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Looking for the best SUV covers on the market? Read our detailed guide and review to find the SUV cover for you.

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There is nothing worse than making a big investment in something—like a new SUV—and having it get damaged due to lack of preparation or care. If you don’t store your SUV in a garage or if you know your vehicle will be exposed to the elements for an extended period of time, such as during a road trip, SUV covers offer protection in even some of the worst weather conditions. 

Whether you are looking for a product that will hold up with daily use or want to take extra care while traveling, SUV covers are an excellent choice for protection. We will give you almost everything you need to know about getting the best SUV cover that will keep your vehicle protected from dirt, damage, and elements.

The Best SUV Covers

Give your SUV advanced protection against dust, debris, and the elements with the Motor Trend Safeguard Car Cover. It features six layers of heavy-duty synthetic material that’s designed to be breathable and 100 percent waterproof. The cover has a soft interior with a scratch-proof lining, so it doesn’t scratch your paintwork and a tough exterior that reflects UV rays and resists moisture build-up. The outer layer also protects the vehicle from minor impacts. To keep the cover from being blown in the wind, it’s fitted with wheel straps with adjustable buckles secured at the front and rear for a snug fit. Motor Trend backs this cover with a four-year warranty.

It’s designed to fit both vans and SUVs up to 200 inches long, but the sizes run small, so you may want to consider going for a slightly larger size if your SUV is closer to the 200-inch mark.

Key Features
  • Six layers of heavy-duty fabric
  • UV-Protected
  • Waterproof
  • Brand Motor Trend
  • Model OV-641_N
  • Weight 7 pounds

Offers all-weather protection

Available in multiple sizes

Holds up to rain, snow, and hail

Protects the bodywork from scratches and minor impact


Sizes run small

Comes with a small carrying bag

Leans on the expensive side

The SUV cover measures 181 x 75 x 73 inches and offers anti-UV protection. It is made of a material with a silver reflective surface and four reflective stripes for safety that also add an overall sporty look to the cover. It looks like a trendy windbreaker for your SUV. Waterproof and scratch-proof, this cover is made of durable polyester materials. The cover also has five straps and an elasticated edge to keep it in place even when faced with high winds. If the wind is of particular concern, this company also makes a GUST-strap that is sold separately and is compatible with this cover.

Its light and thin design make it easy to install, remove, and clean, but it also means that the cover is prone to tear—handle the cover with care to avoid damaging it. Also, some of the cover’s buckles might scratch your vehicle.

Key Features
  • High-density polyester fabric
  • Waterproof
  • Reflective silver color
  • Brand Eluto
  • Model ELUTOncvvhivsdv259
  • Weight 3.74 pounds

Comes with five tie straps

Fits well on most vehicles

Bright silver color keeps the vehicle cool on hot days

Fabric resists water pooling


Not resistant to tears

Thin fabric

Some of the buckles might scratch the vehicle

The Kayme 6 Layers SUV Cover is designed to protect your vehicle from even superficial scratches. Waterproof and snowproof, this SUV cover protects against most weather conditions. It’s lined with a cotton material that protects your car’s paint job better than other SUV covers like it. The zippered driver-side entryway makes this cover convenient to use. This feature also helps reduce the number of times you have to remove the cover from your car, thereby reducing friction and the chance of damaging the surface of your SUV. It is a universal fit for SUVs measuring 191 to 200 inches in length but is not suitable for sedan hatchbacks.

Keep in mind that where the stitches on the cover’s straps attach to the cover might be a bit flimsy, so you should handle them with care or at least consider reinforcing them.

