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VW WARRANTY BASICS Specifications 6 YEARS or 72,000 MILES Bumper-to-Bumper 6 YEARS or 72,000 MILES Powertrain 3 YEARS or 36,000…

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Checking out the VW Warranty | Autance © Checking out the VW Warranty | Autance


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    72,000 MILES


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    36,000 MILES

    Roadside Assistance

  • Long bumper-to-bumper and powertrain coverages.
  • Good extra perks.
  • Transferable to new owners.
  • No extended coverage from the powertrain warranty.
  • Short roadside assistance coverage.

Volkswagen is a car manufacturer that knows a thing or two about making reliable vehicles that can last years and hundreds of thousands of miles. In addition to a great vehicle lineup, all new Volkswagens this model year come with the same basic warranty from each dealership that’s designed to keep the new cars running and costs low, in certain conditions.

However, if you’re interested into a more high end warranty coverage, then checking out extended warranties could be a solution you could consider for your new or used VW. The Drive put together a third party warranty review to inform you about other providers and their plans.

To learn everything you should know about today’s VW warranty coverage, read on for the basics below. 

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What IS Included

Volkswagen’s new vehicle limited warranty offers fairly comprehensive coverage in parts for all new vehicles that roll off of the company’s assembly line. While some of its competitors offer longer full warranty periods, the VW warranty is hard to beat when it comes to the size and length of the overall warranty coverage. 


The six-year/72,000-mile comprehensive warranty is the primary form of coverage Volkswagen offers for new vehicles. Also known as a bumper-to-bumper warranty, the coverage includes nearly everything between the front and rear ends of a vehicle. This can also include complicated components like electrical systems.

There are a few components that are actually covered for a shorter amount of time: batteries, headlights, and paint all come with just a three-year, 36,000-mile warranty instead. With that said, most of the standard components in a VW are covered by this comprehensive portion.


The powertrain warranty, lasting six years or 72,000 miles, matches the length of the comprehensive warranty but doesn’t offer as much coverage in terms of parts. Instead, this warranty is focused primarily on the most important parts that keep a vehicle running efficiently and safely.

The engine, drivetrain, transmission, transfer case, transaxles, and vehicle drive systems are all covered by this warranty. Unlike other automakers that offer a slightly longer powertrain warranty (compared to the bumper-to-bumper), both the VW powertrain and comprehensive warranties will run out at the same time.

Roadside Assistance

In addition to the primary comprehensive and powertrain warranties, Volkswagen offers a single perk in the form of a three-year/36,0000-mile roadside assistance program. Designed for frequently road travels who may experience issues while on the road, the assistance program reduces or eliminates costs associated with getting unstuck in tight situations.

The roadside assistance includes handy services like free tows to an authorized Volkswagen dealer or repair facility. Free flat tire changes, fuel delivery, and battery jump-starts are also included. Used vehicles from the company’s CPO program get an extra two years of roadside service as well. 


Smaller portions of the factory warranty include things like corrosion coverage (seven years or 100,000 miles) and a short adjustment period of one year or 12,000 miles. Vehicles sold in California will also get the California Emissions Standard Warranty.

In addition to the main coverage and roadside assistance program, Volkswagen offers some handy perks like trip interruption reimbursement. This particular perk kicks in when you are traveling at least 100 miles from home and experience mechanical issues. In a situation, the reimbursement will pay up to $100 a day for meals, lodging, and transportation each. 

What’s Not Included

The main limitations of the VW factory warranty are common with all vehicle factory warranties. While the terms for the bumper-to-bumper and powertrain warranties are good, they don’t apply in all cases when you may need to pay for services or repairs on a new vehicle.

Issue Exclusions

It’s easy to think that a factory warranty can save you a lot of money on nearly any kind of service or repair. Unfortunately, automakers generally limit the scope of a factory warranty to just the issues they cause. This means the Volkswagen factory warranty is limited to factory defects.

Problems that come up due to poor workmanship or materials are all covered by the warranty. Anything else like accidental damage or normal wear and tear isn’t covered, meaning you will potentially foot the bill yourself if you decide to pay out-of-pocket. Check out your owner’s literature or see dealer details for more information on these warranty exclusions.

Shorter Terms for Specific Vehicles

There is one coverage limitation on all VW e-Golf models. Instead of the standard bumper-to-bumper warranty, this one comes with just a three-year, 36,000-mile warranty instead. There is also a shorter five-year, 60,000-mile warranty for the powertrain coverage.

The Good

The main thing to like about the Volkswagen warranty is the extended coverage it offers for both the comprehensive and powertrain portions. Since the industry standard is around three years/five years and 36,000/50,000 miles for comprehensive and powertrain warranties respectively, you get a lot more with the Volkswagen warranty.

The length of these two warranties can cover the most likely period a new vehicle may experience factory issues. If issues do develop, the comprehensive nature of the factory warranty will also save you a lot of money on parts that can be too expensive to buy outright.

Finally, we like the inclusion of both a roadside assistance program and trip interruption reimbursement. Together, these inclusions give you some extra peace of mind for getting yourself protected while traveling in the case of unexpected issues coming up on the side of the road.

The Bad

The VW warranty has some drawbacks that limit the usefulness of the coverage. First and foremost, the fact that it’s limited to just factory defects means you won’t get much use out of the coverage when everything is working perfectly. Even if issues do come up, you will largely be out of luck if they are due to incidental damage or normal wear and tear.

Beyond the limits of the warranty, the matching lengths of the bumper-to-bumper and powertrain warranties mean you don’t get any additional coverage once the comprehensive warranty expires. 

Normally, automakers add a longer powertrain warranty to cover the most important parts of a vehicle. The way WV has set up these warranties, however, means they will expire at the exact same time. Once the coverage is over, you will need to either go without warranty coverage or find an extended warranty to add.

Takeaway Value

There is a lot of value you can get from the VW warranty under the right conditions. As long as the issue is related to a factory defect or you’re experiencing some kind of mechanical issue on the road or a trip, the warranty will kick in. For routine maintenance and general wear and tear, however, you may need extra coverage like auto repair insurance or an extended warranty. 

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Q. If I sell my VW, will the warranty transfer?
  • If there is still time and distance left on the factory warranty, then yes, it can transfer over to the new warranty. The new owner may confirm the warranty status by calling VW.
Q. Can I modify my vehicle and still have the VW warranty? 
  • Generally, simple aftermarket parts and modifications won’t void the VW warranty. Anything that isn’t OEM, however, probably won’t be covered by the warranty.
Q. How do I extend the warranty after it expires? 
  • VW offers an extended warranty by itself, known as the Volkswagen Vehicle Service Protection Plans. You can also find third-party extended warranty options elsewhere
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