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You’ve done all your research and sourced the best subwoofer only to learn that your new equipment doesn’t do such…

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The Best Subwoofer Boxes (Review) in 2023 | Autance © The Best Subwoofer Boxes (Review) in 2023 | Autance
Best Choice ATREND-BBOX Vented Carpeted Subwoofer Box ATREND-BBOX Vented Carpeted Subwoofer Box
Premium Pick Q Power Speaker Box Q Power Speaker Box
Best Value Atrend Subwoofer Box Atrend Subwoofer Box

You’ve done all your research and sourced the best subwoofer only to learn that your new equipment doesn’t do such a great job without a subwoofer box. As frustrating as it can be to buy each item individually, it really is true that when you buy the best subwoofer box for your needs the sound quality is infinitely better.

Below we list some of the finer speaker box offerings available. We discuss what makes these options so great along with our honest reviews of their abilities.  Take a look at your wants and needs before making that all-important purchase, and you should have no problem finding the right subwoofer box for your vehicle.

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The Best Subwoofer Box

This subwoofer box from BBox is great for those with smaller cars or simply those vehicles with limited space. Made with MDF and carpeted, this box feels nice and sturdy when in use with little to no wear and tear reported by users.

You should be aware that the smaller size of this speaker box has led to a much smaller gap for your speaker, however. This can be awkward to alter and can affect the sound, if you do decide to widen it. Thus, if your sub is larger than 10 inches in diameter, you may want to choose a different option.

Key Features
  • Provides great quality of sound
  • Made with high quality materials
  • Charcoal carpet finish
  • Brand B.Box Atrend
  • Model E10SV
  • Weight 9.125 inches

A sturdy construction, this subwoofer box never feels flimsy

Coming in at a great price, this speaker box offers excellent value for money

Can fit in almost any vehicle


Smaller port size

Very small cubic ft limits sound

A little more expensive than some of the other options in this list, this sub box from Q Power comes with a unique design distinction over the other choices. For starters, there’s no carpet with this selection, which allows for a deeper, more bass-filled sound – perfect if you like to listen to R&B, for example. It is, however, still made with a standard MDF material and is with durable bed liner spray.

This is a very strong box that can handle the rougher turns and braking of the road, while providing a clear sound that you’ll love driving to. Just be aware that the ports can be a little awkward to alter should you decide on a larger sub.

Key Features
  • Vented
  • Non-carpeted
  • Made with MDF
  • Very popular option
  • Brand Q Power
  • Model QBOMB12V
  • Weight 35.8 pounds

Very simple and quick installation

Customers love this look over traditional carpeted options

Very strong, well-made subwoofer box


Bad airflow can stifle some music

Can be messy to alter, if your subs are larger than 12 inches

Coming in at an incredible price, this 12-inch subwoofer box is the perfect choice for those seeking a simple, effective sub box that provides great value for the money. The size of this particular box does seem a little small on first glance, so you definitely need to check the diameter of your sub before purchasing. However, the good news is that you can also pick from the 10- or 15-inch variations if you want a good deal but need a different size.

Being slimline and angled, this particular sub box can fit behind your back seats or in the trunk of your car, so you can effectively make a variation of a ported subwoofer box – if that’s your thing. Either way, you’ll find that this particular choice doesn’t take up a great deal of space but does provide a great sound, making it ideal for those with smaller cars or folks who just want to try out a subwoofer box and see if it’s for them.

Key Features
  • Slimline
  • Carpeted subwoofer box
  • Also available in 10- and 15-inch ports
  • Angled to better suit vehicle space
  • Brand Atrend
  • Model E12ST
  • Weight 11.125 inches

Thinner depth and angled shape allows for a better fit

A heavy, well-made option that is popular with customers

Easy to install


Very precise measurements required for subwoofers

Smaller size limits the use of some subwoofers

With BBox making such a wide variety of subwoofer boxes for a range of needs, it should come as no surprise that this particular option has been designed specifically for the Dodge Ram. Therefore, if you own any other vehicle, this isn’t going to be the best choice for you due to the unique fit of the design.

That said, if you do own a Dodge Ram, prepare to enjoy your new speaker box. Coming as close to a custom subwoofer box as you could possibly get, this space-saving box easily and quickly fits into your vehicle without issues and provides a great sound.

Key Features
  • For the Dodge Ram only
  • Available in two port sizes
  • Very well made with high quality materials
  • Brand Bbox
  • Model A201-10CP
  • Weight 19.53 pounds

Provides a perfect fit that sits comfortable in your vehicle

Made with solid, high quality materials that help to provide a great sound


Limited application to Dodge Ram only

Due to the location this box is kept, it can sometimes get in the way

A classic look that is sure to suit any and all cars, this basic-looking but high-quality choice from American Sound Connection is a fantastic choice if you want great value for money. Made with MDF and carpeted with a standard grey look, the style of this item won’t blow you away, but it will certainly look smart.

The vented subwoofer box allows for a greater sound system, without taking up a larger space and, all the while, still being able to fit in a standard 12-inch speaker. Just be aware that some customers have complained about poor packaging leading to damaged goods – so be sure to check before installing.

