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If you are looking for a Tonneau Cover for your pickup truck or your vehicle then you have landed at the right place. We will help you set a clear view of your requirements to choose the right one. Also for some of you who are not aware of what a Tonneau cover is, you…

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Best Tonneau Cover – Reviews 2023 & Buying Guide | Autance © Best Tonneau Cover – Reviews 2023 & Buying Guide | Autance

If you are looking for a Tonneau Cover for your pickup truck or your vehicle then you have landed at the right place. We will help you set a clear view of your requirements to choose the right one. Also for some of you who are not aware of what a Tonneau cover is, you need to learn more about it and know its benefits, so that you can get the best cover in case you are planning to buy an open space car or a pickup truck.

To have an overview about our article, please check the below navigation table. If you are new to this field, we suggest you read from the beginning to the end but if you already have some knowledge, you can use this comparison table for our top recommendations.

Benefits of Tonneau Covers

Possessing a pickup truck has lots of benefits, like being able to effortlessly haul and transport tons of cargo in minimal time, or tow a fifth wheel wherever you want. A Tonneau is used in covering the open space of a vehicle, particularly pickup trucks, designed to sit over the rails of the truck bed. If you want to secure the contents in your truck then a Tonneau cover is a must-have accessory. Also, you may want to consider getting a Tonneau cover if you possess a roofless car. Benefits of Tonneau Covers can be in a wide range as there are many options on the market. Some unique brands serve several extra features, while others don’t. Here are some of the most common benefits of Tonneau covers:


    The most important purpose of purchasing a Tonneau cover is to protect the cargo that is being transported, from various elements. Whether you are traveling in your roofless car in the rain or trying to protect your cargo from snow, a Tonneau cover is the best option. It also helps in extending the longevity of your truck bed floor. There are many areas where it rains and snows most of the year and Tonneau covers have proven to be very beneficial in those regions.


    By concealing the items in your cargo space you can prevent potential thefts. A few dollars of investment in a Tonneau cover with a proper locking mechanism can save your stuff from robbery. A well-constructed anti-theft Tonneau cover will provide you with an additional layer of security while you can transport your items fearlessly.


    The Tonneau cover will ultimately reduce the rate of wear and tear from rain and snow by preventing break-ins and stopping the sun from affecting the bed of your truck. A Tonneau cover helps your vehicle to retain its value up to a very large extent. The cover will enhance the productivity of your vehicle by improving its life-span. 

Fuel efficiency:

    Due to the pickup truck’s 4-wall construction, a lot of turbulence is created on the vehicle as the air-flowing from its top cabin moves back and forth against the vehicle’s tail-gate and bulkhead in a wave-like motion, eventually increasing the force against which the truck has to work on. To overcome this turbulence, its engine produces more power by burning a high amount of fuel.

However, this turbulence can be eliminated by putting a Tonneau cover. The cover will allow air-flow to pass beyond the tail section. Studies in recent years have shown that using a Tonneau cover can increase the fuel efficiency rate of a pickup truck up to 10%.

Buying Guide for Tonneau Cover

    Tonneau covers are available in different styles, designs, and prices, so choosing the best one among hundreds of varieties can be exhausting. But you need not worry because we have prepared a list of the top Best-selling Tonneau covers on the current market, considering all the necessary aspects. But first, we want you to learn some more about Tonneau covers and get familiar with the do’s and don’ts while picking a Tonneau cover for your pick-up truck. Given below is a complete buying guide for the best Tonneau cover.

Important Factors to remember while picking a Tonneau cover

In case you aren’t able to decide which Tonneau cover to buy you should first clear your mind and focus on what and why you want. For doing so you can keep in mind a few important aspects that will help you in making the right choice. 

1. Type: 

     Tonneau covers are typically available in soft and hard options. A hard Tonneau cover is made of hard materials like aluminum, or fiberglass, while the more flexible soft Tonneau covers are constructed from vinyl, and have metal frames. You can choose between these two types based on your purposes and your plan on using the pickup truck regularly. They are further available in many different designs for comfortable use.

