Buy This Totaled McLaren Senna on Copart If Six-Figure Project Cars Don’t Scare You

No longer in pristine condition, this Senna would make an excellent base for a ridiculous project build. Safari McLaren, anyone?

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Buy This Totaled McLaren Senna on Copart If Six-Figure Project Cars Don’t Scare You © Buy This Totaled McLaren Senna on Copart If Six-Figure Project Cars Don’t Scare You

The McLaren Senna is a glorious hypercar for millionaires that few of us could ever hope to own. Of course, just like any other used car, you could maybe get one for a steal if you found one with a few issues and maybe some accident damage. If a dodgy McLaren Senna sounds like your kind of project car, this Copart auction is for you.

This 2019 McLaren Senna was crashed in Chicago in November last year. Details on the accident are limited, but the vehicle belonged to Steve Hamilton, the YouTuber behind The Hamilton Connection. According to one of his videos, the car was T-boned by another motorist when the Senna pulled out into an intersection. Nobody was seriously injured in the crash, but the car suffered major damage to the driver's door and front wheel. Notably, the car formerly wore the license plate "UGE WANG."

After the crash, the Senna was considered totaled and hence ended up on Copart. In its present condition, the car is lacking a driver's side door. The front suspension is also visibly damaged, with the front wheel sitting in an unnatural position. The car's carbon monocoque chassis has also been visibly damaged by the impact, and the listing includes a small pile of damaged parts removed from the car. Everything else looks to be in passable condition.

Retail value of a Senna in good condition is approximately $1.1 million to $1.4 million. This example should sell for a small fraction of that, somewhere in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. Repair estimates from the OEM sit at around $1.1 million, according to a video from Hamilton, though could be achieved with used parts for roughly half that cost.

That crack in the chassis may not look like much, but it severely compromises the integrity of the car. Repair is sadly an expensive task. Copart

Really, though, repairing this Senna would be the most boring option possible. Here is a rare McLaren hypercar that has been battered enough that no mods could reduce its value further. It presents the unique opportunity to build something truly radical. After all, it's a lightweight carbon chassis paired with a 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8 good for 789 horsepower. There's surely some fun to be had.

We'd love to see the Senna turned into a widebody monster, or a sun-loving targa-top or convertible build. Heck, if you were truly motivated, you could build the first-ever Safari Senna, which is surely worth a few million views on YouTube at the very least.

It's not every day that a salvaged McLaren crosses the auction block. The benefit of this one is that mechanically speaking, it should all be present and functional. It just has a battered body that needs to be patched up and, ideally, turned into something new and ridiculous. What would you do with it?

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