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Are you fed up with sacrificing your hard-earned cash to pay for someone else to change your tires? Although it…

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The Best Tire Spoons (Review) in 2023 | Autance © The Best Tire Spoons (Review) in 2023 | Autance
Best Choice Motion Pro Steel Tire Spoon Motion Pro Steel Tire Spoon
Premium Pick Ken Tool Tire Spoon Ken Tool Tire Spoon
Best Value Core Tools Tire Iron Spoon Core Tools Tire Iron Spoon

Are you fed up with sacrificing your hard-earned cash to pay for someone else to change your tires? Although it seems like the type of job you could tackle yourself, your not-so-trusty screwdriver isn’t quite up to the challenge, and without the right tools it can be tough.

Thankfully, the tire spoons, bead breakers, and lever tools in this buying guide are an excellent solution to your automotive problems. Whether you’re looking for a smaller model to help conquer tricky wheels or a larger product to remove and install humongous tractor wheels, we highlight the finest and most diverse tire spoons available.

The Best Tire Spoon

First on our list is Motion Pro’s BeadPro Forged Steel Tire Bead Breaker and Lever Tool Set. Constructed from heavy-duty chrome vanadium forged steel with an appealing black oxide finish, the ergonomic design features a cross guard that stops your hand from riding forward. Also, the 16-inch handle is long enough to ensure that tire removal is quite easy.

Although every tire removal takes a little patience, this tool is able to break the bead on large sports bike wheels or lawn tractors in no time at all. However, the tool can damage the paint on the inside of the wheel. If this bothers you, purchase Motion Pro’s RimShield to protect against unwanted blemishes. Otherwise, Motion Pro’s model is a good option.

Key Features
  • 16-inch handles facilitate easy tire removal and installation
  • Ergonomic design with cross guard ensures that hand does not ride forward
  • Constructed from first-rate chrome vanadium forged steel
  • Aesthetically pleasing black oxide finish is stylistic as well as durable
  • Cost-effective, long-term solution to mount and balance wheels
  • Brand Motion Pro
  • Model 08-0536
  • Weight 2 pounds

Mounting tires is not an easy task, but with Ken-Tool’s automotive accessory it’s not too challenging. Created by a top-quality manufacturer in America, this product is popular due to its aesthetic design as well as its ability to conquer tasks.  

Compared to bulky tools that are thick and have impossibly sharp ends, Ken-Tool’s model is molded smoothly to tackle tire rims without any problems. If you’re still unsure, the price of this model is another draw. Ken-Tool raises the bar with this tire spoon.

Key Features
  • Manufactured in the USA
  • Easy access under tire rim without leaving marks
  • Excellent craftsmanship and finish
  • Heavy-duty product ideal for larger rims on ATV tires
  • Brand Ken-Tool
  • Model 34645
  • Weight 4.6 pounds

The Dr.Roc’s Tire Spoon kit features a fantastic selection of high-quality tools. Each professional tool is made from indestructible automotive-grade forged steel, which is able to withstand rust, adverse weather – you name it.  And it’s obvious that Dr.Roc is confident in its product considering it has placed a no-hassle lifetime warranty on its design.  

The ergonomic design and anti-skid handle will protect your hands as well as your sanity when you’re working on your tires. And if you buy the full set, you can use the rim protectors to prevent scratches. If you’re looking for a new go-to spoon, this is a good option.

Key Features
  • Professional kit ideal for changing motorcycle and bike tires
  • Manufactured from automotive-grade forged steel with polished chrome finish
  • Comes with a no-hassle lifetime warranty combined with excellent customer service
  • 100-percent satisfaction guarantee
  • Designed with anti-skid grip and graspable handle
  • Brand Dr.Roc
  • Model 5864250210
  • Weight 1.75 pounds

Fasmov’s set of three tire spoons is a good addition to your toolbox. These items are manufactured from durable forged steel and are heat treated to optimize their strength and durability. Inexpensive, small, and lightweight, they’re every handyman’s dream.

What we love the most about Fasmov’s creation is its ability to flip 180 degrees, making it ideal for stiff knobbled tires on your motorcycle. In addition, the 11.7-inch length prevents accidental tube pinching and ensures your hands don’t get in the way of the tire installation process. If you’re searching for a product you can rely on, then Fasmov’s model does the job.

