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If you are looking to buy a recovery strap for your car you may feel a little overwhelmed by the…

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The Best Tow Straps For Car Recovery (Review) in 2023 | Autance © The Best Tow Straps For Car Recovery (Review) in 2023 | Autance
Best Choice rhino usa tow straps Rhino USA Tow Straps
Premium Pick ARB Recovery Tow Straps ARB Recovery Tow Straps
Best Value Neiko Heavy Duty Tow Strap With Safety Hooks Neiko Heavy Duty Tow Strap With Safety Hooks

If you are looking to buy a recovery strap for your car you may feel a little overwhelmed by the choices. There are numerous car tow straps available, and they vary in price and quality. In order to help you out, we have researched the best tow straps for car recovery. In this guide you’ll find a wide range of recovery straps, and we explain the difference between a car recovery strap and a tow strap. By the end of the guide you’ll have a clear idea which is the best product for your recovery needs.

The Best Tow Straps

What we really like about these Rhino USA tow straps is that they come with a lifetime warranty, so if your product doesn’t meet your standards then you can get your money back. The tow rope is made from poly/silk webbing that is soft to touch but tough with towing.

The rescue straps are presented in a heavy-duty drawstring bag that can carry up to 10 pounds – a nice handy addition in your trunk for all your tools.

Key Features
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Tough Poly/Silk Webbing Material
  • Heavy Duty Drawstring Bag Included
  • 30ft x 3inch Tow Strap
  • Brand Rhino USA
  • Model TOWSTRAP-330
  • Weight 6.3lbs

With its excellent reputation, it’s no wonder that this Smittybilt recovery strap has made it onto our list. Suitable for recovery and towing, this extra-strength strap has an impressive 30,000-pound pull rate/break strength. The strong and durable strap is made from double-stitched webbing with a double hoop design and is perfect for towing vehicles, pulling equipment and moving debris.

When you are purchasing an item from this company, not only are you going to get the best customer service, but the tow strap comes with a warranty too.

Key Features
  • Durable 3” x 30ft Recovery Strap
  • Double-Stitched Webbing
  • Can Be Used For: Towing Vehicles, Pulling Equipment & Moving Debris
  • 30,000 lb Pull Rate
  • Brand Smittybilt
  • Model CC330
  • Weight 7.6 lbs

This Neiko car tow strap has been manufactured from premium polyester and webbing that is said to perform stronger and provide a more consistent pulling force than polypropylene. This gives the tow strap unbeatable strength. The bright yellow material is weather resistant too, which means not only is it highly visible, but it also works in all climates and is resistant to stretching, shrinkage and mildew.

The tow strap comes with drop forged heat treated solid metal hooks and there are even safety hooks included for added peace of mind. The strap is ideal for roadside emergency towing.

Key Features
  • Highly Durable 2” x 20ft Polyester Tow Strap
  • Weather Resistant
  • Heat Treated Solid Metal Safety Hooks
  • 10,000 lb Pull Rate
  • Brand Neiko
  • Model 51005A
  • Weight 2.85 lbs

This tow strap provides really good value for the money and is made from high-quality polyester that is abrasion and weather resistant. Said to be able to withstand extreme weather conditions, this tow strap won’t rot or tear when used.

A nice feature of this strap is the yellow color and reinforced loop ends, which provides essential high visibility and maximum strength. It can be used to tow cars, SUVs, ATVs, Light trucks and boats. So if you’re looking for tow truck straps, then this might be a good value option.

Key Features
  • Highly Durable 4” x 30ft Polyester Tow Strap
  • Weather Resistant
  • Reinforced Loop Ends
  • 20,000 lb Break Rate
  • Brand Grip
  • Model 23036
  • Weight 4.45 lbs

Not only is the Presa Heavy Duty Two Strap capable of pulling 10,000 pounds, but it’s also really easy to hook and remove. This tow strap is made from a highly-visible yellow polyester and is 2” x 20ft in size. It’s perfect for towing most vehicles and so would make a sensible addition to your trunk kit. Two safety hooks are also included with this product.

Key Features
  • Heavy Duty Tow Strap
  • Safety Hooks Included
  • Suitable For Towing Most Vehicles
  • 10,000 lb Pull Rate
  • Brand Presa
  • Model CTW2-20
  • Weight 2.87 pounds

This heavy-duty snatch strap comes with an impressive warranty. The company says if the tow strap doesn’t pull your vehicle safely then you’ll get your money back. The Sunferno car tow strap has 10% maximum stretch and can be used for cars, trucks and even tractors. This is one product that means business.

