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There are fewer first-world problems so horrible as finding yourself desperately needing a tissue while driving. Rummaging through your bag…

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The Best Car Tissue Holders (Review) in 2023 | Autance © The Best Car Tissue Holders (Review) in 2023 | Autance
Best Choice U&M Leather Car Tissue Holder U&M Leather Car Tissue Holder
Premium Pick ATB Car Leather Visor Tissue Case ATB Car Leather Visor Tissue Case
Best Value The Best Car Tissue Holders (Review) in 2021 eJiasu Car Tissue Visor Holder

There are fewer first-world problems so horrible as finding yourself desperately needing a tissue while driving. Rummaging through your bag or purse is not the best option (unless you fancy taking your eyes off the road while you search and subsequently get stopped for dangerous driving). Instead, we suggest investing in a tissue box holder for car and general vehicle use.

Below, we take you through some of the best car tissue dispensers on the market that will allow you wipe your eyes, clear up spills and general messes and even sneeze without becoming a danger to yourself or others on the road. Better yet, our buying guide will help you decide between these great choices, so you can get the right car tissue box for your needs.

The Best Car Tissue Holder

As tissue holders go, you can’t go wrong with a simple classic that gives you exactly what you need, exactly when you need it. Made from PU leather and luster crystals, it provides you with a touch of glitter without being overbearing. The stitching is exquisite and gives a nice, classy finished look to the overall feel of the tissue box holder.

The magnetic bottom makes it easy to refill and take your tissues out when they’re needed. Available in red or black (although we feel that black goes better with the interior of most cars), you’ll add a great touch of style to your car with this simple product.

Key Features
  • Easy to clean
  • Magnetic base helps keep box in place when in use
  • Bright, shiny design perfect for those with magpie eyes
  • Made with premium leather
  • Brand U&M
  • Model UM1723 TB BK
  • Weight 10.4 ounces

A hugely popular option that acts as a trash bag, organizer and tissue dispenser in one, this item from HappyChappy is very popular with users. The tissue holder uses a traditional pull-down style, which makes it super easy to grab a tissue when needed. The entire item hangs on the front or back of your seat. This easy placement means it is the perfect option for families and commuters alike, since it can be placed in an area for everyone to use.

Created for long journeys, the extra pockets along the sides and front of this tissue box and drink holder allow you to use this as an organizer too. The central area of the kit can be used as a trash bag, and since it’s leak proof and lined it can also hold your dinner.

Key Features
  • Organizer and tissue dispenser
  • Universal fit, to suit any car
  • Leakproof
  • Moneyback guarantee included if you aren’t happy with your purchase
  • Brand HappyChappy
  • Model FBA_HC-001
  • Weight 8.8 ounces

If you’re looking for a simple but effective tissue dispenser that doesn’t take up any room in your car, these car visor tissue holders might be the best option. This pair of tissue dispensers sits behind your sun visor – although they can also be tucked into side pockets or seat pockets on the back of the front seats – so they’re out of sight and out of mind until you need them.

Made from a PU leather, they use an envelope style of opening, which you need to tuck your tissues into before use. That means you won’t find yourself constantly re-opening box when you’re trying to retrieve your tissues. That makes this one of the simplest choices on the market today.

Key Features
  • Pair of two tissue dispensers
  • Slimline and discreet
  • Easy to install and remove
  • Refilling is easy and quick
  • Brand ATB
  • Model Visor Tissue Holder
  • Weight 8.2 ounces

You get both a collapsible travel tray and a tissue dispenser in this package. The product is 13 inches by 14.5 inches by 0.5 inches and is made of Oxford fabric. The tray acts as a portable workspace and is great for long trips. The tissue dispenser is convenient, easy to install, and easy to access.

The tray and tissue dispenser are attached to the headrest using adjustable straps and buckles. You can fit a big box of Kleenex in the dispenser, and anyone who sits in the back has access to it. Even the driver can take a tissue or two if needed. The item is foldable, so it’s easy to store when you’re not using it. The large pocket on top can store a variety of items, including books and magazines.

Key Features
  • Made with Oxford fabric
  • Straps and buckles keep it in place over the headrest
  • Easy to install
  • Universal fit for cars, trucks, and SUVs
  • Brand FH Group
  • Model FH1183GRAY-A
  • Weight 2.21 pounds

Since Kleenex is synonymous with tissues, it’s only fair that we include these Kleenex items for your consideration. While these tissues are usually available in the mini format or in a standard tissue box at home, Kleenex made the effort to create the easy-access, rolled versions that can fit almost anywhere in the car.

Best suited to fit neatly in cup holders, these canisters are packed full of 50 soft and absorbent tissues that are easy to pull out like your tissue box at home. Each canister has a unique design, which isn’t necessary but it is aesthetically pleasing, so we have no complaints!

Key Features
  • Fits in small areas
  • Strong, soft and absorbent tissues
  • Can be used in cup holders or placed in the glove box
  • 4-pack of 50 tissues
  • Brand Kleenex
  • Model 46078
  • Weight 14.9 ounces

Easy to install and simple to remove, this tissue box holder works in much the same way as one of our other entries. It uses the same buckle and strap design that allows you to wrap it around your headrest or arm rests, and it can be tightened to fit snugly and safely without issue. This makes it a great option for both drivers and passengers as it can be placed within easy reach for everyone.

