Check Out the New Nissan Z’s Throwback Blue Interior

Select examples of the original Datsun 240Z were upholstered in a similar shade of blue.

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Check Out the New Nissan Z’s Throwback Blue Interior © Check Out the New Nissan Z’s Throwback Blue Interior

Already rocking quite a few nods to its predecessors in its exterior design, what looks like a production-ready version of the upcoming Nissan Z has been spotted once again

This time, there's a clear reference to the original Datsun 240Z in its interior color choice. Seen on the NissanZClub forum and elsewhere around the internet is a candid shot of the new Z's cabin upholstered in a shade of blue that pretty clearly calls back to the O.G. Z from the '70s.

Nissan Z Club forums

I can't personally say I'm all that big a fan of blue interiors but it should be a cool option for old school Z diehards who'd like their new version to look as much like their first Z as possible. Of course, we've already seen leaked photos of other copies of this car in less flamboyant colors like this silver-on-black one featuring a little ducktail spoiler. If you'd like your new Nissan sports car to have a sea-of-black interior like 99 percent of the other cars on the road, you'll almost certainly have that option.

Paint and upholstery color options aside, Nissan is still remaining coy about what exactly is under the hood of the new Z. A six-speed manual and an automatic transmission option are confirmed as is a twin-turbo V6 but specifically what V6 and the amount of power it'll generate remains unofficial. 


Based on photos sneakily taken while the Z Proto was being detailed for display in Tokyo, it looks like it may be the VR30DDTT 3.0-liter out of the Infiniti Q60 which makes 400 hp in the Red Sport version of that car. For what it's worth, the Proto is currently drivable in the Project Cars 3 video game boasting 444 virtual hp.

Hopefully, we won't have to wait too long before the production Nissan Z officially introduces itself and we can sit in and bask in those throwback blue seats. 

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