Best Trailer Wheel Locks: Bring Your Own Boot

Put your vehicle’s safety first with our top picks for best trailer wheel lock

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Best Trailer Wheel Locks: Bring Your Own Boot © Best Trailer Wheel Locks: Bring Your Own Boot

Trailer wheel locks are a sight you always dread unless you put them on yourself. They are handy so you can lock up your car, truck, boat, trailer, etc. You know that when you set the wheel boot, no one will mess with your trailer. Consider this your official buying guide for choosing the best trailer wheel lock on the market.

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    Our Methodology

    We went about selecting and rating these trailer wheel locks by comparing price, sturdiness, design, ease-of-use, and any helpful features. Most of the trailer wheel locks on the market will however around $20-$50. If you’re just looking for an entry-level wheel lock, spending about $30 will get you a decent setup. You can choose from a clamp, boot, or wheel chock trailer wheel lock. If you want to invest in multiple trailer wheel locks, you’ll have to spend around $60. These locks can be any of the types we mentioned above. Most of the two-pack wheel locks are of the clamp type, but you can also find wheel chock locks in pairs.

    For more on how we select products, check this out.

    Best Trailer Wheel Lock Reviews & Recommendations

    Our Verdict

    Our top pick for the best trailer wheel lock is the Zento Deals 2-Pack Heavy-Duty Anti-Theft Vehicle Wheel Lock. These clamp-style wheel locks come with four keys total so you can rest assured your ride is secure.

    The OxGord Heavy-Duty Wheel Lock won our pick for the best value. If you’re looking for an entry-level trailer wheel lock, it’s your best bet.


    Q: Why would I use trailer wheel locks?

    A: Modern cars and some that are a few years old have plenty of anti-theft devices built into their framework. However, it can make it easier to sleep at night if you’ve got one more deterrent that makes stealing your car that much harder.

    They also help prevent your car from rolling away. Older cars can suffer from ineffective parking brakes. If you attach a trailer wheel lock to your vehicle, it’s an extra precaution against it rolling downhill.  

    Because most trailer wheel locks can be stretched or compressed to fit a wide variety of tires, you can easily use your trailer wheel lock on just about anything. Whether you use it on your current vehicle or keep it for your next one, you’ll always have it available. Though you may laugh and point when you see someone booted for parking in the wrong spot, you know that they’re not going anywhere anytime soon. That’s likely the same thought thieves have when they see your car booted.

    Q: Do manufacturers sell replacement keys separately?

    A: They usually don’t. You can easily call the manufacturer and speak to a representative about ordering another pair, but they likely won’t be able to accommodate you. If you’re worried about losing your keys, make extras as soon as you get your trailer wheel locks in hand.  

    Q: What are some tips for using trailer wheel locks?

    A: If you’re looking for another way to secure your vehicle from thieves, look into steering wheel locks. They work similarly to trailer wheel locks, preventing the steering wheel from turning more than a few degrees. They can be easily placed and removed within a few minutes and can be stored behind the front seats when not in use.

    For trailers that are stored for long periods of time, you can also invest in hitch locks. Similar to trailer wheel locks, these hitch locks render the hitch inoperable. When used in combination with a trailer wheel lock (or two), hitch locks can be a powerful deterrent for thieves.

    Don’t keep valuables in your trailer. As long as you’ve insured the trailer, it can easily be replaced if stolen. In cases where you can’t easily remove what you’ve stored in your trailer, add in extra layers of security, such as multiple wheel locks, hitch locks, and even padlocks on the back and/or side doors.

    Trailer wheel locks can be used on your RV or camper on a camping trip. In fact, the wheel chock locks could be a great dual investment. Rather than just securing your vehicle, you can also stabilize it so it remains in the spot where you parked it. This is especially handy where camping spots may not be paved.

    Q: How many trailer wheel locks should I buy?

    A: We recommend you initially buy only one trailer wheel lock. No matter what type you choose, you can work with it for a little bit and see which features you like and those you don’t. Then, if you feel the need to purchase more trailer wheel locks, you’ll know a bit more about what types you prefer and what features you need.

    Q: How do I know if a certain trailer wheel lock will fit my car/truck/trailer?

    A: When looking at potential trailer wheel locks, consider the features. Make sure you check the maximum width the wheel lock is capable of encircling, and compare it to the width of your car’s tire.

    Q: Will trailer wheel locks prevent car theft?

    A: Yes and no. Trailer wheel locks can easily be seen, which makes a statement. They do add an extra step for anyone who decides they just have to have your vehicle so it takes longer for them to complete the theft (which could also give you more time to call the police). Like any other anti-theft device, trailer wheel locks can make a difference, but they’re not a guarantee.

    Q: How do I install a trailer wheel lock?

    A: First, open the trailer wheel lock to the width you need. Place the two pincer arms around the tire through the spokes of the wheel. It’s best to find a place between the spokes that’s near the ground so it’s easier to install. Once you’ve placed the arms where you want them, simply tighten them down just a bit so they won’t come off the tire, and then lock them if so equipped.

    Q: Will trailer wheel locks damage my vehicle?

    A: Depending on the type of wheel lock you purchase, you shouldn’t have to worry about damage to your vehicle. Careful installation will likely prevent any problems with your wheel and/or tire. Most trailer wheel locks will be coated with a protective layering that should leave no mark if it does come into contact with your vehicle.

    Q: Can I use a trailer anti-theft wheel lock to securely store my fifth wheel/camper?

    A: Yes. Most trailer wheel locks can be used on any number of wheeled vehicles, from cars and trucks to ATVs and fifth wheels. No matter what style or brand you choose, you should be able to either install the clamp or boot or place the brace-style lock between the dual axles for maximum security.  

    Q: Won’t thieves just drill out the lock on the trailer wheel lock?

    A: This is a possibility. However, even hand drills make quite a bit of noise so thieves are unlikely to use them unless they really want your car. Most locks are pick-resistant as well. If you’re worried about this happening, consider other security measures to act as backups.

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