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There are plenty of options available on the market when it comes to cargo liners and trunk mats. These units…

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The Best Cargo Liners & Trunk Mats (Review) in 2023 | Autance © The Best Cargo Liners & Trunk Mats (Review) in 2023 | Autance
Best Choice Kaungka Cargo Liner & Trunk Mat Kaungka Waterproof Trunk Mat
Premium Pick WeatherTech Cargo Liner WeatherTech Cargo Liner
Best Value FH Group Gray Trimmable Cargo Mat FH Group Gray Trimmable Cargo Mat

There are plenty of options available on the market when it comes to cargo liners and trunk mats. These units are designed to protect trunks and vehicles from spills, dust, grime, and other forms of dirt. The item you choose will depend significantly on the kind of vehicle you have as well as your personal preferences. This article outlines the best cargo liners and trunk mats that are just as affordable as they are functional.

The Best Cargo Liner & Trunk Mat

Kaungka is a company with many models of liners and trays for a broad range of vehicles. It ensures that each item is durable, practical, and innovative; thus, offering higher value to customers than competing brands. The Kaungka Cargo Liner & Tray Trunk is a floor mat designed to fit perfectly on your Ford Escape 2013 to 2017 models.

This car trunk liner contains all your spills thanks to its high outside lip. It features a skid-resistant surface that also helps protect your vehicle against spills and wet items. The structure and form of this unit is substantial, and it is straightforward to install. Such simplicity is what drives many individuals to the Kaungka brand.

Key Features
  • Skid-resistant surface
  • Waterproof protector
  • Easy installation
  • Crystal clear finish
  • Brand Kaungka
  • Model KLhwxd-Escape
  • Weight 4.9 pounds

Complete protection from natural elements

Accommodates excess loads

Transparent finish


Plastic smell when removed from packaging

Traction issues when in use

The need to maintain a clean vehicle is the driving force behind this cargo tray for a 2015 Toyota Rav4. It can accommodate a wide variety of items without any issues. With this cargo tray you can protect your cargo area carpeting and keep both snow and dirt away.

This budget-friendly Genuine Toyota Cargo Tray is made with weather-resistant and sturdy rubber for durability. The best part about this cargo tray is that it fits other models as well, including 2014 and 2016 models. 

Key Features
  • Tough and flexible cargo tray
  • Carry a wide variety of items
  • Protect your cargo area carpeting
  • 2015 RAV4
  • Brand Genuine Toyota
  • Model PT908-42135
  • Weight 6.15 pounds

Enhances protection from dirt

Unit can be trimmed

Cleaning is simple


Strong odour

Slips on the carpet

Just an "okay" fit on some vehicles

Trunk mats like this prevent goods from uncontrollably sliding around in your vehicle.  With non-slip mats to secure cargo, you can also safely protect your trunk from all kinds of dirt. The WeatherTech Cargo Liner does more than it says on the packaging. This is an American-produced liner designed for selected Escape models. It does a good job of protecting your vehicle against spillage and debris. Besides its excellent functionality, this liner features a high outside lip that helps contain all spills. It also protects your unit from different types of wear and tear with excellent interior protection.

WeatherTech knows how important car liners and trays are, which is why its design boasts high-quality materials. All mats come with a patented tri-extruded material with a non-slippery and sturdy texture that holds up in all temperatures. As a result, your WeatherTech cargo liner can be used even in cold weather without any issues.

Key Features
  • Ideal for 2nd Row Seating
  • Made in the USA!
  • High outside lip for containing spills
  • Protection from wear and tear
  • Brand WeatherTech
  • Model 40570
  • Weight 14.1 ounces

Designed for selected Escape/MKC

Designed with a tri-extruded material which delivers a non-slippery and sturdy texture i

Can be used even in cold weather without any issues


A little on the pricey side

Gets slippery when wet

Protecting the interior spaces of your vehicle, such as the floor can be done quickly with the E-cowlboy Cargo Liner. This is an impressive unit put together by one of the leading manufacturers of car accessories. It is unique and comes with different exciting features which set it apart from many of its competition. This cargo liner works excellently when used in Mazda cars. It offers all-weather protection and a custom fit to prevent any mishap.

