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You shouldn’t have to feel like you lose a part of your personality every time you slip out of your…

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The Best Work Overalls (Review) in 2023 | Autance © The Best Work Overalls (Review) in 2023 | Autance
Best Choice Dickies Men's Short Work Overall Dickies Men's Short Work Overall
Premium Pick Carhartt Men's Bib Overall Carhartt Men's Bib Overall
Best Value Red Kap Men's Long Sleeve Back Coverall Red Kap Men's Long Sleeve Back Coverall

You shouldn’t have to feel like you lose a part of your personality every time you slip out of your casual wear into your work gear. This feeling becomes even worse when you instantly start to sweat as soon as you walk out the door. How can you show off your personal taste at work without constricting your movement?

Work overalls are the functional and fashionable solution to all the above problems. Whether you want to make yourself visible for safety-related purposes, feel less constrained in your clothing, or just want to look distinctive from your colleagues, there’s a pair of overalls out there for you. We’ve compiled a diverse selection of the top work overalls to transform your work attire from bleak to chic.

The Best Work Overalls

Dickies have been kitting out workers since 1922 with functional coveralls and more. Their Men’s Short-Sleeve Coverall doesn’t differ from the quality we’ve come to expect of them. Made of secure poly-cotton poplin – that’s 65% polyester and 35% cotton – the fabric is breathable for working in diverse conditions. And from Khaki to Red, there’s a diverse range of subtlety-toned short sleeved designs to choose from. It will make you look and feel confident in any given work-based situation!

To resist day-to-day wear and tear, the heavy-duty nylon 2-way zipper is designed to help the user jump in and out of this roomy design easily as well as keeping them fastened and secure. Dickies know how important it is to feel comfortable on the job, and so have included concealed snaps at the neck, waist, and chest pocket so you look and feel your best. Accommodating a free range of movement with a bi-swing back and plenty of space around the shoulder and chest, Dickies Coveralls don’t just look good, they perform exceptionally too.

Key Features
  • Made of heavy-duty poly-cotton poplin to withstand fading and stains
  • Includes a two-way front zipper with concealed snaps to resist snags
  • Back pockets possess ample space for storing belongings on the go
  • Short sleeves combined with breathable fabric allow worker to air out
  • Available in a wide variety of colors
  • Brand Dickies
  • Model 33999
  • Weight 1 pounds

Although the affordable price of Carhartt’s products may surprise you, the company try to sell at a low-cost so everyone can benefit from their safety features and overall comfort.

With reinforced back pockets for durability, a multitude of tool and utility pockets, and a hammer look at your disposal, it becomes clear why so many customers are bowled over by Carhartt’s Duck Bib Unlined Overall, suitable for all males.

Key Features
  • 12 ounces of heavyweight cotton duck to maintain durability
  • Reinforced paneling at knees guarantees protection
  • Available in black, brown, and Carhartt brown
  • Multiple reinforced tool pockets help keep belongings secure
  • Able to be machine-washed without losing color
  • Brand Carhartt
  • Model R01

We simply cannot stay away from Dickies’ celebrated coveralls. Their Men’s Basic Blended Coverall does away with flimsy frills and channels only the element that designers should focus upon: quality. It achieves this trait by incorporating a broad chest and shoulder fit so a user can achieve a wide range of motion to speed up their work.

The stunning dark-navy coveralls feature a durable metal hook, eye waist closure, and belt loops in order to facilitate easy access to your tool kit. And if you want to ensure that your keys and phone aren’t lost during your shift, your belongings can be stored in the side seam front and back pockets as well as in a handy pocket on the right leg. Suitable for all shapes and sizes, Dickies will provide you with the coveralls you trust.

Key Features
  • Metal hook and eye waist closure provide a worker with adequate support
  • Broad chest and shoulder fit designed to bestow user with wide range of motion
  • Dark Navy Design contains two-way front brass zipper with concealed snaps
  • Made of breathable poly-cotton to withstand deterioration
  • Provides protection from the elements thanks to durable fabric
  • Brand Dickies
  • Model 48611
  • Weight 1 pounds

Fashionistas, listen up. Just because you’ve not got a typical office job doesn’t mean you can’t put a little effort into your outfit! With Dickies bright-white Men’s Painters Bib Overall, you’ll turn up looking dapper for work every day of the week. With a cross-over high back style, these bright white beauties never bunch up and allow their wearer to move as needed.

