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Want to get the best out of your TV from the comfort of your RV? Certainly you deserve to enjoy…

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The Best TV Antennas for RV (Review) in 2023 | Autance © The Best TV Antennas for RV (Review) in 2023 | Autance
Best Choice KING Tailgater TV Antenna for RV KING VQ4500 Portable TV Antenna for RV
Premium Pick Winegard Slimline TV Antenna for RV Winegard SK-SWM3 Slimline Antenna
Best Value Winegard Wingman TV Antenna Booster for RV Winegard RV-WING Wingman UHF RV TV Antenna

Want to get the best out of your TV from the comfort of your RV? Certainly you deserve to enjoy some screen time as you discover new territories. However, to be able to view some of your favorite TV shows while on the move, only the best TV antenna for RV will do. When choosing an antenna for your RV, it’s vital to keep in mind that many will not be suitable for use in an RV, despite the several brands of antennas available. The list below offers an insight on the top options currently on the market, as well as the features to look out for when selecting an RV TV antenna.

The Best TV Antenna for RV

We have identified the King Tailgater Satellite TV antenna as the top choice for every RV owner. With this antenna, you don’t have to feel disconnected from the world. It offers you the chance to watch weather reports and news as well as other programs you love while on the road.

The King Tailgater antenna is exceptionally portable in design and has been manufactured to work effortlessly with all DISH devices. You can either add this RV antenna to your home DISH device or sign up for a pay-as-you-go service, depending on your needs. This portable antenna is hugely versatile and can be used either as a mobile device or a roof mounted antenna. To install your Tailgater, you can make use of the mounting feet included. It features a built-in coaxial output that supports multiple TV viewing, providing the programming is done on the same satellite.

Key Features
  • Portable satellite TV antenna
  • Supports multiple TV viewing
  • No separate remote or power source
  • Easy to set up
  • Brand KING
  • Model VQ4500
  • Weight 5.85 pounds

The Winegard RFL TV Signal Meter is another one of the top TV antennas for RVs. This setup is one of a kind in construction and function and has been built by seasoned experts to provide travelers with every form of visual entertainment they might need during their trips around the world. You don’t need to stay boxed up in your RV with just the papers to keep you updated; this antenna from Winegard has been made to ensure that you’re abreast with the word news as it happens. This antenna makes finding local and digital programmes very easy and quick.

The Winegard RFL antenna takes the place of existing power supply and works well with all Winegard Sensar antennas to provide more excellent performance. It comes with a series of cables that increase its connectivity and also improve its performance. This signal strength meter is simple to operate. To watch any of your favorite games, you only need to select the foot scan foot mode and rotate your antenna to ensure that it’s receiving the most robust signal strength. Once you’re able to run a channel scan, you’re well on your way to watching your best shows and all the news channels you want. This antenna offers users with an advanced search option, even though that feature isn’t regarded as a necessity for many.

Key Features
  • Help find available digital local programming
  • Compatible with all Winegard Sensar antennas
  • Replaces the existing power supply
  • Scan, Seek and Channel search modes
  • Brand Winegard
  • Model 0112.1156
  • Weight 4.8 ounces

The King Jack Replacement Antenna is an over-the-air antenna designed for a long-range signal acquisition to provide its users with more channels for their satisfaction while on the road. This antenna shortens the time you use in finding your favorite channels, be it digital or manual. It makes use of modern, innovative technologies that allow it to receive VHF broadcast while enhancing its UHF signal reception. The King Jack antenna features a broader reception coverage, which does a great job of maximizing your response and also locating the most reliable signals around.

With King, the staff understands how important it is for adventurers to keep themselves abreast with the happenings of the world. For this reason, they have upgraded the design of the King Jack antenna, equipping it with many innovative technologies to bring out the best quality experienced in any directional over-the-air antenna unit on the market. Its design may seem simple from the onset, but this is one high-tech unit with a higher performance than its predecessors.