Installation of this car trunk liner is easy and straightforward. It is designed and manufactured from an odorless rubber material that is of superior quality. This rubber is highly resistant to water, corrosion, and dirt, and it features a lengthy lifespan for excellent durability. The surface of your E-colwboy liner is slip-resistant; thus, it can contain all forms of spill. The manufacturer of this cargo liner is exceptionally confident in their product; therefore, they offer a full refund in 30 days to anyone who doesn’t have a 100% satisfaction with their product.

Key Features
  • Straight forward installation
  • Odourless rubber material
  • All-Weather Protection
  • Skid-resistant surface
  • Brand E-cowlboy
  • Weight 4.7 pounds

Wide pockets for better drainage

Contoured to fit specific vehicles

Lifetime warranty


Users complain of cutting size

Doesn’t fit perfectly in every vehicle

Plastic smell is uncomfortable

Another trunk liner we have come to love is the Vesul Rubber Cargo Liner. This unit is one of the many incredible items produced by the Vesul company, and it is undoubtedly the best trunk cargo liner on the market. This liner covers the floor of all Kia Sportage cars quickly, provided they belong to 2017, 2018, 2019, or 2020 model groups. It is made of polyolefin and rubber with raised sides which are meant to offer added protection from debris and spills. Keep your rear trunk neat and clean at all times with help from this trunk mat.

Cleaning this cargo trunk liner is very simple and easy. It is highly resistant to water and is known for its anti-scratch abilities. These mats are the best among the rest. They are the plushest floor mats you will ever purchase, and according to existing users, is an excellent investment for all car owners.

Key Features
  • Made of Rubber and Polyolefin
  • Easy to clean
  • Anti-Scratch
  • Waterproof
  • Brand Vesul
  • Model LX62D7S
  • Weight 6 pounds

Delivers great underfoot comfort

Stylish mat design

Extensive customer warranty


A little pricey

Difficulty in cleaning mats

The FH Group Cargo Trunk Liner is an outstanding unit designed to keep your vehicle’s floors clean and neat. The FH Group created this item to ensure that your car or trucks stays free from dust, dirt, and debris. It is made from premium-quality materials that enhance its durability and also improve its use.

This cargo tray is highly resistant to stains and water and can be trimmed to provide a custom fit into different vehicles. Other features include a heavy nibbed backing, which delivers security when installing your mat, and tall outer ridges that prevent fluids from leaking out. It’s available in gray, tan, and black.

Key Features
  • Trim lines for a custom fit
  • Tall ridge design
  • Heavy nibbed backing for extra security
  • Waterproof and stain-resistant
  • Brand FH Group
  • Model F16401GRAY
  • Weight 4.9 pounds

Sustained protection from grime and dirt

Ideal for rear storage areas

Available in different shades


Hooks must be installed before use

A brand you can never go wrong with is Kaungka. They have years of experience in the delivery of nothing but terrific quality in all their products. After every launch, they undertake new research to find out the latest and more innovative methods of designing their car liners such that, every new item they bring to the market is better than its competition concerning function, style, and innovation. Their Kaungka Floor Mat is no different.

This is a vehicle floor mat with a difference. It is put together by the best hands in the world, with materials that both high quality and extremely durable. The design of the Kaungka floor mat makes it highly compatible with the 2017 and 2018 Mazda model cars. It features a skid-resistant surface that is meant to hold all spills and keep them from getting to your floor. Install your floor mat with ease, as soon as it is out of its packaging.

Key Features
  • Perfectly matches the interior contours of 2017 2018 Mazda CX-5
  • A skid-resistant surface
  • No smell from the secure packaging.
  • Proper protection for wet items.
  • Brand Kaungka
  • Model 8542110842
  • Weight 6.65 pounds

Merges style with premium materials

Lasts a lifetime

Fits a wide range of vehicles


Sub-standard quality

Users complain about flimsy design

Everyone loves the Danti Cargo Liner, the best floor mat protector in the market today. It is an item that has been in the market for an extended period, drawing in many loyal buyers and customers from across the world. It is made to suit the 2014-2018 Jeep Cherokee models; thus, using it in any other vehicle model might not deliver exceptional results. This floor mat is made from TPO, a high-density and water-resisting unit that can withstand wear and tear as well as flames. 