If you hate having to climb back down the ladder to pick up your paintbrush or tool, the pockets leave lots of room for whatever item you always require. Likewise, if you like to keep all handy items on your person for assurance – you never know when a certain tool may come in handy, after all – then the hammer loops on these overalls have got you covered. Finally, these overalls can be machine washed without losing their distinctive coloring. They’ll fit like a glove and look good too.

Key Features
  • Handy tool pockets aren't obtrusive yet extremely roomy to keep items from falling
  • Hammer loops guarantee instant tool access
  • White bib overalls with cross-over high back style are fashionable
  • Front and back exterior logo labels are discrete yet classy
  • Triple stitched felled seams enhance durability
  • Brand Dickies
  • Weight 1 pounds

We’d be perfectly happy wearing Carhartt’s Men’s Quilt Lined Duck Bib Overalls on a day out to the mall they’re so damn fashionable! Firstly, their multi-compartment bib pocket, as well as two lower-front pockets, couldn’t be better for storing your odd bits and bobs. In particular, we love the double knees with cleanout bottoms that practically scream durability.

Carhartt’s overalls are built to be practically indestructible: made of twelve-ounce heavy-duty cotton duck with a 100% polyester midweight lining. Plus, if the material quality isn’t enough to impress you, the zippered fly and reinforced knees will surely change your mind. Including metal rivets at stress points, stitched main seams, and knee pads, it’s impossible not to fall in love with Carhartt’s invention.

Key Features
  • Available in unique shades of brown, dark navy, and brown
  • Reinforced knees maintain overall duck bib overall structure
  • Can be machine-washed frequently and easily
  • Made of 100% nylon quilted polyester midweight lining
  • Triple-stitched main seams preserve clothing
  • Brand Carhartt
  • Model R02
  • Weight 5 pounds

Kolossus have been providing Americans with comfort and convenience for over twenty years. Their Long Sleeve Cotton Blend Coverall – a magnificent mix of 65% polyester and 35% cotton – is ideal for construction workers, painters, and contractors who drastically need a functional addition to their work wardrobe. The exterior is designed to look professional – plus, you can choose between four shades to spice your shopping experience up.

Concerning durability, this item of clothing is machine washable – in order to keep it crease-free, hang it out to dry straight afterwards. Hopefully it will dry fast… as you’ll be lost without them at work – having become used to the multi-functional deep pockets and oversized chest pockets to store all your valuable tools and belongings!

Key Features
  • Fusion of 65% polyester and 35% cotton creates a breathable product invaluable in all seasons
  • Ideal for construction workers, painters, and contractors
  • Product durability maintained through elastic waist and straight cut
  • Two-way frontal antistatic zipper allows for easy on/off
  • Able to be machine washed
  • Brand Kolossus Workwear

Proudly made right here in the USA, Red Kap’s Zip-Front Cotton Coveralls for men are designed to exceed your average work wear. The 100% cotton construction isn’t only comfortable, this material was chosen so workers remain at manageable temperatures during all seasons. When washed, the futuristic Touchtex Technology releases dirt and grime so your coverall will come out the wash looking better than when you first received it.

Red Kap’s commitment to rigorously testing each and every one of their coveralls in order to exceed expectations is evident when checking out the backside pleats and elastic waist inserts. Plus, the six different pockets as well as a utility pocket make their overalls stand out from the crowd. With strong seams at every angle, you’ll be modelling Red Kap’s coverall for years to come.

Key Features
  • Various color selection with red, grey, and navy
  • 100% cotton maintains breathable construction
  • Two set-in-front slack pockets make handy tools
  • Breathable fabric keeps worker at optimal temperature during both summer and winter
  • Undergoes rigorous testing to maintain safety-proof construction
  • Brand Red Kap

Red Kap’s Long Sleeve Twill Action Back Coverall is for men who care about maintaining a professional appearance, even when the going gets tough. The polyester and combed cotton blend will keep you at the optimal working temperature. Likewise, when the coverall needs a wash, its superior color retention will keep all nine different colors bright and appealing.