2. Design:

    Some of the most common designs of Tonneau covers are roll-up covers, folding covers, retractable covers, and single-piece covers. 

Roll-up Cover :

     A roll-up Tonneau cover can be rolled up and down. It covers the entire truck bed from its cab-end to the tailgate to provide extensive coverage. Both soft and hard roll-up Tonneau covers are available. Most brands use tear-resistant vinyl in soft roll-up covers, but many brands offer other fabric options. Hard roll-ups are made of overlapping aluminum slats. The cover is designed in such a way that it can effectively roll up and down the cargo bed. Both hard and soft Roll-up covers are equally efficient but hard covers are somewhat more water-resistant than the soft ones.

However, soft covers can stay sealed much better than the hard ones. In case you desire high security, then hard cover is ideal for you, but if you need the cover only for keeping away bugs, moisture, and other elements then a soft roll-up cover may be just right for you. The roll-up Tonneau cover is the least expensive option.

Retractable Tonneau Cover:

    Retractable covers are designed similar to that of roll-up metal slat doors commonly used in commercial garages and stores. A canister or tube containing a metal slat is installed at the cab-end of the vehicle, below the level of its bed railing. When the aluminum slat is pulled down or retracted, the canister is engineered to spin and roll out the metal cover towards the grooves on the bed railing. Usually, the cover must be retracted manually, but some high-end covers come with a fully automated retracting mechanism. These Tonneau covers are a bit more expensive than others. A retractable cover will provide you better security and protection.

Single-piece Cover: 

    This is the most popular design as it provides ultimate protection to your truck bed. The cover doesn’t have folds or seams through which dirt and moisture, or any external particle could enter. Either hard or soft materials are used in building this single solid piece. The single-piece Tonneau will cover your truck bed just like a hood covers the engine.

Folding Tonneau Cover:

     Folding covers are typically available as tri-fold system. These covers are made of both hard and soft materials. Soft folding covers are usually made of vinyl, with aluminum frames reinforced to each folding panel. The panels of hard folding covers are usually made of aluminum, although fiberglass hard folding Tonneau covers can also be seen in some brands. The outer layer is covered with vinyl or matte to protect the metal from elements. If the price is compared between hard and soft, soft folding Tonneau covers are less expensive than the hard ones.

Electric Tonneau Cover:

    Electric covers are the most expensive and sophisticated among all the Tonneau cover options. The mechanism of these covers is similar to that of retractable covers, but they come with button-operated function for retraction and extension. If you are planning to buy a retractable Tonneau cover and think a hands-free operation can greatly benefit you, then you may want to consider getting an electric Tonneau cover.

3. Material: 

    After choosing the type and design, you should focus on the material. Given below are some of the most popular materials used in Tonneau covers:


    This is a high-cost material but sturdy and versatile. Fiberglass lids can seamlessly blend with the railing of the truck. Covers made of fiberglass are the strongest and most resistant to weather and intruders. The hard fiberglass is also utilized in holding additional carrying compartments in the cargo.


    If you need a cover to keep your stuff dry from rain and moisture then vinyl is a great option. Vinyl has a huge fan base among Tonneau cover users because it provides you the versatility of soft covers along with ample weather protection while maintaining affordability.


    Tonneau covers made of aluminum are lightweight but tough. The cover will keep your cargo safe with the strong metal protection, without any risk of weighing down your vehicle. Aluminum is reliable and easy to use.

ABS or Molded Plastic:

    Molded plastic Tonneau covers are strong and highly weather resistant. Tonneau covers made of ABS are lightweight and allow easy movement. Molded plastic is in high demand due to its strong impact bearing ability, anti-theft features, and resistance to rain and snow. These are customizable and the manufacturer can add different types of configuration as per the demand of their customers.


