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Nothing beats getting away from it all in your RV and pulling into a campsite for a couple of days….

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The Best WiFi Booster for RV (Review) in 2023 | Autance © The Best WiFi Booster for RV (Review) in 2023 | Autance
Best Choice Alfa WiFi Booster for RV Alfa WiFi Booster for RV
Best Value NETGEAR WiFi Booster for RV NETGEAR WiFi Booster for RV
Premium Pick Winegard WiFi Extender for RV Winegard WiFi Extender for RV

Nothing beats getting away from it all in your RV and pulling into a campsite for a couple of days. But how are you going to stay connected? How will you access the latest travel and weather information when you are parked yards away from a very weak WiFi signal?

The answer is a WiFi booster. They are very easy to set up and will give you a strong and stable signal with a greater range. Some are fitted inside your RV, while others are for outdoor use. New WiFi technology is being introduced all the time, so to get you up to speed take a look at our useful guide to the best WiFi booster for RVs.

The Best WiFi Booster for RV

This is just what you need if you want a stronger WiFi signal that has a wider range. With this wireless USB WiFi adapter, you get a 5dBi rubber duck antenna. You will be able to further boost the range and signal strength by using an external antenna because this adapter comes with an RP-SMA antenna connector.

This kit can reach an output power of 2000mw and is what you have been looking for if you want to connect to an outdoor 2.4 GHz on an RV or even on a boat. It will work with any computer that has a USB port and is compatible with Windows Vista, Linux and the OS version 10.4 for a Mac. It is lightweight and compact and has a useful LED indicator. It features multiple inputs and outputs and uses the 2.4GHz frequency band. You’ll get data transfer speeds of 150 Mbps.

Key Features
  • Wireless USB WiFi adapter
  • RP-SMA antenna connector
  • Useful LED indicator
  • Uses the 2.4GHz frequency band
  • Brand ALFA
  • Model AWUS036NH
  • Weight 0.32 ounces

Will connect to networks 500ft away

Does not drop connection with Windows 10

Strong signal

Supports monitor mode and packet injection


Feels a bit flimsy

Can take a while to connect to some computers

Fiddly to configure

This 2.4GHz extender will give a long-range power boost to the WiFi signal in RVs. It has a WiFi amplifier (internal) that is combined with the high gain antenna (10 dbi), which is directional. The amplifier is supplied in a dust and water-resistant case that has also been pre-treated to protect it from UV damage and corrosion. The maximum RF power output is 1000mW, which gives you a long-range WiFi signal.

You can use the 10 dBi antenna (directional) to focus the reception in the direction that will give you optimal results. It will ignore networks in other directions. At a regular, desktop level it can double or even quadruple a computer’s built-in WiFi signal. It is quick to mount and requires no tools. The tripod stand is detachable and can be put on any surface or it will mount on a pole using the Velcro strap that is also included. There is a 16-foot shielded USB cable, so it can be located 16 feet apart from a computer. It is compatible with Windows Vista, 7, 8/8.1 and 10 but not with Mac, other iOS systems or android.

Key Features
  • 2.4GHz extender
  • 10 dBi panel directional antenna
  • Easy to mount
  • Compatible with Windows
  • Brand BearExtender
  • Model 12 ounces
  • Weight PB-P9Q1-HU02

Doubles the operating distance of most signals

Works well with antenna inside the RV

Cable is a good length

USB amplifier is very useful


You have to remember to log into antenna WiFi

Need a separate driver for Windows 10

With this WiFi extender, you can boost the WiFi signal for gaming and live streaming in your RV. It is powerful enough to deliver up to 300Mbps. It comes with external antennae and plugs into the wall so that it takes up hardly any space. You can use it with any standard router.

You’ll get an improved signal to all of your family’s mobile devices in your RV, and you can also connect wired devices, including Smart TVs and game consoles.

Key Features
  • Delivers 300Mbps
  • Comes with external antennae
  • Can be used with any standard router
  • Useful for wired devices or mobile devices
  • Brand NETGEAR
  • Model EX2700-100PAS
  • Weight 9.8 ounces

Easy to install

Infrequent drop outs

More cost effective than mesh networks


May reduce internet speed

Instructions can be tricky to understand

You get three products with this Wifi Extender Booster kit so you can use your portable devices such as iPhones and Android devices as well as a Smart TV or PC when you are in your RV. The RV WiFi range extender comes with a Smart Plug and a powerline.

You also get four 5DBi external antennae which will significantly extend the range of a wireless router and boost the signal strength. With this technology you get Wi-Fi speeds approaching 867(5GHz)Mbps + 300(2.4GHz)Mbps connections for 1167Mbps of total available bandwidth. It comes with built-in amplifiers to boost the signal. The three connection amplifier has a repeater mode, an AP mode and a router mode. The AP Mode will connect a wired network to a wireless network. The 2.4ghz antenna router mode creates a private network to which you can connect multiple devices.