Key Features
  • Six layers of heavy-duty material
  • UV protected
  • 100-percent waterproof
  • Brand Kayme
  • Model 13
  • Weight 7.4 pounds

Available in multiple sizes

Reflective strips improve visibility

Optimal scratch protection

Comes with a zippered driver’s side


Flimsy straps

Plastic clips might scratch your paintwork

More expensive than most car covers

The Favoto Car Cover was designed with added features to create the ideal experience while using it. For example, a zippered opening on the driver’s side gives you easy access to your vehicle without having to remove the cover entirely. Night reflective stripes ensure that other drivers will see your parked vehicle while it is covered. The material has five layers of protection against rips or tears and is 100-percent waterproof. There is an elastic edge to ensure the cover fits securely around your vehicle even in the rain, wind, and other inclement weather. It measures 188 x 198 inches and comes with a handy storage bag.

Unfortunately, the cover might have a few quality issues, including flimsy rear mirror pockets, tie straps that fray easily, and seams that come apart when you pull at the fabric.

Key Features
  • Universal fit
  • Heavy-duty, five-layer construction
  • Driver side zippered opening
  • Brand Favoto
  • Model FT0118
  • Weight 5.9 pounds

100-percent waterproof

Includes a cotton lining to prevent scratches

Four securing straps keep the cover intact even on windy days

Provides optimal protection against weather, dirt, and other pollutants


Poor quality straps

Rear mirror pockets are a bit flimsy

The seams may come apart

Protect your vehicle from inclement weather with this six-layer SUV cover. Some of the materials making up the cover include breathable, non-woven polyethylene, UV-protected aluminum film, EVA, and a soft cotton lining. The polyurethane is dustproof and waterproof, so your car remains clean while in storage, and the cotton lining keeps the cover from scratching your paintwork. It also boasts a windproof design with a combination of an elastic hem and five straps: four go on the wheels while one goes through the middle. The cover measures 197 x 76 x 59 inches and is designed to fit SUVs about 190 to 201 inches long. The front side is labeled so you will have an easy time installing it.

Albeit short, reflective strips are conveniently fitted at the front, middle, and rear of the cover to enhance nighttime visibility. Also, the size range for this SUV cover is limited.

Key Features
  • Six layer construction
  • Waterproof and UV protected
  • Warning, reflective stripes
  • Brand Audew
  • Model AUDEWMotorgirl2912
  • Weight 7.26 pounds

Breathable material

Labeled front

Windproof design

Protects the vehicle from dirt and the elements


Limited sizes

Rips easily if not handled gently

Short reflective strips

If you own a Jeep Cherokee, Chevrolet Equinox, Ford Escape, Honda CR-V, Toyota RAV4, or any SUV that’s about 187 inches tall, then you’re going to want to cover it with the Titan Lightweight Car Cover. It’s an elegant-looking silver cover with black stripes and is made of a combination of lightweight polyester and aluminum. The fabric is resistant to scratches, while the silver color is highly reflective to prevent UV damage to your paintwork. It weighs only 3 pounds, so it should be easy to install and remove. A zippered panel on the driver’s side provides easy access to the vehicle without removing the cover, while buckled security loops at the bottom help secure the cover on the vehicle.

However, the fabric isn’t fully waterproof, so you may want to consider it for indoor use only. Also, the quality of the buckles could be better.

Key Features
  • Zippered driver's side
  • Universal fit
  • Polyester and aluminum construction
  • Brand Titan Performance Products
  • Model 8542127841
  • Weight 3 pounds

UV protected Lightweight

Offers easy access to the driver's side

Protects the paintwork from fading and scratches


Not fully waterproof

Poor quality buckles

Poorly stitched mirror pockets

Made of PE and EVA materials, this SUV cover is also 100-percent waterproof, hail-proof, snow-proof, dust-proof, and sun-proof. The zippered entry point on the driver’s side makes it easy to get in and out of your car even while it is covered. It comes with front and rear straps to keep the cover in place even in windy conditions. The mirror pockets also add a greater level of protection with greater visibility. This cover comes in several sizes, so you can feel confident knowing the cover you choose will fit your specific make and model of vehicle. The convenient and compact storage bag that comes with the cover means you can store this cover without losing precious cargo space.