This water resistant strap has reinforced eye loops for extra grip and a protective sleeve for injury protection too. It also comes with its own drawstring bag for storage.

Key Features
  • Heavy Duty 3” x 20ft Tow Strap
  • Water Resistant
  • Reinforced Loop Ends
  • 35,321 lb Break Rate
  • Brand Sunferno
  • Model 4332987234
  • Weight 5.82 lbs

If you’re looking for a heavy-duty tow strap recovery kit, then the Motormic model might be the right choice for you. The strap has been designed for the most demanding recovery and towing jobs and can features an impressive 30,000-pound break rate. This weather-resistant tow strap can be used for towing cars, as well as large trucks and can also be used to pull heavy equipment and move large debris and features reinforced eyes and protective sleeves. The ends have been designed to withstand high tension and wear.

The four-in-one kit includes a tow strap, multi-mount hitch receiver made from galvanized steel and covered in anti-corrosive paint. Innovative pin lock that fits all types of hitch receivers, new design d-ring shackles rated at 9,500 lbs and made from drop forged steel and a carry bag made from canvas.

Key Features
  • Full Tow Strap Recovery Kit
  • 3” x 30 Size
  • 30,000 lb Break Rate
  • Brand Motormic
  • Model Motormic 1701
  • Weight 18.35 lbs

This heavy-duty, lab-tested tow strap is a four-in-one product. Not only can it be used as a tow strap and recovery strap, but it also works as a tree saver strap and winch extension strap. This is essentially one of the most versatile things you could store in your pickup truck.

The product has been built for heavy-duty towing and recovery and has been tested in a lab to withstand a weight of 45,000 pounds. This is a fantastic tow strap for off-roaders, farmers or anyone else needing to haul heavy objects. The tow strap is also weather resistant and can withstand extreme temperatures. It won’t stand for mold and mildew either as this is made from tough polyester with reinforced eyes and protective sleeves.

Key Features
  • Heavy Duty Tow Strap With Oversized Bag
  • 4” x 30 Size
  • Lifetime Free Replacement
  • 45,000 lb Break Rate
  • Brand GearAmerica
  • Weight 8.76 pounds

This TGL tow strap has a 10,000-pound capacity and reinforced loops that protect the strap from abrasion. It’s TUV certified to meet standards and has been designed with a yellow color for high visibility.  There’s another little feature too that really set this product apart from the others. The TGL strap has been designed with a wear bar in the middle of the strap. The purpose of this is to indicate when the strap is safe to use.

Key Features
  • Heavy Duty Tow Strap With Oversized Bag
  • 3” x 20 Size
  • Reinforced Loops
  • 10,000 lb Capacity
  • Brand TGL
  • Model FBA_2-20TS
  • Weight 1.54 lbs

This Rugged Ridge tow strap is perfect for off-roaders as it’s  both high-quality and durable. Constructed from nylon with reinforced eyes, this strap provides protection against mildew and abrasions. The main benefit to using nylon is that this material absorbs the shock better than polyester and aids in a faster recovery. Not only does this premium recovery strap have a 20,000-pound capacity but it also comes with a 5 year warranty. Something that always gives us confidence with a brand.

Key Features
  • Hard Wearing Nylon Construction
  • 2” x 20 Size
  • Reinforced Eyes
  • 20,000 lb Capacity
  • Brand Rugged Ridge
  • Model 15104.02
  • Weight 5 Ounces

One of the best features of the ARB 3” x 30ft Recovery Strap is that it has been specially designed to stretch under load for performance. This snatch strap is perfect for vehicle recovery and is in many way better than a tow strap. Made from 100% nylon, this snatch strap has 20% elasticity, which aids recovery and prevents damage to the vehicle.

Key Features
  • 20% Elasticity Nylon Construction
  • Tested By NATA Approved Laboratory
  • Reinforced Eyes
  • 33,000 lb Capacity
  • Brand ARB
  • Model ARB715
  • Weight 10.7 lbs

You know that a product is hard-wearing when it is advertised to recover small tractors and small trucks. This is a heavy-duty recovery strap with a special stretch and recoil action. Not only that but it has a 20,000-pound capacity or break rate. The recovery strap also features reinforced eyes for extra security. No bag is included with this product, however it does roll up neatly for storage in your pickup or jeep.