Key Features
  • Long-range signal acquisition
  • Simple, five-minute retrofit upgrades
  • Upgraded technology
  • Broader reception coverage
  • Brand KING
  • Model OA8300
  • Weight 1.5 pounds

The Antop Outdoor Amplified Antenna is an HDTV antenna designed for use in your home or an RV. It is a waterproof unit that features a built-in 4G LTE filter for optimum performance. The design of a typical television antenna has changed drastically over the years, thanks to modern living and the introduction of innovation via technology. Now, antennas feature a broad range of innovative features that come together to ensure that users receive only the best output, which includes instant access to their favorite weather, news and sitcom channels. The design of this antenna is simple, and the size is compact enough to encourage secure storage.

The size of the Antop dish TV for RV offers better signal reliability on rainy or windy days. It also reduces the wind load, which increases the quality of its performance. It features the use of an anti-UV and moisture-proof coating design that protects it from the weather to reduce the level of interference. Installing this antenna is extremely simple and swift, and it doesn’t require any extra tools. It does, however, come with some accessories that make the installation process smooth. Users of the Antop antenna receive signals from all directions, and as such, there’s no need to rotate your antenna via remote control. 

Key Features
  • Omni-directional Reception
  • 65-Mile-Long Range High Gain TV Antenna
  • Waterproof
  • UV Coating
  • Brand ANTOP
  • Model AT-414B
  • Weight 3.85 pounds

Once again, Winegard is on our list with yet another unique antenna model made for RVs. It is the Winegard Slimline Antenna, one of the best RV antenns in its RV antenna line. This is a product built with the RV in mind. It caters for all the possible issues associated with gaining access to television channels while on the road, some of which include the changes in weather and interference from wireless connections. It is a fully automatic satellite antenna that works well with all DIRECTV HD receivers. For complete SD and HD programming, this antenna device provides a simultaneous reception from 103 degrees, 101 degrees and even 99 degrees.

Enjoy watching different programs on separate televisions at the same time with the Winegard slimline antenna. This unit can be used easily with all DVRs as it enables you to record or watch your favorite shows from different satellites at the same time. With this antenna, you enjoy the HD that many domes cannot offer you. The slimline is regarded as the only mobile antenna on the market today that has been programmed to deliver optimum DIRECTV HD programming to users. It is a satellite antenna made with reflectors that are approved and certified to provide the most reliable signal strength. It is made for use only in RVs or camper trailers.

Key Features
  • Fully automatic DIRECTV satellite antenna
  • Supports all new DIRECTV HD receivers
  • Provides simultaneous reception
  • Watch a variety of programs at the same time
  • Brand Winegard
  • Model SK-SWM3
  • Weight 53 pounds

Meet the Winegard Sensar TV antenna, an RV modeled satellite antenna for all your road trips. This product is an exceptional unit built as an enhanced antenna device to receive all digital TV signals with ease. It works excellently within a 55-mile radius, receiving all VHF and UHF programming available to deliver excellent service to every user. Enjoy news channels such as CBS, FOX, NBC and many others in the comfort of your recreational vehicle at a minimal cost. This antenna is one of the most durable units on the market, a feature made possible via its powder coating system that keeps the weather elements away. 

It is loved by several travelers thanks to how easy it is to operate and control. It comes with a lift assembly and an amplified antenna. The Winegard antenna features a unique range and also comes with a built-in amplifier that boosts all weak signals to deliver a crystal clear reception for you every time. Travel in comfort with nothing getting in your way of all the exciting world stories and entertainment. The Winegard brand is one of the leading names in the manufacture of RV antennas. It has over ten years’ experience in the design of these satellite beauties; thus, it knows the needs of the market and how best to approach such a requirement. All products launched by this company are durable and highly functional, with a lifespan that leaves many users impressed.

