Cowabunga, Dude! Tesla is Now Selling Surfboards

The $1,500 limited edition board is Tesla’s newest lifestyle product.

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Cowabunga, Dude! Tesla is Now Selling Surfboards © Cowabunga, Dude! Tesla is Now Selling Surfboards

If you lived in California during the 1960s, chances are you knew a ripper who carried their log atop a Mercury Woodie. Surfing culture has always had a weird asymmetrical and stereotypical binding with auto enthusiasts that marked the infancy of the "car guy," and now, California-based electric car manufacturer Tesla is looking to capitalize on its states pseudo-native sport.

Every once in a while, Tesla and its sister companies come out with something ridiculous. Consumers love this kind of brand-swag and buy it up (myself included), no matter if it's a hat, shirt, or even a USB power bank shaped like a mini Supercharger. Today's installment in that series is the automaker's newest product in its lifestyle lineup: a limited edition run of 200 surfboards.

Tesla collaborated with Lost Surfboards of San Clemente, California to design its offering. The finished product retains a sleek, modern appearance. Adorned in beautiful woven carbon fiber and a powerful red bottom, the finished product rocks a matte top coat which Tesla mentions is inspired by its cars. The short board measures in at six feet, eight inches and doesn't ship with fins.

So, let's get to the dollars and cents; how much will one of these bad boys run? While other Lost-brand surfboards start around $700, its "Black Dart" carbon fiber lineup is a bit more expensive with some retailers listing them in the mid-$800 range. Tesla's boards are undoubtedly expensive and will certainly help to lighten up your wallet by costing a hefty $1,500. The price tag and luxury description, though unwritten, makes it clear that the board is aimed at collectors and not necessarily the avid surfer; so along with the limited number of production units, you probably shouldn't expect to see one of these catching waves at your local beach. As of this writing, Tesla has already sold out.

Tesla's line of electric cars might not have vintage wood paneling or the surfer appeal that some of the most iconic cars of the '50s through '70s, but they can supposedly accommodate the board with ease. According to the automaker's website, its entire lineup of current vehicles, the Model 3, S, and X, can all fit the shortboard inside (or outside) the vehicle. And with Tesla being a Cali-native company with a fairly notorious cult-like fan following, can you really think of any other way to scream "locals only"?

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