Key Features
  • Designed For Use With Small Tractors & Small Trucks
  • Reinforced Eyes
  • 20,000 lb Capacity
  • Brand Keeper
  • Model 02942
  • Weight 4.9 lbs

This recovery recovery rope has been manufactured using tightly-woven polyester. The reinforced looped ends feature extra padding that have two benefits: they are more likely to protect your rig, and they provide extra strength at the connection points.

This recovery strap is weather resistant and also resistant to UV, which means that it can handle a variety of different weather conditions, both cold and hot. It’s versatile and easy to store as it just simply rolls up neatly. Another nice feature is the one year warranty, if you’re not impressed with this product then you’ll get your money back.

Key Features
  • Extra Heavy Duty Strap (3,5” x 30)
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • 35,000 lb Capacity
  • Brand Titan Auto
  • Model TA-04-TOW
  • Weight 8.75 lbs

Don’t let the short length of this tow strap put you off; this heavy-duty strap means business and can deal with most situations. Made from industrial grade webbing, this tow strap boasts a 30,000-pound capacity and would made a handy addition to your SUV, ATV or truck. Offering superior towing strength, this strap also is resistant to abrasions, perfect for those who go off-roading.

Key Features
  • Extra Heavy Duty Strap
  • Industrial Strength Webbing
  • 30,000 lb Capacity
  • Brand Vault
  • Model FBA_VCM-TSTS-8-3
  • Weight 1.8 lbs

If you’re looking for a good all-round tow strap then look no further. This Rocket Straps towing strap is suitable for all kinds of cars, recreational vehicles and trucks. Made with an extra-long length, this tow strap has been made to cover every eventuality, including sand, snow, water and mud. It’s an essential item for your pickup truck, ATV, SUV and car, while allowing you to stay a safe distance from the vehicle.

It’s super heavy duty and made with high-grade polyester that is both UV resistant and weather resistant. Heat or cold weather won’t affect this tow strap! If, for any reason you are not happy with your tow rope then the company also provides a lifetime warranty and money-back guarantee.

Key Features
  • Suitable For Most Vehicles
  • High Grade Polyester Tow Strap
  • 30,000 lb Capacity
  • Brand Rocket Straps
  • Model FL3030
  • Weight 6.46 lbs

Best Tow Straps Buying Guide & FAQ

Read our best tow straps for recovery guide and still have some questions that need answering or advice on how to use a tow strap?

Keep reading to see our frequently asked questions and buying guide.

What to Look for When Buying a Car Tow Strap

You will first need to establish whether or not you need a car tow strap or a car recovery strap. Despite the names sounding similar, these are two different things altogether (which we will look at further in the FAQs). Make sure that you buy a car tow strap which can withstand the right amount of weight, this will be listed as the working capacity or breaking rate.

Buy a tow strap in a bright colour to ensure that it’s highly visible and opt for a good thick strap that will work with your vehicle. The thicker the strap, the stronger it will be. As a car tow strap is not used for recovery there should be limited stretch in the fabric. Check to see what material has been used. As a general rule of thumb nylon is more expensive than polyester. Polyester is great for a tow strap and terrible as a recovery strap due to its inability to stretch.

Hooks are a contentious issue. The problem with a tow strap hook is that it can be very dangerous, if not lethal. Use a tow strap with a hook incorrectly and it could well snap and fly through your windshield. Don’t take the risk.

Different Types of Snatch Straps

A snatch strap is different from a tow strap or recovery strap because it uses kinetic energy through stretching. It’s essentially a tow strap used to help the recovery of vehicles that are stuck in sand, mud, snow or ice. A snatch strap has more elasticity than a tow rope, almost like an elastic band. When purchasing a snatch strap have a look at the material used and the quality. Snatch straps come in a variety of durable fabrics, different lengths and can take different weights.

How to Properly Use a Tow Rope

Before packing your tow rope away into your truck, it’s best to familiarize yourself with this guide first, so when it comes to using it, you’ll instantly know what to do and will be ready to spring into action.

When you’re ready to use the tow rope, the first thing you’ll need to do is to put a sign in the towed vehicle saying ‘on tow’. Inspect your tow rope for any damages or defects and then once everything is looking ok, you’re good to go. Find the trailer hitch or mounting point (which should be near the rear bumper) and add the tow rope securely to the driving vehicle. If you’re using a tow rope with hooks then please ensure these are attached to the correct mount or you could cause damage to your vehicle or worse…it could cause a lethal accident.

