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Continental are a huge name in the world of tires. Known for the development of plain tread back in 1898,…

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Continental Tires Review | Autance © Continental Tires Review | Autance

Continental are a huge name in the world of tires. Known for the development of plain tread back in 1898, and their contribution to grooved tires, Continental are a true automotive powerhouse. With 147 years of experience behind them, they’re a sound bet if your car requires a new set of tires.

Unsurprisingly, you’ll have a lot of tires to choose from if you decide that Continental is the brand for you. To help you make an informed decision, we’ve tracked down and researched the three most popular options. We’ve also taken the time to run through some important information about Continental tires, helping you to get the most out of whichever option you select.

Best Selling Continental Tires

Top of our list is this impressively versatile all-season tire. Designed for ultra-high performance, this tire is the perfect choice for drivers looking for excellent year-round traction. Thanks to its all new SportPlus Technology, the tire can offer precise handling even on wet, slippery roads. Thanks to its clever tread design, the tire ensures that you’ll have a smooth, quiet ride wherever you roam. Inside, the tire is reinforced by twin steel belts, wrapped in jointless nylon for extra support. This structure helps the tire to maintain its shape, providing long-term integrity even at high speeds.

It also features carefully designed traction grooves, engineered to improve performance in the snow. An increased pattern at the edge of each tire helps to improve traction on most terrains, too. Meanwhile, Continental’s unique X-Sipe technology improves braking and acceleration whatever the weather. With an excellent tread life, you can rest assured that this tough and versatile tire is a sound investment, too. It features unique QuickView Indicators, which make it easy to see whether they are wearing and performing as they should. Each tire includes a limited 50,000 mile warranty, so you know they’re built to last. Drivers say that the tires offer precise handling, and stand up well to heat, cold, and rain alike.

Key Features
  • All-season radial tire
  • Suitable for use on the road all year round
  • SportPlus technology offers precise handling
  • Superior grip on slippery, wet roads, and in the snow
  • Carefully designed traction grooves improve snow performance
  • X-Sipe technology improves braking and acceleration
  • QuickView Indicators make it easy to see your tire wear
  • Smooth, quiet ride
  • Include a 50,000 mile limited warranty
  • Brand Continental
  • Model Extreme Contact DWS06
  • Weight 19.7 pounds

The next Continental tire to earn a spot on our list is this radial run flat option. Run flat tires are built to keep on running even after a puncture, making them the perfect option for drivers who regularly undertake long journeys. They can run for around 50 miles, at 50 mph, after sustaining a puncture, helping you get home, or reach your nearest garage safely.

Continental’s version of the run flat tire is carefully designed to blend together low noise, good looks, and extended mobility. Made from a durable all-season compound, the tires retain their shape and traction well whatever the temperature. Thanks to its grippy notched tread design, the tire is designed to keep you on the road no matter what time of year it is. Meanwhile, wide circumferential grooves help the tires to resist hydroplaning. At their edges, the tires feature PROactive Edge Technology, engineered to promote continuous contact with the road for minimal noise and excellent traction. Inside, twin steel belts, reinforced with spirally wrapped nylon, keeps the tire stable and promotes durability. Its reinforced, self-supporting side walls also prevent the tire from getting caught between the road and the rim in the event of a puncture. Overall, they’re the perfect option if you’re looking for an all-season touring tire that’s built to last. Drivers agree that the tries are incredibly durable – especially at their relatively affordable price point.

Key Features
  • All-season touring tires featuring run flat technology
  • Can be driven a further 50 miles, at 50 mph, in the event of a puncture
  • Designed to minimize road noise
  • Made with a durable, all-season compound
  • Notched tread design provides great year-round traction
  • Reinforced by twin steel belts, wrapped with nylon
  • Self-supporting side walls allow for functionality after a puncture
  • Brand Continental
  • Model ContiProContact SSR Run Flat
  • Weight 27.8 pounds

Last, but not least, comes the PureContact tire. Designed specifically for luxury performance sedans, sport coupes, and crossover vehicles, the tires carefully balance comfort with long wear and low rolling resistance. All this adds up to a safe, comfortable ride that also promotes good fuel economy. Although it’s a touring tire, the PureContact is surprisingly versatile. It’s designed to grip well in wet weather, and in light snow, too, giving you the year-round performance you need. Inside, a pair of steel belts, reinforced with spirally wound polyamide, keep the tire stable at high speeds.