Key Features
  • Package of three tire irons constructed of durable forged steel
  • Prevents accidental tube pinching
  • 11.7-inch length facilitates optimal leverage
  • Rotate it 180-degrees and you have a new tool at your disposal
  • Brand Fasmov
  • Model SteelIronSet-3pcs
  • Weight 1 pounds

Many buyers may look at Ken-Tool’s items in comparison to other inexpensive models and run for the hills. Yet, its tool tire iron set is a high-quality product. Although it’s aesthetically dull looking, the red handles are ergonomically designed to fit snugly in a user’s hand. Plus, they keep people from gouging the tire wheel when on the job.

Many users are dissuaded by the tire spoons’ sharp bend. However, this bend expedites the mantling and dismantling process. Many seasoned home mechanics claim the angle is helpful in starting the tire bead over the rim during removal and installation. What’s not to like?

Key Features
  • Rounded ends prevent tube pinching
  • Use to mount and demount smaller tires
  • Sharp bend is perfect for starting tire bead over rim
  • Provides an aggressive bend in comparison to generic models
  • Brand Ken-Tool
  • Model Yanzhen
  • Weight 1 pounds ?tag=car-bibles-20

Core Tools’ CT131 Spoon Type Tire Iron is a product you’ll quickly discover is worth having in your toolbox. Let’s start with the handle, which is very ergonomic. This aesthetic deep-blue handle is looped to comfortably fit around your hand and is made of rubber for additional comfort. This rubber texture prevents accidental slippage and mishaps.

Due to its 10-inch length, this tire spoon is ideal for removing and installing smaller motorcycle wheels. Many believe you need two separate tire spoons for bigger and smaller vehicles, so purchasing one of these is a great idea if you’re in need of a spoon suited for petite wheels. If you want a life free from pinched tubes, try out this model while it’s still available.

Key Features
  • 10-inch spoon is a great length for installation
  • Rubber looped handle provides enhanced hand comfort
  • No slipping thanks to rubber texture
  • Ideal for small tires
  • Brand Core Tools
  • Model CT131
  • Weight 6.9 ounces

If you love new tire spoons, you’ll really love Motion Pro’s Bead Buddy 2. It holds one side of the tire and let the user set a bead on a spoked wheel. That’s right – you’ll no longer wish you had a third tire spoon at your disposal! Constructed from durable aluminum with a blue anodized finish, the Bead Buddy is a top notch, high-quality product.

This ‘helping hand’ for DIYers sticks like glue when placed on the spokes but is often criticized for being difficult to get on and off. To alleviate this issue, we recommend applying a soap-based solution over the bead that will allow this device to slide on and off without any hassle.

Key Features
  • Innovative bead design hooks over spoke and pushes bead down on opposite side of tire from tire irons
  • Eliminates the need for a third iron entirely
  • Product stays put when placed on the spokes
  • Manufactured from durable aluminum with a blue anodized finish
  • Brand Motion Pro
  • Model 08-0471
  • Weight 5.4 ounces

Wanheyao is one of the underdogs of the tire industry and has changed the game entirely by releasing its package of 14.5-inch tire spoons. Designed for changing mountain bike tires and other medium-sized tires, the inclusion of three tire spoons rather than two makes it easier to pop that bead. All three tire spoons are stored in a carry bag hat is designed to keep the tools together.

It makes perfect sense that the manufacturer placed a no-hassle, one-year warranty on its product, which is created from hardened automotive grade steel. The polished chrome finish only further highlights that these tire spoons are first class. And with a skid proof, easy-grip rubber handle, it’s hard not to fall even further in love with these beauties.

Key Features
  • Three 14.5-inch tire spoons included in purchase
  • Polished chrome finish promotes durability
  • No-hassle, one-year warranty
  • Made from hardened steel and perfect for changing mountain bike and ATV tires
  • Ergonomic design contains easy rubber grip handle
  • Brand Wanheyao
  • Model SPL-006×3-B
  • Weight 1.45 pounds

Whoever said bigger was better was on to something. One of the tire spoons in Core Tools’ three-man tire iron set is a whopping 16 inches, allowing it to possess optimal leverage when navigating through tricky tire jobs. The other two 8.5-inch tire spoons, although smaller, are perfect for keeping the bead adjusted.

The manufacturer thought of everything, even molding one side of the tool to be flat to hold and pry and embellishing the other with a curve to grip the bead to a greater degree. It has even fabricated its model out of forged steel and then heat treated it to render it practically indestructible. Our advice is to buy this product soon before it’s gone.

