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Buying a motorcycle helmet used to be a simple process. You would head to your local bike shop, try on…

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Coolest Motorcycle Helmets: Ride in Style | Autance © Coolest Motorcycle Helmets: Ride in Style | Autance
Best Choice LS2 Rapid Street Helmet LS2 Rapid Street Helmet
Best Value Scorpion EXO-R420 Namaska Scorpion EXO-R420 Namaskar Helmet
Premium Pick Shoei Neotec 2 Helmet Shoei Neotec 2 Helmet

Buying a motorcycle helmet used to be a simple process. You would head to your local bike shop, try on a few options, and pick the best one. Those days are gone. Now you are a few clicks away from hundreds of options online. The sheer number of types, sizes, shapes, designs, and features is almost overwhelming. 

Buying the right helmet is a personal experience. You want to find the right one that’s the perfect blend of safety, comfort, size, shape, and style. It can seem like you are looking for a needle in a haystack. Thankfully, we’ve done most of the work for you. Check out these cool motorcycle helmets and find the perfect helmet for your next ride.

The Coolest Motorcycle Helmets

At the top of our list is the sleek and stylish LS2 Rapid Street Helmet. This helmet successfully balances the lines of coolness with great features and affordability. It was designed with comfort in mind, boasting extremely lightweight dual shell construction that makes it more aerodynamic and keeps it from feeling unwieldy on your head. The inner lining is a removable, comfortable padding that is both hypoallergenic and easily washable. Along with its fully adjustable airflow ports, this combination of features makes LS2’s helmet one of the sturdiest on the market, while also being so comfortable that you might forget you’re wearing it.

The attached face shield is scratch-resistant and blocks UV light to protect your eyes, but you can also change it out for your own visor without even the need for tools. You can purchase this helmet in a variety of sizes and there are over a dozen colorful decals to choose from, so there’s no doubt that you can find one perfect for your fit and style.

However, the helmet does not come with a built-in sunshade so riding during the day can be problematic. The helmet is also a bit heavier when compared to others available. Four pounds is considered light when dealing with many things but not a helmet. There have also been complaints about the sizing chart. It may actually be too small so you may want to order a size or two larger.

Key Features
  • One of the lightest helmets of its size
  • Fully adjustable vents
  • Hypoallergenic and breathable
  • Quick-release chin strap
  • Brand LS2
  • Model Ls2 Rapid Helmet
  • Weight 4 pounds

Stand out from the crowd with this cool yet elegant helmet. It comes in three colors: black, blue, and white. Each color has gold designs on the sides and back. A stunning feature of this helmet is the opalesque effect of the paint. The helmet comes with a 100 percent UV protection face shield and quick removal cheek pads. You’ll appreciate the Ellip-Tec II Ratchet System, making it easy to change the face shield without tools. There is an Aero-tuned ventilation system with a single large front vent and mouth vent.

Unfortunately, this helmet only has two shell sizes. This is limiting and can result in some sizes having a bobblehead effect. Also, the sizing runs small, which means you’ll need to size up for a comfortable fit. There is also a lack of vents, making this helmet feel warm.

Key Features
  • Ellip-Tec II Ratchet System
  • Optically clear, anti-scratch hardened coating
  • 100 percent UV protected face shield
  • Aero tuned ventilation system
  • Brand Scorpion
  • Model EXO-R420 Namaskar

Removable and washable KwikWick II anti-microbial fabric

Kwikfit cheek pads

Speaker pockets


Two shell sizes

Small fit

Lacks vents

Don’t be fooled by the plain coloring of this helmet. Its features are what make it stand out. There are eight colors to choose from. You’ll appreciate the customized fit of this helmet, thanks to its four shell sizes and five liners. The helmet stands out thanks to the state-of-the-art technology used in forming the shell. It also is more protective with a dual-layer EPS liner that enhances impact absorption and ventilation. The vortex generator reduces noise and increases airflow into the helmet. The enlarged single-button release is easy to operate while wearing gloves. The visor has a 360-degree Pivot Locking System that uses stainless steel components for increased durability.

The downside of this helmet is that it is loud. It also feels heavy at faster speeds when the wind is stronger. The interior sun visor is a smoke greay that could be darker for better blocking of the sun.

