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Best Steering Wheel Covers: Get A Grip | Autance © Best Steering Wheel Covers: Get A Grip | Autance
Best Choice Bokin Leather Steering Wheel Cover Bokin Leather Steering Wheel Cover
Best Price SEG Direct Black Microfiber Steering Wheel Cover SEG Direct Black Microfiber Steering Wheel Cover
Premium Pick Magnelex Microfiber Leather Steering Wheel Cover Magnelex Microfiber Leather Steering Wheel Cover

Driving can be a cathartic experience, as long as you’re comfortable when you hit the road. When you think of comfort, you probably first think about your car’s air conditioning and seating—but what about the steering wheel? Essential to controlling your vehicle, your steering wheel is not invulnerable. Despite being so critical, steering wheels get hot in the sun and icy cold in the winter. Plus, even if the temperature is perfect, your hands can get tired on long drives. The solution: steering wheel covers. 

Simple yet effective, these car accessories slide right over the wheel. Made of materials not prone to overheating or getting too cold, most have padding to keep your hands comfortable. Coming in everything from hot pink microfiber to black fuzzy covers, it’s all about finding the right match for your wheels. That’s why we’ve tracked down the best steering wheel covers for any type of situation.

The Best Steering Wheel Covers

Designed to fit any standard 15-inch steering wheel, the Bokin Leather Steering Wheel Cover is a solid pick overall. Thanks to the positioning of the microfiber and leather portions, you get the benefits of both heat resistance and grip. It keeps your hands cool in warm weather yet isn’t prone to overchilling in cold environments. The cover fits onto your steering wheel with moderately elastic edges that snap it into position. Requiring no tools for setup, simply slide it into place. The inner part of the cover holds onto your wheel firmly, giving you good control while you drive, it isn’t prone to slipping. With proper ventilation, it keeps your hands dry and comfortable on longer trips.

However, the leather cover is stitched together into the microfiber, and these seams are vulnerable to damage. As such, be sure to take care when hand washing this cover to prevent wear and tear.

Key Features
  • Compatible with most standard steering wheels at 15 inches
  • Made out of high-grade leather material
  • Simple installation thanks to elastic material
  • Brand Bokin
  • Model B-K0026A
  • Weight 1.45 pounds

Easy to grip in any weather

Moderately stretchy material

Rejuvenates the wheel’s appearance


Cannot exceed 15 inches

Leather can wear down with ongoing friction

Seams vulnerable to fraying

The SEG Direct Black Microfiber Steering Wheel Cover comes at a friendly price point without foregoing quality in any regard. The cover is made out of microfiber leather that offers a plush grip to keep your hands comfortable. Due to the blend in the textile, you won’t have to worry about the heat or the cold. It is made out of safe materials, keeping the air in your vehicle safe. The cover is easy to install and fits any vehicle with a wheel between 14.5 and 15 inches in diameter. Smooth to the touch, the cover lets you keep a good grip on the wheel by wicking away moisture.

While this cover helps you when dealing with heat, it still takes on cold. Because of the material, even with a heater blasting, it will take the cover a while to warm up, so stick to warm environments for the best results.

Key Features
  • Made out of microfiber leather
  • Resists heat and friction
  • Sized at 14.5 to 15 inches in diameter
  • Brand SEG Direct
  • Model B01 JILMEK 60
  • Weight 11.3 ounces

Comes at an affordable price point

Available in different colors

Soft on the skin for extra comfort


Won’t fit larger steering wheels

Can be tricky to install

Better for against heat than cold

Looking for something that will work in a variable climate? Consider the Magnelex Microfiber Leather Steering Wheel Cover. It is made out of well-ventilated material, helping your hands hold tightly onto the wheel. Compatible with any wheel between 14.5 and 15 inches across, it is ideal for everything from a Honda car to a Chevy truck. The sleek design integrates into any vehicle, with the leather providing more of an aesthetic than a functional grip. The anti-slip grip shows more through the moisture-wicking part of the microfiber and helps the wheel stay cool while also preventing damage from humidity.

Keep in mind that this cover uses synthetic leather, where the individual fabric cells are a lot more vulnerable to friction. As a result, it will break down more quickly than genuine leather covers. However, given the premium design and reasonable price, this cover remains a solid pick.

