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When the snow falls thick and fast around your home, you need to be able to clear it to continue…

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When the snow falls thick and fast around your home, you need to be able to clear it to continue your day-to-day life as normal. One of the most efficient and affordable tools that you can invest in to do this is a good snow shovel. And while you may think that this is a simple piece of equipment, there are plenty of features and variations that separate the high-quality snow shovels from the poor-quality ones that won’t do the job effectively. With this in mind, we have selected 10 of the best snow shovels currently available to discuss in more detail, including an overview of their key features and pros and cons for you to consider. So, let’s plow on with them!

The Best Snow Shovel

First on our list, we have this convenient collapsible snow shovel which you can take around with you wherever you like. Perhaps you need to fit it in the trunk of your car or in your backpack on your next camping adventure. You simply need to take it apart into three pieces and it is good to go.

The snow shovel also adjusts to different lengths depending on your height and arm span, so you can get the maximum leverage to use it in the most efficient way possible. And it is nice and lightweight, so you can wield it with no problems.

Key Features
  • Adjusts from 26” to 32”
  • Weight of 1.6 pounds
  • Aluminum sport utility shovel
  • Brand Lifeline
  • Model 4002
  • Weight 1.1 pounds

Conveniently collapses into three pieces

Lightweight design

Adjusts to offer maximum leverage


May not be as effective in dealing with deeper and harder snow

This double-handled snow shovel features a blade offering a high level of durability and impact resistance, so you can deal with tough snow and ice. Your comfort has been carefully considered – demonstrated by the ergonomic design of the shovel which reduces your need to bend over too much.

Both handles have comfortable, D-ring handle grips. The smaller spring-assisted handle has a fulcrum effect, so your effort isn’t only directed in one place. All this is designed to help you in lifting heavier loads, thereby clearing snow more effectively.

Key Features
  • Wide 18-inch shovel blade
  • Double-handle design
  • D-ring grips on handles
  • Brand Snow Joe
  • Weight 3.6 pounds

Reduces strain on your back and improves posture

Fulcrum effect to allow you to lift more snow


Taller people may have more difficulty as the handle is not adjustable

If you are looking for a tool with more of a plow design, this one gives you the ability to push away snow. The single u-shaped handle is there to offer strength, while the main part of the plow has a blade that has a slicing effect through the snow.

When the blade is not as effective as it was, you can simply rotate it to give you the edge over the snow once again. This is a brand which has a reputation for making products that stand the test of time, and this one should offer plenty of usage.

Key Features
  • Rotatable blade
  • U-shaped handle
  • Tall design for more snow redistribution
  • Brand Manplow
  • Model REV42
  • Weight 5.5 pounds

Twice the lifespan thanks to the clever blade design

Handle offers increased strength


Not a conventional shovel design – more suited to bigger clearing jobs

If you are looking for more of a balance between a snow shovel and a pusher, this tool features elements of both. So, you can use it to do both the shovelling and pushing actions which make up successful snow clearing.

While it may not be as sophisticated as some of the other tools that we have talked about in this blog post, some people prefer equipment that is no-nonsense as it is what they are used to, and this steel snow shovel remains a popular choice.

Key Features
  • Ribbed steel core handle
  • 51-inch length
  • Brand Suncast
  • Model SC1350
  • Weight 2.95 pounds

Features elements of a shovel and a pusher

Lightweight design with metal strip for added strength


Handle is non-adjustable

Plastic design may not clear tougher snowfall

This clever snow pusher shovel features a 2-in-1 design for the clearing of both snow and ice. But it has also been proven effective on other substances such as soil, sand, and leaves. The high-quality materials give you years of usage, while it is also rustproof to protect against this damage.

You can expect to lift as much as 33lbs of snow using the shovel, while the handle is extra-long to offer increased leverage and clearing power. Assembly and disassembly should be straightforward and will only take a matter of minutes.

