Driving A Porsche GT3 RS In Its Natural Habitat

The Baddest Porsche Built Tackles The Canyons

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Driving A Porsche GT3 RS In Its Natural Habitat © Driving A Porsche GT3 RS In Its Natural Habitat

"That was lovely," says Farah as he finishes his stint driving someone else's Porsche 911 GT3 RS, basically a brand new collector car. The RS in question is a paint-to-sample car with a factory-applied Martini livery wrap, a front suspension lift system for getting in and out of parking lots, and not many other options. It's rare to see a GT3 RS without nearly every option box ticked, making this car a refreshing return to reality. A big percentage of these cars were tucked away into collections as soon as they were delivered, so it is nice to see this one being properly driven. 

By now, many automotive scribes have given their opinion of the GT3 RS, ourselves included, but this video just injects the purity of the GT3 RS directly into your brain. You can experience the rawness and sharpness of the car by riding shotgun with Matt driving. The sound alone is worth the cost of entry. In many of his videos, Farah will talk nearly non-stop about the driving experience, but in this video, he's quiet for a few full throttle 9000 RPM pulls just to give the viewer the same aural experience. This is the loudest exhaust note we've ever heard in a stock automobile, but oh man is it so good. 

The GT3 RS delivers a ton of performance for the initial cost of entry. This car was $205,000 out the door when the owner purchased it. Unfortunately, since then, the secondary market has seen the price balloon to over $300,000, where this car makes a lot less sense. At 200K it competes quite well, but at 300K, there are other cars you can buy that deliver more for the money. Then again, maybe that sound will convince you otherwise. 

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