Now to discuss a few of our favorite perks. The rule pocket on the right leg is the best feature of the bunch – creating a new portable home for your favorite tool. Plus, if you’re worried that the included heavy-duty zip may scratch paint jobs and surfaces, they won’t even get the chance to form due to the two-way brass zipper closure – with accessible grips at the top and at the lapel. Proudly made in the USA, this coverall has got you covered through all forms of dirty work.

Key Features
  • Up to nine different designs available for selection
  • Manufactured in the USA
  • Fashionable one-piece, topstitched design
  • A fantastic mix of 65% polyester and 35% combed cotton
  • Durable press finish creates a low-hassle product
  • Brand Red Kap
  • Model CT10

Dickies are back again and this time, showing off their Men’s Bib Overalls. Available in five different shades – even with a unique ‘Hickory Stripe’ shade design for trend-setters who want to stand out from the crowd – all Dickies’ bib overalls are durable thanks to the triple-stitched seams that hold them together. Plus, with the cross-over high-back shoulder straps and roomy straight legs to fit comfortably over boots, you’ll have lots of room to move around as required.

Both the cotton duck and cotton denim materials are designed to withstand substantial wear and tear thanks to the overall’s roomy fit with a beltless construction. Yet what Dickies deserves to be praised the most for is the very roomy bum space that allows a worker to comfortably bend over. And the greatest perk of all that will benefit workers everywhere… no more looking straight at your buddies’ butt cracks! So, if you’re sick of staring at your mates’ hairy buttocks, this could be an overdue Christmas present for you both!

Key Features
  • Five innovative design names bring out the playful character of Dickies' company
  • 100% cotton roomy denim overalls are extremely breathable
  • Resistance of snags and tears due to durable construction
  • Durable triple-stitched seams hold overalls together
  • Watch pocket keeps you on schedule and your accessory safe
  • Brand Dickies
  • Model 83294
  • Weight 2 pounds

Last but not least, Natural Workwear’s Long Sleeve Basic Blended Work Coverall is for all shapes and sizes – even the lankiest guys who struggle to find anything that fits. Ranging from Small to Triple Extra Large in width and height, the company cater for every worker. And if the wide array of sizing isn’t enough to make your head spin, there’s seven dazzling colors to choose from too. No matter what one you choose, all colors will have you turning heads on the street.

These overalls possess several pockets in three separate locations so you can spread out your tools depending on how much you use them. Yet even if one tool is tucked away in the least accessible pocket, the bi-swing back and elastic waist will grant the coverall wearer ease of movement. Given all these features, it doesn’t surprise us that Natural Workwear offer a thirty-day no hassle guarantee on each and every work coverall they sell. Honestly; if Natural Workwear’s Coveralls didn’t have to be washed from time to time, we’d wear them every day of the year.

Key Features
  • 30-day full refund guarantee
  • Several pockets around chest, back, and hand pockets are accessible and easy to reach
  • Can be cleaned in washer and dryer
  • Back and elastic waist optimal for ease of movement
  • Stain and wrinkle free construction
  • Model 861

Best Work Overalls Buying Guide & FAQ

What to Consider When Buying Bib Overalls

You’ve finally decided to join the hoard of workers investing in bib overalls, but don’t know what design to turn to. By asking yourself these three pertinent questions below, you’ll be sweat-free at work in no time.

  • Are they visible enough for your line of work? 

Workers in the painting business are lucky – they get to choose between a wide array of colors dependent on their own style and taste. However, workers in trades such as fishing or at the side of the autoroute should invest in brightly colored overalls to enhance their visibility – especially shift workers who are often out at dusk.

  • Do your bib overalls contain reachable pockets?

Every half-decent pair of overalls should contain at least four well-placed pockets to make every worker’s life easier. Not only should these pockets be accessible, the best ones out there contain zippers as well as closures so the zips don’t scratch any painted surface you’re working with.

  • Are your chosen work overalls short sleeved or long sleeved?

Dependent on your kind of work, it’s necessary for some workers to wear long-sleeved overalls so they don’t hurt their forearms. Make sure your arm space comes with a generous fit to allow for wiggle room!