Key Features
  • Aerodynamic properties
  • Dual-layer EPS liner
  • 360-degree Pivot Locking System
  • Enlarged single-button release
  • Brand Shoei
  • Model Neotec 2
  • Weight 4.12 pounds

Four shell sizes and five liners

State-of-the-art shell forming technology

Vortex Generator



Heavy in wind

Sun visor too light

Look like you’re ready to take flight in this unique helmet with its oversized face shield. It comes in either matte black or white with a stunning bronze shield. The outer shell is injection-molded polycarbonate, and there are three shell sizes. This is an average amount and ensures no one feels like a bobblehead while wearing the helmet. A standout feature of this helmet is the ventilation. There are multiple oversized intake and exhaust ports all over the helmet. Another nice feature is the molded breath deflector that keeps the oversized shield from fogging.

Unfortunately, this helmet’s overall fit is small, so you’ll need to size up. This is made more complicated by a narrow width. Those who do not have a long oval head shape will find this helmet uncomfortable. It can also create a lot of wind noise at faster speeds.

Key Features
  • Hand-laid full-carbon shell
  • Koroyd technology
  • Optimized shell resin distribution
  • Quick release shield and visor system
  • Brand Klim
  • Model Krios Pro
  • Weight 3.4 pounds

Three shell sizes

Multiple oversized intake and exhaust ports

Removable side plates


Overall fit is small

Lots of wind noise

Narrow width

The advanced Premium Integrated Matrix Plus fiberglass shell will protect your head from the street to the track. It’s a unique blend of carbon fiber and fiberglass that’s shaped into an aerodynamic shell. It has a built-in glove-friendly six-stage variable airflow vent that’s a part of the Advanced Channeling Ventilation System for front-to-back airflow. The Rapidfire II Shield Replacement System connects to an optically superior 2D face shield that’s 95 percent UV-protective. You’ll like that this helmet comes with a clear and dark smoke face shield.

Unfortunately, the chin strap is weak and can break under pressure. Also, the sizing is small, so you’ll want to size up when ordering. The biggest issue is the limited field of vision. It hinders your ability to see when backing up or changing lanes.

Key Features
  • Advanced P.I.M. Plus Fiberglass aerodynamic shell
  • Fiberglass composite shell
  • RPHA 11 Pro cheek pads
  • Rapidfire II Shield Replacement System
  • Brand HJC
  • Model RPHA 11 Pro Venom 2
  • Weight 3.12 pounds

Wider eye port

Max airflow top vent

ACS Advanced Channeling Ventilation System


Small sizing

Limited side vision

Weak chin strap

Be an urban warrior ready for battle in this apocalyptic-inspired helmet. It has an intermedial oval shape and comes in black, matte black, and grey. The unique design of this helmet is what makes it stand out. It has a half helmet that’s made using Scorpion’s Ultra-TCT fiberglass technology. It is then paired with a molded polycarbonate face mask and drop-down visor. The front mask attaches to the helmet with neodymium magnets. This helmet comes with two shields, one is clear for night riding and the other is dark smoke for blocking the sun. There is a low-profile Aero-tuned ventilation system.

Unfortunately, this helmet can be difficult to take apart and put back together. When you wear it as a half helmet, it can give you a mushroom head look. There is also a serious lack of vents, which isn’t an issue when worn as a half helmet. However, it can be hot wearing it with the mask.

Key Features
  • Multi-layered Ultra-TCT® shell
  • Dark smoke SpeedView internal sun visor
  • Dual-density EPS
  • KwikWick 3 anti-microbial fabric liner
  • Brand Scorpion
  • Model EXO Covert X
  • Weight 3.31 pounds

Includes clear visor

Removable front mask

Included cold weather ear covers


Hard to disassemble and assemble

Give you a mushroom head look

No ventilation

The design that we like is the superhero-style Devil May Care matte, but there are plenty of other looks available if you think that one is better for you. The shield that you get with it is clear, but there is the option of adding a tinted shield if you would like, so you have the option of adjusting your field of vision.

But when we are looking for cool features, we can’t only turn our attention to the exterior of the helmet. Inside, there is a spot to mount a Bluetooth stereo headset and intercom. And the cheek pads are contoured to fit nicely to your face. The padded chin strap keeps the helmet in place, while its quick-release design means that you can whip it off in an instant.