Key Features
  • Sized at 14.5- to 15-inches
  • Resistant to ultraviolet radiation
  • Breathable material for long-lasting appeal
  • Brand Magnalex
  • Model MG-SWC
  • Weight 1.46 pounds

Gentle on the skin for easier long drives

Prevents damage from sunlight

Anti-slip protection for optimal control


Leather components get cold easily

Doesn’t stretch enough for easy installation

Only compatible with certain vehicles

Particularly for those whose hands get sore on long trips, the Valleycomfy Microfiber Leather Steering Wheel Cover is a worthy selection. Meant for use on wheels ringing in between 14.5 and 15 inches across, it is also available in larger and smaller sizes. The cover is made out of well-positioned panels. Each microfiber leather piece is stitched together precisely, allowing you to hold firmly in position. Neither the interior nor exterior of the cover is prone to slipping, giving you solid control over the vehicle. Despite that firmness, this cover is thick enough to keep your hands comfortable on longer trips.

While the wheel cover is comfortable, it isn’t necessarily the best at thermal control. It might take some time to heat up and cool down, but the ventilation makes the process quick—just allow for a few extra minutes before you hit the road.

Key Features
  • Measures 14.5 to 15 inches
  • Made out of black microfiber leather
  • Ventilated to improve grip
  • Includes a skidproof lining
  • Brand Valleycomfy
  • Model FXBF01
  • Weight 1.28 pounds

Keeps your hands comfy in all weather

High-quality stitching reduces wear and tear

Fairly simple to install


Leather wears down with friction

Won’t fit on larger steering wheels

Fairly basic appearance

When your focus is on adding to the appearance of your ride, the Mayco Microfiber Leather Steering Wheel Cover is a fantastic selection. Featuring a bright blue line to accent the cover, it holds tightly and resists moisture. Both the flat and textured leather grips on the wheel help you keep control over the vehicle’s movement. Fitting wheels between 14.5 and 15 inches in diameter, the cover is compatible with most rides. If blue isn’t your favorite color, there are multiple other options available. Each selection promotes ventilation and helps you keep a good grip. The angle of each color strip also lends a sleek appearance to your car’s interior.

The only caveat is that the stitching can fray rather easily. Also, this steering wheel cover performs better in the cold than in the heat.

Key Features
  • Fits most steering wheels between 14.5 and 15 inches
  • Includes a bright blue line at the side
  • Thick enough for grip comfort
  • Brand Mayco Bell
  • Model 8
  • Weight 14.1 ounces

Breathable material improves grip

Holds firmly in position on the wheel

Isn’t prone to fading damage


Better in cold than in the heat

Stitching can fray easily

While the Alusbell Microfiber Leather Steering Wheel Cover won’t replace a massage therapist, it is a good pick for those with a long commute. Fitting with any standard 15-inch steering wheel, you can use it everywhere, from a truck to a car. Slipping into position, the well-ventilated cover stretches over the wheel and holds its position. Once in place, not only does the microfiber material resist issues with heat and cold temperatures, but it also keeps your hands comfy. The thickness keeps your hands comfortable, preventing strain and avoiding stress in the shoulders and back.

The only potential downside is that this cover has a very subtle appearance—it adds value through function, not fashion. If you want something subtle, this is a solid pick, but for a more ostentatious style preference, this might be too plain of a cover.

Key Features
  • Designed for universal fit on 15-inch steering wheel
  • Comes in four color options
  • Made out of heat-resistant materials
  • Built for decoration and function
  • Brand Alusbell
  • Model BC-C10
  • Weight 1.57 pounds

Not prone to premature wear

Able to resist hot and cold

Firm stitching adds durability


Won’t fit large steering wheels

May not hold in position in humid environments

Can be tricky to install

The Andalus Car Steering Wheel Cover is a terrific solution for its impressive insulative abilities. With the iconic appearance of a classic fuzzy wheel cover, it keeps your hands warm in the iciest situations. Thanks to the position of the sheepskin wool, you get a good grip, even when shifting your hands’ position. The soft material is gentle on the skin, largely because it’s made of Australian sheepskin wool. You can get this 15-inch cover in a whole host of colors, including bright blue and muted brown. Installing efficiently, it slips into place using a powerful elastic. Gripping tightly to the wheel, you can even get it to fit diameters of up to 16 inches.

However, since it’s made out of wool, the fabric can stain fairly easily. Plus, it is likely to shed a bit after time. With proper maintenance through hand washing and air drying, you can keep it working over the long term.

Key Features
  • Made out of sheepskin wool
  • Built for efficient slip-on installation
  • Fits between 14.5 and 16 inches
  • Available in different color options
  • Brand Andalus Brands
  • Model AN-000046
  • Weight 5.9 ounces

Designed to add comfort to the drive

Breathes well and keeps hands warm

Easy to clean and maintain


Not as efficient in the cold

A fairly flashy wheel cover

Wool can flake off easily

A classic appearance with modern durability, the Ylife Microfiber Leather Car Steering Wheel Cover offers luxurious flair. It is made out of synthetic leather, using microfiber textile to shore up durability and ventilation. The breathable material gives you a solid grip while also limiting wear and tear on the cover. It comes in multiple colors, each with a natural shade that fits into stylish interiors. Compatible with any medium wheel (ranging from 14.5 to 15 inches across), you can install this selection with ease. In terms of utility, the sleek leather gives you improved control over the wheel. It also keeps your hands cool on hot days and warm on cold ones. Long-lasting and moisture-resistant, this cover is a great option.