Benefits of Work Overalls

  • Your casual-wear clothing won’t be tarnished by dirt, grime, or paint

How many times has your partner complained that even after washing your work clothes over and over again, the countless oil and paint stains persist? If we had a dollar for every time this happened, we wouldn’t have to go to work in the first place. The high-quality material of work overalls means that dirt and grime will be easily released, turning out what looks like brand-new overalls. Red Kap Men’s Zip-Front Cotton Coverall’s, for example, use Touchtex Technology to ensure that even oil is wiped out. It’s a small price to pay for less raised voices in your household.

  • You’ll be sweat free while working

Fed up with jumping straight in the shower every time you come home from work without even saying hello to your family first? By purchasing lightweight and breathable overalls, you’ll no longer be sweating like crazy as soon as you walk out the door.

  • Roomy and comfortable fit

As well as being comfortable in our own skin, we should be comfortable in our own clothes too. Steering away from traditional belted work pants to beltless and breathable overalls will have you dumbfounded that you weren’t wearing this style of clothing from the beginning.

Best Work Overalls FAQ:

Q: What is the difference between waterproof and water resistance?

Although waterproof and water-resistant clothing are both extremely desirable in many respects, as a worker it’s pertinent to know the difference when you shop. Heads up; the correct clothing to solve your problems may not be the kind that you initially thought!
Yes, waterproof clothing may be impassable when water is concerned. It’s completely impenetrable to water: the fabric has been designed so water cannot enter. Even the seams have been meticulously constructed to ensure that no water will get through. However, although it may sound far superior to water-resistant clothing, it’s actually far inferior to the latter when breathability is concerned. For workers, this is a nightmare scenario: nobody wants to be uncomfortably sweating in their work wear five days a week. To put it simply, the more waterproof a clothing is, the less breathable it’s going to be.
Water Resistant
If a product is labeled as water resistant, the clothing has been treated to resist water up to a certain amount. Yet be warned: if you’re caught in the rain, you won’t be dancing at any rate! In most cases for heavy-duty workers, investing in water-resistant clothing is by far the better solution when breathability and cost is concerned. If you want to absolutely ensure that you’ll be sweat-free, opt for overalls that are 15,000/20,000 grams.

Q: How do I wash coveralls for men?

Unfortunately, when we come home from work, the dirt and grime doesn’t just magically disappear. Whether your overalls are washable or should be hand-washed with care, we’ve got the perfect formula to ensure your clothing comes out fresh.
Helpful Hint
Don’t disregard the label – Labels aren’t put on your clothing just so you can cut them off straight after and ignore their expert advice. These handy little instructions advise if you should hand wash or machine wash your clothing.
Hand Washing
Fill your basin/bath up with just enough water that your coveralls will be totally submerged. Next, with your soft scrub brush at the ready, vigorously scour your coveralls by hand – don’t let laziness get the better of you! After draining the basin/bath water, get a fresh batch of warm water to remove the remaining pieces of soap and dirt. Finally, wring out the soap or dirt – this will expedite the drying process substantially – and hang your coveralls out to dry.
Machine Washing
With your favorite laundry detergent at the ready, pour in one cup full and let it work its magic. After the full cycle has been completed, place them in the dryer on a low heat to stop them from shrinking and, with certain materials, creasing. WARNING: Always wash your coveralls separate from your pants, tops, and socks. You don’t want to infuse your partner’s delicates with dirt!

Q: Can I use mechanic overalls in warm and cold weather?

If your mechanic overalls are a certain level of quality, they can be worn all-year round. Just make sure that they’re made from a breathable fabric – such as cotton duck or poly-cotton – with a long-sleeved design so you don’t get cold in the winter months.

Our Top Pick

So, out of all the meticulously designed clothing hand-picked in this buying guide, which overalls do we believe are the best… overall. Dickies’ Men’s Short Sleeve Coverall takes the crown.  The fantastic fusion of 65% polyester and 35% cotton is designed to keep a worker comfortable in humid conditions – as well as the short-sleeved design keeping workers cool. In particular, we’re fond of the ample room given in the chest and shoulder areas and the bi-swing back construction. If Dickies have produced work clothing ahead of the times for nearly a century, who knows what they’ll come up with in the next one-hundred years? We can’t wait to find out.


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