The real leather design looks lovely in any car, and the stitching is perfectly crafted. With an outer leather and flannel interior, it has the right amount of grip for taking out tissues and is easy to clean.  This is a great, sleek choice for any kind of household, and the slimline design ensures there’s no ugly or overbearing aesthetics to worry about.

Key Features
  • Buckle attachment works with head rests and arm rests
  • Very easy to install
  • Made with premium leather
  • Easy to empty and refill
  • Brand Mr.Ho
  • Model Mr.Ho-1
  • Weight 9 ounces

Here’s another option that can fit over the inside of your car visor or over the inner pockets of your car. This car visor tissue holder has a great, slimline design that doesn’t get in the way and can easily be hidden by pushing your visor up when not in use.

Made of PU leather, this tissue holder comes with some bling, thanks to the luster crystals that line the access hole in the tissue dispenser. This item also uses an envelope-style opening, so you can easily refill your tissue holder when required without worrying about tissues falling out during use.

Key Features
  • Uses built-in hooks to attach to visor or seat compartments
  • Decorated with crystals
  • Slimline and discreet
  • Great for those who love glitter
  • Brand MLOVESIE
  • Model MLT1801 gzcbk
  • Weight 7.2 ounces

If you want a full organizer for your work or travel items as well as a standard tissue box, then this is a great option. Made with high-quality PU leather, this organizer box comes with a tissue dispenser and plenty of space for holding your phone, pens or other small items, which you may need easy access to while on the road.

The main negative with this item is that there is no way to strap the box down, so you need to place it in the footwell or on a passenger seat. It may still move around a bit if you’re a little too sporadic on the brakes.

Key Features
  • Made with high quality PU leather
  • To be stored horizontally or vertically on the seat or in the footwell
  • Great organization tool
  • Fits lots of items into a smaller space
  • Brand ThyWay
  • Weight 1.45 pounds

Here’s a perfect all-in-one organizer for families and long car trips. This option comes as a complete organizer with pockets along the front and sides, a tablet holder so you can watch movies in the back seat, a cooler and tissue dispenser. It can also be converted from a car organiser to a messenger bag with a simple switch of the strap.

The pull-down tissue box dispenser has plenty of room for those with bad colds on long journeys. Meanwhile, the heavy-duty fabric is both wear-resistant and waterproof. Also, the cooler can be used as an ice box to keep your drinks and food cold and fresh.

Key Features
  • Organizer, cooler and container all in one
  • Made with high quality materials
  • Pull-down tissue dispenser
  • Hangs on the back of front seats
  • Brand AMEIQ
  • Model 000
  • Weight 1 pounds

Made from PU leather and a simple but effective design, this car tissue holder can be affixed to the car sun visor. Like others of this style, the car visor tissue dispenser is slim to fit into tight spaces (including the back of the driver seat pocket or side pockets). You can also get this in brown PU leather, but we feel that the black option suits most cars much better.

The refill system is simple thanks to the envelope-style opening, which also means you won’t have to worry about the tissues falling out and becoming loose. This is a simple and cheap option that will keep your car neat and tissues close on hand.

Key Features
  • Attaches to sun visor for easy, convenient use
  • Can be placed on seat pocket
  • Neat, slimline design
  • Refill pack included
  • Brand eJiasu
  • Model E464A
  • Weight 5.3 ounces

Best Car Tissue Holder Buying Guide & FAQ

What to Look for in a Car Tissue Holder

  • Budget

Possibly the most prevalent consideration when buying any new item, your budget will naturally have a final say in what you choose to buy. In terms of car tissue dispensers, you shouldn’t ever need to spend an extortionate amount, unless the item you choose has plenty of other features, making it available to more of a multifunctional purchase.

  • Material

The material of your car tissue box can affect how well your tissues are grasped by your new dispenser, as well as how well they handle the general wear and tear of being in constant use. It’ll also make a difference as to how easy it is to clean. For example, some fabrics can simply be washed in a standard machine, while PU leather and leather will need to be wiped down regularly.

  • Size

Since your new car tissue dispenser will be in your car on a regular basis, you’ll need to be sure that you’re buying the right size for your needs. Too large and it will simply get in your way, too small and you’ll find that you’ll be refilling your tissue box almost constantly.

If there are other features available within your car tissue box, such as the organizer or drinks holder, then it will naturally take up more space. That said, this style will probably save you more space overall, as you won’t be buying lots of different items for your car.

  • Design and Features

Design is an entirely personal thing, but it can also affect the features of the product you’re buying. For example, many of the options above use a buckle design feature, which allows you to place your tissue dispenser anywhere you like, around your car. Others use hooks in order to fasten to your visor or pockets for a secure point of attachment.

You should also consider whether you’re seeking for an item that has any additional features, such as an organizer which is built-in or even an additional compartment for food or waste. These will raise the price of your item, but you will also be receiving more versatility to match this.