Protect all your rear cargo from scratches by using this suv cargo mat. It offers more excellent protection from grease, dirt and wears, keeping your jeep as clean and pleasant as possible. To install this cargo liner, you need to place the mat over the rear cargo area, a procedure that takes only minutes. If you purchase the Danti cargo liner and you’re not satisfied with its service, you’re free to return it for a refund with no questions asked. 

Key Features
  • Made of High stand Thermoplastic olefin (TPO)
  • High-density resistant water
  • Excellent bearing capacity and durability
  • Protect rear cargo area from scratches
  • Brand Danti
  • Model ZYG cargo liner
  • Weight 3.7 pounds

Optimum protection from dirt

Sustainable and eco-friendly unit

Classic and simple design


Low level of durability

Installation is problematic

If you have an SUV or any other car you wish to keep clean no matter what, we recommend you get the Cargo Liner. We love how universal the fit of this liner is, as it allows you to move the liner from one car to the other without any issues. This is a cargo liner designed with a highly waterproof material to prevent any spills from damaging your vehicle’s interior. It comes with sidewalls and a textured non-slip backing which allows the unit to remain stable, no matter what.

This car trunk liner for cars and SUV’s can be washed via a washing machine without getting damaged. To clean it in your washing machine, ensure that the settings are placed at a gentle or delicate cycle, with the air-dry option to prevent damaging the material. Another feature this liner has which we love are the adjustable straps and buckle which attaches your liner easily onto your rear and front seats for extra security and stability.

Key Features
  • Waterproof material
  • Non-slip backing
  • With side walls protectors
  • Extra bumper flap protector
  • Brand Jumbl Pet
  • Weight 4.1 pounds

Premium all-weather rubber

Excellent durability,

Universal fit


Complaints about the overall quality

A bit on the flimsy side

Every car owner has come into contact with a Rugged Ridge Cargo Liner at least once in a lifetime. This is because they’re top-rated units, designed for use in many vehicles. This tan cargo liner is a one-piece unit custom-fitted to the cargo area of your car for excellent protection. It features the use of OE-quality thermoplastic, which is precision-engineered and high injection molded to give it a rubber outlook. The liner also boasts of a non-slip surface that is resistant to water. 

The jeep cargo mat comes with an extensive wall system that keeps spillage at bay, ensuring that your vehicle looks factory fresh always. If you require a unit that is perfect for use against mud and different kinds of terrain, this Rugged Ridge liner will be your best bet. It comes in different colors to satisfy various customers and all vehicle interiors. Enjoy the benefits of state-of-the-art technology with this unit and watch as your SUV stays neat and fresh with each passing day.

Key Features
  • High injection molded from OE-quality Thermoplastic
  • Non-slip surface
  • Top perimeter wall
  • One-piece liner
  • Brand Rugged Ridge
  • Model 13975.03
  • Weight 8 pounds

Inventive chevron-shaped tread

Great protection against debris

Limited lifetime warranty


Mats may be slippery

Logo tends to fall off

The only company that delivers excellent service through their products is Cumart. This is a brand that speaks truth through their products. They understand the different types of vehicles and design accordingly to ensure a custom fit with every car model. Their Cumart Rear Cargo Trunk Liner comes as one of the best trunk liners in the world today. It is a waterproof item designed with the best materials for excellent performance at all times.

This cargo liner works well with jeep Cherokee models, made between 2014 and 2018. Its design has been so well done; it helps protect your vehicle against scratches at your rear area. Using this unit will also help you keep the interior of your car clean and tidy without much effort. The trunk mat is made from a high-rise thermoplastic olefin material, which is flame retardant, high density and wears resistant. Such a choice of plastic is perfect for a cargo liner since it delivers excellent capacity and durability.

