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It’s easy for your truck bed to get disorganized with all kinds of clutter, such as tools, gear, and other…

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The Best Truck Bed Storage Drawers (Review) in 2023 | Autance © The Best Truck Bed Storage Drawers (Review) in 2023 | Autance
Best Choice Olympia Tools 4-Drawer Hardware Organizer Olympia Tools 4-Drawer Hardware Organizer
Best Value JEGS 3-Drawer Professional Tool Box JEGS 3-Drawer Professional Tool Box
Premium Pick DECKED Pickup Truck Storage System DECKED Pickup Truck Storage System

It’s easy for your truck bed to get disorganized with all kinds of clutter, such as tools, gear, and other equipment. Even if you get rid of the mess, it may take only a few weeks before you create another pile of clutter, especially if you are an on-the-road handyman. That’s because you have no system of organizing your truck bed.

The best thing to do is to get a truck bed organizer with storage drawers that will help you keep your property safe and your truck bed neat. Our review will help you find the best truck bed storage drawers for your vehicle to help you optimize the space in your truck bed.

The Best Truck Bed Storage Drawers

It’s pretty convenient to have a fully stocked tool chest in your truck bed so that you can handle repair emergencies whenever they pop up. This fully stacked cabinet has four drawers with 24 compartment trays each. The compartments are equipped with professional-grade tools, including a wide range of screwdrivers, bolt cutters, chisels, pliers, saws, hammers, wrenches, tape measures, and utility knives.

The cabinet is entirely made of durable, heavy-duty steel, and the drawers are painted to prevent rust. Each tray is removable and has differentiated tools from the first to the fourth drawer so that you have an easier time identifying where your tools are.

Key Features
  • 12.6 x 16.2 x 11.8 inches
  • Made from heavy-duty steel
  • Four removable trays
  • Each tray is divided into 24 compartments
  • 2,000 pieces of hardware
  • Brand Olympia Tools
  • Model 90-800
  • Weight 46 pounds

Comes pre-packed with an assortment of professional-grade tools

Large and small tool storage

Drawers slide out smoothly

Strong and durable


Can be challenging to keep it organized

No room provided for storing extra tools

Red paint scratches off easily

If you’d prefer an empty drawer set so that you get to pick and arrange your tools as you please, then we recommend the JEGS Professional Tool Box. It has a steel body with three drawers that extend fully with the help of ball bearing glides. The box is painted in a black powder-coat finish to prevent rust.

The top lid opens to reveal an extra storage compartment that’s ideal for storing large hand-held tools. What’s more, it has an ergonomic grip handle for easy lifting. To keep your tools secure, the manufacturer includes a built-in lock system that’s operated with a key.

Key Features
  • 20.5 by 9 by 12 inches
  • Black powder-coated finish
  • Full extension drawers
  • 16-gauge steel construction
  • Brand JEGS
  • Model 81400
  • Weight 18.65 pounds

Built to last

Easy to lift and move around

Keeps your tools secure

Plenty of room for large tools


Drawers may stick

Lock may jam

Drawers can be a bit flimsy when fully extended

The Decked System is a two-drawer storage system that runs the full length of a typical pickup truck bed. It’s made to last with high-density polyethylene molded to a steel metal subframe. The material is weatherproof and protected from UV rays and environmental exposure.

You can store tools, gear, and other items in the drawers, and you can also add up to 2,000 pounds on top of the truck. If you’d like to customize your storage unit, Decked offers locks, dividers, and other storage compartments that can be integrated into the storage system. What’s more, the unit comes with ammo can covers, which can be flipped over and turned into cup holders.

Key Features
  • 5 feet 7 inches long
  • Weatherproof bed organizer
  • 2,000-pound load rating
  • Full bed length drawers
  • High-density polyethylene and steel-reinforced frame
  • Brand Decked
  • Model DT1
  • Weight 220 pounds

Suitable for storing heavy and bulky loads

Can be installed with regular tools

Can hold more cargo on top of it to maximize on space

Fits perfectly with a bed liner


May take over two hours to install

Top is pretty sleek, and cargo can slide off easily


Drawers don't extend fully

If you are an on-the-road mechanic, you probably appreciate a strong storage unit that has sufficient storage space and can easily be picked up. That’s what you get with the GearWrench 3-Drawer Box, which is a portable storage box with three drawers that slide out with the help of ball bearing slides.

This box has all-steel construction and is painted with a black powder-coat finish that’s easy to clean and resists rust and corrosion. It’s equipped with a keyed center lock to help you secure your tools and has an extra, latch-locked compartment at the top.

