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Sun visors were introduced in 1924 on the Ford Model T. Since then, they’ve become a staple in all cars….

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The Best Car Visor Extenders (Review) in 2023 | Autance © The Best Car Visor Extenders (Review) in 2023 | Autance
Best Choice tuckvisor windshield sun car visor extender TuckVisor Windshield Sun Car Visor Extender
Premium Pick Glare Guard Polarized Car Visor Extender Glare Guard Polarized Car Visor Extender
Best Value Glare Vis'r Trillium Worldwide GS-2014 Sun Visor Glare Vis'r Trillium Worldwide GS-2014 Sun Visor

Sun visors were introduced in 1924 on the Ford Model T. Since then, they’ve become a staple in all cars. However, as the power of the car skyrocketed over the coming years, the convenience of the factory visor has arguably stayed the same since the 20th century. Today, you’re lucky enough if your tiny visor covers your forehead, never mind your eyes and face! And recent medical discoveries have educated us on how harmful sun exposure can actually be.

Thankfully, automotive designers have been working tirelessly to deliver a solution for sore eyes and fight against the normality of ‘blind’ commutes. We’ve compiled a list of the most innovative car visor extenders that will cure you from temporal bouts of blindness and make your commute a whole lot more tolerable.

The Best Car Visor Extender

Many users are indebted to TuckVisor for saving them from ‘blind’ commutes. This removable and reusable visor sunshade is ergonomically designed with specialized opaque, semi-rigid material that doesn’t let any sunlight through. TuckVisor’s product is thin enough to reshape by cutting yet bulky enough to stop sunlight in its tracks.

Manufactured in the United States, fitting this sunshade couldn’t be easier. All you have to do is press the visor flat and slide and tuck it into position. It’s held in place by the window and trim. As well as affirming that its sunshade won’t tear, fold, or fray, TuckVisor guarantees that its product will last your car’s lifetime. Say goodbye to the dark days of sun visor clips and hello to shielded eyes and relaxed drives.

Key Features
  • Substantially reduces sun/heat exposure
  • Manufactured in the USA
  • Guarantees 100% black-out for drivers
  • Can be stored between seat and center console
  • Made of durable, semi-rigid opaque that maintains solid grip
  • Brand TuckVisor
  • Model 8542104087
  • Weight 3.2 ounces

As much as we love admiring sunrise and sunsets, these natural wonders aren’t helpful when we’re trying to protect our skin from the sun’s harmful rays and shield our eyes. This is why we like Glare Guard’s product: the superior polarized film blocks a whopping 100 percent of harmful UV rays by adjusting and filtering out harmful reflected light. It’s a smart way to reduce both morning and night glare while driving.

With the Velcro straps and clips guaranteeing a snug fit, you’ll barely even notice the extender’s presence after a couple of minutes.  Manufactured in the United States, this durable model is practical in every way.

Key Features
  • Obstructs 99.9% of dangerous UV rays due to superior polarized film
  • Velcro straps and car visor facilitate quick installation
  • Manufactured in the USA
  • Polarizing technology ensures that driver isn't blinded by sun rays
  • Attaches without any problems to built-in visor
  • Brand Glare Guard
  • Model 8542103805
  • Weight 12 ounces

WANPOOL’s Visor Sunshade Extender allows shorter individuals to protect their eyes from ultraviolet light by lengthening sun visor coverage by five inches. Users notice the difference immediately.

In addition, the extender can be moved from side to side to block sun glare from the left, right, and center of your driving position.  The two Velcro attachments are very grippy, so don’t expect this sunshade to fall off very easily. The convenience of being able to remove the extender to place it at any angle goes a long way.

Key Features
  • Sunshade extender allows driver to lengthen sun visor coverage down from 0-5 inches
  • Comes with two attachment straps to ensure fastening
  • Available at a bargain
  • Ideal for fitting on right-hand side of car
  • Visor extension can accommodate multiple positions depending on sun's angle
  • Brand WANPOOL
  • Model WP-VisorExtend_silver
  • Weight 0.8 ounces

Although we can’t say much about the monotonous grey color of SAILEAD’s sun visor, the features it has to offer are much more exciting. Made of durable PU&PU material – the durable plastic that aligns our car’s interiors– its thick, shockproof construction allows the sun visor and its extenders to potentially outlive your car.

The extender can block sun glare surging through the windshield or side windows on both the driver and passenger side. Unlike mediocre models, there will be no bothersome gap between your car’s sun visor and SAILEAD’s extender. Plus, it’s incredibly simple to install and store – just slide the extenders back in and push up the visor up to keep it stowed away. Invest in SAILEAD today – we promise their sun visor extender will be worth every penny.

