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Road trips always start off in the best of spirits, with everyone singing along to their favorite songs as they…

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The Best Cigarette Lighter Splitters (Review) in 2023 | Autance © The Best Cigarette Lighter Splitters (Review) in 2023 | Autance
Best Choice BESTEK Cigarette Lighter Adapter BESTEK Cigarette Lighter Adapter
Premium Pick Qidoe 3-Socket Cigarette Lighter Splitter Qidoe 3-Socket Cigarette Lighter Splitter
Best Value ONEVER 2 Sockets Cigarette Lighter Splitter ONEVER 2 Sockets Cigarette Lighter Splitter

Road trips always start off in the best of spirits, with everyone singing along to their favorite songs as they drive off into the sunset. Yet nobody accounts for a few hours later when everyone’s phone battery is dead, the Spotify playlist is about to switch off due to dead batteries, and you’ve still got a couple of hours to go before your arrival. From this moment on, the debate about which phone deserves the right to charge in the cigarette lighter socket begins – much to your dismay.

Don’t want to weigh in or whether it’s more important for Jodie to text her boyfriend or for Tom to play his online card game on the road ahead? We’ve selected the top cigarette lighter splitters to ensure that every member of your road trip crew is on 100-percent battery at every moment of the journey. Let’s jump right in to find out which is the right splitter for you.

The Best Cigarette Lighter Splitter

BESTEK has been providing portable power for years, and its 150-watt Cigarette Lighter Adapter combines all its expertise to create a credible adapter. Surrounded by a heavy-duty, flame-retardant casing, the adapter contains dual USB ports for charging your devices on the go. BESTEK thought of everything and even fitted a bright blue light for your convenience for finding ports at night.

For the passengers that didn’t call shotgun fast enough, the impressive 26-inch extension cord can be moved around, so backseat passengers can enjoy the benefits of the adapter too. Conversely, if you want to secure the adapter to one spot, the 3M adhesive tape won’t come off without a fight.

Key Features
  • 26-inch cord allows backseat passengers to charge their phones
  • Dual USB Ports possess total 3A output power for quickly charging devices
  • Over voltage protection as well as short circuit protection resists overheating
  • Can charge several devices from DVD players to car refrigerators
  • Car cigarette lighter increase from standard one to two sockets
  • Brand BESTEK
  • Model MRS152
  • Weight 5.6 ounces

Ensuring the safety of passengers and those nearby should be a driver’s number-one priority. OTIUM takes the safety inside the vehicle to the next level. This type-C charger and dual USB car charger contains a built-in, replaceable 10A safe fuse and smart recognition chip, so that the current can be cut off when need be. Add in the voltage monitor that keeps a user aware of battery health, and you couldn’t be in better hands.

All you do to install the car charger is plug the outlet into your lighter – no extra wires are required. The lack of wires will also make your car neater yet still provide passengers with convenience thanks to the flexible rotation features. Able to charge up to five different devices at the same time, you and your family will be safely connected wherever you go.

Key Features
  • Swiveling on flexible rotation feature allows easy access for all passengers
  • Safety system comprises of replaceable 10A safe fuse and smart recognition chip
  • LED display allows user to monitor car battery once power is switched on
  • Wireless construction is more convenient for plugging devices into
  • Features 2 USB Ports, 1.4A Type-C Port and two cigarette sockets to allow five devices to charge simultaneously  
  • Brand Otium
  • Model C46
  • Weight 2.56 ounces

HiGoing’s 120-watt Cigarette Lighter Adapter, equipped with four USB car chargers and three cigarette sockets, won’t fall apart anytime soon. Our favorite feature is undoubtedly the voltage indicator: it alerts you that the charger is switched on as well as protects your devices. And the total output power of 120 watts means that plenty can be plugged in at once.

This RoHS, CE, and FCC-certified device possesses a 3.3-foot cable that generously stretches out to the back seat. Concerning security, we’ve got Smart IC Technology to thank for putting overloading worries to the back of our minds. All you’ve got to look out for is the voltage dropping below 11.6 watts – otherwise, you’ll be connected at every step of the journey.

Key Features
  • Smart temperature detect switch provides superior overload and overheat protection
  • Features three cigarette sockets and four USB ports for four-device charging
  • Generous 3.3-foot cable can be stretched out to the backseat
  • RoHS, CE and FCC certified
  • Total output power up to 120W allows for multiple device usage
  • Brand HiGoing
  • Model TC03
  • Weight 8 ounces

If you want a device that does exactly what it promises to on the label, Skyocean’s three-socket Cigarette Lighter Splitter is the product to get. Whether you drive on straight roads or rough terrain, the shock-proof sponge mat aligning the base of the device will keep it safe from harm.

If the durability pledge isn’t enough to tempt you, the individual control buttons for all separate charging ports provides reliable overcharging, overcurrent, and short-circuit protection. These buttons are protected by anti-scratch and high-impact ABS material. It’s therefore no surprise that Skyocean offers its product with a no-hassle, one-year warranty: their product is a game changer in older cars and for road trips.