Key Features
  • Enhanced antenna
  • Receives all VHF and UHF programming
  • Accepts SD and HD local over the air television broadcast channels
  • Powder coated for long lasting durability
  • Brand Winegard
  • Model 8551203.400S
  • Weight 9 pounds

The Winegard company has launched the Winegard Playmaker Satellite TV Antenna; its made for use in camping trailers and RVs. This RV satellite dish is one of a kind, from its construction to the method of application and the many innovative features it is made up of. It is a portable satellite product that can be used not only in your RV but also in a cabin, motorhome, or during your hunting and fishing trips. Once a purchase is made, this device needs to be set up. The process of installing this antenna is simple and doesn’t demand too much time. It operates via the use of a DISH receiver and this means the device itself is generally lightweight and can be moved from one place to another.

The Winegar Playmaker antennas feature a fully-automatic dish design which makes finding all your favorite channels extremely easy. Its portable and sleek design also makes the unit easy to store whenever it isn’t needed. If you need access to world-class satellite video and data antenna products, the Winegard company is a good bet. It offers many accessories for your mobile and residential applications with each product undergoing a state of the art test session before it is validated and launched.

Key Features
  • Portable Satellite Antenna
  • Easy Setup Portable Antenna.
  • Fully-Automatic Dish
  • Sleek & Compact
  • Brand Winegard
  • Model PA-1000
  • Weight 13.4 pounds

Following the spectrum of products delivered by the world’s largest antenna provider, we present the Winegard Wingman TV antenna for your RV. This comes highly recommended by several RV owners from across the globe. They speak of its powerful functions and excellent durability that deliver all your favorite channels to you even while you’re on the road. It is a product that features an increased UHF reception of up to 100%. This rate optimizes your sensar batwing to ensure that you receive all your favorite digital channels with ease.

The Winegard RV satellite is smooth and straightforward to install. It only takes minutes to get this device up and running, and this is why many users love purchasing it. The Wingman antenna is designed and built in the USA like all other Winegard devices. It is a member of the leading manufacturer of antennas with over three decades of design experience. It is a durable design and lightweight enough for secure storage and transportation. If you ever need an antenna for your trip around the world, or within the state, we recommend you get this satellite device that will deliver everything you need and more.

Key Features
  • Digital RV TV Antenna,
  • Easy Installation
  • Increases Digital UHF TV Reception
  • Free TV Programming
  • Brand Winegard
  • Model 18-3819
  • Weight 1.35 pounds

The Winegard family is one of a kind. It features a broad range of antenna designs curated and developed to cater to the varying needs of homeowners and travelers. This satellite antenna carries the spirit of the Winegard brand but possesses a uniqueness that can’t be imitated by the competition. It works automatically and finds all your favorite channels within the shortest possible time. To gain maximum signal quality, this antenna is built to rotate on its own; thus, you’re not required to make use of a remote control device. 

The Rayzar antenna from Winegard features a dual VHF/UHF system assisted by an amplifier with a state of the art design. This RV TV antenna works to increase the range and channels available while reducing the occurrence of dropouts and pixelation. The antenna is built into an attractive, ultra-sleek dome frame that ensures that it is protected from all the vagaries of the weather and harsh outdoor conditions. Spend less time pointing at your antenna in desperation and more time enjoying your favorite shows and admiring the outdoors thanks to Winegard and its range of amazing products.

Key Features
  • Dual band VHF/UHF antenna
  • Rotates to maximize signal quality
  • Encased in an ultra-sleek, attractive dome
  • Includes 12 VDC wall plate interface/power supply
  • Brand Winegard
  • Model RZ-8500
  • Weight 9 pounds

The final product on our list of recommendations is another model from the Winegard family. It is the Winegard Trav’ler TV Antenna, a device designed for your RV, camper trailer and Motorhome. This device works well with DISH devices and Bell systems, and it operates automatically to improve your total viewing experience. You enjoy maximum programming with this antenna which enables you to view all satellites simultaneously. Such a feature lets you watch all your favorite shows and never miss out on an episode.

The Trav’ler RV antenna comes with other accessories, including an AC power cord, a power cable, cable entry plate, a power supply, reflector mounting screw, and some nuts and bolts. All parts of this unit are assembled and developed in the USA. With this antenna, your RV feels just like home.