Canvas is the cheapest and most lightweight material. However, canvas covers are good only for occasional use.

4. Purpose:

     Most importantly you should choose a cargo cover that best serves your purpose. For most pickup truck owners this means protection and security for the truck bed space both from thieves and natural elements. For this, the best cover for you to pick is the one that is sturdy and cannot be tampered with, along with exceptional weather-protection features. However, if you need a cover just to add a new level of look to your vehicle, then these features won’t matter as you will most likely be paying more attention to the overall styling and design of the cover rather than protection.

5. Compatibility and Size: 

     Irrespective of the type, the cover you choose must be compatible with your truck. It must fit properly above the bed. For instance, if you buy a cover that exposes the items on the truck bed then it will be a waste of money. A good Tonneau cover is the one which can sit securely on top of your truck without exposing the cargo space. Also, you must consider the liner of your truck bed. The cover must allow easy and full installation without making any changes to the existing bed liner of your vehicle. Your truck may also contain other systems like utility track-system, bed extenders tie-down rings, racks, and more. The Tonneau cover you choose should work well with all these accessories.

Size is an important factor. You should measure the size of your truck bed and pick the cover depending on the parameters of the bed. You can start looking for the cover with the exact parameters of what you need, for this you will need the measurements of the truck bed. Measure the length of the bed from the wall of the bulkhead to the inside wall of the tailgate. You should measure the distance between the other two parallel walls as well.

6. Installation, Maintenance, and Ease of Use:  

   Some of the best covers can be installed easily within 10 to 20 minutes, whereas others will require some sort of assembling work and additional assistance. Many Tonneau covers can be clamped onto the bed rails of the truck, while others need drilling holes. Maintenance and cleaning of the cargo is a must. Best Tonneau covers can be cleaned easily with proper cleaning products available in the market, whereas many covers need extensive maintenance. 

You are going to use the cover on a daily basis so you will want a cover that is easy to use, like quick roll-up or lift functions, automatic clamping and lock systems, quick closing and opening of the mouth of the Tonneau cover, and easy access to the cargo.

7. Weight: 

    Tonneau covers usually weigh between 20 pounds to 70 pounds, but there are few that even weigh as high as 150 pounds. If you are planning to buy a single piece lid cover then you will want to choose a lightweight cover as lid Tonneau covers typically require lifting in order to clamp the cover. Also if you are going to install the cover individually without any assistance then you will want to pick a Tonneau that you can carry or move. However, the weight hardly matters if you are planning to buy hands-free or automated cover.

8. Budget and Warranty: 

    Cost is the most crucial aspect. The first thing you should do is fix a budget. With a budget in mind, you will be able to get the best one within your budget limit. This way you won’t be wasting your time looking for covers that are beyond your estimated price. Remember that not all expensive products are the best. The best Tonneau cover is the one that is perfect for your purpose, with all the features you desire and the one affordable in the budget that you have planned.

If you are interested in buying a particular model, don’t forget to check the product’s warranty policy. Most of you will be investing a huge amount on the Tonneau cover, so the manufacturer must offer some assurance and warranty on their products.  Many good brands are backed with 3 to 5 years warranty time. Some popular brands even offer a lifetime warranty.

Things to Avoid while Buying Tonneau Cover

  • You should avoid cheap-looking covers and the ones made of cheap materials. Products like Tonneau covers will spend most of the time outdoors and attached to your vehicle, so you will not want a Tonneau that won’t be able to serve its basic purpose.
  • Avoid choosing a Tonneau that’s not designed for your vehicle. It may seem obvious, but many novices may think that any Tonneau cover can just fit in any truck. While all Tonneau covers are shaped alike, they are constructed for specific types and models. Never buy an ill-fitting cover for your vehicle.
  • You will not want to choose a roll-up Tonneau cover with manual function if you have to get in and out of your cargo bed very frequently. Many use their truck for work, on a daily basis, and some may find it bothersome to pull up and retract the cover back multiple times throughout the day. Get a Tonneau cover only if you have ample time to commit.

