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If you own your truck, then probably you like driving around while listening to your best songs. You like humming along the beats from an amazing subwoofer. Then you know the importance of a high-quality bass. Therefore, a subwoofer is designed to reproduce a good bass adding some superior sound and power to the music.…

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Top 6 Best Subwoofers for Truck and Other Vehicles: Review of 2023 | Autance © Top 6 Best Subwoofers for Truck and Other Vehicles: Review of 2023 | Autance

If you own your truck, then probably you like driving around while listening to your best songs. You like humming along the beats from an amazing subwoofer. Then you know the importance of a high-quality bass. Therefore, a subwoofer is designed to reproduce a good bass adding some superior sound and power to the music.

Those with low range frequencies can produce deep quality bass. It is one of the requirements in your truck’s audio system. So install one of the best subwoofer for truck to enhance the bass of your favorite playlist.

In order to help you save time, we have highlighted the Top 6 Subwoofers For Truck at the comparison table below:



Further information

Pioneer TS-WX1210A

- Brand: Pioneer
- Item Dimensions: 11 x 20.75 x 15 inches
- Item Weight: 15 pounds
- 1300W Max Single 12" Sealed Subwoofer Enclosure with Built-In Amplifier Power Handling Peak 1300W
- RMS 350W Preloaded with a single 12" Subwoofer Built-in Class D amplifier Sealed enclosure with carpet
- Cellulose fiber cone Urethane surround Frequency Response 20 - 125 Sensitivity 114dB
- Class D amplifier Cross Overs 0-12dB Bass Boost Remote knob included

MTX Audio Terminator Series TNE212D 1

- Brand: MTX
- Item Dimensions: 14 x 29 x 13 inches
- Item Weight: 30 pounds
- 5/8" MDF Construction
- 200-Watt Dual 12-Inch Sub Enclosure
- Frequency response: 10Hz - 150Hz
- Embroidered Terminator Logo; Impedance: 2Ω
- Houses two 12-Inch Terminator subwoofers, TNP212D2

Alpine SWT-S10

- Brand: Alpine
- Item Dimensions: 68.58 x 38.1 x 36.83 cm
- Item Weight: 9.34 Kilograms
- 1200W Max (250W RMS) Single 10" Sealed Subwoofer Tube Enclosure
- Final Impedance: 4 ohms
- Preloaded with a single 10" Subwoofer
- Frequency Response: 35-200
- Passive Design (Non Amplified) Push SPK Terminal

Dual Electronics BP1204

- Brand: Dual Electronics
- Item Dimensions: 30 x 14.4 x 14.4 inches
- Item Weight: 58 pounds
- Specialized tuned port with computer aided design and 2.5” Voice Coils vastly
- Providing power handling up to 1100 Watts of Peak Power
- 600 Watts RMS at a 4 Ohm impedance
- Frequency Range between 30Hz – 200kHz

JL Audio 8W7AE-3

- Brand: JL Audio
- Item Dimensions: 12.3 x 10.9 x 10.7 inches
- Item Weight: 22.1 pounds
- 8" Single 3 Ohm W7 Subwoofer
- Massive Forced-Air-Cooled Aluminum Alloy Frame
- Highly Linear, DMA-Optimized Motor System
- Top Mount Depth: 6.83"
- Cutout Diameter: 6.94"

Belva BPKG 210v2

- Brand: Belva
- Item Dimensions: 28.5 x 13 x 15.5 inches
- Item Weight: 37.8 pounds
- Can handle a peak power 1000 watts total and RMS power 500 watts total
- Dual 10" ported subwoofer enclosure
- Impedance: 4 ohm SVC
- 1.5" black aluminum voice coil
- Complete 8 Gauge Amp Kit with 2-Channel RCA Cable

What is a Sub-woofer for Truck?

A subwoofer is a unique loudspeaker that is designed to reproduce high quality bass that can’t be created by a normal woofer. So most truck subs produce bass effects with different frequency range between 25Hz to 250Hz.

It gives you an experience of deep bass to rejuvenate your soul. There are two types of subs for trucks, namely passive and active subwoofer. Active subwoofer come with built-in amplifier thus it can power itself by initiating it to power source.

While the passive subs do not have an amplifier attached to it. You need to buy an external amplifier for it to function properly. Therefore, buying either an active or passive speaker depends on your taste. But if you don’t want an additional budget for buying an external amp, then go for a dynamic audio system.

How to Choose the Correct Sub for Truck?