Key Features
  • Obstructs harmful UV rays and eliminates eye fatigue
  • Made of durable PU&PU material that is shockproof and compact
  • Universal design fits all visors with width greater than 4.7 inches
  • Driver and passenger alike will be protected from sun rays
  • Simple installation guaranteed
  • Brand SAILEAD
  • Model SL-AU-2
  • Weight 10.4 ounces

Do you feel bad for your partner squinting in the passenger seat while you take the wheel? Now the two of you can enjoy sun protection thanks to Visormates’ two-for-one deal. The two included sun visor extenders are available in small, medium, and large as well as in a multitude of exclusive designs. Customers love the classy designs, claiming that their sun visor extenders are inconspicuous against their car’s built-in visors.

Visormates proudly manufacture all their products right here in the USA from interior car plastic. Although many critics state that it’s a lot of money for ‘a few pieces of plastic and four plastic bands’, for your investment you’ll receive first-class customer service too – including an email concerning your car’s make and model. In our unbiased opinion, it’s the best twenty quid you’ll spend all year!

Key Features
  • Available in an assortment of different colors
  • Manufactured with interior car plastic in the USA
  • Visors available in small, medium, and large sizes
  • Comes with 4.5" elastic mounting straps
  • Fantastic customer service guaranteed
  • Brand Visormates
  • Model B512

MONOJOY’s innovative anti-glare blocker will keep your vision clear on all drives – whether you’re blocking the sun or the car light glare. It’s simple: the gray sun visor has got your back during the day whilst the yellow visor takes over at night. They’re far superior to sunglasses, as these visors won’t shade your dash screen, GPS maps, and other essential tools needed for the road ahead.

If you’re wondering how on earth you’d cope with the altered road colors, don’t worry; the car visor shield is designed so the natural colors outside won’t be changed. If anything, they’ll just be more vivid and captivating! And installation couldn’t be easier – simply clip it to your car visors and you’re good to go. One thing’s for sure; you can now drive round the clock whilst enjoying stellar visibility.

Key Features
  • Two sun visors included in one pack
  • Universal fit within most vehicles
  • Combination of yellow and gray tinted visor guarantees zero glare
  • Kind to impaired, weaker eyes, and people with nearsighted glasses
  • Yellow night driving Visor blocks car lights glare during night driving
  • Brand MONOJOY
  • Model GK1805070413
  • Weight 1.8 pounds

After purchasing TFY’s Car Visor Sunshade Extender, expect to be annoyed… at yourself for not purchasing this product years before! Laying all our cards on the table, we have to admit that it’s not the most glamorous extender in the world, but you can guarantee that TFY’s sunshade will keep your skin youthful thanks to the extra coverage it provides. We promise that you’ll see a reduction in sun spots on your cheeks in years to come.

This universal product is able to fit any visor between 5 to 7 inches and requires no tools to install. Plus, the available 2.5-inch front extension and a 7-inch side extension will keep smaller drivers happy – your driving style will change for the better without constantly having to shield your eyes with your hand. And if you want to pack away the sunshade extender for the day – we don’t blame you, it’s a little unattractive even in the right light – all you’ve got to do is slide the extenders in and pop off the two elastic bands. What’s not to love?

Key Features
  • Anti-sun glare visor extender can be installed without any tools
  • Able to block sun UV rays effectively
  • Sun visor can be stored easily thanks to foldable construction
  • Facilitates safer driving as driver no longer takes hand off of wheel to shield eyes
  • Made of polyurethane with opaque, polycarbonate retractable sliders
  • Brand TFY
  • Model TFY-3VisorExtend
  • Weight 8.2 ounces

The majority of factory visors are, to be frank, always disappointing. Not only do the majority of them have a gap in which the sun creeps through, they’re often too short for smaller drivers. Yet with VZCY’s sunshade extender, you’ll be driving without a squint from the get-go. The sunshade extender equips its user with 100% UV protection, as their skin will be protected behind the shade of the sun-block instead of being burnt to a crisp while driving in the midday summer heat.

Compatible with all built-in visors, this durable anti-glare visor is made from superior PU&PU material to resist harmful UV rays. If you’re a driver who becomes hot and bothered with the sun’s heat blasting the side of your face, this versatile sunshade can even be fitted on your side window. Whether you’re looking to save your own skin or your friend’s eyes, VZCY’s sunshade extender is the product for you.

Key Features
  • Provides 100% UV protection and a safer driving experience
  • Universal fit is adjustable in both directions to provide fit of choice
  • No tools required for product installation
  • Made from premium PU&PU material to ensure maximum strength
  • Can extend to 21.6 inches length with a width of 8.2 inches
  • Brand VZCY
  • Model 8542104220
  • Weight 9.6 ounces

Morning commutes are bad enough without subjecting your dry eyes to harsh morning light. Glare Vis’r’s Sun Shield is an advocate for the eyes by offering you an entirely unobstructed view of the road while combatting harmful UVA and UVB rays at the same time. The visor can easily be flipped back if not required, but it’s particularly effective in the early morning and late afternoon when sun glare is at its peak.