Key Features
  • Snow shovel with built-in ice scraper
  • D-ring handle
  • All-inclusive accessory kit for assembly
  • Brand Ohuhu
  • Weight 5.35 pounds

Ultra-strong and rustproof

Ergonomic snow shovel with extra-long handle


Reports of poor connection between ice breaker and shovel

Designed to allow you to shift even more snow than usual, this snow blade removal shovel has its own set of wheels to offer you even more power than standard. Also, it features a blade with 36” of space to catch plenty of snow and ice and move it conveniently.

The blade of the snow plow shovel also has a bi-directional function, so you can move the snow where you need. You can even change direction during the same pass. As for storage, it won’t take up a huge amount of space in your garage.

Key Features
  • 180-degree bi-directional snow blade
  • 36” wide shovel blade
  • Comes with wheels on the bottom
  • Brand Dakota SnoBlade
  • Weight 50 pounds

Allows for big snowfall removal

Easily hangs on the wall


Works best on smaller amounts of powdery snow

Another rolling snow plow shovel with wheels, this one features a big concave blade with 45-degree adjustment. Also, the handle is adjustable to allow you to stand fully upright without the need to put unnecessary strain on your back.

Turning our attention to the wheels, they are extra-large and made to deal with slippery or uneven road surfaces. When you get the plow home, you will find that it is a heavy-duty tool that deals with larger amounts of snowfall. It is also one that you can collapse to put into storage when the warmer months of the year roll around again.

Key Features
  • Adjustable handle height from 6.9-40.9inches/17.5-104cm
  • 45-degree moveable blade
  • Extra-large wheels
  • Brand Ohuhu
  • Weight 25.7 pounds

Ergonomic design to reduce strain on your body

Easy storage


Some users had difficulty assembling

Reports of handle cracking

This is the type of quick and useful snow shovel that can get you out of difficult situations – and even emergencies. It is ideal for keeping in the trunk of your car. You can easily fold and expand it using the twisting lock. You can switch between folding, vertical, and horizontal depending on the task in hand. The 90-degree angle allows you to dig under the wheels to free your car in the even that it gets stuck in the snow.

While it is a durable and sturdy product, it is also one that is lightweight enough to ensure that you can wield it with ease. The handle is comfortable and ergonomic, allowing you to use it without straining your hand and wrist.

Key Features
  • Adjustable handle into three states
  • D-shaped grip for comfort
  • Foldable and expandable by twisting lock
  • Weight 1.68 pounds

Convenient shovel to have in your trunk

Allows you to reach under the car to clear snow


Very small shovel not designed for regular snow clearing

If you want to train your kids to help you clear snow nice and early, this could be the shovel for you! It features a small head and handle to make it suitable for kids aged between 3 and 12 helping you shovel the steps or other small areas around the outside of the house. But it is also a practical product, which is shown by the hard, bend-proof plastic. And there is a lifetime warranty attached to the product in the unlikely event that it does bend or break.

Key Features
  • Suitable for kids aged between 3 and 12
  • Made of bend-proof plastic
  • Brand Rocky Mountain Radar
  • Weight 13.6 ounces

Plastic design is safer for kids than metal

Lifetime warranty included


May be too heavy for smaller kids

The final product on our list is another emergency snow shovel, which you can use if you get caught in an unexpected snowfall. You can extend it from 30 to 40” to protect your back from strain. The scoop is heavy-duty, while the handle is tough and durable. Its economical price point makes it suitable for those on a tight budget.

Key Features
  • One-piece handle and heavy-duty scoop
  • Handle extends from 30” to 40”
  • Brand Mallory USA
  • Model D12-222-E
  • Weight 2.18 pounds

Convenient size for trunks or back seats

Lockable with a twist of the wrist


Best suited for emergency snow shovelling situations

Best Snow Shovel Buying Guide

If you are still feeling a little lost in choosing the right snow shovel for you, the following section is here to help. We are going to walk you through a few of the main considerations involved in choosing a snow shovel, as well as looking closer at the different types available. We will follow this up with a section on how to use a snow shovel properly, before concluding with a recap of our favorite product on the list.