When you are looking for the right subwoofer that is compatible with your truck, ask yourself the kind of bass you need. Different subs reproduce a variety of sound quality. Therefore, looking for the correct match is significant. What are the different sizes of subwoofers and the type of sound they produce?

15-inch subs: This category produces high-quality bass. Therefore, if you install a sub of this size, be sure to shake the ground with big bass.

10-inch subwoofer: This is the most common category and probably the safest size on the market. This size can sustain fast-paced music while it produces the right quality bass. Besides, they are also ideal for other music such as club music and rap. 

8-inch sub: This is the smallest size and incredibly responsive and punchy. It can also sustain fast-paced music such as rock music and electronic. If you want light and soft, accurate bass, this size is the best to install in your truck because it perfectly complements your audio system.

12-inch subwoofer: If you like listening to different music varieties complemented with heavy bass, then this is the best size for your truck. They are universal; thus, they can fit in any music system and produce deep bass and cover great frequency ranges.

Overall, when you are buying a sub to complement your audio system, consider the level and type of music you often listen to. For example, 15-inch can be disturbing due to heavy bass. So you can choose size 12 and 10 because they pretty much safe and can produce quality bass.

How to Mount a subwoofer in a Truck?

Installing a sub is not hard because most of them come with a detailed installation manual. The best place to install it is under the passenger or driver’s seat. Besides, you can mount it anywhere in the truck.

Another perfect place to fix it is in the corner of your vehicle. It is very expedient, and the audio effect is greatly dimensional. You can get the best sound qualities from these places.

Now that you have acquired the pre-assembled combination of both the amplifier and subwoofer. How can you proceed with the installation process?

  1. Consolidate all the RCA cables, fuse, and the wiring kit
  2. Connect the cables as you do the wiring process
  3. Power your amplifier
  4. Mount the component speakers and subs in the enclosure box
  5. Connect your sub to truck power and enjoy your sweet music

Nevertheless, if you cannot do this process on your own, you can seek assistance from a professional technician to help you with the installation process.

Factors to Consider Before Buying a Subwoofer

The best subwoofer for trucks eradicates any sound distortion such as vibrations and noise. But it depends with your preference and taste. Therefore, what are some of the aspects that you need to look for when buying your sound system equipment?


The majority of subwoofer sizes range between “7 and 22,” and it is hard to find a smaller or larger size outside this range. But for most subs for trucks, the size ranges between “8 to 14.” So you don’t need a bigger size than this.

But irrespective of the size, consider peak power and RMS power that they can deliver. If you want a loudspeaker, then buy the smaller ones; they are more effective and powerful than larger ones.

RMS Power Rating

If you want a sound system with a loud and quality sound, you choose to have maximum power output. Therefore, the most important thing to look at is the Root Mean Square (RMS) power rating rather than the peak power rate.

This enables you to understand the continuous power consumption of a sub. You can as well measure the power output of your product. RMS power rating is the most significant number to look to know how powerful your sub might be.

Range of Frequency

A subwoofer produces different sound ranges. Frequency range enables you to know how high or low a sub can produce in tone. Nevertheless, this is a subjective dimension because several other factors always affect the frequency range.


You should match your amp and subwoofer in both resistance and power output. The standard resistance is 4-ohms, but there are other ratings, such as 8-ohms and 2-ohms. Impedance is the amount of electrical resistance your audio system can handle. So don’t under or overload your subwoofer from the amp output.

Top 6 Best Subwoofer for Truck and Other Vehicles

1. Pioneer (TS-WX1210A) Sealed Enclosure Subwoofer

If you want a quality sound while listening to your favorite songs, Pioneer TS-WX1210A is the best sub for your vehicle. It has an oversized cone structure to enhance the depth of the sound bass. In addition, it is version “12, which is quite large and can move the music air very quickly.

The maximum power of this sub is about 1500W, while the nominal power is over 450W. So this makes it one of the most potent and reliable subs, which means that it can provide you with the loud quality bass you desire.

Pioneer enclosure subwoofer is versatile and sounds very significant. It can fit your truck very well, thus saving you space. Use the detailed installation manual to mount it either under the passenger’s seat or yours. Its surface is perfectly carpeted, and it is resistant to scratch.

Extremely powerful
Easy and simple to install
It’s compact and saves on space
Accurate deep bass and vibrant sound
The loud sound produced can shake your vehicle

2. MTX Terminator (TNE212D) Subwoofer

MTX has a famous brand known for its premium quality and affordable stereo truck systems. This product has massive customer reviews and ratings. And, this is precisely what you should get for your truck.