Although looking through a film takes a little getting used to, the amber shade that Glare Vis’r’s Smoky Tiny sun shield turns the world into is rather calming. Also, the visor is extremely clear with little to no distortion. Plus, taking it off and moving it around couldn’t be simpler thanks to the trusty sure-grip clips that won’t budge when driving.

Key Features
  • Sun shield flips down to provide instant sun ray relief
  • Zero tools required for installation
  • Minimizes chance of fatigue and eyestrain caused by driving
  • Extremely portable and lightweight
  • Handy clamp made from hard, durable plastic
  • Brand Glare Vis'r
  • Model GS-2014
  • Weight 6.1 ounces

If you still haven’t found the visor of your dreams, don’t fret – we’ve saved one of the very best products for last. Randalfy’s 2 in 1 Car Sun Visor is for early morning birds and night owls alike. This polarized grey daytime lens is accompanied with a yellow nighttime lens. Compatible with any visor, you’ll be experiencing enhanced clarity and therefore, much more of the world around you as soon as it goes down.

Yet our favorite feature has to be the adjustable 180-degree angle that offers a wide berth to ensure visibility. All drivers can profit from this design – whether you drive a car, truck, or SUV. Manufacturers are so confident about their product’s success that they offer their user a 45 days money-back guarantee as well as exemplary customer service. So, if you value you and your family’s safety while on the road, investing in Randalfy’s visor is a pretty good place to start.

Key Features
  • Hides driver from dangerous UVA and UVB rays
  • Universal design compatible with any visor
  • Provides enhanced color and clarity while on the road
  • Ideal for people with glasses
  • Able to be rotated 180-degrees to protect user from sunlight
  • Brand Randalfy
  • Model 8542103882
  • Weight 12.8 ounces

Best Car Visor Extender Buying Guide & FAQ

What to Look for in a Car Sun Visor Extender

So, you’ve finally accepted that driving blind isn’t safe for you as well as others on the road and are looking to invest in a Car Sun Visor Extender. First of all, congratulations – these miraculous and affordable little items literally save lives. Yet it’s difficult to distinguish between the ones that are flimsy plastic and the tough models that effortlessly block sun. By asking yourself these three questions below, you’ll never be blinded on the road again.

  • Does the visor extender provide a large field of coverage?

If you’re of smaller stature, owning a visor that can be extended downwards as well as across is extremely important. Look for a visor that extends down about five inches to accommodate your size. Likewise, a visor that can be tilted when driving won’t go amiss!

  • Does it universally fit all car windshields?

There’s nothing more annoying waiting for your new windshield with anticipation to discover that it doesn’t fit upon its arrival. Purchase a windshield that’s compatible with the majority of cars so you don’t end up disappointed. The majority of high-quality brands dedicated to customer service – Visormates being an example – even send out emails before shipping to confirm that their product and your car are meant to be together.

  • Is your visor extender double sided for daytime and nighttime use?

The sun’s rays are harmful to different extents depending on the time of day. That’s why opting for both grey and yellow lenses is the way forward. And if the sun’s particularly bright one morning, double-screened protection sure comes in handy!

Why You Should Use Anti-Glare Visors

We aren’t going to bore you with all the numerous reasons why using an anti-glare visor is the bee’s knees or we’d be here for hours. However, the two reasons below should be enough to tide you over.

  • You’ll become a better driver because of them

Ever had to take an educated guess at where a turn was due to being temporarily blinded by the sun’s light? Us too. Seriously, a terrifyingly large number of crashes aren’t caused by bad driving but by the sun’s unpredictable light. Anti-glare visors won’t only protect your eyes, they’ll safeguard your natural driving instincts too.

  • Protects your skin and eyes from catastrophic UV rays

When the sun is described as a six billion-year-old star, it suddenly sounds a whole lot more dangerous. Long bouts of frequent exposure to ultraviolet A (long-wave) and ultraviolet B (shortwave) radiation can lead to skin cancer that affects millions – including 250,000 Americans – every year. Using an anti-glare visor that guarantees 100% UV protection is an important step towards keeping yourself safe.

Our Top Pick

So, out of all the diverse and innovative car visor extenders reviewed within this buying guide today, which one would we trust to grant us the power of sight through bright rays and headlights? We’d just have to opt for Tuckvisor’s Windshield Sunshade. This wonderful two-pack is specifically designed to protect your side profile from harsh UV rays as well as eye fatigue by sitting between the window and trim. It’s proudly manufactured in the USA, removable, adjustable, and blocks rays that the standard car visor cannot reach. Finally, Tuckvisor have created an innovative and effective solution to a problem that has plagued drivers for over one-hundred years.


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