Unfortunately, this cover may not be as resistant to scratches as similar multi-layered covers—you should avoid pulling hard on it when securing the straps.

Key Features
  • Six-layer construction
  • 100-percent waterproof
  • Zippered driver access point
  • Brand Autsop
  • Model LXQCZ-A6-YXL
  • Weight 7.39 pounds

Provides optimal protection against UV rays, snow, hail, dust, and rain

Multiple sizes available

Comes with fluorescent light strips for night visibility

Comes with a storage bag


Slightly on the expensive side

Not resistant to tears

Not a perfect fit for Cadillac SRX

Using superior 190T material, this SUV cover is resistant to wear-and-tear. It stands up against most weather conditions thanks to the silver reflective surface that protects both itself and your car from the beating sun and high temperatures. While other SUV covers may boast multiple layers of protection against the elements, the 190T polyester only needs one layer to provide adequate protection against rain, wind, sun, and snow. There are six fluorescent light strips for added protection that will illuminate when light passes across them in case you park your vehicle in a public space. It measures 190 x 75 x 72 inches.

While it may be advertised as waterproof, it’s not fully waterproof and may still let water in, especially during a heavy downpour or when snow pools on the fabric. Therefore, you should consider it for indoor use only and wipe down any water pooling on the fabric.

Key Features
  • High-density polyester fabric
  • UV-protected and temperature resistant
  • Universal fit
  • Brand Bilifuu
  • Model 8542127824
  • Weight 3.52 pounds

Includes six reflective fluorescent light strips



Protects the car from dust, bird droppings, and other pollutants


Not fully waterproof

Strip reflectors could be better stitched

May be a bit small for van use

Best SUV Covers Buying Guide

Let’s face it, we all develop a personal attachment to our vehicles, so wanting to protect them from damage is like second nature. You want your SUV to be in the best condition so you can be proud of being seen in it, and you may also want to maintain its appeal to have a good resale value. Well, a car cover is what sits between your vehicle and the damaging effects of inclement weather, pollutants, harmful sun rays, and dings. 

We understand that what may discourage you from buying an SUV cover is the fear of buying the wrong size or type for your application. For example, you may not want to be stuck with an indoor cover if you needed to fully protect your vehicle from the outdoor elements. Also, you don’t want to accidentally buy a cover that doesn’t fit your vehicle. This is why we have come up with a buying guide to help you pick the right cover for your ride. 

SUV cover helps to keep the heat out during the summer months and locks the heat in during the cold months.

The Advantages of Owning an SUV Cover

An SUV car cover is a necessary addition for anyone who may not have access to a garage or a covered carport. While accessories like a car umbrella may come in handy during the sunny season, it doesn’t offer much protection against wind, rain, and dirt, as is the case with a car cover.

Even if you park your vehicle in the garage, it’s not foolproof from dust, scratches, and pests. It can be worth covering your car even if it’s indoors — indoor covers are typically affordable and offer the much-needed protection for your vehicle’s bodywork so it can maintain its appeal for longer. 

The cover helps to keep the heat out during the summer months and locks the heat in during the cold months. This helps keep the inside of your vehicle comfortable, so you don’t have to spend time warming it or waiting for your car to cool when you need to go for a quick drive.

  • It prevents UV-related damage to your vehicle’s bodywork. 
  • It keeps your car clean and free of contaminants such as bird droppings. 
  • It keeps your vehicle cool even in sunny conditions.
  • Most covers keep moisture out to prevent premature rusting. 
  • It can deter thieves from targeting your vehicle. 

Popular Types of SUV Covers

SUV covers are either indoor, outdoor, or partial covers. The type of cover you choose depends on whether you’ll be storing your SUV in a home garage or if you’ll be leaving it outdoors. Also, you need to consider if you need a partial or full cover. The different types are explained below. 