Each tire is manufactured using Continental’s unique silica-enhanced all-season compound. Meanwhile, EcoPlus technology works to improve treadwear, fuel efficiency, and traction, without compromising on comfort and road noise. The tire’s tread features an asymmetric design, crafted with the assistance of computer optimization to minimise noise while enhancing dry road handling. The tire’s independent tread blocks are siped, providing additional biting edges that come in handy in the snow. The tires also feature a set of performance indicators, allowing drivers to easily see whether their current tread depth is sufficient for optimum safety. Drivers report that the tires perform excellently, even in wet conditions, resisting hydroplaning with ease.

Key Features
  • All-season touring tire
  • Designed for luxury sedans, sport coupes, and crossover vehicles
  • Low rolling resistance improves fuel economy
  • Designed to grip well in wet weather, and even snow
  • Reinforced by twin steel belts, wrapped with polyamide
  • Features Continental’s unique, silica-enhanced all-season compound
  • Designed for minimal road noise
  • Independent, siped tread blocks for improved biting edge
  • Easy to read performance indicators allow drivers to gauge if the tread depth is safe
  • Brand Continental
  • Model PureContact
  • Weight 21 pounds

Continental Tires Buying Guide & FAQ

Each of these three tires is a great option for year-round touring. Thanks to their versatile compound, clever tread design, and durable internal structure, they’re the perfect solution if you’re searching for a quality touring tire that can withstand a wide range of weather, and continue to last through lengthy journeys.

Despite these similarities, each option is subtly different, however:

  • Option One

Continental’s Extreme Contact tire is the perfect choice for a wide range of vehicles, including sports cars, coupes, sport trucks, and performance sedans. Thanks to their all-season capabilities, they’re essentially a good all-rounder.

  • Option Two

If you regularly undertake long journeys in unfamiliar terrain, Continental’s run flat tires could be a better option. They’re highly reinforced, for impressive integrity, and allow you to drive on to a nearby garage in the event of a puncture, saving you the hassle of a roadside tire change. Effectively, these handy tires prevent that nightmare scenario of being stranded in the middle of nowhere.

  • Option Three

Continental’s PureContact tire is a great solution if your fuel economy is a key concern. Because it’s designed to balance low rolling resistance with appropriate all-season grip, the tire can help to cut down your fuel costs – especially over long, high-speed journeys. These tires are ideal for the eco-conscious driver.

Why Choose Continental Tires?

Choosing Continental tires means choosing a well-established brand with a strong history of innovation. As the world’s fourth largest tire manufacturer, they benefit from a wealth of experience when designing their tires.

Continental’s touring tires are generally known for the following benefits:

  • Excellent grip on dry surfaces
  • Exceptional comfort
  • Good grip on wet, slippery surfaces
  • Very low road noise

Being a German brand, Continental pride themselves on the precision and efficiency associated with the country’s engineering industry. The company is also known for carrying out extensive safety testing, giving you peace of mind that your new tires are designed to protect you from the various hazards of the road.

Continental tires regularly score top ratings in independent testing facilities the world over, further confirming their quality.

Design Features

As mentioned earlier, Continental tires are known for their German heritage. German engineering is renowned for its state of the art accuracy, giving these tires an important edge in their design and performance.

Continental’s tire design is known for:

  • Digitalization

In recent years, Continental have utilized digital technology to improve the efficiency and sustainability of the manufacturing process. The use of new software and machinery also ensured that tires are produced to a higher, more consistent standard of quality than ever before.

  • Road Safety

Continental are keenly aware that a car’s tires are the single point of contact between your vehicle and the road. For this reason, safety is always made a priority in every one of their tire designs. Their tires score highly on independent safety tests the world over.

  • Sustainability

As long as we drive cars, we’ll need tires, so Continental have put a concerted effort into manufacturing their components as sustainably as possible. For instance, the company is currently funding the development of alternative materials, at their recently opened Taraxagum Lab Anklam.


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