Key Features
  • Waterproof protector
  • Compatible with jeep Cherokee
  • Good bearing capacity
  • Easy installation
  • Brand CUMART
  • Model Cargo cover
  • Weight 3.6 pounds

Ideal for cargo, and back areas of the car

Offered in 3 shades

Lifetime warranty


A bit pricey

Must install your hooks for best results

Keeping the interior of your vehicle clean now is very simple, and it requires nothing but the Caartonn Trunk Cargo Liner. This is one of the best cargo trays in the market today, with its high-density material and excellent construction. This liner works well with many Ford Escape models, offering a custom fit to keep your car looking factory fresh every single day. We love that these liners are made from heavy-duty material and soft rubber. 

Thee Caartonn liners are extremely simple to clean. You can take away all dust or dirt by merely spraying the unit after removing it from your vehicle. To prevent sliding of your pet cargo liner, it comes with grains on the back. This feature was included to increase friction and enable your cargo liner to stay in place no matter how much the vehicle moves. The Caartonn cargo tray is the best unit for your car.

Key Features
  • Matches the interior contours of your Ford Escape
  • Protects the cargo space of your car
  • Soft rubber and a heavy-duty material, no smell.
  • Easy to clean
  • Brand Caartonn
  • Model 8542112136
  • Weight 11.1 pounds

Good protection,

Can cut sections out to enhance capacity,

Easily cleaned


Strong odor

Slips on the carpet

Just an "okay" fit

Over the years, vehicle owners have raved about the Armor Cargo Liner, claiming it to be the best heavy-duty rubber trunk in the market. They believe that this liner has the best design on the market, with all the features required to keep your vehicle looking factory clean always. It offers protection from water, dirt, and grime without much effort, thanks to its rubber construction.

The Armor cargo liner features a universal trim that allows for a custom fit into all trunks and cargo areas. Installing this trunk liner is simple and doesn’t require a lot of time or effort. Cleaning is also straightforward, as you’re only needed to use soap and water. Enjoy this all-weather cargo liner from Armor at a budget-friendly cost. It is a brand that you can trust to keep your car looking good from the inside out.

Key Features
  • Perfect for all cargo areas and trunks
  • Removes easily for soap and water cleanup
  • Hassle-free installation
  • All-weather performance cargo mat
  • Brand Custom Accessories
  • Model 78919
  • Weight 8.95 pounds

Inventive chevron-shaped tread,

Great protection against debris

Limited lifetime warranty


Reported to be short on some side

We have listed yet another cargo liner from the Kaungka camp. This is their Kaungka Rubber Cargo Liner, an exceptional unit made for use in all Jeep Grand Cherokees. We recommend this water-resistant cargo liner for all Cherokee owners because we believe in its functionality and durability. This is a unit made with a skid-resistant rubber for your comfort. It contains all spills and keeps dirt and grime away. 

The Kaungka Cargo Liner doesn’t have any smell when it’s out of its packaging. It is also a lightweight SUV cargo liner that makes installation a breeze for many car owners. For those who frequently lay their back seats flat, this liner may not be the best option for you. This is because it comes with a raised lip, which might get in the way with your seat. We love that this liner has a modern design because it enables it to blend effortlessly with all car interiors.

Key Features
  • Perfectly matches the interior contours of 2011- 2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee
  • A skid-resistant surface
  • Easy installation
  • Not unnecessarily thick and heavy.
  • Brand Kaungka
  • Model KLhwxd-Grand Cherokee-R
  • Weight 13.6 pounds

Does not go hard in the coldest of temperatures

Very lightweight

Limited lifetime warranty


A full custom fit is not offered

All around the world, many people give praise to the Motor Trend brand for their design of the ultimate rubber cargo mat. This is the most exceptional design you will ever come across in the market today. Meet the Motor Trend Rubber Cargo Mat, a heavy-duty cargo mat, designed by professionals for all car types. The build delivers heavy-duty protection for your trunk at all times and can withstand all weather conditions as well as the different loads you might be carrying.