Key Features
  • 8.5 by 20 by 12 inches
  • Ball-bearing drawer slides
  • Black powder-coat finish
  • Keyed center lock
  • Brand GearWrench
  • Model 83151
  • Weight 9.46 pounds

Drawers slide smoothly

Compact and portable profile

Strong handle that’s designed to last

Useful for commercial and DIY projects


Drawers can open a little bit when locked

No tools included

Doesn’t have dividers for organizing tools

Tankstorm offers a portable steel box with a top compartment and four drawers that slide open with the help of ball bearing slides. The top compartment has a tray that can fit larger tools and has two latches that lock the lid. It’s also fitted with a top handle that makes it easy to lift the lid or the box when all the drawers are closed.

The box is made from heavy-duty steel for durability and is powder-coated in black for scratch and chemical resistance. The drawers are fitted with a full-length piano hinge for easy pull-out.

Key Features
  • 20.6 by 8.6 by 14.1 inches
  • Four drawers and a top compartment
  • Ball-bearing slides
  • Heavy-duty steel construction
  • Black powder-coated
  • Brand Tankstorm
  • Model X4 Black
  • Weight 23.9 pounds

Enough space for large tools and gear

Rust and scratch-resistant black powder finish

Provides security with an inbuilt lock system

Durable construction

Comes with a top compartment and an ergonomic handle


Thin panels

Too small for storing bulky equipment

Not waterproof

Lock jamming issues

The best storage solutions are the ones that don’t take up a lot of space in your truck bed. That’s why we recommend the UWS DS22, which is a multipurpose storage box with a space-saving design. You can fit about four of these boxes in a standard truck bed.

The box is made of extra-thick aluminum for durability and remains resistant to corrosion for most of its service life. It has five precision-injected plastic drawers that slide in and out of the box with the help of stainless steel ball bearings. It’s further equipped with a handlock and weathertight seal to prevent moisture from corroding the tools and steel bearings.

Key Features
  • 23 by 19.2 by 9 inches
  • Heavy-gauge aluminum construction
  • Stainless steel ball bearings
  • Weathertight seals
  • Brand UWS
  • Model DS22
  • Weight 8.5 pounds

Durable construction

Space-friendly design

Lightweight and easy to carry

Equipped with hand locks for security


Drawers don’t slide out smoothly

May not fit in some trucks

Thin panels

The Weather Guard 3043 is a low-profile, single-drawer unit that allows you to organize your truck bed area. The drawer is divided into two parts where half of the section is compartmentalized for storing small tools. You can access the tools easily without having to climb on top of the truck bed with the help of the one-touch handle and smooth gliding roll-out system.

Since the metal is reinforced, you can store other materials on top of the drawer. Also, the drawer is weather-sealed and can hold up to 425 pounds. The drawers are lockable, and you get two keys for security.

Key Features
  • 49 by 31 by 13 inches
  • Single-drawer unit
  • 425-pound load rating
  • One-touch latch system
  • Brand Weather Guard
  • Model 3043
  • Weight 185 pounds

Extra cargo can be loaded on top

Smooth gliding drawers

Ergonomic handle allows for easy one-hand operation

Heavy-duty steel construction

Powder coated for a long-lasting, chemical-resistant finish


Weather resistance diminishes with time

Handle may come loose

Few drawers

Best Truck Bed Storage Drawer Buying Guide

A truck bed is like a mobile work unit. You use it to store your tools or gear so you have them whenever you need them. You should, therefore, keep it as organized as you would a typical office. Truck bed storage drawers provide an easy way to customize your truck bed and protect your cargo from damage.

If you are tired of hearing that annoying thumping sound of unsecured gear and tools sliding around the back of your truck, use this buying guide to get a great storage drawer that suits your needs. We’ve also included some helpful tips so that you can get value for your money.

The Advantages of Owning a Truck Bed Storage Drawer

Truck bed drawers help to keep your tools organized so that they can be within reach every time you need them. This will make you more productive. It’s ideal for anyone who takes over 10 minutes to find a screwdriver in his or her truck bed. Also, you can organize the tools to suit your vocation since not everyone has the same needs. For instance, an electrician and mechanic may have different systems for storing their tools.

If you use your truck for work and play, you can customize the drawers by adding dividers to separate your work stuff from your recreation material. You get to increase your cargo options while at the same time keep everything organized. Some of the drawers are especially heavy-duty and can hold over 2,000 pounds of gear.

Drawers are the best storage solution for securing special equipment, including firearms and ammunition. Some come with built-in locking mechanisms that can only be opened with a key or a code.

  • It gives your truck a tidy and professional look.
  • It allows you to access your tools from the ground.
  • It protects your cargo from road debris and weather elements.
  • It makes it easier to tell when you have missing tools or gear.
  • It’s easy to install, and some come custom-built to fit in your truck.

