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Lugging around items in the trunk can be a hassle, and if a bumpy road is thrown into that situation…

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The Best Trunk Cargo Nets (Review) in 2023 | Autance © The Best Trunk Cargo Nets (Review) in 2023 | Autance
Best Choice Grit Performance Super Duty Trunk Cargo Net Grit Performance Super Duty Trunk Cargo Net
Premium Pick Gladiator Trunk Cargo Net Gear Gladiator Trunk Cargo Net Gear
Best Value 9 MOON Heavy Duty Trunk Cargo Net 9 MOON Heavy Duty Trunk Cargo Net

Lugging around items in the trunk can be a hassle, and if a bumpy road is thrown into that situation then it could end up being disastrous for your trunk and its contents. Thanks to the advent of trunk cargo nets, this is no longer an issue that car owners have to contend with. Now, a number of items can be covered, restrained and secured, even though they would have been difficult to hold with any other kind of tie down. There are a number of these products available, and narrowing down an efficient one may prove to be tedious. In order to streamline the process, below are some of the best trunk cargo nets currently available.

The Best Trunk Cargo Net

The Grit Performance Super Duty Bungee Cargo Net is a great option. With this bungee cargo net, you do not have to worry about the size of items you intend to secure as it is designed to hold both small and large cargo. The overall design of the cargo net features tight 4 inches by four-inch mesh squares that enable the bungee netting to ensure that small items do not fall out. The netting also has the adequate strength to stretch itself over large items as conveniently as possible. Users can rest assured that this is a durable and quality contraption. With 5mm of bungee webbing, it is one of the thickest cargo nets on the market. Based on this alone, it can easily hold a lot down even under the most tumultuous conditions.

Key Features
  • It is highly durable
  • Tangle-free
  • Can secure large and small cargo items
  • Comes with a storage bag
  • Brand Grit Performance
  • Model Grit-BN4872
  • Weight 3.7 pounds

Using multiple cords may get the work done to some extent, but it may not do it as efficiently as a top-notch cargo net. If you constantly have to carry loads of cargo from one place to another, then it may be time to equip yourself with something a bit more suited to help you out in the long run. With the EZYKOO Cargo Net, the struggle to tie down loose items on your cargo basket or roof rack is officially over.

This truck cargo net comes in the form of a universal mesh cargo net equipped with strong stretches that make it well-suited for use on rooftop cargo carriers, mall trucks, Jeeps, and other vehicles. The only limitation to this contraption is that it is not meant to be used on full-sized truck beds. Despite this, users can rest assured that the durability of this cargo net is practically unquestionable. It is made of a high-quality rubber cord that is 6mm thick that makes it as tough and durable as can be.

Key Features
  • It is durable
  • Quite easy to install
  • It is a universal mesh cargo net
  • Comes with a total of 14 ABS plastic hooks
  • Brand EZYKOO
  • Model FBA_AT-CRBN
  • Weight 1.75 pounds

A car should be a safe haven void of clutter and disorder. This sounds far fetched, but technology draws you nearer and nearer to that reality. A good cargo net should be able to ensure that the interior of your car is the least of your problems. Imagine fitting your grocery bags in your trunk without having to spare a thought as to whether they will fall over or not. With the 9 MOON Heavy Duty Cargo Net, this fantasy can quickly become a reality.

The selling point of this product is its ability to offer up a better organization. Whether it is groceries, tools or general vehicle storage accessories, this cargo net for SUV and trucks can keep them in an orderly fashion. A serious plus is that this cargo net provides you with all the space you need and more. It easily stretches around your items and there’s still allowance for you to stuff some more things in there. Its is also elastic enough to fit the total span of your truck bed or any other area you are planning to make use of it.

Key Features
  • It is spacious
  • It is durable
  • Versatile
  • Easy to install
  • Brand 9 MOON
  • Model 2698834134
  • Weight 10.2 ounces

Do you have a Grand Cherokee Jeep? Then this cargo net was made specifically with you in mind. With a product like the Envelope Trunk Cargo Net, you can rest assured that your inner trunk area is customized for your convenience and will remain that way even if you have to drive up a steep hill. Not only does this look like a top-notch product, it definitely is one. Additionally, it makes for instant installation and removal; it has elastic ends that can easily be attached at the connection points which are present on the sides of the cargo bay. You can do this by attaching the hooks to the hinged metal hoops on the floor of the trunk area. The whole process literally takes about 30 seconds.

With its envelope styled netting, this cargo net can easily accommodate a wide variety of shapes and sizes, so you do not have to worry about what can fit in there. It also keeps them nice and secure while in your trunk. Any items that were prone to rolling or tipping over to cause a mess can now meet their match in this high-quality product. There is also the provision for you to place items in between the two layers of the cargo net; this will hold them properly and ensure that they do not annoyingly slam into the back hatch. So, if you are the owner of a Grand Cherokee Jeep, it is officially incomplete without this useful contraption. It is efficient, affordable and as durable as they come.