Key Features
  • Includes Smart Plug and a powerline WiFi extender
  • Wi-Fi speeds approaching 867(5GHz)Mbps
  • Three connection amplifier
  • Brand Persevere
  • Model 11.2 ounces
  • Weight 43237-126142

Excellent for streaming videos

Set up is quite easy

Very few drop outs


Some units make a noise

Several lists of instructions to follow

This kit comprises thee parts which can be used together to pick up a weak signal and boost it so that you can use it as your personal hotspot. This impressive range Wi-Fi repeater kit includes a USB router an outdoor Wi-Fi receiver and a 9 dBi antenna which is coated in fiberglass.

It’s an ideal product to use on RVs and campers but can also be useful to boost a WiFi signal in your home if you have black spots. This motorhome WiFi booster package has updated R36A and performance upgrades to give you a faster speed

Key Features
  • Three components to boost a WiFi signal
  • Outdoor Wi-Fi receiver
  • 9 dBi antenna
  • Brand ALFA Networks
  • Weight 2 pounds

Set up takes minutes

Signal strength strong

Secure network


Vulcanizing tape in the kit may need re-enforcing

If there are a lot of users, it may fail to connect

An ideal antenna for homes and mobile applications, it plugs directly into your computer to give you a powerful WiFi connection that you can depend on. It’s quick to install and gives you excellent performance.

With this antenna, you can expect your range to be 300 to 400 feet and you can connect to campsite routers which are 100 yards away yet still maintain 80 percent of the signal strength. The antenna has been designed to resist water penetration so it can be used outside. It uses “N” technology to give you very fast file transfer. With the antenna you get a USB split cable which is 15 foot long and has two plugs to fit into a computer. It has suction cups for easy mounting and a mounting strip. There is even a cable for mounting it on a pole. The antenna is compatible with 802.11 B, G, and N routers and is compatible with most Microsoft Windows and MAC OS operating systems.

Key Features
  • Range is 300 to 400 feet
  • USB split cable
  • Suction cups for easy mounting
  • Compatible with most Windows systems
  • Brand C.Crane
  • Weight 1.76 ounces

Gives a strong signal

Quick to install

Consistently high speeds

Compact design


Works better if you have a repeater

Has a tendency to burn out

With this RV WiFi antenna you can access 4G LTE coverage wherever you are and be confident that you will have a strong and consistent connection when you are on the move. You get uninterrupted national coverage, but you need to have a Winegard 4G LTE data plan.

This device will also extend the range of the Wi-Fi signal in your RV. The combination of three external antennae and an amplifier significantly increase the range and provide a fast service even for multiple users.  The access is secure, thanks to the wpa and wpa2-psk, and you can have guest network access. The double firewall protection (which includes spi and nat) and the protection from denial of service attack will also give you peace of mind. The system is very simple to set up by following the instructions provided on-screen.

Key Features
  • National 4G LTE coverage
  • Extend range of Wi-Fi signal
  • wpa and wpa2-psk
  • Double firewall protection
  • Brand Winegard
  • Model WF-4035
  • Weight 7.4 pounds

You can park further away from the WiFi

Internet access when there is no WiFi

Prepaid data plans

Easy to set up


Antennae are quite big!

May not be compatible with all WiFi networks

With this compact, low-profile RV WiFi extender installed on the roof of your RV, you’ll be able to keep up with all the latest news and travel information as well as accessing gaming and movies whilst you are on the move. You can log onto available WiFi networks wherever you are and reach the best speeds.

This device also gives you excellent security so you can use the web safely. The days of having to rely on a smartphone or a hotspot are behind you. With this dome-shaped device you can log onto the WiFi in RV parks and campsites as well as in restaurants and truck stops even if you are parked far away from the WiFi router. Your connection is safe due to the WPA and WPA2-PSK and thanks to the SPI and NAT firewall protection.

It is very quick and simple to set up following onscreen instructions. You can even use it for Wi-Fi calling when you are in areas with weak cell phone signals. It comes with all the mounting hardware that you will need and a 20-foot long cable.

Key Features
  • Low-profile device for RV roof
  • Secure connection and firewall protection
  • Simple to set up
  • Comes with 20-foot cable
  • Brand Winegard
  • Model 80800
  • Weight 3 pounds

Multiple devices can connect

Secure connections

High speeds

Great range


Issues with some SIM cards

Needs 12V power supply

Best WiFi Booster for RV Buying Guide

Once you have decided that you need to boost the WiFi signal in your RV, there are a few things that you should consider when you are buying a booster.

  • Design

There are several different types of design. Some have plastic blocks that plug into a socket and have LED indicators of signal strength. However, the repeaters look just like a router and the antenna are long and thin. Some are compact whilst others are more bulky.