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What to Consider When Buying a Snow Shovel

There are plenty of different factors which can all play their part in helping you choose the right snow shovel for you. Your order of priorities will depend on your own personal preferences, but we have tried to include plenty of different considerations for you to think about.

  • Blade Size

The dimensions of the blade of your snow shovel are important as it will determine how much snow you can move in one go. If you have smaller pathways around your house or you want to get into tighter spots like the area underneath your car, narrower blades are better. However, if you are trying to clear a large space like a driveway, you are better off using a bigger blade.

  • Durability

Obviously, it is better if your snow shovel stands the test of time. Durability is especially important if you are dealing with bigger or frozen snowfalls. Otherwise, the shovel may end up snapping and being impossible to repair. This will only lead to the time and effort of you having to order a new replacement. You may even consider that is worth spending a little more for a shovel with a higher durability rating.

  • Shovel Materials

Closely linked to durability is the materials for the blade. Traditionally, all shovels would be made of metal, but newer plastic alternatives are becoming more and more popular. While heavier materials may offer more snow clearing power, you need to think about whether you are going to be able to comfortably lift them up over and over again. Metal snow shovels also have the disadvantage of potentially scratching the surfaces underneath. Aluminum provides a nice middle ground between sturdiness and weight. And remember, all plastic is not created equal. For example, you can get bend-proof plastic which offers more durability than regular polyethylene.

  • Ergonomics

There is a lot of talk these days about products that are ergonomically strong. And the truth is that this word encapsulates a range of different aspects of a snow shovel, but they are all about making the repetitive action of snow shovelling or plowing more comfortable on your whole body. Adjustable handles allow you to set the height that you feel comfortable working at, so you are at less of a risk of straining your back. Some handles come with shock absorbent properties to reduce the impact on your body. You should also for the D-ring handles which are comfortable to grip. If you prefer to use a plow tool, you should look out for features such as wheels, which aid you in the task of clearing snow from your driveway.

  • Adjustable Features

We have just mentioned adjustable handles, but some shovels feature other changeable features that may encourage you to make a purchase. For example, there are the plows which allow you to set the angle of the tool. There are also rotatable blades which double the length of time that you can use the plow before it wears away. But even the smallest of shovels may have the option of allowing you to adjust and lock in the angle at which you are working.

  • Storage Size

In most climates, snow shovels are only required for a few months of the year, so it is worth looking at how easy they are to store away. Some of them are foldable to minimize on storage space, whereas others are not, so you need to have more room available.

  • Ease of Assembly

It makes your life easier if you choose a product that is straightforward to assemble, so check out how many pieces the shovel or plow comes in. Also, check out what sort of instructions are available and check out some product reviews to see whether or not other people have struggled in the assembly process.

Different Types of Snow Shovels

Snow shovels fit into a few main categories, which we will look at in more detail here. Of course, there are bound to be some differences within the categories, but we will be looking in more general terms here.

  • Standard Shovels

The classic design is still what a lot of people turn to when they are looking at buying a snow shovel. In basic terms, it simply consists of a stick and a blade, which is designed for lifting up the snow and tossing it elsewhere. The handles come in different sizes, while some of them are adjustable to offer increased flexibility. Some handles are more curved, which some would argue is a more ergonomic style as you can keep your back straighter. Generally, standard shovels are better at dealing with lower levels of snowfall as it is hard work to clear a lot using the lifting and tossing method.

  • Pushers

As the name suggests, pushers or plows are designed for pushing through the snow. They come with a large blade at the bottom and a single wide handle on top. Sometimes, these wide snow shovels have wheels to aid you in pushing away the snow. This is a highly popular choice in dealing with snow on driveways and other large spaces as you can clear the snow a lot more efficiently than shovelling it all away. However, they cannot deal with smaller spaces, so these are not going to be effective in clearing the snow under your car, for example.

