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Possessing as well as maintaining a vehicle is not that easy, for instance in the United States, where you need it to move around while attending to errands. Therefore, it’s your obligation to keep it clean at all times. And the most exposed part of your vehicle is the paint. And, one of the most…

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The Disadvantages of Paint Protection Film on Vehicles | Autance © The Disadvantages of Paint Protection Film on Vehicles | Autance

Possessing as well as maintaining a vehicle is not that easy, for instance in the United States, where you need it to move around while attending to errands. Therefore, it’s your obligation to keep it clean at all times. And the most exposed part of your vehicle is the paint. And, one of the most recommended and best techniques to preserve its premium quality is through the application of clear wrap. In this article, you will learn some of the disadvantages of paint protection film.

Let’s check this table helps you have an overview of Top 3 ceramic coating, an alternative to paint protection film:



Further information

Turtle Wax 53409

- Brand: Turtle Wax
- Item Dimensions: 1.92 x 4.13 x 10.4 inches
- Item Weight: 1 pounds
- Super hydrophobic and SiO2 polymers deliver water repelling and chemical resistant
- Simply spray on a clean dry car, spread and remove with a folded microfiber cloth
- Adds a brilliant mirror-like shine, reducing water spots and contaminant deposits
- Can be used in direct sunlight and on all exterior surfaces including glass, headlights, trim and wheels
- Not recommended for soft side convertible tops
- The Hybrid Solutions collection features a sweet fruity fragrance

Ethos Ceramic Wax PRO

- Brand: Ethos Handcrafted Car Care
- Item Dimensions: 3 x 3 x 8.5 inches
- Item Weight: 9.6 ounces
- 3-in-1 formula replaces waxes, polishes and sealants
- Has been proven to last 10X longer than traditional carnauba waxes or polymer sealants
- Enjoy long lasting Gloss, Shine and Hydrophobic effects month after month
- Non-stick, mirror-shine finish
- Protecting your vehicle from corrosion, oxidation, UV rays and environmental contaminants
- Aerospace grade sealant

Chemical Guys

- Brand: Chemical Guys
- Item Dimensions: 7.92 x 2.32 x 2.29 inches
- Item Weight: 1.17 pounds
- Ease of use, shine, depth and clarity of a wax combined with the longevity, beading, and slickness of a ceramic coating.
- Latest in gel suspension technology
- Hydrophobic water beading, ceramic SiO2 nanotechnology to seal the pores the car
- Year round protection
- Intense crystalline hyper shine

What is a Paint Protection Film?

It is a clear and thin film that protects the car paints, and it has other names: clear bra, obscure shield, and transparent mask. It makes a significant difference in the durability of impeccable paints.

A clear bra is an exciting product, and it can be the best alternative in particular circumstances. Nevertheless, it is composed of at least three essential layers, include:

#1: Transparent Coating

This is the outermost layer of the clear bra. It is exposed to the environment, and it is a thick solution of about 0.5mm. It is made of an elastomeric and strong polymer material which helps the layer to have a self-recovery and natural trait. 

Moreover, it can retain the usual shape even if it’s scratched or disfigured. That being said, it has a low rate of exterior energy; thus, insects, bird droppings, or harmful pests cannot cling on the film.

#2: Urethane

This substance is considered to be lightweight, clear, versatile, and highly powerful than plastics. It is highly resistant to corrosion, scratches, and other impacts while maintaining its flexibility. Moreover, it retains original state if it is disfigured or scratched.

According to history, the US military was the first to use urethane. They applied it on the nose of their fighter jets with the assistance of 3M company. Later other industries followed suits such as automobile industries in car racing and aerospace.

#3: Adhesive

This is the last layer of the clear mask that enables it to stick on your vehicle’s body surface. However, if it is exposed to direct sunlight intensity, it would turn the film yellow. Therefore, most manufacturers produced adhesives that are highly resistant to oxidation and ultra-violet rays.

Nowadays, most adhesives contain acrylic adhesive coating. This layer is long-lasting, highly flexible, and cannot wear off quite easily from your car paints. Thus it protects the paint from any damage or scratch.

5 Disadvantages of Paint Protection Film

The best thing to do for your paint is to protect it with a superior quality invisible shield. Protect your vehicle from sun rays, debris, and other contaminants, and clear wrap can do this effectively.

