Idiot BMW Driver Smashes Into Mazda Miata After Crossing Double Yellow on Canyon Road

Here’s your semi-regular reminder: Motorsports on public roads are incredibly dangerous, illegal, and dumb. Take it to the track.

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Idiot BMW Driver Smashes Into Mazda Miata After Crossing Double Yellow on Canyon Road © Idiot BMW Driver Smashes Into Mazda Miata After Crossing Double Yellow on Canyon Road

Motorsports and public roads don’t mix. Never have. That’s been true for decades, but some folks haven’t yet gotten the hint. Case in point: Two-way traffic, sideways cars, and zero visibility make for beyond-dangerous situations. 

We can see why here from Nick, who declined to use his last name to protect everyone involved in the crash. Nick, who said his NA Miata M-Edition carried him through rocky times since he purchased the car in October, now says the small roadster saved him and his passenger from serious injury in a crash on Monday. We can see from the onboard footage that the Miata is heading into a canyon run at a relatively brisk clip when the spaghetti strand of road veered right with a guard rail after a blind left. (Nick also didn't want to disclose the location for reasons below.) Coming in the other direction is an E36 BMW, clearly out of its lane on the two-lane road, reaching for that sweet apex for no one in particular to see or impress.

The onboard cam reads just after 3 p.m. on a spotless day, and we can see other cars on the road as well. That’s to say, it’s clear the black BMW coupe with “Kareless” stickered on the fender probably didn’t rent the road, nor did they appear to care that it was public with two-way traffic and, you know, the public would be there. Nothing must get in the way of owning that apex for the BMW driver. Not even people. 

Physics takes over and the two collide. The BMW looks worse for the wear, although it was reportedly out drifting again relatively quickly. The Miata gets on a hook to go home and we’re hoping beyond hope that an insurance check and friendly mechanic are in its near future. 

Nick says that aside from some minor whiplash and an urgent care visit, both he and his passenger are OK. Nick also says that the driver and passenger of the BMW were apparently OK, too. Nick's heart may be bigger than his steering wheel considering he's doing everything he can to protect the identity of the BMW driver. Nick says since he posted his video people have tried to uncover the driver's identity, which he wholeheartedly disagrees with. He's moderated the comments to tamp down on any potential vigilantism, which is admirable considering he's still waiting to hear if insurance will cover the cost of the damages.

I hate to wag fingers at people—mistakes happen. I’m beyond active in grassroots motorsports and I genuinely understand the thrill and elation that comes with speed, car control, and amazing roads. But every driver’s meeting I hold includes the same three words: Predictable is safe. There’s nothing predictable about crossing double yellows on canyon corners on a Monday afternoon with two-way traffic. That means none of that is safe. There are no spotters alive that can absolve you from ruining someone else’s dream car, and there’s no corner worth acing if it puts someone else in danger. 

Take it to the track, people. It’s just that easy. 

Update: This story has been updated with comments from the driver involved in the crash.

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