Key Features
  • Conveniently fits all models of Grand Cherokee Jeep
  • Easy to install
  • Affordable
  • It is durable
  • Brand Trunknets Inc
  • Model 2698834129
  • Weight 7.2 ounces

Very few things are more disheartening than a messy and disorganized trunk. It just takes up time and space that anyone would much rather use for other things. There is no reason to keep this up when you can use the Zento Deals Black Mesh Three Pocket Trunk Storage Net to conveniently organize all that clutter.

Whether you own a car, van, truck or SUV, this cargo net can safely and conveniently organize your trunk and storage area, which further ensures that the interior of your vehicle is as organized as pleasant as can be. For maximum efficiency as well as convenience, this cargo net features three different pockets. Why three? Well, this takes the organizational element to a whole other level. You can choose to categorize according to groceries, gears, and tools, or any other items you may wish to store in your trunk while you drive. All in all, this will help to minimize the damage that occurs when items are flying around willy nilly in your trunk.

Key Features
  • Has three compartments
  • It is expandable
  • High quality
  • Comes in color black
  • Brand Zento Deals
  • Model NE1
  • Weight 3.04 ounces

This brand is well known for marketing its products as truthfully as possible, which is admittedly a rare occurrence. There is an all-around feeling of relief when an advertised product delivers completely on all promises made by its manufacturers and distributors. Based on that, the AndyGo Rear Cargo Net is definitely one of the top trunk cargo nets currently on the market.

It is as versatile as they come due to the fact that it is suited for rear cargo storage in a range of cars, vans, trucks and also SUV’s. An added plus is that all the hardware required to mount it is included in the original order and with them, you can use one of the two installation options available for this cargo net. Users can equally opt to make use of the net without using any of the mounting hardware; this is useful in the case that they do not want it to be a permanent fixture.

Key Features
  • It is versatile
  • Comes with mounting hardware
  • Can conveniently accommodate bulky objects
  • It is affordable
  • Brand AndyGo
  • Model FBA_AndyGo-COWDL40110
  • Weight 7 ounces

Globally known for providing a range of products of superior quality and top-notch service, the makers of this product are back with a product that reeks of efficiency and convenience. Right at the forefront of trunk cargo nets, we have the Zone Tech Three Pocket Storage Net which continually proves to be a force to be reckoned with. This trunk cargo net is of the best quality as it is made from a high-quality polyester material which is specifically designed to ensure that it is sturdy and long lasting. Based on this, it can safely secure cargo in vehicles ranging from vans to SUV’s while wearing and tearing at a low rate.

As aforementioned, this truck bed cargo net can be used in a number of vehicles and as such, it can be adjusted to fit most trunks, be it a pickup or an SUV rear cargo space. This is due to the fact that it can be adjusted from a width of 44 inches to that of 56 inches while maintaining depth and height of 12 inches.

Key Features
  • It has three pockets for storage
  • It is stretchable
  • Adjustable
  • It is durable and long lasting
  • Brand ZONETECH
  • Model NE0001
  • Weight 12.8 ounces

It feels great to make use of a product that is specifically made to suit you and for this reason, all owners of Chevrolet Equinox GMC terrain models are in for a real treat. Rather than getting an overpriced product from the dealer, shell out a small sum and receive the Envelope Trunk Cargo Net for Chevrolet Equinox GMC Terrain. If efficiency and convenience decided to have a baby, this cargo net would be the result of that union. It is an optimum storage solution that can help drivers of certain Chevrolet models drive in an organized and clutter-free environment.

Before opting to purchase this particular cargo net, it is paramount to keep in mind that it is only suited to models whose production years fall between 2010- 2017. Another standout area of this product is its easy and convenient setup. It takes less than a minute to have this cargo net ready for use and to make it even better, there are no tools required. The concept behind its installation is to basically attach the ends to four metal loops. All in all, there are no mounts needed for the installation, there are plastic pieces that keep the net locked in place and the hooking points are already pre-installed in the vehicle.

Key Features
  • Solely suited for use in Chevrolet Equinox GMC terrain models from 2010-2017
  • Can easily hold large items
  • Easy installation
  • It is affordable
  • Brand Trunknets Inc
  • Model NT_et17
  • Weight 7.2 ounces

Though you cannot out a price on convenience, it greatly helps when that price is super affordable. This is one product that definitely embodies convenience, orderliness, and efficiency. It may not look like much at first glance, but it is one true testament to the saying, ‘you cannot judge a book by its cover’. The Grizzly Gear Large Cargo net is a top-notch product that is certified to make your journey, be it a moving process or a simple grocery run, as convenient as can be.