Popular Tonneau Cover Brands

If you are a novice, you may not be familiar with the well-known brands that manufacture Tonneau covers. All the good brands make almost similar products with comparable quality. Here is a list of some the brands that offer premium quality Tonneau covers.

  • Tyger
  • Roll-N-Lock
  • TruXedo
  • MaxMate
  • Extang
  • Tonno Pro
  • Bestop
  • Gator
  • BAK industries 
  • American Tonneau Company
  • UnderCover

Comparison Table



Further information

- Brand: Undercover Tonneau
- Weight: 88 pounds
- Dimensions: 78 x 86 x 5 inches
- Fit 5' bed
- Fit Chevrolet Colorado / GMC Canyon
- Brand: Truxedo
- Weight: 27 pounds
- Exterior: Smooth
- 1.5" heavy-duty frame
- Stand guard against weather
- 5 year warranty
- Brand: BAK
- Weight: 81 pounds
- Exterior: Black
- Industrial-Grade Vinyl, unrivaled security
- 3-Year Warranty

- Brand: RETRAX
- Weight: 90 pounds
- Dimensions: 88 x 16 x 15.5 inches
- Exterior: Chrome, Painted, Polished
- Lockable in any position
- Unlimited hauling flexibilit

- Brand: Tyger Auto
- Weight: 30.1 pounds
- Dimensions: 70.8 x 23.8 x 2.1 inches
- Exterior: Dual-coated Vinyl
- Dual-coated cover
- Pre-assembled horizontal crossbar

- Brand: BAK
- Weight: 71 pounds
- Dimensions: 69 x 23 x 8.5 inches
- Exterior: Chrome, Painted, Polished
- Folding: No

- Brand: Gator Covers
- Dimensions: 70 x 16 x 14 inches
- Lightweight, impact-resistant material
- LED cargo light
- An electromagnetic brake

- Brand: Undercover
- Weight: 104 pounds
- Dimensions: 144 x 87 x 11 inches
- Aircraft Grade Aluminum Construction
- T-Slot Track System

8 Best Selling Tonneau Covers

Now that you are aware of all the necessary aspects of choosing the right Tonneau cover, you will be able to pick one like a pro. However, as there are so many brands, designs and materials to choose from, you may find the shopping experience pretty overwhelming. In fact, some of you might still be hesitant to make the final decision yet. To help you make the right choice, we have done some thorough research and came up with a list of the highest-rated, best selling, and most reliable Tonneau covers from leading brands. Given below is the list of the best selling Tonneau covers along with a brief review on each:

1. Best-single Tonneau CoverUnderCover SE

The one-piece solid Tonneau cover is designed to fit over the top of your truck bed and tailgate. It’s made of ABS polymer and comes with a scratch and dent resistant black textured finish. It has the same features as the original classic UnderCover Tonneau, but with improved style and raised ribs. It weighs only 58 lbs. and available in color customizable smooth version so that you can paint it to match the color of your vehicle.

Key Features and Benefits

Here is a list of the features of UnderCover SE that make it a superior one-piece hard cover:

  • Patented X-Effect construction beneath the cover keeps it strong and sturdy.
  • Scratch resistant and UV-Protected ABS composite material.
  • Aerodynamic lines on the top provide a classy, modern look and feel
  • Simple lifting function and easy removal in minutes.
  • Installation without drilling or modifications.
  • Single twist-Lock located on the center of the cover operates hinges on both sides of the cargo bed to provide extra level security in keeping your valuables hidden.
  • Includes an LED Lighting System and a pull-down strap for added convenience.
  • Tight fit and full perimeter rubber sealing engineered underneath the cover keeps rain, sleet or snow out of the truck bed.
  • Carry 3 years warranty on structure and 1 year on parts.
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2. Best Roll-up Tonneau Cover

TruXedo TruXport Soft Rollup

The TruXedo TruXport is a lightweight and affordable soft roll-up cover featuring the functionality and flexibility that any pickup truck owner with exposed cargo space need. The Tonneau cover is designed for quick installation without any drilling or modifications. It’s a basic Tonneau cover that covers the bed of the truck, keeping the cargo water-proofed and out of sight.