Key Features
  • Built-in PPTC auto-recovery fuse and circuits reduce risk of system overloads
  • One-year replacement warranty accompanied with exceptional customer service guaranteed
  • Shock-proof sponge mat assures stability on rough road surfaces
  • Individual controls for all on/off switches on every cigarette socket
  • Allows six respective devices to be used at the same time
  • Brand Skyocean
  • Model SK-15
  • Weight 6.4 ounces

Don’t you just love it when your kids are peacefully playing with their iPads in the back of the car, giving you time to unwind in the front? Qidoe aims to keep your children occupied on even the longest journeys by bringing you its 120-watt Cigarette Lighter Splitter. The four USB car chargers won’t only fit diverse car appliances like dash cams and humidifiers, each cigarette lighter also includes its own individual on/off switch to maintain safety.

Containing a PPTC auto-recovery fuse and Smart IC technology to maintain longevity, the device is also kept secure due to the sticky detachable mount that keeps the splitter where you want it. Just don’t exceed 120 watts and your RoHS, CE, and FCC certified device will provide your car with an abundance of outlets for years to come.

Key Features
  • Backed by five-year after sales service as well as sixty-day money back guarantee
  • Car charger can hold four USBs at once
  • Flashing number warning on display appears when voltage drops below 10.5V
  • PPTC auto-recovery 10A fuse and smart IC technology keep user safe
  • RoHS, CE, and FCC certified
  • Brand Qidoe
  • Model HC61A
  • Weight 5.6 ounces

After a busy day, there’s often not enough time to find a charger for your phone between your next social event. Thankfully, Rocketek’s two-socket Car Splitter has got you and your friend covered when travelling to and from locations. Compatible with all major appliances like GPS systems, dash cams, and iPads, these handy plugs can even be rotated round at  90 degrees, so your charging cable fits in nicely.

Along with this device that’s available at a steal, you’ll also receive a lifetime of free technical support as well as an 18-month manufacturer’s warranty with your investment. Yet, with the security measures in place – most notably the built-in fuse to withstand over and lower voltage and Smart IC to automatically turn your device off with the vehicle itself – we bet you’ll never have to use the support line.

Key Features
  • Compatible with all common charge appliances such as GPS systems, iPhones, and MP3s
  • Comes with an eighteen-month manufacturer's warranty and lifetime customer support
  • Plug angle can be adjusted 360-degrees
  • Two car splitter sockets give out 120 watts of power
  • Splitter turns off automatically when engine is switched off
  • Brand Rocketek
  • Model RT-FCC22
  • Weight 4 ounces

Do you need a charger to juice up multiple devices en route but are worried it will ruin the aesthetic of your vehicle? UGreen’s Car Charger Adaptor is the compact model for you. The sleek black case isn’t only miles prettier than conventional chargers, it’s also four times faster – with the quick charging QC 3.0 port charging to 60 percent battery from zero percent in only 35 minutes.

UGreen ensures that even if the Smart IC technology fails to protect the first fuse, the double-fused design is incredibly easy to replace. In fact, the compact design prides itself on simplicity, with the blue LED indicator allowing the driver to easily connect devices in the dark. Likewise, the LED features also allow one to easily identify the working status of the charger thanks to the indicative blue strip, even at night. If you need several USBs to replace your conventional 12V socket, you know which model to turn to.

Key Features
  • Three devices able to charge simultaneously
  • Allows charging to take place four times faster due to Max 3A current output
  • Tube fuse included in package extends service life
  • Cigarette lighter socket offers max output of 60W
  • Smart IC technology automatically detects and enforces optimal charging current
  • Brand UGreen
  • Model 40736
  • Weight 3.2 ounces

From your car refrigerator to your DVD player, Opluz’s universally compatible Smart Car Charger will cater to your charging needs. Containing two sockets alongside two smart UBS and one Quick Charge USB 3.0 port, the entire family can charge its devices concurrently on the same drive. The only problem will be fighting over what member of the family gets to plug their device into the esteemed quick-charging USB 3.0 port that generates a 50-percent charge in your phone after only 35 minutes.

Opluz take its customer’s safety seriously and ensures that the splitter stops working automatically if there is any chance of the product overcharging or overheating. Plus, we believe it’s impossible not to love a product that rotates on demand. What’s more, if you require any additional support or a replacement fuse, the car charger is backed by a no-hassle, two-year warranty. What’s not to love?

Key Features
  • One-year warranty with three-month money-back guarantee
  • Instant disconnection due to 5A fuse if overheating or overvoltage danger arises
  • Charger able to rotate 90-degrees
  • Faster speed than average chargers with devices reaching 80% in 35 minutes
  • Provides a three-port USB output
  • Brand Opluz
  • Model OPM230
  • Weight 1.6 ounces

Whether you drive a truck, an SUV, or a bus with 12-24 voltage, ONEVER’s innovative Cigarette Lighter Adapter performs like it’s from the future. From the moment it arrives –securely packaged with a plastic protector to stop debris from affecting its electronics – you’ll forever be impressed with the features ONEVER’s adapter has to offer.

