Come Enjoy Car Autance’ Forever-Expanding Library Of Driving Music Playlists

The Car Autance crew would like to share their favorite tracks, arranged for your listening pleasure!

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Come Enjoy Car Autance’ Forever-Expanding Library Of Driving Music Playlists © Come Enjoy Car Autance’ Forever-Expanding Library Of Driving Music Playlists

There’s a reason (almost) every car since forever has rolled out of the showroom with a radio in it – great music and driving (and wrenching, and reading car blogs) belong together. To celebrate that, we’ve got a collection of playlists for you here to enjoy. We’ll be expanding and diversifying it indefinitely – tune in right now.

Click here to find Car Autance on Spotify and check out more than 30 hours of music presented in 17 themed playlists. You can also just search “Car Autance” in the Spotify app. Or if you want to listen on your phone, open Spotify, hit the camera icon next to the search bar, and point your phone at the orange box on the right here:

From there, you’ll be able to see all our playlists and rock out to your heart’s content.

We’re using Spotty for convenience – it’s easy for the Car Autance crew to collaborate, aggregate, and organize music for you to listen to. All these playlists are picked by our staff writers… I have a feeling you’ll spot some patterns and get a sense of what kind of tunes we like pretty quickly.

Still, we’re trying to represent some musical diversity and we’ll be adding new playlists all the time. Here’s a rundown of what you can jam to so far:

Car Autance 1: T-Tops And TBI
Hair metal and hell-yeah rock from the era of T-tops, throttle-body injection, and blue interiors. Also some other tracks that are vaugely similar but fit good too.

Car Autance 2: Video Game Driving Jams
Video game soundtrack songs you remember racing to, and some from non-driving games that are also excellent.

Car Autance 3: The Heavy And The Furious
Pre-2002 metal that was probably blasted from body-kitted EK Civics in the early ’00s.

Car Autance 4: ’80s Cruising
There’s a scene in Sixteen Candles when Jake rolls up in his 944. ‘Nuff said.

Car Autance 5: 2 a.m. Rideshare Energy
Y’all are drunk, and I’m tired, but god knows I gotta stay out and get this bread. Here’s some jams that kept me awake while shuttling the weekend bar rush.

Car Autance 6: Bus To Chill City
Just a bunch of groovy-ass hammock-swingers.

Car Autance 7: Bestcoast
Almost entirely west coast rap classics. This playlist is a personal treasure of mine; it’s over nine hours of excellence.

Car Autance 8: Cutlass Ciera Jamz
Here’s the feeling of being in the back seat of a Cutlass Ciera or some other American geriatric sedan, as your parents drive you around whilst they do their errands or whatever

Car Autance 9: Video Game Music Part Two
Even more video game music that is shockingly drivable to. Can you identify where each game these songs came from?

Car Autance 10: Catchy Songs From Famous (Infamous?) Car Ads
Remember these ads? Here are some songs, maybe you can remember the cars. The cars might not have been good, but the ads weren’t!

Car Autance 11: LA Cruise
Droppin’ off of the 110 south onto Hill St, hit a left on Ord and grab Phillipe’s…

Car Autance 12: ’90s Vibes Again
Best consumed in a Lexus LS400.

Car Autance 13: Synthwave Sunset
Just cruise and enjoy some synth.

Car Autance 14: Hip Hop Bangers
Just more good jump joints.

Car Autance 15: Yacht Cruisin’
Set sail, friends.

Car Autance 16: Now That’s What I Call The Early ’90s!
Party time!

Car Autance 17: Relax.exe *NEW!*
The year is 1994, you live in an eight-bit pixel world, everything is pastel colors and you are happy. We found most of these songs by searching (after watching) “Shakotan Boogie.”

Oh yeah, that’s your Car Autance editor, as a high school DJ in like 2005. That was a thing. – Image: Clay Collins
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