Key Features and Benefits

TruXedo TruXport comes with these unique features:

  • Sits its 1.5 inches above the bed rails, providing a peculiar look.
  • Straight cross tubes under the cover for better support, aligned in such a way that the top of the cover remains smooth and flat regardless of the tubes. 
  • Fast and hassle-free installation within 30 minutes with snap function and c-clamps.
  • Easy access two paddle latches at both sides at the end rail of the truck, that fasten the tailgate securely in a locked position after the cover is closed. 
  • Velcro straps for proper sealing, and rubber seal on the back edge to prevent water from getting into the bed when the tailgate is closed.
  • Specially built leather-grained fabric by TruXport protects your stuff from the harshest weather conditions like rain and snow.
  • Weighs only 24 pounds
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3. Best Hard Roll-up Tonneau Cover

BAK Revolver X4

The BAK Revolver X4 is a high grade hard rolling Tonneau cover.  It is the latest hard cover from BAK industries. The cover comes with a stylish matte black finish providing a low profile and sleek look. Heavy-duty aluminum slats with industry-grade vinyl finish cover full length of the truck bed on both sides, offering unrivaled security and strength when closed. When opened, the Tonneau rolls up tight allowing full access to the cargo space without blocking visibility of third brake light and rearview mirror.

Key Features and Benefits

BAK Revolver X4 is a premium cover that comes with some advanced features:

  • Full matte finish industrial-grade vinyl, seals and side rails give sleek look to the cover to complement with the truck’s OEM features.
  • Textured vinyl above heavy-duty aluminum slats for better protection from the elements.
  • Patented ¾ inch rotational locking rails secure the entire length of the cargo space.
  • Clamp-on easy installation without drilling or cutting, with 3 years warranty.
  • Easy use slam latch that can be opened from both sides without heavy lifting.
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4. Best retractable Tonneau Cover 


The RetraxProMX is a hard retractable Tonneau cover. It has a canister in which the cover simply retracts when opened. Unlike other Tonneau covers, it doesn’t need lifting, rolling or strapping, and can be locked at any position. RetraxProMX is made out of industrial-strength aluminum construction with a matte finish. Featuring a lock system, this Tonneau is designed to provide maximum security and durability.

Key Features and Benefits

The RetraxProMX comes with many unmatchable features;

  • Consist of heavy-duty aluminum slats designed without any hinges or joints that can trap dust, freeze or wear out while retracting and extending.
  • Scratch resistant and UV-proof matte powder-coat finishing for durability and reliability.
  • Sealed ball-bearing rollers allow the cover to glide along the rail effortlessly with the handle, eliminating the need for snaps or pull straps.
  • Key locking system at any position enhances hauling capacity.
  • Clamp-on installation system allows mounting of the cover by anyone with basic hand tools
  • Two drain tubes on each side for better water drainage.
  • Lifetime legendary warranty.
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5. Best Soft Tri-fold Tonneau Cover

Tyger Auto T3 Soft tri-fold

Protect the cargo in your truck bed from exposure and elements with the Tyger Auto’s premium T3 tri-fold Tonneau cover. This soft cover features a tri-fold design for improved structural strength and longevity while maintaining quick access to the cargo when necessary. With five minutes installation system, the Tyger Auto T3 Tonneau cover is made of high-grade materials that to provide maximum protection.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Made of dual coated 24oz marine grade vinyl with aircraft-grade aluminum frames to provide superior protection and durability.
  • Stainless steel clamps are provided for no-drill quick installation within 5 minutes.
  • Locking system includes quick release clamps for better security and easy access to the cargo.
  • Includes horizontal crossbars that are pre-attached to provide support and instantly fold along with the cover to give full bed access.
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6. Best Hard Tri-fold Tonneau Cover


The all-new BAKFlip MX4 is named after its construction as it uses four individual panels to make up the entire cover. This hard folding Tonneau cover is designed and built for almost every single truck application on the market. It’s engineered to protect your truck without compromising its sleek, stylish look and feel. This heavy-duty, all-season Tonneau cover is built to perform even in the harshest conditions.

