Bollinger Plans to Make New Electric Deliver-E Van in 2022 With 200 Miles of Range

Its bubbly styling is the polar opposite of the Bollinger B1 SUV, but its low floor and scalable size make it perfect for delivery fleets.

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Bollinger Plans to Make New Electric Deliver-E Van in 2022 With 200 Miles of Range © Bollinger Plans to Make New Electric Deliver-E Van in 2022 With 200 Miles of Range

Bollinger's most well-known vehicle so far is its extremely boxy B1 electric sport utility vehicle, but now they have a brand-new curvy concept meant for delivery fleets. It's called the Deliver-E, and it's an electric delivery van Bollinger plans to start building in 2022. 

The vaguely Tootsie Roll-shaped Deliver-E may look as different from the B1 as possible on the outside, but Bollinger says they're leveraging the company's existing technology, engineering and components to make this concept van a reality—and start production in just two years. Its motors, inverters, battery and gearboxes are shared with the rest of Bollinger's all-electric lineup

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Yet the Deliver-E is specifically built for deliveries, with a low load floor height of 18 inches, a height tall enough to walk in and a high-strength steel frame that Bollinger designed for 10 years of durability. 

The Deliver-E is scalable to multiple sizes to fit a range of different uses, with vans that fit into medium-duty classes 2B, 3, 4 and 5. It's a front-wheel-drive platform with independent front and rear suspension, so it's relatively easy to change up what's behind the front axle. 

It will also come with a wide selection of battery packs: 70, 105, 140, 175, and 210 kWh. The maximum range offered for the Deliver-E is 200 miles, but Bollinger Motors CEO Robert Bollinger told the New York Times that many delivery runs are shorter than that, and budget-conscious businesses may opt for smaller battery packs accordingly. A 100 kWh DC fast-charging system fuels those batteries. 

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All of these different options allow Bollinger to offer a variety of wheelbase lengths, mileage ranges and thus, price points. 

Bollinger also claims that the total cost of ownership of the Deliver-E will be much less than that of similar gas and diesel vans on the market. Of course, the all-electric fleet van will pollute less, too. 

This is all part of the race to outfit the lucrative fleet market with electric vehicles, especially as more and more consumers rely on e-commerce. Robert Bollinger even told the New York Times that the impetus to build the Deliver-E came from competitors' plans for delivery vans, so this certainly won't be the last electric vehicle startup coming out with a delivery vehicle. 

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