Bear in mind that there is no padding on this cover, meaning it isn’t as ergonomic as other models. That said, for style and heat control, it’s still a worthy pick.

Key Features
  • Made out of sheepskin wool
  • Comfortable on sensitive skin
  • Elastic design provides a firm hold
  • Fits between 14.5 and 16 inches
  • Brand Ylife
  • Model N/A
  • Weight 1.35 pounds

Built for a slip-on installation

Compatible with most wheels

Microfiber leather for durability


Only fits optimally on some vehicles

Limited color availabilities

Works better in heat than cold

Best Steering Wheel Covers Buying Guide

Getting the right steering wheel cover involves two primary considerations: the wheel size and your environment type. No two drives are identical; so, if you want a steering wheel cover that works for you, it means knowing what you need. If you spend more time battling snow than sunburn, you’ll want an insulator. Conversely, if you battle the heat, it’s about finding something that stays cool to the touch.

Once you know what material you’re after, the next step is tracking down a model that works for your vehicle style and the size of your steering wheel. You can get wheel covers in all shapes, sizes, materials, and colors. It’s just a matter of identifying the best steering wheel covers for your situation. When you pick the best fit, it’s easy to reap the most benefits.

Why Do You Need a Steering Wheel Cover?

There are some key reasons drivers opt for steering wheels, not the least of which is grip. Your wheel is pivotal to your traction control, and while it might seem small, it can seriously impede reaction time if you lose your grip at an important spot. A steering wheel cover gives you a comfortable grip and optimal traction, helping you stay safe. 

It’s not only about moisture resistance and keeping your hands from getting sore, but also a matter of thermal control. Ever tried to grip a piping hot steering wheel under a high-noon glare? How about gripping onto a cold wheel in the middle of a snowstorm? Neither is pleasant, but a quality steering wheel cover fixes both issues. When you spend ample time on the road, comfort is key, and wheel covers offer you just that. 

  • Stays warm when the temperature is cold
  • Remains cool despite extreme heat
  • Improves grip comfort on longer rides
  • Facilitates proper traction and grip on the wheel
  • Adds a stylish flair while protecting the wheel

Popular Types of Steering Wheel Covers

When choosing the right steering wheel for your ride, figuring out the correct type is essential. Ultimately, you can sort steering wheel covers into two different categories. Some are plush and geared towards comfort needs, while others use textiles to control heat flow and improve grip. To get the most benefit, it helps to understand which type works in which situations.

Microfiber Leather Covers

If you’re contending with the heat, then this type of cover is an ideal way to go. These feature a relatively thin layer of material, usually a synthetic textile. Often, the cover will consist of two layers of materials, one a liner meant to facilitate grip. The top layer of material is usually a blend of leather and microfiber. Leather offers traction while microfiber remains at a medium temperature despite ambient conditions. 

Because of the simple design, you can integrate these into just about any vehicle. Most range between 14.5 and 16 inches in size, though you can find larger models for bigger wheels. Based on the layout of the leather and microfiber, the style differs. Provided you find an option with ample microfiber and quality stitching, this is a suitable solution for heat control. 

Fuzzy and Padded Covers 

If you’re looking to contend with the cold, opting for a padded cover is a good way to go. You can find plush covers in all sorts of styles, most being much brighter and louder than the other type. Opting for fuzzy covers means there may be a bit of thinning over time, but it gives both good grip and cold control because of the design. 

The other option for this type of steering wheel cover is a padded option. Many of these are made out of the same material as leather covers, including a layer of padding for hand support. Meant to keep hands comfortable while facilitating good grip, this type is great for long winters. However, the padding packs down over time, so the comfort factor diminishes with continued use. 

What to Look for When Buying Steering Wheel Covers

When you look for your steering wheel covers, there are a few things to keep in mind. First and foremost, you want to consider the size and fit of the cover. Most steering wheels ring in at 15 inches in diameter. Many covers will stretch to accommodate an extra inch, but not all of them have that stretch. Before you proceed, consider the installation needs and whether you can get it to fit on your steering wheel

Next, look into the material quality. The higher-grade the material and the better the stitches, the longer it will last. With this in mind, you can move on to look into the amount of padding, thermal properties, and style. Once you find the right option, move on to vet the vendor. You want a reputable company with a proven track record, like the options on this list. As long as you pick the right type of cover for your needs and get it from a reliable retailer, you should be all set. 