Key Features and Benefits

The cover comes with some very advanced features:

  • Four folding panels made of heavy-duty aluminum with a smooth matte finish make the cover resilient.
  • Can be closed securely even when the tailgate is locked.
  • Combination of robust infrastructure and a smooth, flush-mount, low profile design perfect for both UV desert climate and off-road application.
  • Can be folded and secured in the upright position against the cab using the pre-attached prop rods to give 100% access to the bed.
  • Pull-cable release function and automatic latches allow you to open the cover from both sides.
  • Clamps are provided for mounting and easy installation without drilling or modifications.
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7. Best electronic Tonneau Cover

GatorTrax Electric Retractable

The Gatortrax Electric Retractable Tonneau cover is one of the most sophisticated, expensive and high-end Tonneau cover s available on the market. This Tonneau cover is made out of high impact resistant and lightweight Lexan polycarbonate material, the same material that is used in constricting airplane windows and bullet-proof glass. The Gatortrax Electric Retractable features a remote function for convenient and easy operation.

Key Features and Benefits

Despite its high cost, you may want to consider buying this cover because of the following features that it comes with:

  • Made of cutting-edge Lexan polycarbonate material, embedded in aluminum support rods offers impressive protection and security.
  • Scratch-resistant gloss and black matte powder coat finishing options to choose from, both of which look sleek and low profile, while giving UV protection.
  • Sealed ball bearings will never freeze, and require zero maintenance. 
  • Electromagnetic brakes allow you to lock the Tonneau at any desired position, making the cover perfect for 5th wheel and gooseneck.
  • LED cargo light is attached to the canister that can be operated by the key fob, for better visibility of the cargo in the dark. It also includes an automatic shut-off function.
  • Fully automated system for easy operation. To open and close the cover, all you have to do is click the C and O buttons on the wireless key fob.
  • Multiple drainage tubes are provided for draining the runoff water that may be collected on your cargo bed and help keep the bed dry.
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8. Best Tonneau Cover for Adventure 

UnderCover RidgeLander

Built for the daily drivers to the adventurous thrill-seekers, the UnderCover RidgeLander has no boundaries or limitations. With an integrated perimeter track system on top, the RidgeLander is the most dynamic Tonneau cover on the market. It’s a multipurpose Tonneau cover designed by keeping adventure in mind. It comes with in-built multifaceted seals and a single point lock system to provide ultimate weather-protection and security.

Key Features and Benefits

The RidgeLander comes with many beneficial features for those who love taking their truck on adventures;

  • Made out of aircraft-grade aluminum, finished with textured powder-coat that makes it strong and reliable.
  • Built-in T-slot track system optimizes the carrying capacity of your truck bed.
  • Locking system and in-built seals for better protection of cargo from weather elements and theft.
  • Four combo kit options available to choose from, which includes Camping, Biking, overland, and Fishing/Skiing, to fit your lifestyle and requirements.
  • Includes Quick-mount Legs, four Rhino racks, and two vortex bars.
  • Easy install and removal, without drilling or modifications.
  • Compatible with rooftop tents, providing ultimate camping experience.
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Hundreds and thousands of Tonneau covers are sold around the world every year. Most truck owners prefer getting a Tonneau cover as it does enhances the truck bed aesthetically and also improves its efficiency. We would highly recommend you to invest in a good quality cover rather than the cheapest option.  Before hopping into any decision, we would advise you to first do some research so that you don’t have to regret your purchase in the long run.

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