Indoor Covers 

As the name suggests, indoor covers are used when you want to store your vehicle indoors, either short-term or long-term. These covers are typically lightweight and offer basic or moderate protection against dust, accidental scratches, and moisture. 

Most aren’t weatherproof, so they may get damaged more quickly if used as outdoor covers. Also, most only come with an elastic hem to provide a snug fit but aren’t designed to hold up to strong winds. 

Outdoor Covers 

Outdoor covers over an upgraded level of protection against inclement weather and other outdoor conditions. Most have multi-layer constructions to ensure the cover can withstand being left outdoors without fraying, ripping, or experiencing any other form of damage. The structure also includes a waterproof layer so it can keep out rain and snow. It also consists of a UV-protected layer to prevent sun damage. 

On top of having elastic hems, most are supplemented with tie-down straps to keep the cover from being blown away in the wind. You can also get a cover that’s insulated against severe freezing conditions, so ice doesn’t form on your vehicle. 

Partial Covers 

Instead of covering every part of your vehicle, you can get a partial cover for specific parts of your car, such as a windshield cover, covers for the side mirrors, and a spare tire cover. Partial covers are typically inexpensive, and you can get a weatherproof option that offers protection from sun damage, rain, and snow.

What to Consider When Buying an SUV Cover

When looking for the best SUV cover, our first concern was finding a cover that protects the vehicle from most if not all weather-related problems, including sun damage, hail, rain, snow, and strong winds. This is important for people who live in areas that experience different weather throughout the year and can help keep the vehicle in good condition even in inclement weather. 

Additionally, we prioritized universal covers that can fit most SUVs. Therefore, we included covers with an average length of about 170 to 200 inches, which is the average length of most SUVs. Also, we prioritized ones that come with elastic hems and tie-down straps for proper fitment. 

Finally, we looked into the construction of the covers and prioritized multilayer constructions — these are more durable and effective at keeping out dirt and help prevent minor scratches on the vehicle. Covers with reflective strips that help keep the car visible at night time and ones with zippered driver-side door panels also prioritized our review. 

Whether you are looking for something that will hold up with daily use or want to take extra care while traveling, SUV covers are an excellent choice for protection.

Best SUV Covers FAQ:

As we have touched on throughout our buying guide, an SUV cover helps to keep your ride clean and may act as a long- or short-term storage for your vehicle. If you are still on the fence about getting one, read the section below, and hopefully, you will get the answers you are looking for.   

Q: Which car covers are the best?

The best car covers are moisture and UV-protected. They help keep your vehicle cool and dry so it doesn’t rust from the humidity or fade under intense UV sunlight. Also, the best covers feature multiple layers that help to keep your vehicle safe from minor damages.  

Q: Do SUV covers damage your car?

There’s a risk of having the cover damage your vehicle’s paintwork, especially if it has a tough inner layer or if the tie-down straps have hooks. To avoid this, prioritize covers with a soft inner layer and smooth plastic buckles that won’t scratch the paintwork. 

Q: What are the best outdoor car covers?

Most of the covers featured in our review offer the best all-weather protection so that they can be used as outdoor covers. If you are looking for the overall best, consider Motor Trend Safeguard Car Cover.  

Q: Should a car cover be left on in the rain?

If you’ll be leaving your vehicle outside when it’s raining and have a waterproof cover, then there is no harm in leaving the cover on since it will help keep your car dry. However, do not cover a vehicle if it’s already wet since mold may start to grow underneath the cover. 

Our Top Pick

The Motor Trend Safeguard Car Cover tops our review because it’s a universal fit that comes with multiple sizes that can fit SUVs ranging from 150 to 210 inches in length. It combines six layers of material to offer heavy-duty protection against inclement weather and external pollutants. You can either use it as an indoor or outdoor cover. 

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for a more affordable option than the Motor Trend Safeguard Car Cover, we recommend the ELUTO SUV Car Cover, which can help to keep your SUV dry at all times.


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