But remember, nothing is perfect; therefore, when deciding on a clear bra, you must know both cons and pros. So, what are the paint protection film disadvantages?

It is not Permanent

A clear bra is a thin film you put over on top of the paint. Regardless of its extremely thin shape, it is resilient to endure elements, but it cannot last forever. This is because each product of clear mask has a different lifespan, but none of them can last long.

The warranty of invisible shield has a warranty of 5 to 12 years, and after that, its integrity is not guaranteed. Nevertheless, this is an excellent period of optimal service to the life of your vehicle’s paint. Unfortunately, therefore, you need to replace it after it expires, which is a colossal expense.

The film doesn’t leave any residue on your paint. So any professional paint installer must have the equipment necessary to replace it after the warranty expires. Therefore, this is very disadvantageous because it’s not long-lasting and not permanent

Relatively Expensive

The PPF is a great way to increase the value of your vehicle. Nevertheless, it is quite expensive to apply the invisible shield rather than leaving the paint unprotected. You can experience various factors when it comes to paying for its installation, such as quality of the clear mask, the installer’s expertise, the amount of car surface you want to be covered, and job complexion.

Installation of paint protection is pretty much expensive; that’s why most car owners opt for ceramic coating because they are incredibly cheap. Although it can pay for itself, due to the self-recovery feature, it is still costly.

This property prevents you from replacing the paintings every time. Therefore, to get a superior quality film, you need to spend a lot. In addition, the high cost means you have limited time and money to repair other malfunctioning components in your vehicle.

Incorrect Installation

A clear bra is a reliable and highly effective solution if you apply it across the entire surface of your car smoothly without any wrinkles and ripples. Therefore, ruining it before receiving its benefit is essential for your investment. Consequently, it is vital to seek the assistance of an expert regarding the application.

Your clear mask might be ineffective and visible if the installation process is not completed as it should be. For instance, if the installer does not correct the paint flaws or does not clean the paint properly, then the invisible shield cannot lay flush on your painting. Thus leaving numerous peels and air bubbles beneath. 

You can avoid the risk related to incorrect installation by using the expertise of a convenient vendor. And you can purchase products that are easy to apply and takes less time to complete. One of the best installers in the US is Sticker City, based in California.

Cleaning Considerations

You should understand the best ways to wash your car to receive the most out of your clear mask to maintain stock paint. Therefore, it is imperative to use water and mild soap to clean the clear bra. It is also advisable to remove any contaminants from it immediately.

Do not attempt to apply products that contain kerosene, all kinds of dye, or naphtha. These products can contaminate your PPF. For instance, dye stains while kerosene and naphtha eat through your PPF.

You have to be careful with pressurized water. Therefore, if you have a clear bra installed on your car, avoid washing it using pressure water. But if you must use it, stand a few meters from your car and tilt your washing jet at an angle that you don’t wash away the film.


With time some of the PPF start turning yellow. This is a common disadvantage among old types if exposed to bright direct sunlight. Fortunately, the new products in the market today do not have this flaw. For example, modern polyurethane retains its transparent shield due to the adhesive added onto it.

Moreover, your car will still need to be painted because PPF only protects your paint after it’s been applied. Therefore, if you don’t have enough time to paint yourself, you should consider using an invisible shield. It contains vivid colors which resemble the performance and look of automotive paints.

Advantages of Paint Protection Film

Besides disadvantages of paint protection film, we also can not deny some  pros of it.

  • It is undetectable: You might cover your car with paint, but paint protection film is hard to notice. The modern clear bras are long-lasting and can offer your vehicle reliable protection. Most of them have 0.000085 inches and can block 0.05 of sunlight from destroying the paint.
  • Hydrophobic features: PPF is highly hydrophobic. Meaning that contaminants and liquids cannot cling on it; instead, they slide through. It gives you an easy time to protect the luster of your paint because it repels debris, mud, streaks, and many others.
  • It prolongs the service life of your car: The clear mask preserves the youthfulness of your vehicle effectively due to its repelling nature. However, it is also relatively easy to install than other available alternatives.

Ceramic Coating: An Alternative to Paint Protection Film

The clear wrap is the common product known to most car owners to protect and preserve the exterior surface. Sometimes you cannot afford to purchase it; then, the best alternative is ceramic coating.