Check, double check, then check again.

Give the tow rope a few good tugs to test the attachment and then attach the other end to the vehicle that will be towed. Please make sure there are no twists or kinks. The other end will be attached to the front of the vehicle that will be towed. There should be a mount just underneath the front bumper for this. Check your car’s user manual for details. Look out for plastic covers over hooks and do not attach the rope directly to the front axle or any other metal parts.

You’re now ready to go.

If the towed vehicle is working then they can put this in first gear or drive with the parking brake off. If the vehicle isn’t functioning then it should be in neutral. Start slowly, move forward gently until the tow rope tightens.

Take your time with this!

General Safety Towing Tips

There are many essential tips that you should follow when it comes to towing your vehicle safely:

  • On Tow

Please ensure that the vehicle being towed has visible ‘on tow’ sign.

  • Attach Correctly

Never, ever attach the tow strap hook to a random piece of metal on the car. Check you user manual if necessary but they need to be attached correctly or this could cause a lethal accident.

  • Check For Damage 

You should never, ever use a strap that is damaged, even if the damage looks minimal.

  • Slowly Does It

If you’re the person driving the vehicle then you must take your time and drive slowly. Avoid braking suddenly and rapid acceleration, remember…there’s a driver behind you and you could cause them harm if you drive irresponsibly. If the tow rope becomes too tight and snaps, the hook can fly into the windshield behind you. There have been cases where the second driver has been killed this way.

  • Two Drivers

Never pull an unmanned vehicle or tow anywhere near the highway.

  • Indicate Carefully

Ensure you indicate in advance so that the driver behind has plenty of notice.

Best Tow Straps FAQ:

Q: What Are Tow Straps Made Of?

Tow straps are made from a variety of different materials. The cheaper varieties are usually made from polyester or similar materials that don’t contain too much stretch.

Q: Are Tow Straps UV Or Weather Proof?

Due to the nature of the fabric that is used, most high quality tow straps will be weather resistant and UV resistant. This means that they will normally be able to cope with extreme weather conditions such as snow, ice and heat. Nylon and polyester is also well known for repelling mold and mildew caused by excess moisture.

Q: What Is the Difference Between Towing And Recovery?

Many people wrongly assume that towing and recovery is the same thing, when in actual fact they are very different. In theory, they both involve rescuing a vehicle that is stuck, but the methods in which people use are very different. A tow strap can be shorter than a recovery strap and is used to pull a vehicle short distance. Tow straps are normally made from polypropylene, which is a material used because it doesn’t stretch and they usually feature hooks that attach to the vehicle. Recovery straps are usually made from nylon, which is more expensive and has a little more stretch. The elasticity in a recovery strap means that when in operation, there will be less stress on the winch and the strap itself. A tow operator would likely carry a variety of tow straps, recovery ropes and tow chains.

Q: Can I Tow With A Recovery Strap?

It is not recommended that you tow a vehicle with a recovery strap. The reason for this is because they are made differently, essentially to do different jobs. A tow strap is made to stay taut and not stretch whereas a recovery strap is made from materials which have natural elasticity. If you tow with a recovery strap you are going to have too much stretch and therefore you will be able to use it for a slow and steady pull. Avoid any tow straps with hooks. There are so many stories of people having near misses or dying due to the hooks coming loose and then flying through the windscreen.

Our Top Pick

There were several things that made this product stand out and this is why we chose it as our top pick. These tow straps are some of the most durable straps we’ve seen, manufactured from a tough poly/silk webbing which is really effective with towing.

The Rhino USA straps come with triple reinforced loop ends and heavy duty protective sleeves – this is a product clearly built to last. Made for extreme performance, they also come with a lifetime guarantee. Another reason we picked them, we trusted the brand which started as a small family business with a father and son from California and aim to make a name for themselves. They say that the rhino team is 100% committed to their customers.

This Rhino USA Tow Strap is presented in a heavy duty drawstring bag that can carry up to 10lbs – a nice handy addition in your trunk for all your tools.

Perfect for off-road recovery, this hardcore tow strap has a 31,518 lb break strength, heavy duty protective sleeves and triple reinforced loop ends. D-ring shackles and shackle hitch receiver are NOT included.


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