Yet again, with Bell, you will end up paying a heck of a lot more than you would for another brand. As mentioned above, it comes with all of the necessary features to add a Bluetooth speaker system but you have to buy the parts separately.

Key Features
  • Lightweight polycarbonate shell
  • Adjustable ventilation system
  • Padded wind collar
  • Moisture-wicking interior lining
  • It accommodates a Bluetooth stereo headset and intercom
  • Brand Bell
  • Model Qualifier Dlx
  • Weight 3.5 pounds

Pick from six colors for this classic-looking helmet. It has a large field of vision, advanced ventilation system, and 3D Max-Dry System II liner. There are four shell sizes, so you won’t have to worry about the bobblehead effect. Inside is a dual-density EPS liner. It also comes with an emergency quick-release system should you need treatment from an emergency response medical team. You’ll appreciate the aerodynamics of this helmet that noticeably reduces wind noise.

Unfortunately, the face shield is clear, and it’s hard to find and replace it with a tinted one. This leaves you wearing sunglasses inside of the helmet. The visor lock isn’t glove-friendly, making it cumbersome to operate. It can also be difficult to attach an aftermarket communicator.

Key Features
  • Dual-density EPS liner
  • Superior ventilation
  • 3D Max-Dry System II liner
  • E.Q.R.S. (Emergency Quick-Release System)
  • Brand Shoei
  • Model RF-1400
  • Weight 3.62 pounds

Four shell sizes

Advanced noise reduction

Includes breath guard and chin curtain


Clear visor only

Visor lock not glove-friendly

Hard to attach communicator

Feel like you’re riding in the future with this outlaw helmet and its oversized visor. It comes in four colors with a clear face shield. There are mirrored and dark smoke face shields available for an easy tool-free replacement. The shell is made from lightweight composite, and there’s an internal sun visor for extra protection. The liner is antibacterial and removable. You’ll appreciate the impressive amount of ventilation with top, rear, and dual adjustable chin vents.

Unfortunately, the large visor can create some functionality issues. It’s hard to close and “lock” it when just using the left tab. The rubber seal doesn’t always sit in place, creating wind noise. It can also leak when riding in the rain. The biggest issue is that there are only two shell sizes, which negatively affects the overall size and feel.

Key Features
  • Original Bandit styling
  • Lightweight composite shell
  • Removable/antibacterial liner
  • Removable chin curtain and air dam
  • Brand Simpson
  • Model Mod Bandit
  • Weight 3.73 pounds

Integrated speaker and boom mic pockets

Dual adjustable chin vents

Top and rear ventilation


Two shell sizes

Visor doesn’t easily lock in place

Leaks in heavy rain

If you don’t want to wear a full-face helmet, this paired-down half helmet is perfect. Designed for cruiser riding, it comes with a large face shield and exterior sun visor. There are seven colors to choose from. It’s made from a lightweight advanced polycarbonate composite shell using CAD technology. The interior is moisture-wicking and plush Nylex. It’s removable, washable, and anti-bacterial. Unlike other cruiser half helmets on the market, this one is DOT-approved.

The downside of this helmet is that it can give you a mushroom head. The exterior sun visor also catches wind, which can be tiring on your neck. It also doesn’t have the most secure retention system with a simple nylon strap and dual D-rings.

Key Features
  • Lightweight Advanced Polycarbonate Composite Shell
  • CAD technology
  • Integrated, pull-down HJ-V4 light-smoked sun shield
  • Nylex interior
  • Brand HJC
  • Model IS-Cruiser
  • Weight 2.64 pounds


Simple face shield operation

Wind-blocking ear cover


Nylon strap D-ring retention system

Sun visor catches wind

Creates mushroom head

Choose from seven color options for this full-face helmet. It sports a clean and minimalist design with an easily replaceable clear face shield. There are two upper and one lower front vents. What’s nice about this helmet is that it has four shell sizes and six EPS liner sizes for a custom fit. You’ll appreciate that a breath guard and chin curtain are included. These reduce fogging and wind noise. The shape of this helmet has aerodynamic properties and is constructed from high-performance fiber materials.

The downside of this helmet is that the vents don’t create a lot of airflow. This makes the helmet hot for summer riding but comfortable for cooler weather. The face shield also tends to separate from the hinges. The chin straps are thin, which can make them cut into your neck.