Ceramic coating is a liquid polymer that can be applied to the exterior surface of a car. It chemically bonds with the paint after application. Its hydrophobic features make it difficult for contaminants to cling to it.

Several best ceramic coating products can protect your vehicle. The products have two significant benefits; keeping your car clean for a long and makes it easy to wash. Some of the best ceramic coating products include:

1. Turtle Wax Hybrid Solutions Ceramic Coating

Turtle Wax is a distinctive brand that has been in the automobile industry for a long time. And Turtle Wax Hybrid Solutions Ceramic Coating is one of their best products. It is formulated with SiO2 and hydrophobic polymer.

This formulation enables it to repellent to water, and it’s also resistant to chemicals. Thus it protects your paint for about 8 to 14 months. Spray it on a clean and dry car, and allow it to spread on the entire surface and then wipe it with a microfiber towel.

It should be free from contaminants, and you can use a clay bear before installation. This product gives your car a bright shine, thus enhancing the depth of your car’s color and a cool finish by minimizing air bubbles and deposits.

You can use it under bright direct sunlight. In addition, you can also apply it on all surfaces such as trims, glass windows, headlights and wheels. Nevertheless, it’s not advisable to apply it on soft convertible components. Turtle Wax features a fruity and fragrant scent.

It has both SiO2 and hydrophobic polymers
It has a sweet and tropical scent
It works for more than 12 months
It’s safe to apply on headlights, wheels and glass
Easy to spray to wipe
Not cheap

2. Ethos Ceramic Wax Coating

Most professional paint installers approve that this is the glossiest and shiniest wax in the automobile industry. Ethos Ceramic Wax is designed with silica infusion expertise, which is behind its gloss and shine of the coating.

More, this product provides your car with excellent protection and preservation. It is to install, and you can wipe off the excess from the application surface. It has a hydrophobic feature, thus making it easy to maintain your vehicle.

Moreover, it is easy to clean your vehicle because the wax makes the mud, bird dropping and debris slide off pretty much easily. Do you know that high sunlight intensity can destroy the exterior of your car? But don’t worry, get yourself Ethos Ceramic Wax and apply and protect it from such effects.

The best thing about this product is that it creates a semi-permanent membrane on the exterior, which can last for over 18 months. This wax coating gives your car a shiny reflection, thus making it quite striking and perfectly maintained.

It is sticky to apply on different surfaces such as glass windows, wheels and epoxy. It takes relatively a long time to prepare it, though it’s easy to apply. Use this product to protect your car from scratches, debris and harsh impacts.

Protects your vehicle for over 12 months
It comes with grills for cone protector and tweeter
Effective hydrophobic properties
It repels water

3. Chemical Guys Ceramic Coating Kit

Chemical Guys is a reputable brand with several car detailing products. But Chemical Guys 7-piece coating is the best option if you want to sift over other products available in the market. The kit comes with three microfiber cloths, high-quality microfiber applicators, Hydro Slick SiO2 Hyper Wax and Hydro Suds Nano Shampoo.

Hyper Wax combination is easy to use; it gives your car a quality shine and deep clarity. It has some hydrophobic water trim properties; therefore, hydro Slick applies SiO2 nanotechnology to cover the paint’s pores. In turn, it creates a layer that allows water to slide off.

It contains a long-lasting shield that protects your car against water spots, road tar, dust, tree saps, road grime and many more. This product can give your car long-lasting protection for over two months.

The kit has a ceramic car wash soap infused with SiO2 chemical formula, making it highly reliable and convenient than any other typical soap. The shampoo adds a protective layer to your vehicle without a strong coating. If you already installed a ceramic coating or wax on your car, then this product kit can strengthen and revitalize it for durability.

It covers the pores of the car paint
The soap is infused with SiO2 chemical formulation
Protects your car without any coating
Works for over 14 months
Strengthens and revitalizes the prevailing coating


Invisible shield is an incredible product that protects your vehicle. But remember that advantages cannot prevail over the disadvantages of paint protection film. Therefore, it is imperative to know its drawbacks to enable you to avoid problems. 

Disadvantages of paint protection film, for instance, it is costly, and there is a cheap and reliable alternative, as well as do not clean your car using pressure water, then you should avoid that to enable the value of your car to appreciate. However, despite all the cons, the clear wrap is a great tool to have as your car’s protective arsenal.

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