What to Consider When Buying a Truck Bed Storage Drawer

On top of matching your storage drawer to your application, it’s important to find a high-quality storage unit that you can use for many years. You will only get that by differentiating the options available on the market by the features they possess. The following are a few important features to look for in a storage drawer.

  • Construction Quality 

The material used to make the storage unit greatly determines how long it will last. It also determines its weight and rigidity. A high-quality drawer will hold up to heat, water vapor, and other road elements that it’s going to be exposed to while sitting in the truck bed.

The best material for making drawers is heavy-duty stainless steel or aluminum alloy, which is resistant to rust, corrosion, dents, and scratches. Plastic is the most lightweight material, easy to carry around, and won’t strain your truck bed. However, it isn’t sturdy and can bend or break under intense weight.

  • Weatherproofing 

It’s a no brainer that the storage unit will be exposed to road elements such as dust, debris, and weather elements like intense sun rays, snow, and rain. You therefore need a tool that can withstand the elements and retain its quality. Wooden drawers are obviously out of the question because wood tends to rot or form mold when exposed to moisture and heat.

The best weatherproof material is aluminum alloy or stainless steel, which is resistant to rust and corrosion brought on by extreme temperature change. Also, a powder coating helps to protect the material from moisture.

  • Dimensions 

Check that the length, width, and height of the storage drawer is compatible with your truck bed. The last thing you want is something that hangs over your truck bed so that you have to hang it over your tailgate, or worse, you can’t close it. Also confirm that the depth of the interior can fit all the goods you need to store.

Some toolboxes are custom-made for specific vehicles. They come with compatibility information for specific vehicle models and most likely won’t fit in your truck if your vehicle isn’t on the list. We recommend choosing universal storage units that don’t come with installation fittings since it’s easier to move them from one truck to another.

  • Portable vs. Mounted

Whether or not you want a portable truck bed storage system will mostly depend on the type of work you do or the purpose of the storage unit. For instance, on-the-road workmen prefer portable storage units since it’s easy to take the box with them when they go to their work station. The same applies to campers who need to remove the storage unit and use their camping accessories.

However, if you would only like to make your storage unit neater and don’t need to move the accessories that you store, then a mounted option is better. Mounted storage drawers can remain permanently fixed on the truck bed and will never move even when your truck travels on rugged terrain.

Tips for Buying and Using a Truck Bed Storage Drawer

Make sure that you get a size that suits your storage needs. For instance, you need a larger drawer for storing gear, while any type of drawer would be sufficient for storing tools. You can also purchase extra dividers for the drawers to help you compartmentalize your equipment.

Clean the truck bed and line it with a mat before installing the drawer to give it a more flat surface and to protect the drawer from scratches. The best truck mats are resistant to acids, easy to maintain, don’t have pores, and are UV-protected so that they won’t fade.

If you’d like to keep your storage drawer dry and clean, consider buying a truck bed cover. You can find a soft canvas cover that’s easy to install. It gives your truck a sporty look, and there’s minimal chance that anyone, besides the driver, knows what’s being stored in the drawer.

  • Lubricate the drawer slides to help them slide out easier and resist rust.
  • Keep the drawers clean by wiping off road dust and grime that accumulates with time.
  • If you have a portable drawer, avoid dropping it carelessly on the truck bed since dents can block the drawers from extending fully.

Best Truck Bed Storage Drawer FAQs

When looking for the best solutions to organize your truck bed, you need to ask a few questions so you know how to best use the drawers, optimize the space, and get the best value for your money. In this section, we help you out with some of the most common questions that buyers have.

Q: Do custom-built drawers work with bed mats?

Most do as long as the bed mat doesn’t have bumps. But it will most likely be a very snug fit, and the drawer may thin out the mat.

Q: Will a mounted storage drawer affect the paint on my bed?

mounted drawer will most likely blemish your truck bed paint. To avoid ruining the paint, you can apply an extra coat of a scratch-resistant polish, and try to be gentle when mounting the drawer.

Q: What does the load rating mean?

The load rating of a storage unit is the maximum weight it can hold when the cargo is distributed evenly. For example, a drawer with a 400-pound rating may get slightly deformed under the stress of a 700-pound load.

Q: Are storage drawers theft proof?

Portable drawers can be easily lifted off the truck bed unless you get one that can be padlocked to the truck bed. Mounted options are harder to steal since it takes a longer time to uninstall them.

Our Top Pick

Our top pick is the Olympia Tools 4-Drawer Hardware Organizer. It’s a fully-equipped, four-drawer system with professional-grade tools that are useful for every truck-driving mechanic, electrician, or technician. It’s also compact, portable, and the drawers are split into smaller compartments for better organization and to hold more tools.

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