Of course, there are some key features you’ll need to check to make sure the cover offers what you need.

The Most Important Features of Steering Wheel Covers

All steering wheel covers have the same main job: to keep your hands comfortable and with a firm grip on the wheel. That shared aim doesn’t mean that all wheel covers are made alike, though. There are some essential features to investigate to be sure the steering wheel cover is right for you.

Material and Thermal Qualities 

There are three essential materials in steering wheel covers: wool, microfiber cloth, and leather. Each of these materials has different heat-management properties. Leather may get hot to the touch and be more susceptible to the cold. Be sure that it has padding to prevent this issue; or, opt for something with more cloth. Microfiber is breathable and doesn’t take on heat or cold, making it a good pick for extreme climates. 

The other aspect of the material is the sturdiness of the design. Eventually, you’ll need to clean the cover, and low-grade materials wear down quickly. Check the quality of the stitch job and the toughness of the material used in the cover. 

Ergonomic Benefits 

Especially if you spend a lot of time on the road, considering the ergonomic aspects of the wheel cover is essential. There are two aspects to this feature: grip and padding. If you can grip the wheel properly, then you won’t strain your arms when steering. The padding material helps your hands stay comfortable by limiting the strain on your muscles. 

It’s more than a matter of material, though: ergonomics extends to the placement of the panels. If the leather isn’t located in a place to give you traction while you steer, it can result in strain in your wrists. Look for leather at the 10 and 2 positions for the best results. 

Installation Requirements

Some steering wheel covers install with total ease. You can slide them into place, with the elastic feature of leather helping them get a grip. Look for models that slip into place and self-adhere, using the tension of the textile. Check the range over which the cover can stretch to get a better fit. 

Consider also that your cover will need maintenance at some point. You want something that won’t shrink when cleaned and will return to position on your wheel with ease. Look for materials referring to flexibility, stretch, or elastic to get the best results. Leather is natural, so be on the lookout for this material. 

Care and Maintenance for Steering Wheel Covers 

Taking care of your steering wheel cover is pretty straightforward: the first step is to set it up properly. It might take a bit of extra time for installation, making sure you get the correct fit. This alone will assist in slowing the wear and tear process since you won’t have to adjust it as much. Consider using a treatment (depending on the material) to prevent stains. Just be sure that it won’t impact your grip. 

Even with a proper install and solid care, you will need to clean the steering wheel cover at some point, which is where things can go wrong. Unless explicitly stated, never machine wash or dry the cover. Most require lukewarm handwashing and being hung to dry. Being gentle when cleaning them will save the stitching. If you’re dealing with leather, consider returning it to the vehicle when it remains a bit damp. This makes it more elastic, so it dries in the right position. 

  • Never machine dry a steering wheel cover as it will shrink or tear
  • If your cover features leather, be sure to hand wash it
  • Use a treatment like Scotch-Gard to protect the cover 

Best Steering Wheel Covers FAQ:

You probably have some experience with steering wheels and covers, but with ever-changing materials, it never hurts to do your research. To assist, we’ve addressed some of the most common questions about steering wheel covers. 

Q: Should you use a steering wheel cover? 

Yes, whether it’s to add to your comfort or secure your steering wheel, a cover is always useful. They stop the wheel from freezing or overheating, remaining cool to the touch. Improving grip and adding to the appearance of your car, every ride can benefit from this accessory. 

Q: Are steering wheel covers dangerous? 

No, as long as you find the best steering wheel covers for the job, they are actually safer. The right cover will wick moisture away and give you better grip. This improves control and thus increases safety. 

Q: Do steering wheel covers fit all cars? 

Even if the cover touts itself as a universal fit, check the measurements. Most steering wheels are in the range of 15 inches. As such, most covers are the same size. However, if you drive a vehicle with an unusual vehicle, take a look at the specs to ensure the fit. 

Our Top Pick

After careful consideration, we’ve named the Bokin Leather Steering Wheel Cover as our top choice. Not only does it have a sleek design, it is made to fit on most cars. The high-quality materials and tough design gives you optimal grip. Long-lasting and easy to install, the Bokin steering wheel is a clear winner. 

Final Thoughts

Now that you know the ins and outs of finding the best steering wheel covers, you can make the right pick for your ride. It could be the Bokin Leather Steering Wheel Cover, a classic cover with timeless appeal. Or, if you are looking to stay on budget, the SEG Direct Black Microfiber Steering Wheel Cover offers fantastic value. 


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