Finally, it’s worth checking what style you would like to go for – do you prefer to keep things simple, or are you looking for an item that has a little extra pizzazz? While the little things like this may not feel as important, you will usually know straight away whether or not you like a little flamboyancy over practicality.

  • Reviews

We always recommend checking out the reviews of any item you buy. This is because you will usually be able to spot the quality of an item from users who have tried and tested your options before you buy. These will let you know of any regular problems (occasional issues are to be expected from time to time but these should be sporadic, not regular features) and whether or not the item will last long enough to be considered a valuable purchase.

You can also usually see how good the customer service is from the seller or manufacturer, as a good company will often try to resolve problems quickly and effectively. This usually shows as an edit to a review.

Benefits of a Car Tissue Box

  • Safety

Since being distracted while the behind the wheel can often be considered dangerous driving, it’s fair to say that, if you were to be overly distracted while looking for tissues, you would be driving dangerously. Not only is this considered an offence which can get your stopped by the police and fined or charged, but it’s also very dangerous to yourself and others on the road.

Having a tissue box to hand also allows you to clear your windscreen, wipe away spills and wipe your eyes, all of which can have the knock-on effect of making you much safer – and your car much safer to drive.

  • Convenience

It’s no secret that having something a tissue box dispenser means your access to your tissues, when you need them the most, will be much easier. Having a tissue box that is built into your sun visor means you can quickly and easily grab your tissue when you need them most. This will also keep your tissues together and out of the way while you’re driving.

  • Storage

If you decide on a tissue box dispenser with additional features, you’ll also have the added convenience of further storage space. These can include plenty of room for food and drinks, alongside coolers, where applicable, and slots for your phone or tablet.

This is ideal if you have family, go on longer drives or carpool, since the added space for all your things can be kept out of sight and out of your way, while driving. Some options even have features which enable your passengers to view their tablets, so they can even watch a film during your ride.

Best Car Tissue Holder FAQ:

Q: What is a car tissue holder?

A car tissue holder is a simple piece of equipment which be used in, or attached to an area in, your car. There are many formats, some of which will hang from your sun visor, for example, or over your headrest, while others may simply be kept in a footwell or in your cup holder. You’ll also find that some of these are washable or are easily wiped down in order to maintain proper hygiene, while others might be a little more difficult. In order to simplify this, all of our top choices come as one of the washable or wipeable options. Wherever they’re based, they all come with the same basic principle; being able to provide you with tissues readily when you need them, being close and convenient enough to be easily accessible and keeping your tissues clean in the meantime.

Q: How do I install a car tissue box?

How to install a car tissue box depends on which style you go for. One type of car tissue dispenser is the standard style of tissue box, which will simply need to be placed in the footwell, beneath your seat or on a passenger’s seat, in order to remain accessible. Others are much more convenient, such as the car sun visor tissue dispenser. This uses two hooks or slips, which can be pushed onto your sun visor. These are firm enough to stay put as you use them to retrieve your tissues but loose enough that you won’t be fighting them to remove the dispenser and refill it. Another option is the buckle and strap variety, which can attach to either your head rest or your arm rest, depending on your preference on location. Once the buckle has been put together, you can tighten the straps around the rest you have chosen until the tissue dispenser is stiff enough to stay safe and secure while being used. To remove the tissue box dispenser, simply unbuckle the straps as you would with any other item of this format.

Q: Where should I place my tissue box holder for car?

Depending on which type you decide on, your tissue box holder can be placed anywhere that you deem comfortable. For full cars with plenty of passengers, we would recommend placing them near your central console, or buying multiple types. If you’re a commuter or spend a lot of time with only one of two of you in the car, using the sun visor tissue dispenser or the Kleenex tissue box for cars are the better options, as these are based around the front seat.

Q: How many tissues fit in a holder?

Again, this would depend on the type of holder you purchase. Smaller, more slimline options such as the visor tissue holder will be able to hold fewer tissues at a time – usually around the 50-tissue mark. Meanwhile, the larger options, such as the Hanging Car Trash Can by HappyChappy, will be able to hold larger amounts in the hundreds. The Kleenex variety comes in canisters of 50, with 4 canisters in each pack.

Q: Will these tissue holders fit any vehicle?

While not all tissue holders will fit in any vehicle, we have made an effort to bring you universal car tissue dispensers, in order to make your purchase much easier. This way, you won’t need to worry about measurements when buying your car tissue box. The only exception to this is the Kleenex canisters, which will need a cup holder large enough to place your tissues.

Our Top Pick

We love the PU Leather Tissue Box Holder from U&M because it provides the simplest and most effective format of providing your tissues from an easy-to-access point when you need them most. You can place it anywhere in your car, and it is therefore easy to reach by all passengers and yourself as the driver and the magnetic base means you won’t spend hours trying to chase tissues with an accidental opening.

Instead, simply enjoy the classic style and luster crystals which add a great touch of sparkle to your car’s interior, without ever having to worry about wiping up your spills or catching your sneeze before it’s too late.

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