Users of the Motor Trend Cargo mat love that comes with a grid pattern for high stability and a customized fit. It is easy to install and is odorless; thus, you’re safe from getting used to any new car smell.

Key Features
  • Odorless
  • All Weather
  • Heavy Duty Protection Liner
  • Tough Rubber Build
  • Brand Motor Trend
  • Model MT-884-BG_amapr
  • Weight 9.6 pounds

Inventive chevron-shaped tread,

Great protection against debris,

Limited lifetime warranty


Complaints that the mats slide around

Best Cargo Liners & Trunk Mats Buying Guide

What to Consider When Buying a Trunk Mat

Several considerations need to be made before you purchase a trunk mat. These factors exist to ensure that you make the best investment and avoid wasting resources on models that might disappoint you in the long run. With the number of cargo liners and trunk mats increasing in the market, one needs to be knowledgeable enough to decipher quality from inferiority.

  • Rims & Ridges

It is advised that you select a cargo liner or trunk mat with high edges. As much as possible, look out for the sides and ridges of individual floor mats to ensure that they’re tall enough to prevent moisture getting into the vehicle’s carpet. There are some models of rugs that channel water away from the feet through their high grooves and ridges.

  • Under the floor mat

Underneath the floor mat is a place that is often overlooked and not given much priority, which must not be the case. Underneath the floor mats usually come with a locking system that prevents sliding of the carpet. The best kind of rug you can purchase is one that comes with a lock that remains securely in place while you drive.

  • Thickness

Comfort and absorption increase with the width of your floor mat. That being said, we advise that you choose thicker mats or those with deeper grooves, as this will ensure that your carpet remains clean always.

Benefits of a Trunk Liner

The benefits of using a cargo tray or trunk mat are numerous; it is difficult to compress them into points. Nonetheless, one thing stays true; these items are the best way to keep your vehicle in top-notch shape, concerning cleanliness.

  • Trunk mats and cargo liners do a great job of adding to or improving the interior of your vehicle. They come in several colors and patterns that you can choose from; thus, you can mix and match color or patterns to represent your personality. If you want to renovate your vehicle, using trunk mats is one affordable way to go.
  • Another benefit is its ability to safeguard your vehicle against everyday wear and tear, as well as all forms of debris. Keeping your vehicle clean all the time helps you to preserve the value of your car, which will be beneficial whenever you wish to sell or gift it out.
  • Lastly, trunk mats keep your shoes safe from debris, dirt, and moisture from external sources. They do this by absorbing all the things your shoes might have taken in.

Different Cargo Mat Styles

  • All-weather Cargo Liners

These liners are an excellent option for all vehicles. They are made from tough rubbers and plastics and are molded into any shape for custom fitting onto your vehicle floor. These liners or mats are very easy to clean as they can be hosed off and left to dry.

  • Carpet Cargo Mats

The carpet cargo mat is another fantastic type of trunk mat in the market. This unit is softer than the all-weather mat and is made from poly blend carpet or high-quality nylon material. They are often designed in a variety of colors to blend effortlessly with your vehicle interior.

  • Rubber Cargo Mats

Plastic or rubber trunk mats are the most common types of rugs found in the market. They are made with high-density plastics and rubbers that can withstand wear and tear as well as all the heavy loads we might impose on it. They come with hooks that keep them in place and prevent the mat from sliding while you drive.

How to Care for Your Cargo Liner

  • Remove dust by shaking your mat regularly. It is best to do this outside your vehicle, against a hard surface for a better effect.
  • For cleaning, you can wash your mat in a machine or by hand, depending on the instructions of the manufacturer. If you’re washing by hand, you can make use of a standard water hose or an electric pressure washer.

Our Top Pick

Our top pick products and everyone’s favorite trunk and rear cargo liner is the Kaungka cargo liner, an impressively designed unit made by a leading manufacturer of car accessories. It is highly durable and made from heavy-duty materials which ensure its efficiency. This unit is straightforward and easy to install, and it doesn’t come with any uncomfortable smell that will require getting used to. We recommend this cargo liner for all car owners who want to be free of debris and dirt or grime, and those who wish to keep their cars looking fresh always.


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