Key Features
  • Bell HD RV Satellite System
  • Perfect for families with different viewing needs
  • Works exclusively with DISH satellite receiver technology
  • Designed in the U.S.A.
  • Brand Winegard
  • Model SK-1000
  • Weight 72 pounds

Best TV Antenna For RV Buying Guide

What to Consider When Buying a TV Antenna for RV

When searching for the best RV antenna, some features must be taken into consideration to ensure that users receive their money’s worth. These features may require some level of research for a more informed choice to be made.

  • Reception Quality

The ability of a satellite antenna to provide reliable signal quality is essential to its performance as it determines how many channels the satellite can receive. Ensure that the antenna model you opt for offers the highest reception quality which will translate into more channels and ultimately more entertainment.

  • Construction Material

The material used in making a satellite can contribute to or reduce the rate at which it can receive channels. Most often, the common materials used for antennas are plastic and aluminum, and these materials are used strategically in different parts of the device to enable it to provide excellent durability always. The best type according to experts is the antenna made from aluminum, as this material aids in the delivery of useful functionality.

  • Price

Budget and the amount of an antenna is vital to the selection process. Some models cost more than they perform. It is best to study and compare models to find out their outstanding features and make the best economical yet functional decision.

  • Functionality

There are different functions offered by antennas on the market. There are some that deliver better when used indoors instead of outdoors and vice versa. It is essential to know the functionality of your preferred unit before making a choice.

  • Size

The size of your RV antenna is another thing to take into consideration. A small antenna is an excellent option as its easier to install and store. It is best to choose a device within a reasonable size range to cater for all your needs.

Benefits of Using TV Antenna in Your RV

the use of an RV antenna during your travels is very beneficial to both you and your traveling mates. Below we discuss some of the benefits you receive from making use of a satellite antenna.

  • Affordable

Satellite antennas are economical options for travelers. They offer people who are always on the road with a cost-effective way of keeping in touch with the rest of the world in the comfort of their recreational vehicle.

  • Variety

Using an RV antenna means you can receive a broad range of channels while you’re on the road. It allows you to gain access to digital channels and also lets you to watch all your weather reports, news and other stories whenever you please.

  • Easy installation & Storage

Most RV antennas are extremely compact in their design. This makes them easy to transport and also makes it easier to keep in storage whenever it isn’t needed.

Types Of RV Antennas

  • HDTV antenna

These antennas are cheaper and easier to install when compared to satellite antennas. They deliver access to all the local programs you love with ease, with some available channels including FOX, CBS, ABC, and PBS.

  • Satellite antenna

These antennas are more expensive than their HDTV counterparts. They are geared toward receiving digital channels; thus, they may be bulkier and much harder to put together.

  • Hybrid

This combines the features of both the satellite and HDTV antennas into one product. this is a cost-efficient and very powerful unit designed to receive all types of channels within the shortest possible time.

Best TV Antenna For RV FAQ:

Q: How can I use the RV TV antenna?

After installing your antenna according to manufacturer’s instructions, you can start scanning for channels. Installation is usually straightforward and doesn’t require tons of tools.

Q: Where should I point the antenna?

There is no particular position that your antenna must be pointed toward to receive good reception. Good reception can be anywhere; you only need to rotate your device to find it.

Q: How can I get better reception on the camper antenna?

Having a good antenna can help you get better reception but sometimes, that isn’t enough., in those moments your next bet will be to purchase a booster to enable you to gain access to all signals even the weak ones.

Q: What additional hardware is required?

Depending on your location and the signal quality available, the type of additional hardware you require might change. Some of the equipment includes a booster and a signal strength meter.

Q: How do I replace the RV TV antenna?

The best things to do is to look through the manufacturers manual first, before calling their customer care line if you have any further questions.

Our Top Pick

Our best choice of RV antennas was the King Tailgater antenna. It Is a fully automatic satellite that operates through a receiver for maximum output. It is well suited or uses by outdoor enthusiasts and individuals who love sports and can be used to watch movies during your tailgating parties and even on campsites. With King Tailgater, you will never have to live without a television again.


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