Available in both black and white, this product will never interfere with your car’s navigation, audio, or cell phone signal. Instead, it will dedicate all of its energy into maximizing its reliability, even including an easy-to-read, real-time car voltage monitor, illuminated with LED lights, to protect against short-circuiting. And featuring a rotatable head, how could anyone not want ONEVER’s creation?

Key Features
  • Blue LED lights easy to plug in with minimal visibility
  • Secure packaging eliminates risk of dirt and debris infiltrating electronics
  • Real-time car battery display uses helpful color coding to indicate voltage
  • Two-socket car splitter able to supply power for three devices at once
  • Able to accommodate most USB powered devices
  • Brand ONEVER
  • Model 4351485691
  • Weight 2.88 ounces

Te-Rich’s 7-in-1 Adapter is a multi-functional model that caters to your family’s depleted batteries. The compact design is detachable yet easy to secure to your vehicle with the strong 3M adhesive tape lining. Another fantastic feature is the LED voltage meter that monitors your car battery and risk of short-circuiting, even in the dark.

The model contains three lighter sockets, a 2.1A USB Port, and even a Quick Charge 3.0 port for one lucky user’s device. The universally compatible USB-C charging port with PD is especially helpful when boosting the battery on outlandish devices such as radar detectors and handheld vacuums… we’re not judging what you want to charge in your car! Plus, with the ability to charge your phone in your car while camping and the option to shut off the external port to avoid serious drainage, you’ll be able to upload your camping pictures to ‘the gram’ without having to wait until you get home.

Key Features
  • Detachable mounting bracket can be fixed wherever inside the vehicle
  • Built-in smart circuits and IC chip keeps devices and yourself safe
  • 3.3ft extension cord allows back-seat passengers to successfully charge their phones
  • Can charge devices up to 75% quicker than average charging units
  • Contains three separate switches for sockets to protect against short circuiting
  • Brand Te-Rich
  • Weight 1.44 ounces

Cigarette Lighter Splitter Buying Guide

Things to Consider When Buying a Cigarette Lighter Splitter

You’ve finally decided to quash the endless family arguments and invest in a cigarette lighter splitter to charge your devices. Yet how will you know the difference between the excellent and the incompetent? Below, we encourage you to ask yourself these three pertinent questions before making your final purchase.

  • Is your cigarette lighter socket in working condition?

So many prospective customers are that eager to choose between different cigarette lighter splitters that they forget to check if their car’s cigarette lighter is working in the first instance. If your cigarette won’t light and your phone isn’t charging, shine a flashlight inside your cigarette lighter – as dirt and debris often prevent the socket from connecting. If you can’t see any fragments inside, your fuse may have to be replaced – don’t worry, it’s an easy fix – before you can enjoy the perks of owning a lighter splitter.

  • How will my chosen cigarette lighter splitter hold up against high voltages?

When choosing your new cigarette lighter splitter, ensure that it has been kitted out with either a PPTC auto-recovery fuse or smart IC technology to prevent short-circuiting and overheating. If you really want to put safety first, look for a splitter that presents its user with a real-time voltage display. Better yet, lighter splitters that contain separate switches for sockets further protect car chargers from short circuiting.

Benefits of a Cigarette Lighter Socket

Having once been used primarily for lighting up your cigarette inside your vehicle, the functions of cigarette lighter sockets have expanded substantially. Although we’re starting to notice the manufactural shift from 12V sockets to ditching them for USB ports, the standard socket certainly has its advantages.

  • Multiple devices can charge simultaneously

This is, of course, the obvious advantage to having a cigarette lighter socket alongside a splitter – unlimited power. Plugging in a splitter to your cigarette lighter socket can charge most electronics at over double the speed of an average charger.

  • Cigarette Lighter Splitters can be extended to the back seat

There’s not much point in owning a splitter if your backseat passengers aren’t able to take advantage of this cutting-edge technology too. Choose a cigarette lighter splitter that can extend several feet to accommodate everyone inside the vehicle. This handy feature beats USB ports installed into your vehicle hands down due to the ability to move it about.

Our Top Pick

So, which Cigarette Lighter Splitter would we pick from the masses to save our phones from the dreaded dead battery state? BESTEK’s 150W Cigarette Lighter Adapter steals the crown this time around. Not only does the sleek black design blend nicely into the interior of a vehicle, it will protect the electronics of it too thanks to features on offer such as USB intelligent identification, over-current protection, and short circuit protection. If you’re only travelling in the car for a short amount of time, the impressive 3A output power of both dual USB ports will get to work quickly, boosting the battery on your phone to levels as if you’d been on the road for hours. Finally, wherever you want BESTEK’s handy little splitter to live in your car, it can be attached there easily thanks to the sturdy 3M adhesive lining at the back. If you’re in need of a few extra outlets – wherever you are in the world – BESTEK is the reliable brand to turn to.


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