It has 2 prominent speakers of about 12-inches in diameter, increasing the low level of frequencies and making strong bass. The maximum wattage is 1200W, which tremendous. It has a durable enclosure system made of robust MDF material.

It eradicates any distortion to enhance sound quality. The dust caps are made of sturdy polypropylene to improve their durability. The spider plateau ensures that the speakers cannot burn.

It is pre-assembled, so it is easy to install, and therefore, it is a highly recommended sub for your vehicle. Therefore, this is one of the best subs for a truck.

The package has two subwoofers
The carpet is highly resistant to tearing
Extremely powerful
It is durable
It has an in-built amp
It has subtle cones

3. Alpine (SWT-S10) Subwoofer

Alpine is a reliable brand that produces premium quality subs at affordable prices. Alpine SWT-S10 is made with robust and highly durable material without experiencing any issue related to wear and tear. Moreover, it has a beautiful appearance and pleasant feel, especially its tube, which looks rhythmic.

The white alpine logo embedded on the black carpet improves its appearance. It’s also clean and compact, and it can fit perfectly in your truck. It has straps for installation in your vehicle, and it is enclosed with a superior quality black carpet. 

The screws used for mounting the straps hold the sub firmly against the installation surface. Its parts are very durable and can serve you for a long time. It produces clean and quality sound without noise. You can enjoy impressive and deep bass as you drive.

Provides a clean and good bass
Simple to install
Compact thus saves on space
Elegant tubular look
It doesn’t have an amplifier

4. Dual Electronics (BP 1204) Powerful Sub

Dual Electronics subwoofer can impress you due to its large dimensions. Its double design and large diameters of its speakers make it powerful and give you high performance. The maximum power it can handle is about 1200W.

Thus, producing a pleasant and high-quality sound with a top-notch bass. Furthermore, the built-in voice coils allow you to increase its efficiency leading to marvelous low bass. In addition, it has a wide response range of between 35kHZ to 200kHz, which contributes to superior sound.

The illuminating system gives your truck a tremendous blue glow and is powered by 12V power input. Besides, it has in-built protective circuitry to keep it safe. It is made of polypropylene cones with a brushed chrome completion. In addition, it comes with an in-built crossover for easy installation.

Extremely powerful
Easy and simple to install
Pleasant and attractive design
Highly durable
Extraordinary bass
Sensitive window

5. JL Audio (8W7AE) Sub

JL Audio is known for manufacturing top-notch subwoofer components for trucks. It is made with a durable and reliable polypropylene cone. It gives you incredible strength that can diminish its accuracy and bass response.

The solid cast-alloy basket can remove any sound distortion. Thus you can have a well-crafted and perfectly engineered sub. It is tough for any audio system due to its maximum power of up to 600W RMS. JL audio shares various components with 8W7, such as Dynamic Motor Analysis.

This technology is used to fine-tune the sub to produce linear bass without any alteration. Also, raised Flame Colling and Pole Vent Airflow Control to accelerate air movement for amplified durability. The flagship series of this product has 3-ohms and sturdy magnets. This is the best subwoofer component for your vehicle.

Highly durable and reliable
Easy to install
Steady air movement
Available in both 10 and 12 series/variations
It removes sound distortions
Relatively Expensive

6. Belva Subwoofer Package

Belva is a reputable brand that manufactures quality subwoofers that work perfectly in your truck. It is made of premium quality propylene cones, and it is well constructed to produce the right sound that appeals to your ear.

It is surrounded by rubber to improve your sound music. It gives you more quality bass per watt. It has a compact and unique design that allows it to fit easily. The package comes with a wiring kit and an amp, saving the trouble of looking for an external amplifier.

It is made with solid components and a reasonable bracket, and the package is highly durable and reliable. In addition, it produces a clean sound and comes with a noise filter. This is the best speaker to give you a soothing sound while driving.

It comes with a reliable wiring kit and mono-block amplifier
It’s compact and easy to install
Quite cheap
It has heating issues

Final Thoughts!

Choosing the best subwoofer for a truck involves a lot. But this article helps you buy your best choice from the products reviewed. You can purchase either MTX terminator, pioneer shallow-mount, or alpine sub. But, of course, the best thing to do is to consider the key features above. So get yourself a sub and enjoy your sweet music playlist in your truck.

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