  • Compatibility with existing installations

Will it work with your current WiFi connection and router or with the operating system on your computer?

  • Speed of connection

This will be indicated in the product description and the units are MBPS. You need a booster that is compatible with the speed that your current router can support.

  • Additional features

Look for things like an Ethernet port and length of cable. If it comes with fittings so that you can attach it outside, that is also a bonus. Another useful feature is for many devices to connect to the one network.

  • Security

You need a safe connection when you are in your RV just as you need one when you are at home. The best products will offer encryption and will not let anyone connect to your network unless they have the password.

Why You Should Use WiFi Booster For RV

The internet is a big part of our lives now and that does not change just because you are at a campsite in your RV. If you are someone who lives for part (or all) of the year in your RV or who goes on frequent holidays, it is even more vital. Here are some of the main reasons why you should use an RV booster.

  • Staying safe

A lot of public safety information is transmitted through the internet. When you are camping, it is vital that you get frequent weather updates. You need to find out if a storm or tornado is heading your way! A good RV WiFi signal booster will help you to check out the latest updates even if you are a long way away from public WiFi.

  • Finding your way

Often, the best bit about going camping is discovering new places but that means you need some directions! A WiFi booster helps you to access accurate directions so you don’t have the frustration of getting lost. This saves you time and money.

  • Keeping in touch with family

Just remembered that urgent message that you needed to give your Mum? That’s no problem when you have a WiFi booster. You can send messages and make video calls through a secure connection. Also, they can get hold of you if there is an emergency at home. You also get to keep up with what’s happening on social media and share your status.

  • Use it elsewhere

A WiFi booster is not just for an RV! You could also use it if you have a big yard or garden where the signal becomes weak. You may even want to use it inside your home.

  • Working on the move

You can answer those important emails and log onto your work websites whilst you are away. You could have a video conference with your colleagues, contact that important new client or upload a document without worrying that you will lose signal.

  • Ease of installation

There are usually just a few simple steps involved in installing an RV WiFi signal booster and there will be full instructions to help you out.

  • Access to public WiFi

When you are travelling around, you have to rely on public WiFi networks to get connected. These are becoming more widespread but the signal can be very weak. A WiFi booster helps you to get a signal that is both strong and stable.

  • Entertainment

You can’t spend all your time driving or exploring the great outdoors. Sometimes, you need to retreat into your RV and relax. A WiFi booster can give you a signal that is strong enough to play a movie or listen to your favorite music without any annoying interruptions.

  • Education

Children need to keep up their studies in order to get the grades that they deserve but they shouldn’t miss out on a trip in your RV either. Once you have a WiFi booster on board, you can give them some time to research online for their homework and maybe upload it to their tutors whilst you are away from home.

Types Of WiFi Boosters For RV

WiFi boosters for RVs are fairly standard because they all need to do the same job. They receive and boost an existing WiFi signal.

Some are designed to be used inside the RV whilst others are weather-resistant and can be used  outdoors. Some are long and thin but others are dome-shaped. They will all support wireless devices such as smartphones but some have cables and will support computers as well although you need to check that your operating system is compatible.

Some boosters also have their own connections to nationwide networks and work like a cell phone connection. You need to subscribe to a service for this but it is likely to work better than a cell phone hotspot. You can use it when there is no WiFi signal whatsoever.

Best WiFi Booster for RV FAQ:

Q: What is a WiFi Booster for RV and How Does it Work?

A WiFi booster is sometimes called an extender or a repeater. It receives signals from a WiFi network and increases the strength. This improves both the coverage and the speed. They are very useful for accessing public WiFi signals at campgrounds and truck stops even if you are parked up quite a long way away. Some have Ethernet ports so wired devices can also be connected.

Q: How Do I Use WiFi Booster for RV?

Most WiFi boosters are very easy to install and come with detailed, on-screen instructions and some have excellent technical support. Typically, you place the device close to the WiFi network and plug in the power supply. Then, on your laptop you log into the WiFi repeater and input the details of the signal that you want to be boosted.

Q: What is the Difference Between RV WiFi Booster and Regular Booster?

A regular booster and an RV WiFi booster are not the same thing. RV boosters are designed to be used on the go and will cover a large area. Most will find WiFi signals that are many miles away. Regular boosters are designed to boost a signal that is close by and perhaps blocked by obstacles.

Our Top Pick

Our top pick of the best WiFi booster for RV is a wireless USB WiFi adapter with a 5dBi rubber duck antenna. It comes with an external antenna and an RP-SMA antenna connector.

This kit can reach an output power of 2000mw and connects with an outdoor 2.4 GHz on an RV. It will work with any computer with a USB port and is compatible with Windows Vista, Linux and the OS version 10.4 for a Mac. It is lightweight, has an LED indicator, multiple inputs and outputs and uses the 2.4GHz frequency band. It has data transfer speeds of 150 Mbps


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