Key Features
  • Vented
  • Made with MDF
  • Highly rated
  • Brand American Sound Connection
  • Model 112VH
  • Weight 12 inches

Smaller size fits in almost any vehicle

An affordable option that provides great value for money


Poor packaging has caused damage in a few cases

Materials can be too lightweight for heavier, louder sounds

Dual ported for those who like the full surround-sound that having multiple subwoofers creates, this option from B. Box is all about giving you a solid, high-quality choice for your trunk. Meanwhile, the larger surface area allows for a greater quality of sound and the carpeting ensures a good vibe from your rock and pop.

You should be aware that some of the customers have noted that the ports can sometimes leak air, resulting in a shaky sound. This is directly related to the port sizing, however, which can sometimes run a little small (depending on your speaker). So, be sure to thoroughly get your measurements down before purchasing.

Key Features
  • Available with three port sizes
  • Made with MDF
  • Tight seal around corners and joints
  • Brand B. Box/Atrend
  • Model E12D
  • Weight 28.7 pounds

Designed to be made with a high-quality finish

Larger surface areas provides greater quality and sound


Sizing of ports can be slightly small

Air can leave via the ports, resulting in a poor quality of sound

The angled back on this black subwoofer box allow for a better overall fit in the trunk of your car, as it sits against your back seats. This is perfect for getting your speakers out of the way, while still providing a clear, full sound. However, it also means that there is less overall surface area to work with, so do be aware that this may not provide as loud a box as some of the other options on our list.

The built-in terminals make for a very quick and easy installation, which many customers loved and noted a total time of between 10 minutes to 30 minutes to complete. It’s also a small enough option that it shouldn’t get in the way of anything else in your car, while installed – handy for those who have to get the shopping in, for example.

Key Features
  • Slanted back wall
  • Shipped fully assembled
  • Built-in terminals
  • Brand OnlyFactoryDirect
  • Model 8D
  • Weight 13 pounds

Designed to fit flush behind the seats

Very easy to install


Sound is poor when compared to other options on our list

Very small and compact option, affecting the sound

A great, compact choice, this item works brilliantly at providing you with a fantastic sound system – at the same time, ensuring you have enough space in your vehicle for any day-to-day activities you might have to undertake. Made of MDF, this item is strong enough to handle bumps and turns, as well as being used (lightly) as a shelf, if you’re tight on space.

Like others from American Sound Connection, this sub box is vented to help provide a better sound. That said, because of the larger dimensions with two ports, you’ll likely need to place this item in your trunk, which can affect the overall ventilation available. 

Key Features
  • Dual ports
  • Vented
  • Highly rated
  • Brand American Sound Connection
  • Model 212VH
  • Weight 12 Inches

Provides excellent sound quality

Excellent quality of materials


Smaller size can affect the sound

Corners can be easily damaged during transit

A chunky single port option that comes prelined with polyfil and available in three different sizes, this option from Belva has a focus on providing adequate insulation in order to gain the best clarity of sound. By ensuring a decent depth and great materials, the sound of this option Belva is highly rated by customers who are quick to talk about the great sounds produced with this sub box.

The gold terminals create a fantastic connection, while making the installation all the easier, too. You should be aware, however, that the sizing for this item can run a little smaller than stated – so, it may be best suited for those speakers between sizes or which also run a little small.

Key Features
  • Made with high quality MDF
  • Available in 3 port sizes
  • Easy to install
  • Brand Belva
  • Model MDFS1215
  • Weight 12 inches

Effective audio due to caulked seams and polyfill

Gold box terminals provide easy access


Can require some adjustments to fit your speaker

Measurements can run a little small compared to real size

Some customers noted a poor build quality

Best Subwoofer Box Buying Guide & FAQ

Features to Consider When Buying a Sub Box

  • Sound Quality

It’s fair to say that, when you buy a subwoofer, you’re likely doing it to get the best sound available, while you travel. Therefore, it definitely isn’t something you want negating through the use of a poor-quality speaker box. Before making your purchase, you should check to see what other reviewers think about the sound quality produced by your next buy.

  • Size

Naturally, the size of your speaker is going to have an effect on what box you choose. Be sure to grab a box that allows you to easily slot your speaker into the port, with a little extra material on either side to get the best fit and sound for your new system.

Some folk prefer to grab larger items, purely because they think it will give them the best sound, but this isn’t always the case. Instead, try to choose a speaker box design that is large enough to give you enough volume, while being small enough to give you clarity of noise.

You should also consider the size of your car, as smaller cars will clearly require smaller boxes, while larger cars can usually get away with dual port systems. Check the dimensions of where you’re looking to place your new box and see if these measure up to the size of the sub box itself.

  • Material

A common theme in debates throughout the gearhead socials, the right material can often make or break a good sound system. The main materials used in subwoofer boxes are wood, fiberglass and MDF. The last of these is arguably the best, as it provides the right thickness and density for strength, while still creating an appealing sound during your drives.