Key Features
  • I-beam cross section increases strength and bend resistance without adding weight
  • Both sizes are designed with one flat end ideal for holding and prying and one curved end for superior bead grip
  • Molded from first-rate steel that is heat treated to increase sturdiness
  • Irons won't bend even if all weight is placed on them
  • Brand Core Tools
  • Model CT116
  • Weight 1.2 pounds

Last but not least, the notorious Ken-Tool is back to steal customer’s hearts with its Black Tire Tool. The 16-inch tire iron possesses just the right assortment of bends on each end to maintain a better grip on the rim and the tire bead in all kinds of delicate positions. Manufactured in the USA, it’s a straightforward steel rod with a grey powdercoat finish that is able to transform your nights in the garage from tragic to terrific.

Satisfied customers have a lot to say about this beloved tire spoon and  love to rave about the flattened edges, which work like a champ on tricky tires. Although this product is technically for smaller tires, the angled ends even allow it to tackle larger models. If you apply enough force to destroy this durable product, chances are you’re destroying the tire too.

Key Features
  • 16-inch tire iron ideal for fitting go-cart and bicycle tires
  • Simple steel rod with a grey powdercoat finish
  • Manufactured in the USA
  • Extra length and flat rounded spoon end ideal for fitting tricky tires
  • Brand Ken-Tool
  • Model 750-644
  • Weight 10.4 ounces

Best Tire Spoons Buying Guide

Things to Consider When Buying a Tire Spoon

How much will this purchase set me back?

The average price of a tire spoon ranges from around $10 to more than $50, depending on the make and durability of the model. Although they’re fairly cheap compared to other machinery, think about how often you’ll use it and for what kind of jobs.

What kinds of wheels will I be working with?

Warning: not all spoons are suitable for every size of tire. Some are ideal for switching heavier ATV and tractor tires but are not designed for smaller vehicles.

Will this tire spoon be comfortable to use?

There’s nothing worse than attempting to break the bead with a lever that feels like it’s trying to break your hand in the process. Look for a spoon with an ergonomic design, so your chosen lever will sit comfortably in your hand.

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What are the Benefits of Tire Spoons?

  • They don’t destroy your tires

Every perceptive mechanic knows never to use a screwdriver to change a tire. Not only is this decision impractical, these tools run the risk of scuffing your tire entirely and damaging the overall integrity of the wheel. Conversely, tire spoons have been specifically designed for your convenience.

  • Buying yourself a tire spoon is an investment

It can be pricey to change a tire. Although purchasing a tire spoon may seem like a waste of money and time, your tire spoon will save a lot of cash in the long run. Think of it as a mortgage payment: invest now and reap the benefits later.

How to Use Tire Spoons

Okay, tire spoons are only flat chunks of steel molded to ensure removing a tire is as easy as pie. Yet despite the many ‘success stories’ you’ve heard from Andy down at the bike shop, using a screwdriver or crowbar to change your tire will only end in tears and a broken bead.

Below, we describe how to use a tire spoon properly when mounting a tire. To mount a tire with a tire spoon, deflate the tire by removing the valve from the stem or by screwing the stem cap off. After this, you’re ready to go!

  • Using the spoon, lever the tire towards the center of the wheel. This notorious process is called ‘breaking the bead’ and often seems impossible for novice DIYers. Quite simply, the opposite side of the bead should tuck down into the lowest section of the rim, allowing sufficient slack so the closest part of the beat will be able to make it over the lip of the rim.
  • For this part of the process you’ll need two spoons: one to leave in place after levering the opposite side of the tire over the lid and the other to move a greater section of the tire over the rim. At the end of this process with the invaluable help of these spoons, the entire sidewall should be sitting on the outside of the rim lip.
  • Just like in Step 1, it’s time to flip the wheel over and break the bead on the other side.
  • With only one bead left inside the rim, you’ve nearly completed the process. Placing the ‘tire side’ flat on the floor, use your trusty spoons to lift the rim, so – just like in the second step – the bead is in at lowest part of the tire. Just like in Step 2, keep one spoon there to hold the tire in place while the other moves around the tire edge until the rim has popped out.
  • Sit back, relax, and admire your handiwork!

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Our Top Pick

What tire spoon amidst the vast array of choices assembled in this buying guide would we trust to see us through the tire-fitting process? It has to be Motion Pro’s Forged Steel Tire Bead Breaker. Made from chrome vanadium forged steel, the innovative design is embellished in a durable black oxide finish. Its impressive 16-inch handle is the perfect length to make removing and installing tires seem like a breeze. Yet what we love the most is the cross-guard design. Not only does it look incredibly cool, it keeps the users’ hand from riding forward when working to break the bead. Even if you feel a little intimidated at first, give Motion Pro’s model a shot and you’ll have zero regrets.


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