The device itself comes in the form of a large cord net that is perfect for over-sized load coverage. It may look small at first, but do not be deceived as this net is extremely stretchy. Based on this, it is a great idea to pay close attention to the dimensions when placing an order. Though it is as stretchy as can be, it still keeps the small items in check, this is as a result of the tight 7×7 inch grid patterns that are present on the net. In addition to all this, the net is quite versatile and equally durable. It is made of a durable rubber cord that is both moisture and rot resistant.

Key Features
  • It is long lasting
  • Easy to use
  • It is adjustable
  • Easy to stow away
  • Brand Grizzly Gear
  • Model 2698834133
  • Weight 1.8 pounds

The Gladiator Cargo Gear is more than just a heavy-duty cargo net for trucks as well as trailers, it is a companion that can protect all sorts of cargo. Rather than opting for ropes and tarps, the use of this heavy-duty cargo net can save you a whole lot of time and energy.

It is incredibly easy to use and is equipped with a number of connection points that provide much-needed versatility. It is also adjustable and as such, there is no question as to whether it can expand to accommodate a large number of items. Also, in order to ensure that they can equally accommodate the height of the given cargo, the nets are made to be much larger than the truck bed.

Key Features
  • Comes with a hardware and storage bag
  • Has rubber coated hooks for easy attachment
  • Comes with four hardware attachment straps
  • It is durable and reliable
  • Brand Gladiator Cargo Gear
  • Model SSW-100
  • Weight 8 pounds

Best Trunk Cargo Net Buying Guide & FAQ

As tarp and rope have begun to lose their appeal, trunk cargo nets are becoming increasingly popular and sought out for. A direct result of this is all the options made readily available on the market. In order to properly enable you to secure one of the best options out there, here are some handy tips.

What to Look for When Buying a Trunk Cargo Net

  • Compatibility

As versatile as most cargo nets are, it is still very important to ensure that your vehicle is compatible with your choice. Apart from the ones that are clearly meant for specific models of vehicles, the more generic options require that you not only take detailed measurements of your trunk but also request for any information regarding size and compatibility. This is the only way to ensure that there will not be any discrepancies when you finally receive your order.

  • Ease of Installation

Once again, buyers that opt for cargo nets that are solely meant for their car model will not have to bother with this as there may be pre-installed fixtures meant to make the overall installation process easy. Nevertheless, buying a more generic model makes for a wide range of installation procedures to be available. It is advisable to stick to the simple ones; stay away from products that involve drilling, screwing, and what-not. Go with something that can easily be attached to your vehicle.

  • Ability to Stretch

Best believe that you need a cargo net that can stretch, especially if you know that you may need to accommodate large loads of cargo at a go. If your net cannot stretch, it defeats the whole purpose. The cool thing about cargo nets is that they are able to stretch over items of different sizes and shapes while being able to keep them all snug and safe. So, be sure to look out for products with enough elasticity for what you intend to carry out.

  • Storage Capabilities

This is highly dependent on what you intend to use the cargo net for, if it is solely for carrying your groceries around then you may not be looking to compartmentalize. In the case that you also want to store tools and gears back there then the best option may be a net that is designed with numerous pockets.

Benefits of Using a Cargo Net

  • They are Flexible

As a result of their elasticity, cargo nets are as flexible as can be. This feature generally allows for loads of different shapes and sizes to be easily accommodated in the same net. This will definitely come in handy when carrying different items around is part of your routine, it makes it much easier to strap down.

  • Ease of Use

As opposed to using cords, rope, and tarp, cargo nets are a lot easier to make use of. They are a lot more flexible and allow you to secure items based on their arrangement. Since most of them use hooks, you can easily load and offload your cargo without having to do much.

  • Durability

Since cargo nets are specifically made to secure cargo, the materials used to make them are well-suited for the perils of the job. Not only are they durable and sturdy, but most of them are UV resistant. Since they are highly unlikely to disintegrate in the sun, they are bound to last a lot longer than other options.

How to Install Truck Cargo Net

There is more than one way to install these contraptions and for the most part of it, they are incredibly easy. Each vehicle has its own guide to getting this done but in general, most of them come with screws and hooks that can easily be attached across the trunk once the tie down locations is found. Once the net is placed over the load, they ends can then be tied down in order to secure the items safely.

Our Top Pick

This is a tangle-free option for all drivers out there, with its adjustable metal “D” clip carabiners, this cargo net totally rules out the issue of tangling. Nevertheless, this is not all that it has to offer. This net is designed to hold both small and large items safely and securely. The size of the mesh squares, as well as the elasticity of the entire net, are the force behind its versatility. All in all, it is a durable piece of equipment that is sure to keep your items safe and intact no matter the conditions and terrains you come in contact with.


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