Benefits of a Speaker Box

The main reasons for getting a good speaker box are twofold; firstly, you’ll need somewhere to comfortably place your new speakers, so that they aren’t rolling around the car and awkwardly turning upside-down, so you can’t hear music at all. Secondly, they help to provide, clearer, louder sound and an overall better musical experience while driving.

Types of Subwoofer Boxes

  • Sealed Box

If you like your music with a heavy bass, this may just be the best subwoofer box for you. Completely sealed, this box directs soundwaves back through the sub itself, to give you a deeper sound. Be warned that they do require considerably more wattage in order to accomplish this, however, and they can therefore be a drain on your battery.

  • Ported Box

Great for rock and heavy metal, ported boxes reduce the level of bass typically found in subwoofers. They use small vents to help disperse the soundwaves as they are produced, giving you a “fuller” sound that works brilliantly for ballads and hard rock. They do, however, need a little more space in your car, as they need a larger surface area to create the same volume.

  • Bandpass Box

These use a ported vent that is designed to bring noise at maximum volume. By completely encapsulating the subwoofer, before directing the soundwaves to a precise location, you’ll find that these provide the most clout. In other words, they sound a lot louder and are incredibly strong at giving out a clear, precise noise.

  • Free-air Subwoofer

These used enclosed spaces in your car, such as the trunk, in order to isolate the sound from the rear section of your speaker. Because there is no additional box required here, you don’t have to worry about the sound cancellation leading to a quieter, less effective speaker.

They are generally more convenient to install, as you don’t need to work your way around a box, but you will need to buy subwoofers that are designed purely for use in a free-air capacity. While this technically isn’t a box, it’s still a viable option for many, so we’ve included this regardless.

Premade vs Custom Subwoofer Box

It’s no secret that a custom subwoofer box is going to provide you with a more personalized experience. By adjusting the seal, the size and the overall design, you’re naturally going to get a tighter fit and therefore a greater sound.

You also have the opportunity to create more niche products such as the bandpass box, which is actually the best subwoofer box you could make. As well as this, you could also adjust some of the components, such as changing the filling or having the set-up in a different, more accessible part of your vehicle.

Understandably, this makes premade options seem a little underwhelming by comparison. However, when you find the right sub box for your car, you would be surprised at the minute difference it makes. While you may not be able to adjust every aspect of your purchase, you can find a plethora of options, all of which give a great sound, at a fraction of the price.

With the materials being so expensive for custom made subwoofer boxes, and the time you would need to factor in to make the box itself – as well as fitting it – you are likely to find that purchasing a premade sub box is much more appealing.

Best Subwoofer Box FAQ:

Q: How does a sub box work?

The best subwoofer box works by helping to reduce distortion in your sound system. By providing a place for your subwoofer to sit, it also gives a greater surface area for the soundwaves to ricochet off. When this happens, the sound is projected back forward, toward the area you wish to subject to the music. Meanwhile, the air itself stays within the box and backward waves are held by the material. Thus, the music sounds louder, clearer and overall holds more depth.

Q: What is the best material for speaker box?

While there are many who debate this, it is generally agreed among the wider community that MDF (or Medium Density Fiberboard) is the best material for sub boxes. Essentially, this is because the wood is tough enough to work with, as well as ensuring there is no over-resonating sound – which can cause distortion and a poor experience. It can also stand the more extreme temperatures, which are likely to affect your car during the warmer and colder months, without breaking or bending.

Q: How big should my subwoofer box be?

Generally speaking, you should be able to work out the size of your box via the size of your subwoofer. Once you know the general diameter of your speaker, you can then look for the right sub box that has the same sized port hole for your subwoofer. After this, you will need to measure between 2 and 3 inches around the speaker itself, which is the best size for projecting your music. The gives plenty of surface area for the noise to work with, giving you a greater sensory experience.

Q: What happens if a sealed box is too big?

If your subwoofer enclosure is completely sealed, you’re likely to get a better “spring” of volume back from the box itself. Of course, if your subwoofer is a little looser, it is more likely to lose some of the clarity of sound, as the air will dissipate and vibrate more than provide a straight-forward projection. This is quite common when buying the subwoofer and the box separately, as they’ll often have slight differences in diameter. In order to negate some of this, you’ll see that many boxes use a stuffing or liner, which helps to absorb the “leftover” sound. This stops the rattling sound of your subwoofer and provides a clearer – if a little quieter – soundwave.

Q: Where should I place a subwoofer enclosure?

Where you decide to place your subwoofer depends mostly on the size and style of car you have. Most people will place their speakers in their trunk, as this has the most space and therefore is the easiest place to pop them. That said, there are a few options out there which allow you to place your speaker box around or under your seats.

Our Top Pick

We love the BBox Vented Carpeted Subwoofer Enclosure as it provides a good value for the money. It’s a great option for smaller vehicles or those that don’t have a lot of space for audio equipment. It’s made with high-quality materials, feels nice and sturdy, and isn’t prone to wear and tear. It’s designed for optimum bass response and will not rattle. If you’re looking for a subwoofer box with good build quality, this is the way to go.


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