Key Features
  • Dual-layer EPS liner
  • Four shell and six EPS liner sizes
  • Two upper air intake vents
  • Breath guard and chin curtain included
  • Brand Shoei
  • Model RF-SR Helmet
  • Weight 3.66 pounds

Aerodynamic properties

High-performance fiber materials

Emergency Quick Release System


Thin chin straps

Visor comes out of hinge mechanism

Lacks airflow

Look cool in this carbon fiber helmet with gray American flag detailing. The helmet was tested and designed with professional riders and in Bell’s state-of-the-art wind tunnel. This resulted in the most aerodynamic helmet with fine-tuned shaping. It has five shell sizes and six EPS for a truly custom fit. It’s full of features like triple-density Magnefusion cheek pads, virus cool jade mesh liner, flex impact liner, speaker pockets, and Panovision Protint raceview viewport. It even comes with a zippered bag for storing your helmet.

Unfortunately, there is no inner sun visor on this helmet. The face shield is light smoke, which may not block enough light. The helmet also has a small fit, so you’ll want to size up. The fit also is narrow on the sides, which can be uncomfortable for people with round-shaped heads.

Key Features
  • Panovision raceview viewport
  • Flex Impact Liner
  • 3K Carbon Shell
  • Triple-density cheek pads
  • Brand Bell
  • Model Race Star Flex DLX Cousteau Flag
  • Weight 3.57 pounds

Optimized aerodynamics

Six EPS and five shell sizes

Field tested and developed with professional riders


Narrow width

Small fit

No inner sun visor

The bold geometric design of this helmet helps it to stand out in either of its color options. Choose from a black/yellow/green or white/blue/red design. An uncommon feature of the helmet is the outer round shape that enhances impact and energy dispersion. The interior of the helmet is an intermediate oval fit. A unique feature is the Variable Axis System and side pods for quick and easy face shield replacement. The IC Duct5 forehead vents deliver 11 percent more airflow than the Corsair V and have three positions to choose from. The shell is made from Super Fiber and other synthetic materials that were originally developed for F-1 helmets.

Unfortunately, not everyone will love the round shape of this helmet. This unique shape also limits your field of vision, giving you a smaller sight range than other helmets on this list. The vents are also small when looking at comparable helmets.

Key Features
  • VAS (Variable Axis System) shield and side pods
  • PB SNC2 Shell
  • Dual function lever
  • Snell 2020 and DOT approved
  • Brand Arai
  • Model Corsair-X RSW Trico
  • Weight 3.55 pounds

Neckroll is removable

IC Duct5 forehead vent

Arai's R75 shell shape


Small air vents

Small field of vision

Weird shape

Coolest Motorcycle Helmets Buying Guide & FAQ

How We Choose Our Selection of Coolest Motorcycle Helmets

That’s the end of this list of our favorite cool motorcycle helmets. Clearly, there are a lot of options and features to take into account for a purchase such as this. If you’re still unsure of what to consider when choosing between them, keep scrolling to view our detailed buying guide that gives more information on how we chose the coolest helmets out of all the ones being sold right now.

Graphics and Overall Style

When you’re looking at a helmet, the first thing you almost always notice is the design of the exterior. Our list includes a variety of looks, ranging from a simple, matte black finish to an explosion of colorful graphics covering the entire shell. Some helmets are modeled after movie helmets while others retain the old school designs of previous decades. Whether you’re into one of these styles, the other, or something somewhere in between, there is a helmet out there that will match your preference. Nobody but you can say which one will be your favorite, which is why we’ve endeavored to provide so many different examples here above. The only way to find the perfect one is to browse a wide range of options.


This category overlaps somewhat with the previous one, but it is different enough to warrant separate consideration. Sometimes the look of the helmet on its own is not important to you, but rather you care about how it will stand out from your peers’ helmets. It’s easy to buy a mundane, nondescript helmet that will protect your head. If you’re trying to make a visual statement with your helmet, you want to achieve a look that not a lot of other people around you already have. Some helmet makers specially commission artists to give their products a more unique look, while others repurpose older graphics that have fallen out of style. If you want to own a truly unique helmet, you may want to opt for a product with fewer reviews and previous purchases.

Cool motorcycle helmets come in all different shapes and sizes.

