe are referred to as mini ramps.

Q: How do I install my skateboard ramp?

Installing most skateboard ramps is very simple because they come pre-cut and pre-drilled. As much as possible, users are advised to follow the instruction manual offered by manufacturers in their ramp kits, as these will ensure that the setup is done accurately. Some manuals come with pictures, while others have simple language that can be followed with ease.

Q: What surface should I put the skateboard ramp on?

The position of your ramp will determine the type of skating surface you will use on your slope. There are some common surface materials used, and some of these include Masonite, plywood, and skatelite. These are all possibilities that will work excellently, depending on where the ramp is likely to be used.

Q: How long will my ramp last?

Ramps are built for extended durability, but this will depend mainly on the brand you purchase, the materials used for its construction as well as how well you take care of your ramp. On an average, skateboard ramps can be used for up to five years without any issues. If your ramp comes with a textured, slip-resistant finish, it might last a little while longer.

Q: How can I protect my mini half pipe from excessive weathering?

Using two to three coats of epoxy paint on your halfpipe can go a long way to halt the process of weathering, and can even prevent it from occurring in the first place. Some individuals also use skatepaint, which has a similar composition to epoxy paint, though it may be more expensive.

Our Top Pick

You will love the Landwave Skateboard ramp, we can guarantee. This is a unique creation put together to allow skaters of all ages and skill levels to enjoy their rides in a safe environment. It comes in parts that are simple to assemble and will enable you to personalize your ramp design as and when you please. Out of all competing brands in the market, Landwave is regarded as the world’s best because of its high quality and impressive construction. With this company, you can never go wrong.

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