  • Combos

You can also get the tools that allow you to do both the shovelling and pushing snow clearing that we have talked about above. Due to the high level of versatility offered, this is a highly popular choice with many buyers.

  • ‘Emergency’ Snow Shovels

Finally, we have the shovels that are specially made to get you out of sticky situations – namely getting stuck in your car. These are foldable shovels in the traditional design which are small enough for you to fit in the trunk of your car. Alternatively, they can be used for simple snow clearing around the house. Most people wouldn’t want one of these as their ‘main’ snow shovel, but it can be highly useful in quick snow clearing and even emergency situations.

How to Use a Snow Shovel

While it may seem like shovelling snow is a straightforward task that anyone can accomplish, there are plenty of tips that we can offer you to ensure that the task goes smoothly.

  • Prepare Yourself

You should have already selected your snow shovel and assembled it properly. Now, you need to have the proper boots on that will keep your feet warm and dry. Look for soles with a strong grip to improve traction. Make sure that you wear thick socks and layer up all over your body to deal with the cold weather conditions effectively. However, since this will be a tough workout, you don’t want to risk overheating. If you have any health conditions or injuries that may make shovelling snow such as a bad back, you should think twice before starting – or at least don’t risk overexerting yourself. Remember, shovelling snow is trickier than pushing it. In either case, it is worth warming up by stretching out your arms and legs. Spreading some sand on the especially slippery areas will help to improve your grip.

  • Practice the Proper Technique

When you are shovelling snow, you should maintain a good posture throughout to keep the natural curve of your spine. As you switch between squatting and upright positions, you should maintain your spine’s natural curve. When you lift up the snow, you should stand with your feet shoulder-width apart to offer maximum balance. Bend at the knees and not your back or waist. Keep the shovel nearby to your body and don’t overextend your arms. Lift with your legs as much as possible. Don’t load up your shovel with too much snow. You are better off taking your time with the job rather than rushing it and risking injury. Don’t throw the snow over your shoulder as this requires much more effort. As a rule of thumb, you should rarely need to lift your shovel above waist height. If you can pile the snow in front of you, this is best as you don’t need to twist your body. Take plenty of breaks for rehydration if you are clearing a lot of snow in one go. If you feel any kind of pain, you should stop and seek medical assistance if you need it.

  • Remove the Snow Effectively

It is always worth putting in less effort if you can. And this starts by making a clear plan of action rather than just rushing in. Remove the snow recently after it has fallen. Otherwise, it will become wet and compact, turning into ice and making it more difficult to clear. However, if you have a snowplow that comes by your house, you may want to wait until after it has gone by your house, so you don’t end up having to clear your driveway twice. When you are piling the snow, choose the right location. Don’t block access to an area which still needs to be cleared. If you have a pusher, use this for the larger areas of snowfall as this is a more effective action – and it reduces strain on your body as well. If you are shovelling, spread your hands far apart on the handle to give yourself more leverage when you are lifting up the snow. Dig in continuous motion that is steady and easy, holding your shovel at a slight angle every time it enters the snow. As we mentioned earlier, you shouldn’t need to go too deep as you will be lifting up too much snow and this can cause unnecessary strain on your body. Don’t do the area underneath your car until you have brushed all the snow away from the top of it first.

Our Top Pick

Looking back at our number one pick of all the best snow shovels discussed in this blog post, it is this aluminum collapsible tool. It is the kind of lightweight tool that is convenient for keeping in the trunk of your car. And it is the kind of tool that can be used to dig yourself out of sudden snowfalls, making it the ideal accompaniment to your next camping trip. You can adjust the handle to a comfortable length that reduces the amount of strain on your back, as well as improving your leverage. And it is the kind of high-quality product that you can expect to offer a long time of reliable service.

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