Base Helmet Quality

If a helmet doesn’t protect your head, it won’t matter how cool it looks. In order for a helmet to get onto our list, it has to perform well, offering relatable durability and high-quality shielding. Ideally, a helmet will be lightweight and comfortable, while still offering enough decent shock absorption to evenly redistribute impact damage to less vital areas. Many helmets undergo vigorous testing procedures to receive official approval from the DOT, which marks them as safe enough for use on public roads. It could be wise to avoid buying helmets that can’t offer any sort of proof of their strength. Otherwise, you might as well not be wearing a helmet at all.

Cool Features

There are a lot of great features that different motorcycle helmets can offer and not all of them are made obvious just by looking at pictures. For example, many helmets are sold with different types of visors, offering resistance to scratches, UV rays, and fog. If you live in an area with a lot of inclement weather, such a visor could be integral to your traveling comfortably. Other helmets have inline Bluetooth support, allowing you to take calls and listen to music while riding, without having to fumble for your phone in your pocket. Only you can know the features that are most important to you in a helmet, so don’t forget to see what each one offers before committing to a product that doesn’t give you what you need.


Particularly if you’re someone who takes long rides on your motorcycle, you want your helmet to be as comfortable as possible. Every helmet on the market has different kinds of inner-lining available and the difference could make or break your enjoyment of it. On top of just finding a helmet that fits snugly on your head, consider the quality of that inside padding: Is it removable and washable? Does it use advanced moisture-wicking technology to keep itself dry? How hard it is to unstrap and remove? All of these factors contribute to how often you’ll need to take off and adjust your helmet due to unnecessary irritation. See if the helmet you want has any of these important features before you’re stuck with an uncomfortable choice.

Recent Developments

Helmet manufacturers are always coming out with new features to make them safer or more comfortable. Consider these features when comparing two helmets. This could be a UV-blocking face shield, speaker pockets for a communication system, or antibacterial fabric lining the inside. High-end helmets even have built-in communication systems, rearview cameras, or advanced wind channeling spoilers.

Different Sizes and Styles

Helmets come in different shapes and sizes. First, start with the shape: round, intermediate oval, and oval. Take a picture of the top of your head to determine your shape. Different helmet manufacturers are known for producing helmets of a particular shape. Choose the wrong shape, and you’ll experience hot spots. Next, choose your size. Measure around your head and buy the corresponding size according to the manufacturer’s size chart. Sizes can vary from one maker to the next and between different models from a single maker. 

Additionally, look at how many shell sizes the manufacturer makes. This is the outer piece of the helmet. Higher-end helmets tend to have more shell sizes because the more shells, the more expensive the helmet is to produce. A higher number of shells means you’ll have a slimmer fit and avoid the bobblehead effect. 

Varying Types

There are a few main types of motorcycle helmets: full-face, modular, half, and dual-sport. Then there are niche specialty types, such as vintage-inspired. The type of helmet that you buy will depend on the type of bike that you ride. Full-face helmets tend to have more aerodynamic shaping to help them cut through the wind while on a sportbike. Dual-sport helmets have a wide face opening and no face shield so that you can wear goggles with them. Modular come with more comfort features because people tend to wear them when on touring bikes and taking long rides.

Safety Features

The very nature of a helmet is that it is supposed to protect your head and be a piece of safety equipment, but some helmets are safer than others. Look for a helmet with a shell constructed of shock- and impact-absorbing material. The face shield should be shatterproof. It should also have an emergency quick-release system. This allows an emergency medical response team to quickly and safely remove your helmet in the event of an accident. 

Cool motorcycle helmets make a great gift for any rider.

Our Top Pick

We chose the LS2 Rapid Street Helmet as our top pick for the coolest motorcycle helmet on the market because of the great balance it strikes between fashion, function, and cost. Some helmets are sturdy and protective, while others are flashy and stylish, but the Rapid Street helmet manages to do a great job of both, and at a reasonable price to boot.

In addition to boasting incredible durability, despite its lightweight design, LS2 crammed a lot of great features into such a small product. It’s rare to find an affordable motorcycle helmet with such customizability and functions for improving quality of life. The hypoallergenic inner padding is just one of the amazing ways that LS2 took their design to the next level with this product. Every decal offered is colorful and unique, which allows a wide range of people to buy and enjoy the great helmet.

For all these reasons and more, it ranks at the top of our list of coolest motorcycle helmets.


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